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Pinky and Scampers Big Adventure: The Finalé
Š Copyright 2004-2006. Giantess Planet. All Rights Reserved.

How many days have I been here? I think to myself as I crawl over one of the folds in Lindsey’s boxers as I peer out at her room. I meekly look out through her door which is open slightly ajar. I begin to wonder what lies out past that door, its hard to imagine I use to be out there walking around. Its almost seems like another lifetime.

I fall back into the soft material of Lindsey’s boxers and pull it over me as I sleepily drift back to sleep with her scent all around me wondering if I will ever find my way out of here.

The floor begins to shake; I can tell by the vibrations that they are coming towards here so it must be Lindsey. As the door swings open I watch as Lindsey tosses her backpack into the corner of the room and falls back on her bed as a girl shorter then Lindsey follows her in. She has dirty blonde hair and sits down on the chair in front of the ottoman.

I look up at her in a bit of amazement as it has been awhile since I have seen another person besides Lindsey and her sister. She moves her hand towards the cage, she is about to un hatch the door when she turns back towards Lindsey.

“So how long are you going to keep him?”

“Oh I don’t really know, I was just gonna keep him for a couple days but that was months ago. I don’t really do anything with him anymore. He is kind of boring”

“Oh, you should sell him. I bet someone would buy him.”

“Oh yeah at the next rummage sale, little man for sale…make offer”

I still find it weird to hear people talk about me like I am not even human, but what startled me more than that was the hearing Lindsey say that I have been in here months! I realized I had been here a long time but it never really hit home till now. My family probably has moved on, I am at least a semester behind in school, who knows what is going on in the world. I don’t know the last time I saw the news. I wonder how the war on terrorism is going. What if I was drafted? I wonder if being shrunk is an excuse to miss? I hope so….

It’s the little things I miss most I think, I miss the taste of a cold mountain dew after a long jog, I miss Sunday morning pancakes, or getting to watch the football in your underwear. I missed griping about class, I miss my sister, why didn’t I just let her see me that day. I was so stupid,

Her warm powerful hands grip my body, I can feel the flannel floor lift away from me. The fingers dig into my skin, blanketing me as she holds me to her face. I can see her eyes staring at me.

* * * *

“So what are we going to do to Lindsey? I am telling you she has your brother.”

“I know, I just am scared to see him. I guess that’s why I keep avoiding it. I am afraid that he is going to blame me for everything.”

“That’s not true but even if it is, you owe it to him to get him out of there; Who would want to spend the rest of there life with Lindsey?”

“You are right, lets go over there. It’s time that we end this whole situation once and for all.”

“Right now? Isn’t this kind of sudden? Just a minute ago you were wishy washy about the whole thing and now you are just going to march over there and do what? Say what?”

“I don’t know, it doesn’t matter does it?” shouts Hilary

“Yes! You can’t just march up there and be I want my brother back. There is no way she is just going to say oh okay here he is and send him on his way.”

“Then what are we going to do!”

“I don’t know, we need a plan though”

“Ugh, fine.”


Lindsey’s bed felt soft as I relaxed relishing the feeling of being out of that cage, a cool breeze passed over me as I sat up, I smiled as I saw the open door. Had she been careless or does she just trust me that much?

I looked back at my cage and than back at the open door. Thoughts of Rochelle passed through my head.

It had been I don’t even know when it started anymore. I remember it started about the time I stopped caring. I had given up on Hilary that day in the hallway only to find out through Rochelle and Amy that she felt otherwise. I felt horrible at the pain I had been causing her but knew that I had no where to go, no way to get her. Lindsey never brings me anywhere. I go days at a time without leaving the cage.

Amy had decided today would be one of the days Rochelle can play with me.
I found myself standing on the floor looking up at this giant. I had gotten very use to the size differential between me and them. It was no longer something of awe or amazement. It is just how people are. They are 100 foot tall beings; they can crush me without as much as a thought or effort. Some people are like her sister Amy who seems to get a lot of joy out of watching Rochelle play with me and humiliating me while other people are like Lindsey; to Lindsey I am a status symbol. I am something she can hang over my sister’s head. I am a memory of a victory, a trophy of what she accomplished. She pays me no real attention except for when she is bored and then she will toy with me but that is the extent.

I knew what I had to do. I leapt off the bed, harm to my body made no difference to me anymore. I no longer felt fear of dying because I had nothing to lose; I am at the absolute bottom of the bottom. I am a slave in every single way.

I landed on my feet but my legs ached painfully from the landing as I ran towards the door. It felt awkward to be running, I found myself getting winded as I reached her doorway. My heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest. I looked back at my cage and it looked seemingly miles but I kept telling myself it’s just a few feet.

I nervously turned towards the hallway, my eyes carefully scanning every new image, my nose tearing apart every new smell. It felt like I was in a whole new world. A piece of me told me that I should go back. I shouldn’t be here. I am breaking the rules. Master won’t like this, I shook off the thoughts and headed fearfully down the hallway not knowing what to expect.


I crawled out from beneath Hilary’s bed. Happy thanksgiving to me I thought as I heard the clanking of glasses the laughter of a family together. Hilary’s sister Haylie had come home from college for the first time in a couple of years so they were pulling out all the stops. I never realized how close Hilary was with her sister. This entire week I have hardly seen hide or hair of her.

As I walked down the hallway I could hear the voices and conversations they were having. It made me remember my family’s thanksgivings. I didn’t want to tell Hilary because I knew it would only make things worse but I really missed my family. I desperately wanted to go home. As I look back at everything that has gone on, I have realized how stupid I have been these past few months. It wasn’t until the middle of last month I started really put everything in perspective. I have become completely dependant on Hilary. I can’t get any food on my own, I don’t get any love from anywhere else but her and I don’t know if she really loves me or not but It’s to hard to think that she doesn’t. I have to tell myself that she does just to keep from killing myself. She is what gives my life meaning. I have begun to wonder if I could even go back if I wanted too.

If I was enlarged today I don’t know where I would go. I can hardly remember how to get home some days, I have no idea what my room looks like anymore. I use to think about my brother and sister, my parents all the time but sometime along the way I lost them. I don’t hate them, but I know I don’t love them like I use too. When I think of my family the only image I get is Hilary and that scares me.

Since I was born the message that god has a plan for everyone has been drilled into me. It’s the one thing I has been taught since I came out of the womb. That god has a plan for you. That has bothered me ever since I became stuck like this. Is this what gods plan for me is? To be Hilary’s, what am I? Am I her boyfriend? Am I her pet, her friend, something she just takes care of? Everything was so easy and now nothings aren’t like it use to be. I just wish I knew what to do, what to think?


My feet sunk into the plush carpet as I made my way down the hall. Each step I took fear pumped through my body like blood. Every instinct I had told me that I shouldn’t be here. I felt like I was a criminal escaping from the penitentiary, yet I had done nothing wrong.

As I reached the end of the hall I looked up at the staircase and was relieved that I didn’t need to find a way down them. I turned my head to left spotting the kitchen and the dining room. My heart was beating harder and faster then it ever had before. I looked to the right seeing the door. Absolute fear passed through me as I looked at what I had to go past to get the door. The family room, and there sat my captor with two blonde haired girls. One looked rather preppy while the other had a more average look to her.

I was close to just turning around and heading back when something told me just to go. I just ran, as I ran I cleared my head of all the possible consequences because I knew nothing could be worse then what I had experienced. I ran and ran, for a the longest time it felt like I wasn’t getting any closer but as the time went by and I wasn’t seen I began to let myself see how close I was. I knew that I would soon have no boss, no one to answer too. No more Rochelle, no more Amy, no more Lindsey.

