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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just an introduction and explanations.

Bill was a boy in a relatively large town in the Virginia. He had two sisters named Kate and Emily, more commonly called "Em." Bill was 17, and ready to go to college. He had green eyes, blond hair that her kept fairly short, and was fairly tall, at 6' tall, and slightly tan. Kate, the middle child, was 15, had orange hair that she usually kept in a simple ponytail. Her eyes were blue, and she had freckles scattered about her face, like a splash of paint. She was short, at 5' tall, her skin was fair, and her brother towered a foot over her. Emily was 12, had black hair and slightly tanned skin. She had green eyes, and usually liked to braid her hair. She was 5' tall, just like her older sister. This meant that both sister's head came up to about Bill's chest level. The siblings often bickered, but their fights rarely lasted more than a couple minutes. In most cases, they just shouted a little and made up. Today was not one of the typical cases.

"I hate you! You're and idiot!"

"Am not," Bill shouted. "You're just overly sensitive!"

"My God, you're annoying!" Kated huffed. Then, she turned to Bill and, in an annoyed tone, breathed, "Next time, can you at least ask me before you waltz in to my room and scare me!"

"Ok, ok!" Bill laughed. "Geez, you'd think I just killed you're mom!"

"Just leave." Kate groaned.

"Ok." Bill replied, and with that, he closed the door. As he walked down the stairs and to the kitchen, his mom yelled up, "Kids, clean up your rooms! Your cousins will be here soon!"

"That's right, I forgot about that," Bill thought, as he turned around and walked back up the stairs to his room. Bill hadn't seen his cousins Jessica, Diana, and Allison in yearsand while Bill's parents toured Italy and France, Bill's cousins would be dumped off at his house for a week of fun, since his aunt and uncle also would be going on the trip. Since Bill was the oldest, he was in charge of the house. The kids had to clean their rooms because the house only had 3 rooms, and he had 3 cousins, so each kid would get a cousin sleeping in their room. Bill and his sisters set up pillows and layed sleeping bags on the floor.


On their way to their cousin's house, Jessica, Diana, and Allison's parents stopped at a gas station. While their parents were buying snacks and going to the bathroom, the girls walked accross the street, to a flea market. Though the girls had similar heights, no one would have guessed the girls were related: and they really weren't. Jessica, who was 16, and was adopted from China. Jessica had relatively long black hair that she often let fall around her shoulders. She had tan skin, and brown eyes, and was 5' tall. Diana was 14, adopted from Russia, and had fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes, and was also 5' tall. Allison, who was 13, was adopted from Germany. She had blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and was 5' tall. Upon entering the flea market, the girls divided and conquered.

Jessica headed to a corner where she saw few people. She saw a few old pocket knives, some lanterns, and old books. She stopped at the last table in her area, and looked at an ornate and very old looking clock. Across the field, Diana was thumbing her way through a collection of baseball cards, and Allison was looking at and old gun. As Jessica picked up the clock, the old woman selling it said, in a raspy voice, "Do you wanna see something special?" Not wanting to offend the old lady, Jessica said "sure" and looked.

The old  lady reached under the table, and grabbed a boring wooden box. She gingerly placed it on the table, and slid it forward. Jessica set down the clock, and picked up the box. Inside was a felt cushion that held 6 small, flat disks, each about 1/2 a centimeter wide, that had small pins in the back of them. The old lady pointed to the one in the upper left-hand corner. "To use these," she whispered, "Stick this one in the back of someone you dislike, and place the others in the backs of your friends."

"Thanks," Jessica said, more than a little incredulous, and asked, "How much do they cost?"

The woman answered, "For you, they're free."

"Thank you!" Jessica said, closed the box, and met up with her other sisters, who were looking at a small, box-shaped radio. They were flipping through the channels. As Jessica grabbed them and pulled them away, the girls started crying "But, but! We wanted to get that!"

"Too bad," Jessica responded. "Mom and dad are waiting at the car."
Jessica took the box, and put it in her jacket.


"Bill!" his mom yelled.

"What?" Bill shouted back in response.

"Run to the store and grab some eggs, bacon, and pancake mix!"

"I think it would be smarter to drive, but ok!" he responded.

Bill walked outside, jumped in to his car, and headed to the grocery store.

A few minutes later, the cousins arrived, and both sets of parents left. After saying their hellos, Jessica pulled out the box. The 4 other girls asked, "What's that?" almost in unison. "I'll explain." Jessica said. She told them how it worked, and Emily asked, "So what will it do?"

"I'm not quite sure," Jessica answered, "but let's try it on your brother!"

The others murmered "good idea" and "nice one," and started making up a plan to put the small disk on his back. The girls put the good disks on their backs, and Jessica held on to the disk she was going to put on Bill's back. Their plan was to spill a drink on Bill, take off his shirt, and while Jessica was wiping him off, she would stick it in his back. As soon as they finished devising their plan, Bill's car pulled in the driveway. He got out of the car, walked inside, and was instantly bombarded by his cousins. As he carried in the bags of grocerys, he said, "hold on guys, I'll greet you in a second. Let me put this stuff up." He walked in to the kitchen, and opened the bags. The cousins stood patiently in the doorway. Bill pulled out the eggs and the bacon, and put them in the refridgerator. Then, he grabbed the pancae mix, and put it in the pantry. As he was putting it in the pantry, he felt a splash of cold go over his back.

"Oh, my God!" Allison cried. "Here, let me help you." she said, as she pulled his shirt off. 

"What are you doing?" Bill asked.

"If you don't was this quickly, the stain will be stuck in your shirt." she explained.

"Here," Jessica said, "Let me clean up  my dumb sister's mess." She grabbed a towel, and washed off his back. As she did so, he dicreetly stuck the pin in his back. Bill didn't feel a thing.

Emily ran down the stairs with a new shirt. "Here you go." she said.

"Thanks" Bill said, and pulled on the new shirt.

After that, the day continued as normal. What the girls (and Bill) didn't know was that as Bill shrank 1/2 an inch every hour, the girls would all grow 1/2 and inch an hour, and sometimes more, if the circumstances were right.




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