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Story Notes:

Although it focuses on her ass at first this will be a full body exploration story with details about almost every body part.

This story's title might change. i had a tough time thinking of one but in the end I decided to post it with what i chse above.  below are the names I might change it to.  

Wrong side of her butthole. wrong side of the hole. (body) exploration gone wrong.  The Hole that was never meant to be explored. Swallowed alive? Entering the forbidden zone. harmless exploration gone wrong. Stuck inside her. Stuck on the wrong side of her/the hole.


Author's Chapter Notes:

Huh? What? Mr.E has added a story?  I've been taking a break from both my stories and collages and since it's been so long since I wrote a story I thought I would try my hand at it again.  Most of my stories I havent finished but This story I promise I will finish. I'm not good at finishing stories because I have so much fun writing them and I never want them to end, but this one will be finished by the late spring time. I planned on this being only two or three chapters but now it looks like a minimum of 6 by what I've wrote so far and it's only increasing. Depending on the success on this story I will work on another that is much longer than this one. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Setting: Inside of a giagantic booty.


I scream to get out, but my cries don't even leave the crack of her ass. They simply bounce and reverberate off the walls of her enormous cheeks and fail to reach the ears of the only savior who could deliver me from the hungry pull of her own anus. Instead, by staying asleep, she would inadvertently deliver me to the empty cavity of her rectal canal with no immediate plans of releasing me.  I would become a prisoner to her own ass.  Banging on her cheeks does nothing but make them jiggle in response and pounding on her asshole only seems to anger the demonic orifice and cause me to sink in faster to my smelly doom. The carnivorous orifice is determined to swallow me whole and bring me into a hell I never thought possible.  

To be sucked inside a beautiful woman's shithole and fed to her large intestine would seem insane to most people.  But to me, it was a reality.  A reality I tried to fight, but still couldn't win against a tiny pink button inside the buttcrack of a sleeping woman's ass. If I could go back in time, I would, but it's far too late now.  My fate is sealed and the only direction I can go is down.  Down in to her foul-smelling bowels with no chance of escape.  Her anus has claimed me as its own and wont stop until I disappear completely into her anal canal.

Now, as her hungry hole moves up from my waist to my belly button, I try to grab onto her cheeks to pull myself out, but cant get a grip on her smooth skin. I regret everything I've done so far. I shrunk myself down to explore my crush while she was sleeping. I heard from her roommates that she sleeps like a log and nothing could wake her up. Not even a tiny man exploring her every hole?  This is the one hole I regret exploring.  The hole that has finally caught me and is punishing me for exploring her forbidden areas.  

Was this really my destiny?  Is this the way it had to end?  Could I really not release myself from the gravity and gradual palpitations pulling me into the void known as her butthole? I was given the opportunity for the chance of a lifetime, I was having the best time of my life, only for it to end in the foulest and most abhorrent part of her voluptuous and sexy body.  Sentenced to imprisonment for an indefinite period of time inside the body of an attractive girl who doesn't even know I'm there, let alone entering her slumbering body through her private backdoor passage.  Would I somehow live through this or would I die inside her like the piece of shit her rectum would be turning me into?


When I first snuck into her room, I was so excited!  But now, I'm filled with nothing but Dread and Fear.  All from the hungry, foul smelling hole that wishes to make me it's midnight snack.


Something it seems it will soon accomplish.

Chapter End Notes:

This is just a teaser. It was going to be longer but you'll see why I cut it short and added it to the next chapter. makes more sense. the next chapter will be twice as long and involves different parts of her body. It will be up within a few days. And in case your wondering what size he is... he's very tiny.

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