Then I crashed into a black Mary Jane. I stumbled backwards and fell on my back. My chest hurt as tears fell down my cheeks, I coughed a couple of times blood sputtering out with each cough. I didn’t want to believe what I saw, I was so close, I was so close I kept telling myself as I coughed blood up while grabbing my chest in pain.

I couldn’t help but look up, the two tan legs traveled up higher and higher into a small skirt, more flesh then appeared above the skirt until it slunk beneath the tight white coverings of a tiny halter top. I finally saw the top of the giant but I knew my eyes had to be deceiving me, I wasn’t seeing straight. That had to be it I thought it is the only explanation.

I peeked around the corner seeing Hilary and her family. They were all smiles as they sat eating and talking. I watched them shovel in mouthful after mouthful of truckload sized bites of food.

Now that I was here I had no real idea what I was going to do. I don’t know if I ever really had a plan but here I was looking and watching them eat. The smart thing to do would be to head back to the room and think about all the important issues in my life right now, but the worse thing I could do is head to the table and try to get some food. I can’t think of something dumber then that. There is the risk of getting seen in which I then have to explain to Mr. Duff why I have been living and sleeping with his daughter while he is holding me in his hand. As fun as that sounds I don’t think that’s a stunt evil kenevil would try. I stood there contemplating my choices when I heard someone excuse themselves for a moment. I nervously prayed that they wouldn’t come my way.


My jaw quivered as I turned to run. I knew my eyes had to be deceiving me. I had to be mistaken. I started to slowly back away. My heart was pounding as my escape has just gotten a bit more dangerous. I ran underneath a chair. I crawled deeper underneath unsure of what my next move should be. I finally sat down and looked out at the girls. I could see nothing but their socks and shoes as I tried to think how this is any better then where I was before. I need to get out of Lindsey’s house I think to myself.

Several minutes pass before I spot a coat rack next the door. Several feet up into the air is a purse hanging their. I know it’s not Lindsey’s as I have seen all of her things over the past few months. I take a deep breath and make a dash for it. It’s my only hope.

I reach the base of the rack much to my surprise. The girls must be too wrapped up in their conversations to realize, but then again they think I am still in Lindsey’s room. I start to shimmy up the wooden coat rack. I dig my fingers into the polished wood reaching hand over hand pulling myself up towards what I can only see as Salvation. Oh how my life has changed. I went from college student, getting ready to leave the house to high school girls’ toy and now I am going to hide in a purse. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


The ground continued to beat heavier and heavier as the footfalls neared me. Why wouldn’t they, I think to myself. It’s only logical out of every damn place in this house to go they pick towards me.
I press my back against he floorboard as black dress shoes pound down mere inches from me. I watch the shoes disappear down the hallway uncaring who goes with them. I peek back at the family eating as my stomach growls again. I take a few steps around the bend as I hear the footsteps return only this time I am well out of the way so I have nothing to worry about.

“Hey pinkerbell, looking for this” that voice, I think to myself. It can’t be, how could it be? I turn around to see Mandy standing mere inches from me. I gulp as she smiles down at me.

“Hey Mandy, what are you doing here?”

“Thanksgiving duh, why are you here. You should be at the table lets go” says Mandy as she grabs me before I can say a single word then, starts heading back towards the table.


I couldn’t believe I finally made it this far as I lie in wait in the depths of this cramped purse. It looked bigger from underneath the chair but I am on my way to freedom so I can’t complain.

I felt the bag start to lurch forward. My stomach cringed as I felt the purse bang against the hip of the purse’s owner. I began to wonder how long this would go on for as each blow pressed me against the contents of the purse. I had no idea how anyone could get anything out of here.

“Thanks for the ride Sarah”

“No problem” I heard my purse owner yell as her body began to churn into motion. I felt her bolt up the stairs and slam her door shut. Everything then turned upside down and back right side up again before I crashed into something soft yet firm before finally settling. I had just one thing left to find out. Where was I and how am I going to get home.


I looked up at the table from Mandy’s lap. I could see Hilary’s legs across the table but she was completely oblivious to my being here. Mandy had on simple jeans and a baby tee; she had her brown hair cut short. I learned up against her stomach and felt the warmth of her body penetrate into mine. It felt good to just lie here like this.

I couldn’t believe how small Pinky was. I have shrunk people with the digidowner over the past few months but they all went awry. They all seemed different then Pinky was. As I looked down at him I felt a little bad for him. He was having to spend Thanksgiving all by himself. He started to snuggle against my stomach. I could barely contain myself. I quickly filled my fork with some lettuce and shoved it into my mouth.

I opened my eyes to see massive piece of chicken sitting in front of me stuck to the largest fork I have ever seen. I took the largest bite I could and then watched her raise the fork up to her mouth.

“Great meal Mrs. Duff, is it alright if I excuse myself.”

“Oh sure Mandy honey”

I watched Mandy’s hands wrap around me. I gulped as she slid me into her pocket and stood up gracefully departing the dining room. I found myself beginning to slide deeper into her pocket with each step she took.

I heard a door creek shut and Mandy’s fingers wrap around my legs as I am plucked from Mandy’s tight jean pockets..

“What are you doing Mandy? Can you just bring me to Hilary’s room”

“Why would I do that? I have you all to myself right now. Besides don’t you want this?” says Mandy pulling out the Digi Downer from underneath the pillow.

“Change me back! Quick” pleads Pinky as he looks up at Mandy.

“Well I could consider it if you would agree to come back to with me for the rest of the school year. I would change you back in May.”

“I, I don’t know” stammered Pinky as he stared at the Digidowner.


I started to try to struggle forward to get out of here but I found myself stuck at the wrong end of the purse. The more I fought the tighter my confines became.

“What the hell?” I heard a voice from across the room. I immediately stopped hoping she hadn’t noticed the movement. The footsteps grew louder and louder. My heart was beating nearly out of my chest as I lie here knowing that I am about to be discovered. The pounding was getting louder and louder I felt the purse shimmy from side to side then plummet at rapid speed before crashing into something hard which I can only assume is the floor.

I continued to struggle inside this cramped purse. I finally broke down and yelled for help. I knew it was going to be a mistake but it was better then spending anymore time in this purse.
“HELP!” I yelled again this time with a bit more authority.

“What? What was that?” I heard the voice chirp from above.

The entire floor shook as her feet pounded against it. I yelled again praying that she would hear me. I knew she would see me sooner or later since I am unable to free myself. It may as well be sooner.

The zipper starts to peel apart. I look up to see blonde locks of hair dangling down towards me attaching to a young face. I nervously stare up unsure of what to do. Lindsey has been my world for so long a bit of fear starts to force its way into my mind.

“What is this? I don’t remember buying any like this.” The girl says as she stares down at me quizzically. I try to say something, anything but my body is frozen. My lips sputter out fragments as I stare up at her.

She easily pushes the monstrous objects of the purse away from me and clamps her soft smooth hands around my waist. She squeezes tight at first like she is picking up a doll but quickly loosens her grip as she realizes something isn’t quite right.

“What are you? You don’t feel like anything I have ever felt before. You are the size of a doll but you don’t feel like one, you feel like you are alive and yet you can’t possibly be. I have never seen anything quite like you.”

I can’t believe this is happening to me. My entire body is paralyzed. Is this from being with Lindsey for to long? I need to do something before it’s too late. I feel myself start to slide across her soft hands tumbling onto a cold hard surface.
The shiny polished wood stretched out seemingly forever. On the far end of the desk was a large computer. It looked like it had to be super computer but I knew otherwise. I wonder if I could use that to talk to Hilary.

