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DECEMBER 21, 2012

Aryc Omcic (the American-born son of Slovak immigrants) was having lunch at the local coffee-and-donut shop when they first walked in.

He had ordered a crescent roll with melted butter, a bag of hash-brown potatoes, a cup of hot chocolate, and a jelly stick. The latter had originally been known as a jelly cruller! Due to budget cuts, however, the bakery staff no longer twisted the raw dough in intersecting strands like a science book illustration of DNA.

Which, incidentally, is what he had been reading when they first walked in.

He was a high school science teacher, you see. And, he was trying to figure out what to ask on the mid-term finals he would have to oversee during the January hiatus. But, when they walked in, every male head in the place automatically looked up. All other activities or conversations forgotten!

Why? Because "they" were a quartet of lovely young women who walked into the shop like they owned it. A striking blue-eyed blonde followed by identical triplet brunettes!

The one who was second in line had long brown hair; a bluish-gray jersey; blue denim jeans; and faux-fur boots. While the third one in line had the same kind of hair, pants, and boots. But, her jersey was a long-sleeved pull-over with blue and white stripes. As for the last in line? She had brown hair styled upward in a bun. While her blue jeans and boots were off-set by a copper-colored sweater and a gray scarf.

Their blonde leader, on the other hand, was dressed semi-formally. With a purple-and-black striped mini-dress that just barely concealed the waist band of the translucent black tights she wore over her lovely long legs. And, with her feet totally concealed in opaque black moccasins!

The four of them sat down just two tables to Aryc's left. Prompting him to concentrate more fully on his reading. It wasn't that he was disinterested, mind you! But, the boarding school where he worked had been hit with a sexual harrassment scandal the year before. So, Aryc--who had never exactly been an extrovert before this, anyway--became twice as bashful. Successfully avoiding any eye contact, with the fairer sex, that might be misconstrued.

While he sipped his hot chocolate, the blonde (who wore an artificial mistletoe sprig in the hair over her right ear) suddenly reached into her purse and withdrew a vibrating cellphone.

"Hello? Yeah, Mom. I'm on my way home, now. I just stopped in at Hook, Line, & Sinkers for some decafe. No, I'm not alone. I have Alice, Betty, and Courtney with me. Yes, Mom. I promise we won't flirt with any strange boys!"

Then, as she hung up, she looked over her left shoulder.

"But, I didn't promise not to flirt with any cute older guys," she smilingly muttered.

The triplet in the blue jersey (Alice) looked towards Aryc's table and giggled.

"He's cute and older, all right. But, a bit on the puny side. Don't you think, Michaela?"

"Hey! After all the basketball jocks we got stiff necks from, trying to look them in the eye, it's nice to have someone who has to look up to us."

"That's assuming," replied Betty (the one in the blue-and-white pull-over): "...he was looking at us, at all. Maybe he's gay?"

"Either that, or frigid," remarked Courtney (the one in the gray scarf).

"Only one way to find out," countered Michaela.

So, she got up and slowly walked over to Aryc's table.

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