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Story Notes:

Finally got off my ass on contributed to this site!

Author's Chapter Notes:

I saw everyone else doing character bios, and thought it was a good idea so sue me! I will also be adding new characters here as they are introduced, so yeah!

New chapter is about half done, so it should coming soon, too!


Character Bios


Name: Tommy Sangria

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Age: 21

Race: Human

Weight: 253 pounds

Height: 6ft 2in / 1m 87cm


Likes: Meat, sweets, climbing and running.

Dislikes: Lyrians, dark places, and sticky things.


Tommy is a human scavenger on a world of giant Lyrians—where humans are not protected by laws and are killed for fun, sport, food, etc. He has tan skin from plenty of sun and is packed with naturally built muscle, from years of working hard to fend for himself. He is quick thinking, intelligent and is prone to making the best of most situations, using whatever opportunities he's given to his own benefit. He's not too trusting of anybody, but once he knows someone well enough he can be childish around them. He has plenty of experience fending for himself and hunting for his own food with primitive weapons. At some point in his life, he was captured while visiting a human colony during a Lyrian attack and was sold to an abusive female giant...He knows first hand that the Lyrians can not be fought against no matter how much one trains in combat. Because of this he is not above serving, begging, or pleading for his life; a trait that has probably allowed him to live longer than most humans. Similarly, although he cares for his fellow humans, he's not the type to put his life on the line for a hopeless rescue.


(Oh and that speck on her right-hand is Tommy, for size comparison)

Name: Kimberly Tousen

Hair Color: Silver/White

Eyes: Green

Age: ???

Race: Lyrian?

Weight: 245,757 tons 642 pounds

Height: 815ft 11'in / 249m


Likes: Sex, cuddling, warmth, baths, and dark places.

Dislikes: Sunlight, dishonesty, and loneliness.


Kim is an average sized Lyrian woman with long, silver hair running down to her ankles along with long, sharp fingernails and far above average physical strength. She has a fairly light skin color, as well as a curvy, well toned body. She has a tendency of having ravenous mood swings and violent urges, coupled with an insatiable appetite for sex. Because of this, and her huge physical strength, she has issues with finding friends and has a tendency of quickly getting overly attached once she makes one. She's also very fond of small, cute things, and can be maternally gentle despite her nature.


Name: Ron Gray

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: Reddish Brown

Age: 8

Race: Human

Weight: 75 pounds

Height: 3ft 9in / 1.2 meters

A burly 8 year old kid who is more mature than he first seems. Until recently, the boy maintained a healthy, happy life in a human colony working alongside his parents in their all-purpose metalwork business: producing anything from axes to swords and armor. Ron had has maintained a deep respect of his father and learned all he knows about being a good man from him.

Likes: Weapons, his parents, crafting, meat

Dislikes: Lyrians, bitter food, vegetables


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