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The door slammed closed. Oh shit. David thought to himself, his heart thumping in his chest. His mother and step-sister were home early. How the hell did they get home so fast?! His mind was racing. He bolted for the bathroom, the heels he was wearing clicking along the tile even as the door opened. He made it in just in time and shut the door as he heard his mom's boots click down the hardwood floor. He heard his step-sister talking to his mother, and then as they passed the door shout their hello's.

"Bro, I have to go the bathroom real fast. Let me in." His step-sister Tonya shouted through the door suddenly. His heart that had slowly started to calm down began to race again. He heard his mother click down the hallway into her room and then sit down on the bed.

"Tonya, I'll let you in but you got to promise to keep your mouth closed about something." David whispered through the door. His heart felt like a hammer but he was out of options. His step-sister wasn't known for giving him any favors but maybe he could promise her something.

"Fine, whatever you freak. Now just let me in!" The door clicked as David unlocked it and Tonya grabbed the handle. When she opened the door she was greeted with the strangest and most hilarious image she had ever seen. Her step-brother David was wearing a tight mini-skirt, a pair of fishnet stockings, leather pumps, and a tube top. Add in the fact that he was covered in make-up and she almost lost it right there. "What the fuck!?" she shouted. David heard his mom get up from the bed.

"Seriously Tonya, please! Keep your mouth closed. This is embarassing ok?" He prayed she would find some bit of heart, but instead her mouth twisted in a wicked grin.

"Sabrina, your son is wearing my clothes! He's ruining them!" Tonya shouted to her step-mom, listening to her clicking closer. David's heart fell, his rouse was up. His mom appeared around the door frame, wearing her work attire. Black leather knee high boots with a five inch heel, black tights, and a black and blue dress. She looked stunning, and David turned his face from her's.

"Well, you look like you belong on the street corner down town. What exactly were you doing?" His mom inquired coldly. Tonya pulled out her phone and snapped pictures, giggling the entire time. When no answer came, David's mother sighed. "Well, if this is what you want to wear, so be it. You should've came to me for the clothes though. We could've bought you some, but now you're just ruining your sisters. Tonya, why don't you go grab your dance clothes and show him how you actually dress up."

David felt so humiliated. Tonya bolted from the bathroom and he heard her banging around in her room. "I'm really sorry Mom, I can't really control the urge." She regarded him in silence.

"I figured out what you're missing," her voice sounded like ice chilling the windows. "I'll be right back." He heard her boots click down the hallway even as Tonya's heels click toward the bathroom. She jumped into David's field of view. Her clubbing dress was short and black, her legs bare and pure, and on her feet were peep-toe pumps on a platform. The heel had to be four or five inches high, and they were made out of a reflective patent leather.

"Hey sis!" She mocked him, giggling with such an intensity he had never seen before. He heard his mom reapproach, holding a bottle of perfume.

"You look the part, but need to smell the part." She sprayed him without warning. He coughed, taken aback by her lack of hesitation regarding this whole situation. "You see David, Tonya is dressed for the dance tonight. She looks sexy, but not like a prostitute. There's a difference that hopefully you can see. Now, you were tampering with your sister's stuff, so she gets to pick your punishment."

"Sweet!" she shouted as David's cheeks turned even more red. "I wish I could crush the little freak like a roach, but-" Tonya started to joke, as she was figuring out the most humiliating punishment she could imagine. However, her step-mom cut her off.

"So be it." Sabrina smirked, eyeing her son even as he shrank down to nothing.

"What the heck?!" Tonya gasped, and David almost fell flat on his face. He was two inches tall, standing infront of two pairs of massive boots and heels. "You really shrank him?! Does that mean I get my real wish?" David's heart thumped again, watching his own mother nod in approval. His own flesh and blood mother and just sentenced him to death. He was going to die by his annoying step-sister, dressed like a girl as his mom watched.

Tonya pulled off one of her peep-toe pumps, and grabbed him off the tile floor. As she placed him in her high-heel she whispered, "alright little sis, you're going to help me paint my nails. I'm looking for a bright red, think you can help me out?" She giggled that annoying giggle again, and even his mom chuckled.

"Please Mommy, I'll do anything. Please don't let her crush me!" David shouted to his mother. She only stared at him as Tonya lowered her foot into the pump. David realized the sides of the pump were too big to scale, so he dashed further into Tonya's shoe as her toes began to inch closer to him. He saw the peep-toe as they brushed against his back. He dove, sliding across the insole and wedging his shoulders right in the middle of the peep-toe.

"Oh David, now you got yourself stuck even more." His mother whispered to him as he was wedged in-between the pump's toe opening. Tonya's toes came over top of him, threatening to push him through the narrow hole. The pressure was too intense.

Tonya giggled above him, "Well, he's definitely stuck but this will be the most hilarious bug crush I will ever do." She looked to David's mother, making sure she was still ok with it. She only started at her trapped son with mild interest. Tonya snapped a couple more shouts of David, laughing at his poor, pathetic, and stuck body. "Alright little sis, let's paint these nails! Say bye bye to your Mommy!"

The pressure grew as Tonya forced her toes into the opening. David screamed, "MOMMY, PLEAAAAAAAAASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" as she stared with a slight smirk down at her son. She watch his body pop like a balloon, splattering Tonya's toes with a bright crimson. The amount of pressure literally caused his body to explode. sending his head right off his shoulder's and turning the rest of his body into a liquified goo. Tonya laughed loudly but Sabrina knew it wasn't over. She clicked onto the bathroom tile as her sexy boot's readied themselves for this.

On the floor, staring straight up was the head of her worm of a son. "I know you can see me," she whispered to David's decapitated head as Tonya watched, "and just know the last moment's of your life will be the most enjoyable of mine. You were always such a loser, and I've been needing to get rid of you for long time now. This was just the perfect amount of humiliation I needed, so thank's for helping; and thanks for truly making Tonya your 'step-sister'." Tonya giggled again and even David's mother giggled. Sabrina began to raise that sexy boot heel up over her son's poor head, "Now, time to squish good for Mommy. And try to stick to my heel like the good little slut you are." She laughed as she drove the heel down onto her son's decapitated head. It squished flat underneat the pressure and clung to her heel as she lifted it up.

"Do you think he saw that before he died?" Tonya laughed, totally taken aback by her step-mom's care-free attitude.

"Oh yeah, he definitely saw it. Hopefully it'll replay in his head as he goes to hell. Though I guess we can't be too hard on the little slut." Sabrina said, staring in almost awe at the remains dangling off her boot heel.

"Why is that?" Tonya asked, slightly confused but totally humored by her step-brother's brutal demise.

"Because, he did a wonderful job on your toes!" The both laughed as David's remains oozed out of the peep-toe pump that Tonya was wearing.

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