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Story Notes:

This story contains Animal and object transformation and vore.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This story contains Animal and object transformation and vore.

      Alex walked into his home, his backpack he let fall to floor. After discarding his shoes nearby in the hallway, he ran upstairs. As he reached the top of the stairs he bumped into his older sister. Her name was Rachel, being a hot seventeen year old, she did not want to deal with her fifteen year old brother. She instead just went to her room immediately, whilst completely ignoring him. Alex paid it no heed as it was much more convenient then trying to apologize. In the past, when they were younger, she may have hit him, or yelled at him in response, but at this age she had mostly mellowed, a thing which  was most convenient for Alex.

      Being the nerd he was, Alex also went to his room and started up his computer, a session of FPS with his friend Fred was what he needed now to get over the stress of school life. Brining up Skype, and dawning his headphones, he sent the call to Fred.

      The call was picked up immediately almost as if Fred had been Frantically waiting for him to do so.  "Alex you won't believe what I found at school today!" Fred had said it so loudly that Alex's ears felt like they shattered. "What" was Alex's simple reply as he turned down the volume of his computer.

      "I found a magic penny!" Alex was stumped and wondered if he should laugh at his friend Fred or not. His friend had a bad habit of picking up worthless thing, pennies included, often calling them lucky. Surely this magic he speaks of was no more than good luck he received from it he thought.

      "Really" responded Alex, not very enthusiastically.

      "You don't sound like your believe me Alex. In fact I think you might be mocking me..."

      "Well what kind of magic does it posses," asked Alex.

      "It lets you posses things!" Cried Fred.

      "Ridiculous," said Alex, wondering why his FPS hands were idle.

      "Remember when I disappeared during gym today when we were outside, I possessed a frog that happened to be on the field, it took me a while to turn back. It turned out I could only do so by touching the penny."

      Alex was speechless but he would humor his friend. "I'll be over in a few." With that said, Alex hung up on Skype and grabbed his light coat and sneakers. He arrived at Fred's and promptly knocked on the door of his friends house.

      Fred's 18 year old sister Anna opened the door. "Fred! Come collect your nerdy little friend!" Anna yelled up the stairs into the adjacent hallway.

      Fred came tumbling down the stairs. "Alex come on up here quick."

      Alex arrived stepping into Fred's room, like most nerdy rooms for a fifteen year old, it had star wars posters, an ant farm, a desk with a serious gaming computer, a bed with Admiral Ack Bar sheets, and a knack of other things you would expect in a Nerd's room. The five hundred NES cartridge library was impressive to say the least. Of course this was nothing new to Alex, as he had been going over to Fred's ever since he was in elementary school. He even was crushing on his older sister Anna, though even being near her was impossible for him.

      As Alex took a seat in an adjacent beanie bag chair, Fred pulled out the penny. "Here's how it works." Fred started to explain. "First you touch one hand to the penny, then you touch the other hand to another object with your left hand like this ant." He said, as he placed a finger on a crawling ant.

      "Why are there so many ants crawling around your room anyways," asked Alex.

      "My ant farm cracked the other day when I was moving around my desk... Anyways." He coughed. "Then you just say the word, lucky." With that a poof of smoke enveloped  Fred, and he was gone, only the ant and penny remained. The penny spun around until it rolled off the desk.

      Fred looked up at his colossal friend, he did not mean to demonstrate the penny, but due to his explanation he had done so by accident.

      Alex looked around for a second in bewilderment, starring down at the small ant, like it was frozen in fear. At first he thought it was a simple trick by Fred, but he realized his friend couldn't be that smart. He grabbed the penny from the floor where it had fallen. He hesitated for a second as some thoughts entered his head, but he brushed his thoughts aside  and placed the penny in front of the small ant on Fred's computer desk.

      Fred was amazingly glad his friend Alex had realized what had happened, with his relief he slowly proceeded straight at the penny until he touched it. With a poof of smoke Fred was standing by the desk touching both the ant and penny on the drawer. Alex was wide eyed but had the largest grin. "I got a great idea," proclaimed Alex.