“Ouch” I yelled as her finger jabbed me in the side. I watched her leap back as I curled up into a ball. I could see her staring at me astonished; her eyes were completely locked on me with her jaw agape.

“You, you, you be real, I mean, are, you are alive, but, you can’t be you are so tiny.” I backed up a bit as she neared me, reaching her trembling hand out towards me. She extended her pointer finger out and ran it down the length of my body. I reached out to touch her hand, but she batted my hand away sending me sliding across her desk a bit.

She reached down for something and then I caught a glimmer of something reflective in my eye. A giant mason jar was set down on its side inches from me. I tried to stand, but she flicked me with her pointer finger flinging me into the jar.

In one motion she tilted the jar up and screwed the lid on. I gulped as her hands wrapped around the jar blocking out much of the light. I felt the jar shift from side to side in her hands. I was forced to press my hands against either side of the jar to keep from being flung into the glass walls.

When the violent thrashing stopped it looked like we were in a basement. A large metal object was gripped in her hands.

“Oh shit, don’t kill me! I’m not a bug” I yell as the metal object slices through the lid of the jar nearly hitting me; then retreating back out. I breathed a sigh of relief and then screamed as it tore back through the top again. This happened a couple more times before I saw her drop object back onto the bench.

“Air holes” I said to myself as her hands wrapped back around the jar and we headed back upstairs.

“I’m sure Mrs. K will know what you are” said the girl as she unzipped her backpack lowering the jar and myself into the dark confines of her bag.


I spent the night lounging on Hilary’s pillow. I could hear them all laughing and having a ball down there. I couldn’t believe that the ball was really in my court for a change. I held all the cards. I could stay with Mandy for awhile and get changed back or stay here with Hilary and who knows. I just wish I knew of someway that I could trust her. Who’s to say Mandy won’t decide that she likes me like this and never change me back.

“Hey Pinks, how was your day? Why so glum?” casually says Hilary as she walks into the room turning on her computer.

“Hilary I just”

“I was thinking of maybe showing you to my family tomorrow, but I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? You act like this is just your decision. Do I not even get a say in this?”

“Well it is my decision. I think you forget how good you have it here Pinky. I take pretty good care of you and let’s not forget you are the one who came into my room. You act like you’re the only one whose life got changed on that day. Well mine did to you know.”

“Hilary, I didn’t mean to ever sound ungrateful. Its just you are always so together and powerful. You can do whatever you want and am I stuck in your shadow.”

“Is that so bad? What’s wrong with being my little man? I thought you liked it.”

We didn’t speak for the rest of night. I made my way over to her dresser and clambered into her sock drawer. I heard Hilary message someone on the computer but she went to bed soon after.

Part 2

A loud electronic beeping erupted through the world. I could hear the giantess tossing and turning above. The beeping was silenced with a loud thud. The bed squeaked a few times. I could felt the floor shake as I heard the girl mutter something unintelligible to me. I tried to yell for help but my voice only echoed in the giant Mason jar.

I couldn’t believe what I saw last night. I know that my eyes had to have been playing tricks on me. That thing just can’t be real. I know when I open that bag its just going to be some weird species of grasshopper or cricket. There is no way that that thing could be human or anything like it. People just don’t grow down.

The bag started to slowly open up, light streamed in allowing me to see her face, she looked young but seemed beyond age, her eyes were locked on me. Every move I made she intently watched soaking in everything. I found myself staring back at her. I wanted desperately to be freed from this jar.

Her hands engulfed the jar. If I didn’t understand the situation better I would say she had shaq like hands but I know better then that. She has only smallish girly hands. It is me who is tiny.

I braced myself as I was lifted and held in front of her face, she intently eyed me almost like she was trying to figure out what to do with me.

“Please, I don’t know who you are but I am just trying to get home.” I nervously say hoping she has a bit of compassion.

“I don’t have time for this. Whatever you are, you can wait.” She says to herself as she plunges me back into the depths of her bag.

I try to brace myself but the descent is to quick and I slam against the side of the jar knocking myself senseless as she tucks the jar back in her bag. Then she continues to get ready.

Several Minutes pass as my senses start to return me to the land of the living. The world outside sounds still and quiet, I yell once hoping that someone can hear me but I quickly give up.

“I escaped from Lindsey’s room for this. Way to go me.” I say to myself as I kick at the side of mason jar. My eyes already are use to the darkness, allowing me to easily scan across the bag. If its one thing Lindsey’s room taught me is how to see in the dark and how to entertain myself in a small place for a long time. I spot a giant humanities text book, a Japanese Life and Society text book and a book on composers. Quite the course load for a high school student I think to myself.

“Do you want a ride honey” the voice cuts through the silent air startling me. I jump up to my feet and brace myself as experience tells me I am about to be picked up, or the bag at least is.

“No that’s fine. It is just a short walk. Thanks anyway.” Says the girl.

“Alright then Love you”

“Love you too mom” One of the giant textbooks slam against the jar knocking me into one of the sidewalls. I desperately try to regain my balance as she bounds down the stairs. I hardly have a chance to breathe before I hear the front door slam shut. I pray that it is a short walk indeed.

* * *

I awoke that morning seeing the drawer left open. I peeked my head above the rim of the drawer. I could see Hilary still sleeping. I climbed the short distance to the top of her dresser and slid down the lamp cord.

I have found that my time here has made me quite fit and athletic. I often wondered how women would react to me when I am re-enlarged. I have fantasies of all the best looking women on campus fawning over me.

I push those thoughts out of my head as I start walking towards Hilary’s bed. I can still see her clothes from yesterday lying on the floor next to the bed. I can still faintly smell her perfume on them. I inhale lightly always loving that smell, but then I turn to the comforter dangling down.

I grasp onto the comforter and start pulling myself up onto the top of Hilary’s bed. As soon as I reach the top I still find myself at a bit of a loss for words. The sheer size and her beauty are still amazing. The way her blonde hair fall over her face, how she always curls her legs in when she sleeps.

I make my way across the bed rather easily. I gulp a bit as I near her face. It’s so big, and yet pretty. So often, when you see something up close you always get a bit of a let down but not with Hilary. She is pretty at any size.

I pull back a small corner of Hillary’s bed sheet and slide under it laying my head against the pillow. I notice how I hardly even make a dent in the feather pillow.
“You know Hill, you never make things easy. I think maybe it’s your entire family. I wanted to ask you out before. I was only a college freshmen and you were just a senior in high school It’s not a huge deal but your damn brother Zack had to complicate things. I had to shrink myself just talk to you without him knowing and now it has been months and I’m still stuck like this.” I nervously start to get up as I Hilary shifts slightly. Her hand slams down on the pillow next to me. I inch a bit closer towards her face. My nose crinkles a bit at her morning breath.

“I was thinking like a movie or dinner not really moving in together so soon but we made it work. Now I am just getting tired of always having to hide from your family. I just need some time to think.” I lean in and kiss Hilary on the cheek then jump back down to the floor. Taking a deep breath, I look up at Hilary and start running towards the door unaware of Hilary watching me leave.

“You are such a fool Dave” mutters Hilary as I take off down the hallway.

* * *

I felt sick to my stomach as I try to think of a way out of this mess. Over last hour I have heard sounds that made me sick to my stomach. As near as I can tell I am at a train station. I keep pounding frantically on the glass hoping it breaks so I can get out of here.

