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“Who was she, miss Taylor?” asked a young girl.

“The greatest person to have ever walked on the planet if what the history tells us is true.” The woman replied.

“Tell us more. Please.” said another young girl.

“Listen carefully then. It’s a long story.” The teacher began.

“Long ago, there was a world, far different than today. There was violence and no law at all. People divided lands among themselves and called them countries, cities, villages etc. You might find this strange but the males that are so small compared to us were among us. They were as tall as us women. The world was on verge of war. Not just any other war, the world war.

Everyone strong enough to hold a gun was given one. They were sent to war and told to fight for their country should the war commence. They told everyone to show no fear or mercy to the enemies. The game changer, however was with the military of a country called United States. You might think it was a strong nuclear of weapon of some sorts. But it wasn’t. It was just a squad of about 15 women and a man. They were said to be so strong that they could take down more than ten times their own number. The real power behind this group was their leader called Jessica.

Now Jessica was not a normal human being. She was feared by everyone. Even men in the army feared her. She was known to be huge. She towered above everyone there. She was the strongest fighter, most sharp-eyed shooter and she was said to have a beauty that could win over any man as they did back then. She was however, an old fashioned warrior. She was said to have preferred a sword over a gun, although she did carry a gun with her at all times. She preferred a horse over cars and rode her giant horse to battle. She had modified her army outfit to her own liking with no one to dare object her. Due to her immense strength and skills in battles, she was known as the ‘Super Soldier’.”

 “Who was the man in her squad?” asked one of the girls.

“The man… hmmm…. There are various sources stating various things about that man. He did go on to hold a position as the foot of the queen later on but who he was exactly was never known. He was never mentioned by his leader herself although she always had words of praise for her other squad mates. The best source says that the man was none other than her own brother himself. He was never seen fighting against anyone although he donned battle gears and clothing. It was believed and later evident that the man was there just to boost the morale of the rest of the squad and was just there to do their chores like polishing shoes, roping tents etc. He also did a lot of things with everyone else than his sister which you better not know. He did everything his sister commanded. Just like males should.”

“How do you know all this, miss?” asked one of the students.

“I had to do a lot of research regarding her family line. I wrote a book about it.” The teacher replied.

“What happened next?” The girl at the back asked.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. Listen….”

“She decided that this world deserved better than war. She threatened the leaders all over the world that if they didn’t move back from war, the consequences would be dire. Her message was viral over the internet soon. TVs, Radios, Newspapers all decided to side with her as war wouldn’t solve all the tension that had been going on. She had received popularity even before her video as She was already well known for her achievements in battlefields. Her message influenced everyone. The women especially were so influenced that many wanted a world led by her as her decision seemed brave and could change the world for better. The women saw her as a symbol of their strength. She was largely worshipped as females as the only hope to the world and such.

 She called for peace. The leaders wouldn’t listen. She gave the world leaders a final week to decide. She warned that the first day of the next week wouldn’t be the same. She being as smart as she was, commenced her plan beforehand, knowing that the leaders wouldn’t even consider her threat. With the help of Dr. Judy Bravo, she had used some form of science that involved the moon and managed to get a certain gas throughout the world. She made sure every single person inhaled this gas. Jessica and her brother were however, given an antidote that negated any effect the gas would cause.

The first day of the next week came. Everyone woke up to a better world. The world that we live in today. All the males were shrunken to 2-3 inches. Only Jessica’s brother was at his own height. Soon enough, Jessica announced that she was behind this attack and told everyone to calm down. She went on to officially announce the rise of a new, better, female-led world. Free of war. Free of social evils. The elimination of males had worked wonder. Dr. Bravo was soon a billionaire and then the richest person in the world for she had devised a way to get a baby. The baby girl would come out normal. The boy, however came of shrunken. Only Jessica could produce the normal sized males.

Jessica did have other plans in mind. In her other announcement, she told everyone that she had decided to become the queen and rule over the whole world. She declared that there were no countries any more. She did claim her throne with ease and formed a council of 4 bodies. Her advisor and long time friend Dr. Bravo was called the head and was supposed to advice her when necessary. Her 15 squad friends were all called Hands and were to control the army and protect her palace. He elder brother, who had rarely been mentioned in any documentations, was called the foot. He was supposed to be with the queen at any times, serving her. His sister placed him just below her throne and she would step on him at every moment. He also was supposed to worship the queen’s feet and like always, do as she told. He was basically a slave to the queen. It was just that the queen wanted the foot real sized and wanted the tradition to go on that way.

With the help of Dr. Bravo, she also made a special provision. She bred with a stranger with Dr. Bravo’s technology. She wanted that here on out, the man that is supposed to breed with the queen should be fed and petted properly by one of Dr. Judy’s own people so that the future queen would be well.  The queen’s brother’s penis was sealed with only a hole for peeing. The metal of the seal was attached to a chain which the queen controlled. All the future foots were required to go through this. She set a tradition that all the future queens were to have at least a Daughter and a daughter-sized son to serve her as a foot.

Queen Jessica gave birth to an elder son and a lovely little daughter, the future queen. She named her Jennifer and named her son just Foot.

The world thrived under Queen Jessica. She lived a long life but finally her reign came to an end when she died. Her 20 year old daughter took the throne with her uncle still being the active foot. Soon after, the foot missed his queen and died in his sleep beside his new queen’s bed. The new queen’s brother immediately stepped up as the new foot and did his work ever-so-well.”

“Wow. I didn’t know that there was so much things that happened.” One of the girls said.

“What happened next? And when did Queen Jane come to this earth?”

The teacher took a long breath and started explaining again.

“There were many queens after Jennifer. Some became so mad that they crushed small tiny people. Some went as far as eating those tinies alive. Some however, were so kind that they would let the foot rest himself without her around. Some foot were so devoted that they even got ready to give their life for a moment of his queen’s pleasure. And as you now know, Queen Jessica’s time was long ago. Now she’s worshipped by people all around for what she did. Wherever her picture was shown, everyone feel obligated to kneel. She is the goddess of the new world….. And Queen Jane is the current queen. She is very pleasant. I had the pleasure of meeting her once. She was kind enough to make her foot lick my feet. She let me sit on the audience when she took on the foot on a battle which she easily won. However, like most queen, she shows no mercy or bounds to the Queen’s foot. She makes him serve literally everyone in the court. Serving is just from plain foot worship to nasty things. However, due to his penis cage, he has no way of having sex though.”

The bell rang and everyone went home. 


Chapter End Notes:

Most probably TBC.

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