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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is meant to be a quick paced story.


Jay opened his eyes and looked around, everything was blurred but he couldn't help but resist the cold feeling he felt around his body, as if there was a cool breeze and somebody had left the window open. He slowly got up to realise that the atmosphere around him had changed, Everything thing seemed bigger, In Fact Everything was huge, He couldn't believe what was happening. He had Unknowingly been shrunk and stood around 1 inch tall. As soon as he had fully came to his senses he realised that he had to get to cover, he was exposed on the lab desk and knowing his size anything would flatten him, There was a science books  and Jay had decided to climb this to get someones attention. Climbing the book wasn't as hard as he thought it was, Jay clung on the the top cover of the book and jumped on top of the current page. He inspected the book for a second to realise why he was shrunk. He had Mixed the wrong checimals together and now he was facing the consequences of this.

Jay Panicked. He slowly sat down and took a deep breath, He needed to think of a solution fast and the only idea that came to mind was to get somebodies attention. Suddenly he felt a very strong gush of wind knocking him onto his back side to face the ceiling and catch a glimpse of a Huge face of a girl just above him, Jay was about to wave his arm when he felt some weight fall on him and everything went black. The book had been closed and he was trapped inside. Jay decided to take things slowly and to not panick, just as he thought this the weight increased a bit and he could hear footsteps everywhere followed by the school bell, The Lesson was over. Jay squirmed as quickly as he could to move himself further down the page of the book, the weight again increased and he came to know that someone was placing books on each other one by one. Jay just about managed to squirm out as he heard a slight thud and turning around to see ten books placed on top of each other. With class over he had to figure out a different way to go back to his original size and at this rate it didnt look like it would happen.

He slowly stepped forward to see a large shadow befall over him and to his astonishment he saw Ms Makido staring down at him, there was a small shriek and before he knew it he saw a huge hand come crashing down on him. There wasn't much force and Jay had got trapped between the forefinger and the middle finger of the hand. Ms Makido kept a hand down thinking she had finally squished the bug which she had  saw without realising that Jay was between her finger. Jay somehow managed to wrap a hand over the forefinger of his teacher and was clinging on, he Looked down and saw the distance how high he was up, surely a fall at this height would easily kill him. Ms makido continued to walk down the aisle of desks at normal speed but to jay it was like a roller coaster ride, he could feel the adrenaline rush and was about to feel sick due to the speed he was encountering. Suddenly there was a jolt as Ms Makido stopped in her tracks, she scanned the room look for something and after a couple of seconds placed her hand in her back pockets. Her hand flung around quickly with the shrunken Jay holding on for his dear life. Jay was Just hanging on with his finger tips as he felt his legs hit her solid backside, He closed his eyes thinking he would hit the ground any second but to his avail he had got trapped at the middle of her back pocket.

Ms Makido had decided to look for her item later on whilst she rubbed her fingers against her forehead, After all she did have a long day, Monday was her longest day since she had lessons every block and the only break she got was a 10 minute break when classes were being switched. She slowly started moving towards her desk, smacking her bottom one last time unknowing that her tiny student was trapped in her back pocket. Jay had managed to crawl vertically in his Dark cavern he was in, he could see a beam of light and was determine that he would get to it. He held on to the material with his tiny hands making sure he didnt lose his grip. Ms Makido continued with her long strides towards her desk giving Jay a bumpy ride as he strode along, Jay could hear the friction sound as her heels moved across the floor. Jay held onto to the pocket as strongly as he could determined not to fall or to lose his grip. Finally Jay reached the top of the pocket only to see Ms Makido bend down to sit on the chair, he landed flat on a soft material which he knew was the cusion of the chair, while Ms Makido shifted her backside to make her self more comfortable, This caused Jay to be more wedged into the soft material trapping his arms and legs. Jay was glad that he had not been squished and was somewhat lucky the chair had a cushion. He could only imagine what it would happen if there was no cushion, he would just be a unnoticable stain on the back of his teachers trousers, But now there was the hard task of getting out of this situation.


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