“I didn’t escape Lindsey’s grasp for this.” I shout as I look up at the lid hoping I can find a weak spot. I am once again jostled against the cold glass wall as we are on the move. I scream for help as everything sways from side to side and I hear the clank of this giant going up metal steps.

“Noooo” I helplessly scream as I hear bits and pieces of conversations as this giant walks down the isle ways of the train.

I feel the train lurch forward and the click clack, click clack of the train begin. The constant clanking reminds of that I am getting farther and farther away from my family, my friends, and any chance of my life returning to normalcy with each clank that goes by.

“How am I going to get out of this one” I think to myself as I stare out at the backpack around me. A fucking history book is bigger then me. I shout and kick at the glass wall.

“Calm down, you escaped once, you can do this again scamp erm Zack. I am Zack.” I close my eyes laying my head up against the glass wall. Thinking of my family as I drift off to sleep.

* * *

I peek into the guest room that Mandy is staying in. I glanced about the room.

“Why can’t I be a few feet taller?” I grumble to myself as I start to wander about the room. I finally catch a familiar gleam on the nightstand next to Mandy. My eyes quickly look over the nightstand and I spot a cord dangling of the back edge of the nighstand.

I scan the floor spotting a sneaker lying overturned and discarded. I leap towards the sneaker grabbing the shoelace and pull myself to the top of the sneaker. The shoe starts to shake and fall back right side up. I ride the shoe like as surfboard as it falls back to the floor. I jump off the shoe at the last moment landing on my feet. I look back and see the shoe right sided back on the floor. I look back at the nightstand and take off.

I start to shimmy up the nightstand when I hear the bedsprings start to squeak. I look up to see Mandy getting out of bed. My whole body freezes as I watch her glide out of the room. I take a deep breath and start to quicken my pace up the cord. I can feel my heart racing as I hear the footsteps of Mandy returning. I hold my breath as I spot her walking back into the room.

I can feel the cord sway as Mandy approaches the nightstand. My muscles start to tighten as I watch her brush her hair out of her eyes. I nervously watch as her hand reaches towards me. I hold my breath as her hand grows larger and larger.

I sigh in relief when she grabs the digital clock and turns it towards her before falling back into bed. I pull myself up onto the nightstand and cower behind the lamp on the nightstand.

“I just need to wait for Mandy to fall back to sleep, then freedom” I mumble to myself as I watch her eyes drift closed.

I watch Mandy for quite sometime. Part of me wants to leap over to the bed and throw myself at her while the reasonable side of me tells me to stay focused. I have a purpose for being here and that purpose happens now.

I shimmy up the lamp to the top and start to unscrew the screw that secures the lampshade. As soon as I get it off I leap off the lamp falling roughly to the wood floor. I grab my side in pain thinking that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

I meekly pick up the screw and carry it over to the digidowner. I toss it up onto the enlarge button and take off towards the front of the remote as I know it takes a second for it to power up. I leap in front of the remote just as the laser shoots from the remote.

As soon as the beam strikes me I slide backwards nearly off the nightstand forcing me to grab at the edge as my body dangles over the side.

“Stay calm, Stay calm” I think to myself as I hold onto the side as I try and fail to pull myself up over the edge.

I try to focus my energy to pull myself up and over the edge when I feel my feet hit the floor. I look around shocked to see the world expanding. I nervously dash out the room and head into Zack’s room making sure to shut the door tightly behind me.

“Its like a shrine almost. So clean” I say to myself as I sit down on his bed. I grab the picture of him and his family that is sitting on the nightstand and stare at it for a few moments.

“What have I done? I just, I just wanted to ask his sister out and because of my stupidity I must have caused so much hurt. I need to get out of here” I say to myself as I open up his closet grabbing a pair of pants and a T-shirt.

“Out the window just like a hundred times before” I say to myself as I open up the window and climb down the tree.

“I better go see how my family is doing. I think to myself as I run down the street.

* * *

The teeth of the backpack start to rip apart as I stare up at the opening and see the female giant looking down at me. I cover my ears as the metal lid starts to grind against the glass.

I press my back against the glass wall as the giant reaches in and pulls the jar out. I can feel the cool air hitting my face as it sweeps into the now open jar. The heat from fingers quickly starts to warm the world around me.

“I guess there is only one way out of here” I say to myself and then quickly I grasp onto the finger. In one swift motion the finger is yanked out of bag and I am flung against the girls bed.

“Where, where am I? I thought I was on a train,” I sputter out as I look up at the giant blonde girl.

“Are you a person?” shockingly stammers the girl.

I watch the surprised look spread across her face over the revelation she had just made. I nervously looked up at her unsure of what to do exactly.

“So who you are? I know you can talk because I already heard you so speak” my time with Lindsey started to kick in. I felt the urge to obey her. This was the first time I really noticed the submissiveness that Lindsey had beaten into me.

“My name is, my name is?” For the first time in my life I didn’t know how to respond. My mind was torn with a response. The natural response was scamper. I kept saying Zack in my mind. My name is Zack.

“My name is Scamper. I got shrunk by this thing called the Digidowner and….”

* * *

The entire world felt foreign. I felt out of place for the first time. I should have done this a long time ago. I thought to myself. As I approached my home, I could see a sign in the front yard. I soon neared to see a for sale sign in the front yard. I started running towards the house. I looked into the garage to see that both cars were gone.

“They wouldn’t have moved without me.” I said to myself as I headed towards the large picture window. I peeked into the window to see that everything was gone. I took a few steps back and fell to the ground in shock.

“This can’t be happening. It just can’t be? My parents wouldn’t leave me would they?” I stood up and looked back at my house one last time and bolted down the road. It felt good to run and get somewhere. As I ran past house after house I felt big and powerful. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

The glow of downtown was almost blinding. I slowed my pace to a walk as I past a few clubs. In the distance I could see the skyscrapers of the business district. I felt like a tourist seeing them for the first time. It was as if I was experiencing everything for the first time.

My eyes were locked onto the giant buildings around me when I slammed into someone. I heard her tumble to the ground.

“Oh god, I am so sorry. I, I, I, I, Ashley”

“Pinky? I mean wow, look at you.” Ashley stammered out as she looked up at me.

“You look amazing” I couldn’t believe how much Ashley had changed since I saw her fully grown before the shrinking I extended my hand and helped her up. We started walking down the sidewalk in silence.

“So umm Hilary changed you back huh?”

“No, we had a fight kind of and I snuck in and changed myself back”

“So umm what are you doing now? I suppose you know about your parents and all.” sheepishly says Ashley.

“What you know? I mean knew? Where are they? What happened?” I shout as I turn towards Ashley.

“Maybe we should talk at a more quite place. Get into my car.” Asserts Ashley as she points towards a black Pontiac sunfire. I obediently get into the car and look over at her. I open up the glove box and look inside not hearing Ashley get in.

“Don’t worry, I wont make you go inside there” giggles Ashley as she starts the car. I nervously look over at Ashley who by her standards looks a bit too casual wearing only a t-shirt and jeans.

“So umm my parents…you said you knew what happened”

“Well it’s really quite simple, with your disappearance and all they got really sad. It broke their heart. They thought you had run off. It was really hard on them.”

“I know, I wanted to contact them but”

“Hey you don’t need to tell me. I understand. I know the story. So do you have any place to go, tonight I mean.”

“No, I was gonna crash on a bench or something, and then figure out what to do in the morning. Maybe try to find my parents or get a job or something. I need to start my life over again.”

“Don’t be silly, you are staying with me tonight.”

