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Author's Chapter Notes:

I plan on making this the only chapter that I write solely on my own.

Jake squirmed uncomfortably in his cage, eager to be free once he and the rest of his family got home. He'd only just learned today that he would be spared becoming a lab rat, and instead that he would be joining his family once again to resume his normal life, though how he could do that now was beyond him.

At a half-inch tall now, Jake had originally been an even six feet, moderately fit, with short blonde hair and brought blue eyes, which he was told he'd received from his father, who had abandoned the family shortly after his birth.

He tried to entertain himself as the family car droned on down the road, though there wasn't much to do in his cage, but for some reason he couldn't shake this feeling of dread, it had hung over him ever since he'd been handed over to his mother earlier today. She'd only smiled down at him and told him, “Don't worry dear, you're coming home now.” For whatever reason those words had made him uneasy.

The “cage” was really more of a box, with clear plastic walls, floor, and roof, all dotted with an occasional hole to allow air flow. The roof also acted as a hatch which could be opened to allow him to be retrieved should the necessity arise.

He stared now, out of one of those clear walls at his family, all seated around him in their Lexus, speeding down the freeway in mid-afternoon sun. His oldest sibling at nineteen, Brooke, held the box he was contained inside. Her large fingers wrapped themselves around the sides of the bin, pressed harshly against the glass so that her skin changed to a bright yellow where she applied pressure. Beneath his clear prison Jake could see her massive bare thighs, hardly contained by her tiny pink shorts, which were easily a size smaller than she was. Brooke was not a very thin girl, none of the Mason's were, his mother and other sister included. He looked up at her face through the roof, her long brown hair was hanging in her face, but even so he could tell she was enjoying him being, quite literally, “in the palm of her hand”, her bright green eyes wild and alive as she watched him move about within his clear cage.

Jake looked away, getting a chill up his spine the longer he looked at her. Behind the front seat, and his oldest sister, sat his other older sister Skylar, and his older brother Hal, both of which were eighteen. Skylar and Hal both seemed uninterested in him, both were on their phones, typing away eagerly. Skylar's long blonde hair hid her face the same as Brooke's, Hal's short black hair was unable, and so Jake was able to see he was enjoying himself as he grinned down at his phone. Skylar took after her mother and sister, and was a bit pudgy, especially since she too refused to wear clothes her size. Unlike the women of the Mason family, Hal was fit and lean, a typical jock, he played football, baseball, and was on the track team, his body was always a a rippling mass of muscles.

They both seemed to sense his eyes on them, and looked up to see him staring. They both shared a quick glance and then grinned at him.

Another chill shot up Jake’s spine. What the hell was with everyone today? He hadn't seen his family in weeks. He had been sure he was being abandoned, left to the sickening experiments of some mad scientist, but then he'd been told his family was planning on keeping him. Those words had given him hope before, but now, he wasn't sure he was all too happy to be back in his family's care.

Finally, Jake turned to his mother, who was driving them home. She was a large woman, not just in percentage of body fat but in sheer size as well. Almost seven feet tall, weighing almost 400 pounds, Amy was a sight to behold. With her massive size and confident attitude, one might even compare her to some kind of Amazonian woman. She had always had a sort of dislike for Jake. Hal was the prodigal son, he was a gifted athlete, and his grades never fell, whereas her youngest, and shortest member of the family,(even before the virus), Jake had always had it in his head that Amy didn't really care for him, not while Hal and her precious daughters were around. Jake had no doubt that it had something to do with how much he looked like his father as well.

She glanced over at him and gave him the smile he'd been receiving all day from his family, and Jake resorted to tucking his head between his knees, waiting to get home.

They arrived shortly and and his prison shifted.

“Easy with him Brooke” his mother said.

The family walked in unison up to their house, which was really more of a small manor, the Mason's did quite well money wise.

They entered all at once and stepped into the living room.

“Everyone seat yourselves” Amy told her children, and they all did so.

Amy took Jake's container from Brooke and set it on the table, opening it and plucking him from within.

Jake wheezed as the air was crushed out of his lungs by the pinch of his mother's fingers. Luckily she set him on the table quickly and seated herself directly in front of him.

“Jake” she started, shifting into a comfortable position, “While you were gone your siblings and I had a talk about your....condition.”

Jake shifted uncomfortably on the table's surface, feeling awkward being naked and vulnerable before his entire family.

“Honestly? We almost decided to leave you, you're useless now you know, you'll never be able to do anything for this family ever again...”

Jake swallowed, suddenly very aware how alone he felt, despite being surrounded by his family.

“At least, that's what I thought at first, but your brother and sisters brought up an interesting point.”

“..And.....and that is?” Jake squeaked.

“You can do something for us. Your going to be our little toy from now on.”

Jake stood there, dumbfounded. “W-what?”

“You heard me, whatever any one of us needs from you? You're doing it. Whatever the task is. Understand?”

Jake was unable to respond.

Amy smiled. “I think he gets it.”

She leaned forward grinning. “Now, who wants to go first?”



Chapter End Notes:

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