      "This!" He said, while holding the penny up. "It can be used on an object's too, right?" Asked Alex.

      Fred nodded, then shook his head, "I think so?"

      Alex stood there for a second then grabbed Fred's hand, running into the hallway they proceeded straight over to Anna's room. Alex knocked on the door. "What the hell are you doing," yelled Fred in a whisper. No reply came from the door. "Pardon me," said Alex.

      "I'm going to kill you later Alex!"

      The door creaked open, the room was typical for an eighteen year old who had just graduated high school. Remnants still remained from her high school days, and pictures of her past years were scattered amongst the walls. While Fred was filled with fear, Alex was on a mission.

      If his sister Anna showed up while he and his friend were in her, he would be in deep shit. Thought Fred. Despite his fear, it seemed his friend Alex had found his objective already, pulling open several dresser drawers Alex had yanked out a Frilly pair of white laced panties and thrown them on Anna's bed.

      "The penny." Called out Alex.

      "What are you planning to do!?" Demanded Fred.

      "Isn't it obvious Fred! Listen in a few days after your sister has worn me, make sure you find me in the dirty laundry pile!" Alex grabbed the penny from his friend and yelled, "Lucky."

      With the word, came a poof, and Alex was gone.

      "You think I will let you," cried out Fred as he grabbed the penny and started over to the bed, were the panties lied.

      For Alex his senses were weird, he could perceive things, and could even feel the strands of fiber to his core. Every little strand felt like a separate immobile limb to him, his eyes, sense of taste and smell all seemed to come from every single strand, he looked at Fred as if he was going in slow motion, or was just his sense of time disturbed?

      As Fred made his way over to the bed he paused, he heard voices, it was his sister and Rachel. He immediately abandoned his plan of grabbing the panties, instead he looked over and saw an ant crawling along his sisters dresser. He placed down the penny, and tapped his finger on the ant. Just as the door opened, he poofed along with the word,  "lucky."

      Anna and Rachel walked into the room. Long since friends like their brothers, they had a long going relationship. "Hey Anna your panty drawer is open." Rachel held up some of her underwear as she spoke.

      "Eww do you think it was your sick little brother?"

      "Nah I don't think he's that stupid Anna." She looked down at the drawer and saw a penny. "Finders keepers." She said in a whisper. "I might get lucky tonight."Rachel thought.

      Luck was not on Fred's side, his only means to turn back had just been scooped up by his best friends sister. He thought for a second, "well Alex is just as screwed."

      For Alex it was frustrating sitting unable to move on the bed, he could hardly see what was going on other than that his sister and Anna had shown up.  Fred had disappeared from his sight. "Most likely it was the pennies doing." He thought. He was even starting to get concerned as his sister mingled around where he had last seen Fred.

      Anna was fiddling around with her long hair as she sat down on her bed. To her left she noticed a extremely cute pair of white frilled lacey panties. She grabbed them and held them up. "Hey Rachel aren't these the panties you lent me for my date with Jim the other week?"

      Rachel walked over from the dresser and carefully examined them, the caressing of her hand going through each fold. "Yeah these are the ones, how did that date go anyways?"

      Anna grimly replied, "well he never saw them, the guy was a pervert, and not in a good way." She made a gesture with her hands. "Hey Anna, think I should use this pretty thing for my date tonight?"

      Alex's mind had gone blank, a few spoken words later, it was called back. He was terrified, he had no interest towards his sister in this regard. He was terrified and currently being cradled by the one he wished to be with, but within a single moment he was already flying in the air towards his sister waiting hands.

      Fred was glad that he had not been spotted, but took a aghast to the predicament his best friend now faced, as he crawled along the desk looking at the behemoth girls. His ant eyes giving him an even more dynamic view. He kept his eyes closely on Rachel's purse in particular, inside the magic penny was stored, he had to get to it. In that moment, while distracted, his friend flew. Not one for sports, Rachel missed the catch, instead the panties flew by her hands right towards an unsuspecting ant hiding on the desk.