“Ashley I can’t, I mean it just wouldn’t be right”

“I don’t want to hear it pinky. Sit there and shut it, you are staying at my house. I am not gonna let you sleep on a park bench.” Says Ashley as she turns towards residential area.

* * *

I told her everything. I do not know why but I could not help it. Everything just flowed out so easily. I did not even realize I was doing it until I was finished with the story. I was just staring at her nervously as she looked down at me.

“Well you are pretty adorable, for a midget. Oh and I am Ashleigh” asserts the giant girl. My nervousness dissipates a bit but soon returns as I see her hand swoop towards me. I turn to try to run but her warm hand is draped over me before I can do anything else.

“So, do you not wear clothes or something? It is kinda freakin’ me out ya know.” Ashleigh’s fingers wrap around my legs dragging me across the comforter a bit and then transferred into the palm of her hand.

I crawl over to the edge of her hand, look down, and then back at this giant named Ashleigh. I gulp as her face looms closer and closer, her blonde locks of hair falling down everywhere as her face takes up my entire field of vision. A strawberry smell aerates from her hair, her giant brown eyes locked onto my every movement.

“I am not gonna hurt you, you can trust me. I promise.” Her warm minty breath washes over me. My nose crinkles slightly at the strength of the mint smell of her breath, her finger gently strokes me as she stares at me.

“I can’t believe how light you are, we need to get you some clothes though. This whole naked thing is really freakin’ me out.”

“Can I ask you something, Ashleigh? Where are we?”

“We are in a small town called Pullman, it’s in Washington.”

“What? How am I going to get home? I can’t stay here.”

“Well if you want to go there’s the door, watch out for my dog.”

“You mean, just like that? I can go?” skeptically asks Scamper.

“Just like that Zack. You are probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen, but I have a life and a job. You had some tragic shit happen to you. If you weren’t shrunk and in my hand I wouldn’t believe it. Now I have to go buy some groceries. If you are here when I come back then I will take that mean you want to stay. If you are gone, then good luck.”

She stood up and bent down tilting her hand to the side dumping me out to the floor. I watched with a surprise look on my face as she walks out of the room.

* * *

Ashley’s room looked so different at this scale. It no longer seemed like a world to me. The posters were pretty typical for an eighteen year old girl. She had a Britney Spears poster next to her bed, a 3 doors down poster near her window. I walked over to the vanity and ran my hand along a forest of perfume bottles.

“I use to be able to hide behind those. Not anymore though.” I mumbled to myself as Ashley walked into the room.

“So are you tired? Or do you want to stay up for awhile.” Ashley said as she pulled off her shirt dropping it onto the floor. My eyes turned towards her smallish perky breast.

“Are, are, are you ssshhh, shhh, shhuuure you should be doing that?” I sputtered out as Ashley unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. I took a step backwards tripping backwards onto her bed. I sat up in time to see Ashley walking towards me.

“Maybe I should go, this is ummm” I try to say politely but find myself struggling for the words.

“Where are you going to go? That bench on 8th street, besides pinky you have a nice warm bed right here.” Ashley says as she pushes me down against the bed. I can feel her legs brush up against either side of me as she kneels over me.

“You know I have wanted you for a long time Pinky.” My eyes had showed nothing but fear in them as I looked into Ashley’s eyes. She smiled as her lips pressed against mine. Instinctively I kissed back.

My eyes lazily opened with Ashley’s arm wrapped around me. I could feel her snuggled up against me. My thoughts drifted back to last night. The night that was the culmination of month’s of frustration and sexual teasing going unanswered. I felt better then I had in a long time.

I rolled over realizing I was only wearing my boxers. I don’t even remember taking my clothes off I think to myself as I stare at Ashley. I can’t believe I really slept with her. We always fight and are at odds.

“Ashley, I am gonna go” I whisper as I move out from under her arm. I start to put my pants on when I see Ashley staring back at me.

“Tryin’ to leave again. Why don’t we get some lunch. I am hungry.” Asserts Ashley, as she gets out of bed still naked.

“Doesn’t that bother you? I mean just walking around naked?” I ask as I search for my shirt.

“Well it’s just you; it’s not like its some strange guy. I am gonna shower, just hang out here till I come back. Oh and don’t go anywhere. I really don’t want my parents finding out you stayed over.”

* * *

The next part of the story I dedicate to a long time friend I have had in the GTS community. A lot of this story was done because of him. Including the completion of this story.

I looked about the giant bedroom replaying the events in my head. I escaped Lindsey’s grasp so that I could get home and then I became mixed up in this Ashleigh’s travel plans. Now I am in Pullman, Washington. She says I can go but to where? It would take me several lifetimes to get home. Maybe I can get her to help me get back. I think that is my only hope.

I made my way to the door and looked down the hall of the apartment. It looked like it was a smallish apartment, but to me it may as well be a palace. As I peeked out of the bedroom, I could see two closed doors and a hallway that stretched out mile upon mile.

I made my way out into the hallway wanting to explore what I guess is going to be my new residence. I slowly crept down the hallway. I was listening for that damn dog that she was talking about, as I really didn’t want to come face to face with a giant mutt. I nervously entered the living room. The room looked to be pretty normal for someone starting out on there own. They had an older sofa against the wall, a TV with entertainment center directly across from the television. In the corner was what looked like a recliner, plants were scattered about the room.

I entered the middle of the room when I saw what I would deem if I was normal sized a small dog about ankle height sleeping in a whicker pet bed. I cringed and started to back away as a loud series of knocks erupted against the door. I watched the dog leap to its feet and begin barking at and pawing against the door. A few seconds later I heard some keys jingle, then the door swung open.

I frantically look for a place to hide as a unfamiliar woman stands in the doorway wearing rollerblades, jeans and a t-shirt.. I hear her shout Ashleigh’s name as she strides into the apartment I dart towards a coffee table that is near the sofa. I look over my shoulder seeing the giant playing with the dog.

As I reach the shadows of the coffee table, I hear a loud thud. I look over at the giant and see a massive backpack on the floor next to her. She skates towards the coffee table and sits down on the sofa. I hold my breath as I look up at the giant. She looks similar in some ways to Ashleigh but then again when you are talking about hundred foot tall beings everyone looks similar.

I take a few steps back as she lets the rollerblade fall onto its side. I can’t believe how massive and heavy it looks. It’s hard to imagine that something like that could be carried around so easily. A few moments later the second rollerblade is released to the floor.

I sneeze as I catch a whiff of sweat carried from the rollerblades. I immediately freeze as I see the giant girl dart her head from left to right. She reaches down grabbing her rollerblades and stands up depositing them by the door. I scurry behind one of the legs of the Coffee table as she walks back towards the sofa carrying some black canvas converse sneakers. Chuck Taylors I believe as I remember owning a pair similar to the ones she has.

My heart is pounding as I stare up at her. Everything is so different then before. I realize how much I had gotten use to the mundane. The life in the cage in Lindsey’s room.

A blast of air rushes over me as she drops the sneakers to the floor. I back away slightly as she starts to tie her shoes. I look over at the hallway. It may as well be a thousand miles to Ashleigh’s room.

“What do we have here?” A loud voice says. I can feel the warm air washing over me. The air smells of strawberries as I turn around and tumble to the floor as two giant brown eyes stare back at me.

“D D D Don’t hhhuuurrrrttt mmmmeee” I sputter out as her blonde locks of hair fall around me looking more like giant blonde vines then hair. She moves her face closer to me as I crab walk backwards.

