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Story Notes:

This is the story of Jay, a average 18 Year old who is  shrunk and has to endure and adapt to the new life he is given

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapters will be edited when i have more time

Jay is a Average 18 year old, brown hair, brown eyes and scruffy hair, isnt really interested in girls and is rather into his studies and his ambition to became a successfull business man in life.

Jay Entered the bus as he attempted to find a seat, it was a monday morning and he couldn't help but notice the glum faces of other students who had to endure through this long day, but for jay it was probably the best day of the week, he only had to have a chemistry lesson followed by a biology lesson and 5 free blocks in between. what could possibly go wrong?

Jay continued walking on towards the back of the bus not even glancing once at the group of hot girls sitting towards one side, instead he spotted a fellow class-mate reading the two page essay he had written for his biology presentation. Jay could hear the clacking sound of high heels followed by squeeky trainers as he settled down at the back seats of the bus. On either side of him were two huge rugby players, well they were huge compared to his 5'8 figure. As uncomfortable as he felt, due to the little space available for him to sit he managed to sit down as the bus engine started with a roar.

It was a short 5 minute journey to the college but it felt like a hour, he was still feeling tired after staying awake to revise for the recap tests his chemistry teachers would give every monday, even though others didnt really bother, Jay knew that to succeed he would need to continue his revision throughout and then excel in his studies knowing that the sooner he got it done the easier his holidays would be and the more time he could relax at home especially with his parents going out of town for a annual break.  Once he was of the bus he quickly scurried inside the college and too his lesson nice and early.

Jay was usually the first one there but today he was beaten to it by a girl named sarah. she was of a Spanish descent and was around 5'6 in height and had long brown hair, wearing leggings and nice long top and wedged boots, her innocent blue beady eyes glanced at Jay as he walked past her and to his desk, Afterall Jay wasnt really interested in her but he had to admit those looks always kind of creeped him out. upon reaching his desk jay took out his books and eagerly waited as the rest of the class started filling up. The teacher Ms Makido entered scanning the class while walking. She was of a African descent and was Jay's best teacher as she understood his natural talent in chemistry, he had impressed her by learning the full periodic table in only 10 minutes and since that day she had always seemed to call him her best student, which slightly embarassed him but he knew that didnt really matter to him

Ms Makido took her board marker out and switched on her computer readily for the lesson to take place, the class were doing a chemistry experiment part of the syllabus and Ms Makido had to make sure everyone understood her instructions. He Looked on excitedly, he had been waiting to do this experiment and was eager to mix the different chemicals they had been given even though he wasnt allowed to do so, he wasnt really the type to mess around, but knowing he wouldn't get suspected he decided to give it a go.

The First Experiment was pretty simple and basic, All Jay had to do was Mix two chemicals together to form a precipitate, This was done fairly quickly and was eager as to what to do next, he didn't want to wait 10 minutes just sitting there while others continued to do their experiment slowly. deciding to go ahead with the next part of the experiment, although it looked quite tricky he managed to take out the precipitate and mix it with a blue substance. Suddenly Ms Makido Clapped her hands lowdly and told everyone to look at the projector screen and stated that it was very important for the next part of the experiment, Jay Chuckled and decided to put his head down since he had done the experiment right. Or Had he?

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