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Story Notes:

My Grand Debut!

Author's Chapter Notes:

I had a little trouble with word and such, so there are some parts where it's indented, some where it's double spaced. Others will not be so just take it. It'll only be for this chapter so don't worry.

Natalie started to grumble to herself as soon as her ears detected the monotonous beeping of her bedside alarm clock. She stretched out a clumsy arm and brushed her finger against the snooze button which invariably did nothing. The droning of the constant beep beep went on and on. Natalie cursed and slid her legs out from under the warmth of the cotton blanket. She reached back towards the small digital clock and extended one perfectly manicured finger. The alarm stopped as soon as her finger pushed the button.


Natalie pulled her hand back and blinked her eyes to get rid of the morning-time drunkenness. Nothing registered except the fact that the alarm clock had finally cut off its alarm. Then the words School and Thursday slowly wormed their ways into Natalie's consciousness. She gritted her teeth and reluctantly stood up off the couch as the springs gave what seemed like a sigh of reprieve when her weight shifted off of it.


Clothes were spread out on Natalie's floor and she stared at them. All dirty. She stripped of her pajamas which left her in only a single pair of pink panties and a purple bra. She stumbled toward the closet and grasped the cool metal handle of the knob tightly. Natalie swung the door open and stared at the rows of shirts, dresses, shoes, and pants all folded or hung up neatly and orderly. She grabbed the first pair of pants she saw and the nicest looking t-shirt that she could find with only a 2 second sweep of the clothes.


Natalie's thoughts were jumbled as she tugged the clothes on. It was Thursday, the worst day of the week to her. God, I hate Thursdays. Natalie tugged her jeans on and threw on the pink t-shirt with 'New York' spread across the front. That's when a thought hit her suddenly.


Oh wait, no I don't. Not anymore. A smile slowly crept its way up Natalie's face until a full-fledged grin spread from ear to ear. Natalie tip toed over to her cabinet and stared at the small wooden top drawer. Her fingers seemed to find their own way to the wooden handle and her muscles seemed to act of their own accord as the drawer was pulled open. And there she was.


Kate wasn't awake yet, Natalie could see that, but she soon would be. Natalie stared down at her older sister. Kate was sleeping on a pair of her purple panties and apparently it got cold during the night because she wrapped herself up in the fabric. Natalie leaned down closer to her sister and tried to hold her breath in as much as possible. Enough time wasted. Natalie poked Kate's back and watched her stir.


Kate was having the greatest dream she'd had in a while. Her foot hovered over an insignificant bug on the ground. But it wasn't a bug, it was her sister, Natalie. The tiny squeaks reached her ears and the pleas for mercy went unanswered as Kate just laughed and laughed at her sister's misfortunate plight. 


"I'm sorry, but I don't help icky bugs." Kate did her best to put on her most sincere face. But the act fell and her bright grin grew as she brought her foot down onto Natalie. Or at least, as she was about to until the real world came in and smashed her dream to bits.


The nudge of the finger was all it took for the 3-inch tall 18-year old girl to wakeup from her slumber. The hard yet sleek surface of the manicured nail dug into her back and pushed her whole body forward. Kate wrapped up in the panty cloth some more until she finally knew that Natalie wasn't going to take her resistance anymore.


"Wakey wakey Katey, we've- I mean YOU have a big day ahead of yourself." Kate groaned as the folds of purple cotton cloth were gently, but firmly removed from her body.


            "Come on little sis, I know you were sleeping, but it's time for school!" Kate groaned again. School usually meant being under Natalie's feet or in her backpack.

            "Oh yeah! I almost forgot, how silly of me!" Natalie smiled an unusually cheerful smile at her older, 3-inch tall sibling. If you weren't Kate, you wouldn't have detected the monstrous amounts of sadism camouflaged by that happy grin.

            "ANOTHER thing I forgot to mention" Natalie started in a lightly musical tone "Is that it's Thursday." 

            Kate gave a strangled cry and ran toward the back of the drawer. Natalie just sighed and lazily groped around the confined wooden space with her hand. 

            "C'mon Kate, you and I know what's going to happen." Natalie said as she dramatically creeped toward Kate with her overwhelming hand. Kate gave a strangled cry as the doughy palm flesh collided with her and 5 immense digits slowly curled in around her body.

            Natalie heard the screaming and thrashing coming from her hand. The only thing the petty resistance did was elicit a small sigh from the titanic sibling. Natalie slowly splayed open her palm at the safe height of chest level. Kate collapsed into the soft hand-flesh with tears streaming down her cheeks.

            "Why Natalie? WHY!?" Kate screamed in desperation at her younger sibling's colossal visage.

            "Why? You know why. Dr. Preston always gives some type of boring speech every Thursday. I can't stand him! I need you Katey; I need you to keep me busy." Natalie's hand shook with excitement as she explained her reasons, as was custom each week when Kate would collapse mentally for a brief period.

            “No! You know exactly what I mean!" Kate screamed. Natalie's grin didn't seem like it could expand any more, but her lips spread a little farther.

            "Ohhh!" Natalie drawled out, acting stupid. "You mean, why do I do this in the first place, is that it?" Kate nodded with tears running out of each eye and down her face.

            "It's simple." Natalie started as if she was explaining addition to a 4 year old. "It's because I can." She laughed even more. "It's because you can’t stop me. Because I want to, all of that."

            "B-but I'm your-your... your sister!" Kate cried out in a last ditch effort.

            Natalie's smile dropped and her smile disappeared. "I don't have a sister" she said straightforwardly. Kate's shaky, yet standing, mental state finally collapsed in upon itself and she broke down into tears. The salty water flooded her tear ducts and eye socket as each drop vyed for release. The torrential stream of liquid came.

            Natalie watched the sobbing girl. Almost anyone else would have had a change of heart at that moment. The wretched sobbing three inch tall teenager would have broken anyone's heart. Anyone except Kate that it, all she could find was perverse pleasure.

Time for the big moment. Natalie reached her other hand over Kate's body and slowly extended her thumb and index finger to both sides of Kate. She pinched her older sister and slowly brought her lower until she was hanging right over the waistline of the jeans.

            Natalie tugged open her jeans' waistband and dangled the silent, tearstained blonde over her open crotch. Without any regret or hesitation she dropped Kate into her panties and let the waistband snap shut over the squirming form of her older sister.

            "There. That's a good place for you Katey." Natalie smiled and walked out her bedroom door without looking back. 



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