“Whoa, you move….incredible.” she whispers as her hand moves towards me. I start to stand up as her pointer finger juts towards me. I move to bat her finger away but it’s like punching concrete. I curse under my breath as her finger jabs me in the side causing me to tumble over.

“Shit” I curse as look down at my leg caught in several carpet loops. I frantically push and pull at my leg trying to free it as the ground rumbles and moans as the giant lays flat on the ground. I look over at her to see a wide beaming smile spread from ear to ear.

I reach down grabbing at the carpet twisted around my leg. I try to rip the carpet as her hand casts a shadow over me. The shadow only makes me struggle more as I start to stand up hoping to break free, but her hand lowers towards me. The world around me growing hotter and hotter as her hand nears me.

“Nooo” I scream as her oily skin presses against me. I look around as her fingers easily curl around my body trapping me in a coffin of flesh. She easily pulls my leg from the carpet bonds that held me down, small beams of light filter in between fingers. I can hear the floorboards creek as she adjusts herself.

She starts to spread her fingers apart. I can see her face through the gaps in her fingers as the roof lifts off me. Cool fresh air washes over me for but a moment before I feel her fingers grasp my ankle.

I cry out as she squeezes my ankle tighter and tighter lifting me off her palm. The world speeds by in a blur as she pulls me closer and closer to her face. Everything crashes to a halt forcing me to swing back and forth. I watch the world spin round and round as she curiously looks up at me without a hint of fear or trepidation.

“I can’t believe how tiny you are. You have to be the world’s smallest person ever and you are right in my grasp.” The giant’s eyes stay locked on me as she rises up to her full monstrous height. I continue to dangle in front of her face as she walks back towards the sofa.

I try to grab at her fingers that are digging into my ankles hoping that she releases me, but it’s no use as I am upended and turned right side up. My equilibrium is going crazy as the world spins around.

“Please stop” I try to say but I lose my breath as the world blurs all around me as I find myself in freefall crashing back into the palm of her hand. She flicks my side causing me to easily roll over.

“Your alive aren’t you, incredible.” States the giant as she lowers her hand towards the coffee table, her hand starts to tilt and I slide down her hand falling the last few feet onto the coffee table. My stomach wants to Ralph as my head pounds. Everything is spinning. I try to stand up but I just crumple to the floor. I find myself only able to look at the giant girl in front of me.

“Don’t go anywhere…in fact I better make sure of it.” She says her hand almost instantly is on top of me. I feel myself lift off the ground and then fall into what feels like a ball pit covered in salt. I roll over as I start to sink in a pool of peanuts.

The rim of the dish extends up out of my reach. The giant girl smiles coldly down at me and waves bye then lowers the lid of the dish down onto the glass dish sealing me in.

“Hey! Let me out of here” I yell unaware of the fact that my voice is not strong enough for her to hear it from inside this dish. I lie in the dish for a few moments as a blurry image of the giant girl passes by. My body starts to settle down and I begin to wade through the sea of peanuts towards the edge.

The closer I get to the edge the easier I find myself able to see the sofa. I press up on the lid of the dish hoping I can move it but it doesn’t even budge. I gulp as the mega sized girl returns. She leans back on the sofa and slams her feet down on the coffee table. I cringe as I make out a distorted view of the tread of her shoes. Images of myself trapped beneath those mighty behemoths cause me to shake slightly.

“Hey Alyson it’s me. You are never gonna believe what I found at my sisters. It’s this little guy. No not like a midget, I mean really little. He is trapped in a candy dish little. I am not lying…I’m not lying..I swear I’m not.” I cringed as I heard her voice talking about me. I have learned a lot of lessons since this accident. I have learned to live with my mistakes but the lesson I have the most experience with is this one. Nothing good can ever come from giants talking about you.

I re-start my efforts to move the lid of this massive the dish. The idea of being in this giant girls clutches is mind numbing. I continually catch glimpses of her massive blurred body. My muscles are no match for the weight of this lid. I finally fall back into the sea of peanuts breathing heavily listening to snippets of this giant’s conversation.

Time seems to slow to a distant crawl. I remember back to my time in Lindsey’s cage. I had grown use to my surroundings over time. I had even gotten use to seeing the same drab surroundings but this is different. This is like having my vision completely cut off. Living in a world of darkness.

My thoughts are interrupted all at once. The lid is removed and the giants face was glaring down at me. I watched her eyes dart about the room quickly and then reach down towards me. I tried to move but as I stand up I can feel my legs sinking deeper and deeper into the sea of peanuts. I struggle trying to kick my legs but they only continue to sink.

I cover my ears as the giant girl’s laugh extends to the far corners of the world. The noise so loud that even my hands are unable to block out the horrific noise, before I can return my gaze to her I feel her oily hands wrap around me. The peanuts part like the red sea as she digs easily plucking me out of this salty situation.

“You are so amazing, I don’t know where you came from, or how you got here but you are so coming home with me.” My stomach lurched as fingers tightly pinned me against themselves. The light of the outside world was cut off as I felt her entire body go into motion almost instantly.

“Please stop, you can’t do this.” I meekly yell knowing that she can and will do what she wants with me. I soon feel her grip start to loosen and I begin to slide down the oily slope of her hand. A glimmer of light appears at the end of the tunnel that I am quickly approaching. I try to grasp at anything hope to stop or slow my descent but cool fresh air surrounds me all too quickly. The bright white light blinds me for a moment, then I find the familiar darkness all around me.

I curse as I land roughly on a hard firm floor that oddly has a bit of padding to it. I roll over onto my back in a bit of pain luckily nothing feels broken. My eyes focus on a long shaft leading upwards towards the sky. I glance momentarily at a seemingly endless dark tunnel in front of me, but with no light coming from it I try to push the thought of heading that out of my head.

“Enjoy the ride back to my house.”

* * *

I instinctively obeyed Ashley. I found myself looking at the various items around Ashley’s room. It was a rather big room. I walked over to her bookshelf and slid my fingers along the titles stopping at Harry Potter. I smirked a bit at the thought of the great Ashley reading Harry Potter.

I immediately paused. I could feel vibrations in the floor. My time shrunken had left my senses much more alert. I rolled on the floor sliding under Ashley’s bed. I managed to conceal myself moments before the door swung open.

“Ashley?” the voice called out. I heard the footsteps retreat and the door closing behind her. I breathed a sigh of relief as I rolled out from under the bed. My heart was pounding. I felt like a thief or a stalker.

Ashley strolled out of her shower wearing nothing but a towel. I gulped as I eyed her up and down. She really was gorgeous, but I wouldn’t let her know I thought that.

“Do you want a picture Pinky? The way you stare at me you would think that you have never seen a woman before.” Quips Ashley as she walks into her closet disappearing once again from my view.

“You take forever to get ready you know and I had to hide from your mom. I feel like I am intruding.” I shout as I lay back on Ashley’s bed.

“Well my parents are strict about boys.” I can’t help it. My dad is all “No boys till you are in college” Ashley says in a pseudo man voice.

“You should really…Arghh” I screamed out as my body curled up into a fetal position. The entire world spinning around in front of me, I felt so sick it hurt to think. My vision started to fade into darkness. I could faintly hear Ashley calling my name.

I awoke a few minutes later feeling fine, Ashley was standing over me with a worried look on her face. I started to sit up but Ashley pushed me down and sat down next to me.

“Are you okay?” Ashley finally said breaking the silence.

“Yeah I am fine. It is probably just a side effect from the re enlarging process. I was shrunk for a long time. Lets get some lunch. I am starved.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? We can just order in ya know?” suggests Ashley as she plays with her hair.

