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Today was Mother's Day. I well deserved day off for Jenny Loras. She had spent all morning relaxing and enjoying the time she had. Jenny was a single parent, to an only child. Although she was a caring individual, and did try to take care of her only boy, she was always a little differen't.

You see Jenny had a very special Perfume, passed down along her female family line. There were only a couple of women in the world that shared this particular Perfume, and it changed them all. While Jenny was naturally caring she was also used to getting what she wanted. So when denied her wants and needs, she gets a little angry. And of course, like all stories like these, Jenny was about to get a little angry at her only son Michael.

"What do you mean you threw away my cigarettes?!" Jenny shouted, her knee length skirt swishes about as she shook. "It's Mother's Day of all days and today you throw away my cigarettes?!". Her blue eyes shone with anger, getting amplified by her semi-gothic style makeup.

"I... I-I-I just thought I could help you. I worry about you and this habit, thats all..." her son Michael trailed off. He was intimidated by her, as she towered over him. He was only fifteen, and he hadn't fully grown. On top of that she was wearing her black, patent leather, 5 inch high heeled boots. These boots alone caused him to almost shrink under her.

"Wrong answer sweetie..." she trailed off, as her anger flared. She clicked her way into her bedroom, listening the sound of her heels on the wooden floor. She grabbed her very special bottle of perfume and returned.

Michael tried to apologize, "I'm sorry mommy, I just thought you'd appreciate-".

She cut him off, spraying him with the perfume and smirking with her shiney red lips, "I'd appreciate you being a cigarette for me to enjoy". That's all it took, as she watched her son shrink down before her. All the while as the shrinking happened he also morphed and changed.

And then there, on the wooden floor between her boots sat a single cigarette. Of course it couldn't actually scream, but Jenny was tapped in to her son's mind. He was freaking out, yelling and shouting at her to help him. "The only thing I'm going to help myself to is quite possibly the best cigarette I'll ever have in my entire life."

Her son screamed as she carried him outside. She didn't hesitate as she grabbed her light, put her son/cigarette to her glossy lips, and struck it up. His screams in her mind became higher pitched, causing her to giggle slightly. "Not enjoying this?" she whispered, taking a long drag, "Well, I am, so that's all that matters, right?"

Jenny proceeded to smoke her only son down to the stub, relishing in his agony. When he was finally down to the filter she pulled him from her lips and dropped him to the concrete below. She heard him whimpering, begging for her just to undo this. "Sorry sweetie, mommy can't do that. Don't worry though, the pain won't last forever. When mommy grinds you out under her boots you'll be turned into just a normal, flatten cigarette, and I'll never have to worry about you again."

She giggled evilly as she raised that sexy boot above him. She could hear him screaming still as she brought it down atop of his motionless and transformed form. She grinded her boot back and forth, watching the leather on the top of her boot shine as it destroyed her only son.

She lifted her boot from the flattened cigarette filter, smirking at the blacked remains. "There, that's better." She whispered to the now normal cigarette filter, "I think that was a good way to go. Sad that your only sexual experience was just under mommy's boots, but I think it was fitting." she smiled micheviously.

She clicked back into the house, leaving the flattened husk that used to be her son grounded into the concrete.

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