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Author's Chapter Notes:

What even is this rushed story

Jay awoke only to see his vision filled with darkness. He attemped to move his body but nothing. His arms and legs felt numb and his body was being pressed into something which was uncomfortable, he remembered how he was trapped in his teacher's pocket and then remembered where he was, his teacher had decided to sit down and in doing so had also flattened her student. Jay had thought his life was ended there and then but somehow he had survived the fall mainly due to the soft, itchy material he was trapped in, he realised that his body had become more dense due to the shrinking.

Desperately trying to move but he could do nothing. His back was firmly pressed against and he still had the weight of his teacher on him. Jay decided to wait patiently hoping Ms Makido would finally get up. He was left breathless in his attempts to get out this situation and it was just in his luck that Ms Makido had decided to get up, he felt his body bounce up along with the cusion while he breathed in some fresh air, inhaling as much as he could after.

Meanwhile Ms Makido had decided to clean the classroom which looked like a complete mess. This was normal at the end of everyday as students desperately wanted to go home and didnt bother cleaning up. On one side of the classroom was vials that had been used, some were knocked over and some still had some residue left over from the chemicals that were being used. Ms Makido sighed deeply as this would be a hard task which would involve alot of scrubbing. Ms Makido also spotted some rubbish on the floor that would need cleaning up along with a bit of pencil graffiti on some desks. Words were muttered under her breath as she turned around to face the chair.

Looking on as the gigantic figure of his teacher stood before him, surely she would not sit down. His worries started to dissappear as he saw his teacher turn around with a strange emotion on her face, in glee Jay had a huge smile on his face as Ms Makido outstretched her hand and felt himself being lifted up. However to his surprise he felt Ms Makido's soft and tender hand wrap around him. Jay still felt weird as his arms and legs were still bound to something. Ms Makido squeezed the object while reaching out for some fairy liquid with the other hand. Realising what was happening, he had been sat on with a sponge underneath him and in the process his body had become trapped in the material of the sponge. Jay squirmed and wriggled as much as he could but this was useless as Ms Makido continued to hold her grip but this time she allowed the sponge to come closer to her cold, long fingers. Her Fingers casually started to play with some pieces of the sponge that was about to fall loose. Jay was closer to the edge of the sponge and his vision was filled with flickering darkness as he saw a long fingernail come down behind his head, the tip of the finger just about brushed his head but still managed to come in contact as his head was forced to jerk forward and then backwards again. Ms Makido was unknowingly pushing her finger up and down on Jay's face. This continue for quiet a while, his attempts to escape were futile with Ms Makido's fingers forcing him to be jerked up and down. The long fingernail continued to traumatise Jay as he wondered when they would stop, feeling uncomfortable jay gave another attempt to wriggle free. He managed ti release his legs from the surface of the sponge and now only had the task of getting his arms free. Jay used what little strength he had to swing his legs around, this would allow him to lie flat on his stomach and release his hand from the small knots on the upper layer of the sponge. This was fairly easy and jay wondered how he had struggled in his previous attempts. The daunting task of getting his teachers attention hit his mind as he tried to think of a plan of action but it just wasnt his luck. The slender fingers that mistook Jay for a piece of sponge poked him in the back as he was rolled about. The pad of the gargutan thumb held him in place as a gush of water fell upon him followed by a stream of green liquid, a so yet gentle and hard squeeze of the sponge compressed Jay back onto the sponge. As the residue of the remaining fairy liquid was washed off. Ms makido held the sponge firmly in her grip as she moved towards the desk to start cleaning the mess her students had made. A gush of wind could be felt as Ms Makido's arm landed on the desk with a wet slap from the sponge . From Jay's point of view all he could see was the never ending piece of wood which was his desk, only a few hours ago he had been sitting on one of these performing a experiment. If only he had paid attention. Ms Makido's huge arm began swiping left and right to clean off the initial dirt. This task was fairly simple and within minutes a whole desk had been cleaned. There was a pivot from Ms Makido as she turned to face another table, this was followed by a huge sigh as she spotted the amount of residue which was left over. Without wasting time she slapped her hand along with the sponge down causing her grip on Jay to loosen up, However he had slid underneath the sponge as it was lifted and rapidly brought back down. For the second time Jay was held captive by a sponge. He was forced to slide along with the sponge and There was a sudden spike in presssure as the sponge was forced down even harder. This was followed by vigorous scrubbing. The friction felt like it was burning his skin. Jay gagged on some water as he was pounded on by the massive sponge. It seemed that whatever he was exposed to had given him extra durabiliťy. It could have been to do with his density increasing as the molecular bonds in his body also increased due to their reduced state. 

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