I sit up and start heading towards the door. “Lets go Bitch” I shout as I head out her bedroom door.

“Alright cock sucker” Ashley shouts back as she runs after me.

* * *

The world was whizzing by as I sat here trapped in this giant girl’s rollerblade. It’s like I have gone from the fryin’ pan straight into the fire. This new girl seems like she could be trouble. I cursed at myself for leaving Ashleigh’s room. I clawed once again against the wall of this massively huge rollerblade hoping I could somehow get enough of a grip to climb it but it was fruitless.

I started thinking what I would do. She has the two rollerblades tied together and draped over either side of her shoulder. I don’t think I could get down without her. Even if I made it out of this rollerblade I would have to grasp one of her giant blonde hairs to work my way down, and then hope I could somehow fall and grasp onto her jeans. It all sounded a bit too dangerous and more like something out of a action movie then anything I could pull off. My sulking was interrupted by her loud voice announcing that we were here.

“Oh joy, excuse me if I don’t exactly sound overjoyed” I bluntly said but I don’t think she even heard me over the sound of the door swinging open.

“Hey Dad, Maria, I’m home” shouts the giant as I hear her dash up a series of stairs. I can hear moaning of a door quickly opening and then slamming shut. I feel fear growing in my body as the rollerblade starts to tilt forward. The floor soon becomes a wall and I am skidding down the wall that was un-scalable just moments ago.

A sea of grey spreads across the floor growing wider and wider; I make it out to be her comforter before I crash into it. I roll over onto my back to see the giant girl standing there looking at me. I hardly have time to adjust to my new surroundings before her hand starts to lower towards me.

I try to stand up but her hand presses against me almost instantly, her tree trunk size fingers curl around me as she makes her hand into a fist with only my head sticking out.

“Where do you think you were trying to go?” The giant girl says as she raises me up towards her face. My stomach starts to feel sick as I see her two giant eyes locked on me.
* * *

I followed Ashley down the hallway. Thoughts of how much easier this would be if I was tiny popped into my head. I chuckled a little which caused Ashley to jab me in the stomach.

“The coast is clear” whispers Ashley as we dash down the stairs out the side door that leads into the garage.

“Holy shit, these are all your cars”

“Well my families, but yeah. I just get the stupid Pontiac though.” Ashley replies as she unlocks the doors.

“I know the perfect place to eat, if you are sure that you are okay?”

“Hey I’m fine, like I said. Its just a side effect to the process. I’m sure in a couple days once my body is over from the strain and all.”

As soon as we arrived at the restaurant my mouth was watering and my stomach was growling. As the waitress approached I took a step near Ashley. She looked up at me and smiled, then grabbed my hand as we followed the waitress to our table.

The meal flew by and before I knew it the waitress was handing me the bill. I grabbed for my wallet and my face went white. I realized for the first time that Hilary has my wallet. I have no money.

“You have no money.” Smugly replies Ashley as she leans back in her chair a little.

“You, you tricked me.”

“That’s why women are the superior sex my dear pinky. The way I see it is that you now owe me. Now if you excuse me for a moment. I have to go to the bathroom and when I get back you are going to find out what you are going to do for me.”

* * *

“Hello?, Hayden? Your dad let me in! You will never guess what I got?” shouts a new girl. A bit of trepidation starts to make my stomach churn as I find my situation deteriorating by the second.

“I thought you would never get here?” Hayden quips

“My brother finished the ID’s. We have to go out tonight and celebrate our new identities. So what do you say Julia?”

“I have something so much better then those fake id cards!” shouts Hayden as she stands up heading towards her friend concealing me behind her skirt. I push against her hand futilely hoping somehow to break free from her grip.

“We have been waiting on these for months. What could possibly be better then these? I’m single, your single, hot college boys at the factory and with our looks they will be all over us.” Argues Alyson

“Well boys are great, I will give you that. I have something better then college boys at the factory.”

“Oh my god, football players on the beach, were going to the beach with football players”

All at once I find myself thrusted back out into the open. I look up to see a young, much taller girl with wavy blonde hair. I gulp as I look back at the my current capturess who I had almost literally just met.

My body fills with fear as I look at the two. The taller girl, whose name is apparently Alyson nears closer and closer with each passing moment. My escape attempt from Lindsey has turned sour awfully quick.

“Is that real?”

“Of course he is. I own him.”

“You own him? And you found him at your sisters? What if he is hers?”

“There is no way; he is way to cool for her. He deserves to belong to me. You have no idea what its like to posses a person. I can close my fist around him and he can’t get away. I carried him over here in one of my rollerblades and he couldn’t get out. This little guy is so tiny and helpless that even I can over power him. If I do start dating Trevor having this little guy makes Trevor’s bad spots non-existent.”

I was sick to my stomach as I look up at this giant teenager as I now knew that she had no intention of ever helping me get back to Hilary, and now I am in a entirely different state and the only person who knows of my situation thinks I left her because I was abducted by her sister.

I realized now that Hayden and Alyson held all the cards. There was no use escaping because there is no where to escape too. My home is over a thousand miles away from here and that’s if I was there size. I slumped down in Hayden’s hand as I realized my journey was over.

“Hey Alyson, grab my hamster cage off my bookshelf. It looks like I am going to have a new resident finally. Good thing I kept it.”

I found myself lowered down onto a floor covered in woodchips. The plastic walls rose up several times my size and connected to a plastic roof with tiny air holes spread across the roof. As the girls latched the plastic roof the cage I realized that everything had come for circle. I pounded my fist against the glass wall which caused the girls to laugh and Alyson stuck out her tongue.

“Say hello to your home little man.” Hayden says as her and Alyson leave with fake id’s in hand.

As the lights shut off, I realize the first time that is my life now and the only mystery I have left is what kind of torments await me at the hands of these girls.

* * *
I was beginning to get nervous. Ashley had been gone for quite awhile and I had no money. As I heard each person approach I would look eagerly in their direction hoping that it would be Ashley. A young females voice carried in my direction from behind. I immediately spun my head around hoping that it was Ashley and she ran into some friends. As I spun around to look at the voice I heard the chair pull itself away from the table.

“Its about tiiime…Hilary? What are you doing here?” I shockingly reply as I look across the table at her.

“Hi Pinks, you look good. Ashley called me last night. She told me what happened and that you were okay. I was worried about you. You just left dummy. I thought something had happened to you. I looked everywhere in that house for you and you weren’t there. I had never been so sad and afraid in my life. Then I get call from Ashley at like four in the morning saying you’re with her and your big. I thought you were a better person that!” sobs Hilary.

Before I can get a reply Hilary has already stood up and started heading towards the door tears. I start to stand up to follow her and the room starts spinning. I stagger towards the front of the restaurant. I push the glass door open and it feels heavy, much heavier then it did on the way in. I spot Hilary getting into her car. I try to call out to her but my voice escapes me. I start to fall towards the sidewalk when I feel a pair of hands grab me.

“Are you alright?” is all I hear before I fall unconscious.

I awoke what felt like a lifetime later. I noticed my head wasn’t hurting and my stomach wasn’t going haywire. I opened my eyes to a funny scent; it reminded me of women’s perfume. I stretched out reveling in the darkness. As long as I kept my eyes closed I felt so at peace.

I reached out grabbing the flannel sheets and pulling them over me. The warmth felt good. It reminded me a little of home strangely enough. I sighed though as I opened my eyes knowing that this peace would most likely be end with Hilary babying me in guilt for leaving like that, and Ashley teasing me.