      Alex was hurling through the air. Everything in his all seeing spherical vision was a blur accept for the hands of his sister. Those hands too flew right by as he was heading straight for the desk. Right before impact, Alex saw an Ant , unable to do anything he slammed right into it.

      Rachel giggled, "oops I guess I didn't catch them." Anna only smiled as Rachel grabbed the panties off the drawer. "Eww," cried Rachel as an Ant was crawling on the crotch of the panties.

      "Here give them to me." Said Anna as she grabbed the panties from Rachel. Anna stared at the ant which was desperately trying to crawl out of sight on the panties. "This little Guy just wanted to be close to you Rachel, but that's far too good for him." With that Anna Held the panties up.


      "Rachel your date tonight is going to pin you down tonight and." Anna paused her speech as she stuck out her tongue and followed along the white cotton seams until the ant was forced up on to her tongue. With her mouth open and an ant crawling inside, Anna resumed her speech, "and eat you up." With that her mouth closed. Her throat showed the clear signs of a swallow before Rachel.

      "That's disgusting Anna!"


      As he was handed back to Anna, Alex could feel and see an Ant crawling all over his body. Then an amazing thing occurred as he was given a sloppy kiss from the girl he loved most. Then with the kiss, the pestering ant was no more. He was semi grossed out but turned on as well.


      Fred was horrified as he was carried by Rachel and handed to Anna. He scurried every which way to prevent her from seeing him. But then with a few words he soon quaked in terror down to his very core. Running from a giant pink dripping wet tongue was perhaps the most humorous and horrifying experience in his short life. Eventually it caught up with him and he was caught in the salvia of her tongue. Even so he continued to move trying to reach the light of his sisters open mouth. But then horrifyingly she closed her mouth. He felt a wash of salvia flood over him and was pulled down her throat. As he plummeted into absolute darkness, fluids started to drown him, he felt like he was being washed away. Within seconds he was no more. His sister unaware of what she had just done.


      Anna threw the panties back softly at Rachel to prevent a repeat of before. "I still can't believe you swallowed an ant Anna."

      "It's not that gross compared to things I've swallowed before," said Anna.

      "Good point." Rachel bemused. The thought of what things Anna might have swallowed made her giggle.

      "You should put it on for your date Rachel."

      "Right now? What if your brother walks in?"

      "He's not that stupid Anna and even if he did, I'd kill him like a bug."

      "Would you swallow him Anna?" Said Rachel as she dropped her tight jeans and thong.

      "Maybe," replied Anna with a laugh.

      Alex was dropped unceremoniously to the floor, he gapped in shock as he saw his sister dainty feet step one after the other into his fabric holes. He wished he could scream but was dragged up without any resistance what so ever. He drew closer and closer, with his full view of every nook and cranny, almost as if his face was being plowed right into his sisters pussy.

      Two small bumps that formed a camel toe, and a small amount of loose hanging hovered right by her clit. A firm stretch and tight fit sealed his fate. A second later, with a snap, he breathed in his sisters aroma and caressed her every inch unwillingly. Despite being aroused slightly he could only feel disgusted. His only relief was the darkness that followed and the jeans which put him into complete darkness. He could only hope with all his might that Fred would save him, it was the only thing keeping him sane as the next few days passed. Alex would repeat this experience for the rest of his days. Rachael's dates, her jogs, and college until the day he was no longer a good pair.

      As for the two boys, they were declared missing. Eventually after much searching they were declared dead. Everyone wept at the funeral. Even the boy trapped under Rachel's skirt. His screams went unheard, meeting no one's ears at his own funeral. The bodies of the two boys were never found.

The End

Chapter End Notes:

Well this was my first short story on the site, I did a lot of short story writing in college and haven't since then really. It was a push to get it done, writing it took me about 4-5 hours. I think I did good with my editing, since I use to edit other peoples work in college, but if people see mistakes or errors feel free to point them out. I always like constructive criticism, if enough people like it maybe I will write another, I don't really have plans to extend this though. I was aiming for a story that had Giantess theme's while relying on horror for a climatic end. So it's Giantess, transformation, vore, unaware, and Horror rolled into one story, hope you guys like it let me know your thoughts thanks.

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