As I opened my eyes I just stared straight up, shocked not to find one of the girls hovering over me. I immediately realized something was wrong, terribly wrong. Metal bars surrounded this room, these flannel sheets weren’t sheets at all but boxer shorts. The floor started to rumble and the face of a giant red haired girl appeared on the other side of the bars.

“Well hello there pet. My last tenant managed to escape, but I wont make the same mistake with you. You, my little man are going to be mine for a long time. My name is Lindsey, but you can just call me master.”

I bolted up and started shaking the bars. I couldn’t believe the strength in these metal bars. They were more like titanium or platinum then simple metal. The more I tried to bend them the more joy this gigantic woman seemed to take in it.

“You know you were asleep for the better part of a month after I saw you all tipsy in front of the restaurant. I was starting to think you wouldn’t ever wake up.”

“You can’t keep me like this. I have people who care about me! Let me go!” I shout as I spit at her from inside the cage.”

“Why you ungrateful little pig, you spit on me. Maybe a week without food will make you a little more appreciative of me. I have ways of making little pipsqueaks like you break. I am going to make you beg for food. If you beg, plead, and address me with the proper respect I might show mercy on you runt.”

I felt nothing but fear coursing through my veins as I looked out at this giant. As she rose to her full height I felt a fear I hadn’t felt before in the pit of my stomach. I felt myself in awe and at the same time afraid of this giant.

Days had gone by and I was miserable. I have no idea how many days I actually made it before I couldn’t stand it any longer. I finally submitted to Lindsey. As much as I hated too, I also didn’t want to die. Not like this anyway. If I die I don’t want my death to be starving to death in some teenager’s bedroom.

I was prepared for facing the ridicule and tormenting that was going to go along with my submission to her; however what I wasn’t expecting was just how twisted this girl was. She opened the door to the cage I was in and opened her mouth wide open. I cringed in repulsion as I saw the chewed remains of what looked like a sandwich and potato chips.

“If you want to eat, you have to crawl in and get it” laughs Lindsey as she eyes me.” It was at that moment the door burst open.

“Hey Lindsey, your mom let me in. I hope I’m not interrupting anything”

I fell backwards as my stomach did somersaults in overwhelming joy as I saw Hilary standing in the doorway. I shouted her name several times as Lindsey looked at her in surprise and anger.

“Pinky!!!!” shouts Hilary as her gaze returns to Lindsey.

“Oh is this your little man? To bad he is mine now.”

“You know, for once I am not going to even call you names, I am not going to even make fun of you. I am just going to give you one chance to hand him over and then I will walk away and we can go about our lives.”

“You think I am just going to hand him over. I didn’t even give you your fucking brother before I killed him. It was tragic. He tried to escape and I didn’t see him and wham I just stepped right on him.

“You Bitch” shouts Hilary as she pulls a digidowner from her pocket and fires it at Lindsey, before rushing over to pinky in the cage.

“OH my god pinky are you okay? Let’s go home okay?”

As soon as Hilary opened the door to the cage Lindsey had me I leapt into her hand. I had never been so happy in my life. Hilary’s familiar scent wrapped around me as she lowered me into her purse.

“Cya Bitch” says hilary as she stomps her foot down a few inches from Lindsey before heading out.

* * * *

Hilary had what looked like a weird remote in her hand, then a moment later all I could see was the light streaking towards me. I never had a chance to even move before I was struck.

All at once my room was getting bigger and bigger. I shrieked in fear as I saw Hilary getting bigger and bigger before my eyes.

She immediately started heading towards me. I leapt out of her way as she let her friend out of the cage.

“You can’t fucking leave me like this!! Change me back! Change me back now Hilary!!” I scream but she doesn’t even reply. She just keeps walking.

I slump down onto my bedroom floor sobbing. The afternoon drifts to night. I still can’t believe all of this when I feel the floor start to shake. My legs vibrate as my heart starts to pound.

“What in the world is that?” I say to myself as the floor starts to shake more and more. I then spot the gargantuan figure of my younger sister Rochelle standing in the doorway.

“Lindsey” she bellows which sends my heart racing.

“Lindsey” She says again this time walking in further in. I can’t believe how huge she looks. In the back of my head I thought about how this is how I must have looked to scamper and hilary’s friend.

“Lindsey, I guess since your not here. Its okay if I borrow some of your clothes. Just say so if its not okay.”

“You bitch! Stay away from my closet.” I shout. I immediately cover my mouth but I realize its already to late.

“Lindsey? Where are you?” She asks with her voice trailing off at the end as her eyes fall upon me.

“Rochelle, oh my god, you have to help him.” I scream up to my giant little sister.

“What? I can’t quite here you, but it sounded like you said help you? Of course I will help you. You’re my sister.” Rochelle replies with a giant grin on her face. I start to back away nervously as she reaches for me.

“Look at how small you are. Don’t worry, I will take real good care of you in my room. I think I am going to need to borrow that cage though.”

“wait no, Rochelle, you can’t. Rochelle!!!” I scream as she lowers me into my own cage and locks me. I shake the bars vigorously unable to accept that I have just become my sister’s pet.


“Hey Pinky, I am gonna check out the student union, wanna come?” Hilary asks as she puts a hat on while grabbing her cell phone.

“I will just stay here. I’m beat.” I reply as I collapse on her pillow. I look down the length of bed and stretch my legs out.

“I guess I wont be cramped on these beds for a change.” I say to myself as I hear the door click shut and lock.

My heart jumps as I hear keys jingle at the door. I must have fallen asleep I say to myself. As the door opens my faces changes to fear as a stranger walks in carrying an armful of stuff. I scurry over the side of Hilary’s bed and slid down to the floor using her comforter.

I hear the bed springs shake as she sets her stuff down on Hilary’s bed and then walks out of the room. I breathe a sigh of relief as I scamper beneath the bed. A few moments later the giant girl returns dropping off more stuff and leaving. This goes on for the better part of a half hour before I see her slip her feet out of her shoes and sit down on her bed for a moment.

“Shit” I curse under my breath as I make my way to the edge of the bed. I peek my head out from underneath the bed runner and look up at the new girl. My eyes transfix onto her golden brown hair.

I watch her for the next hour as she unpacks her things and gets settled listening to this horrendous music. I believe the genre is called country. Each song seems like its worst then the last. I was about to beat my head against the wall when the door swings open.

“Hey Hill, I just got moved into the apartment with Ashlee and…oh hi! Who are you?”

“I am Haley James, you must be friends with my roommate.” I couldn’t see much of Ashley, but it definitely looks like things are going to get interesting with this roommate.

* * *

I closed the door to my room as soon as Ashley left. I was glad that Ashley’s dad and my dad went in on this condo together for us. As I really didn’t want to stay on campus in the dorms.

I headed over to my night stand drawer and looked in on my little man. I still found it a bit unreal that I had Pinky’s brother trapped like this, doing what is ay.

“Hey shrimp, how’s version two of the digidowner coming? Does it have the changes that I want?”

“Of course Mrs. Ashlee.” He nervously sputters out.

“Good, make sure its ready by the first day of class. I have a strong need to have fun, and it better work right. If it doesn’t you can kiss any chance of ever getting changed back.”

I closed the drawer to my nightstand as I fell backwards onto my bed and grabbed my cell phone.

“Hey Hales, how is it going? Are you getting moved okay? Great, things are going perfect here. Have you seen him yet? He is so cute, just remember he’s mine. We will get you your own in a few days. Well I was just checking in. I will stop by tomorrow. Well I am gonna get some sleep. It was a long day. Cya.

The End
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