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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  The original characters and plot are the property of the author.           The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.   No copyright infringement is intended.


I made this story in a realistic framework, but with some room for the surrealism that can make a GTS story feel more fun and less restricted, while still maintaining some level of believability. Not much feet or crush but it will happen later on when the story finally delves into cruel giantess territory. The story is primarily gentle or selfish giantesses, but cruel will happen for all of you who wouldn't want this too 'childish' :P


I have this up on writing.com under the same name, but as an interactive. I don't know if it's kosher to post the link, but if not I am le sorry Gtswrld and I'll take it down if you tell me to!



I'm writing the main story but would love to see anything you may have done differently, put onto that story!


Review, give suggestions, what you liked, and what you didn't like. If you would have done things differently, remember you can if you go to the story on writing.com :)


Also, if you aren't a fan of incest in gts as some people understandably are, it's a varying amount of quasi-incest in this story, predominantly light, and it thins out by chapter 7 to 8.



It’s early May and summer has finally started to raise the heat and turn the colors ever so vivid after the recent collection of rains. Steve is a soon-to-be graduating senior as all major grading events are turned in, college acceptance has been found, and all major extra-curricula’s are over for him. He’s 18 year’s old with many good friends; took part in cross-country and newspaper, but never really branched any further feeling pretty comfortable with focusing on his part-time job at Taco Bell and his social life. But who cares about the ordinary. It’s Steve’s secret that makes this story bearable; a secret, like any superhero, he has somewhat poorly kept to himself. Who could blame him? Sometimes, these things have a mind of their own.

One weekend morning during his fourth grade year, Steve awoke to the unique scenario of realizing he was not the size he had gone to bed as. Nearly the size of the infant, he nearly cried like one until Kady, his loving step-mother showed up, shocked, but strong enough to stave off the coiling tug of a blackout on her mind, though his sister, Allison, who showed up moments after his mother, was not as strong and feinted in the doorway upon first sight of her diminished brother. It had turned out to be his first nocturnal emission and without his father alive, it was left to Steve’s mother to walk through this bizarre new condition, as well as explain the commonality of a nocturnal emission. It was then only minutes later that, much to Kady’s frustration, his patient mother had to also explain the birds and the bees.

Steve regained his height slowly during this and his mother promptly helped Allison back up and on her way so that her brother could have some very important alone time. In ten minutes, Steve was back to normal and an unstable ease washed over the family as the day drew on. It wasn’t until after dinner and the family had sat down to watch a movie that the problem arose again. Watching the love interest of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore had caught Steve’s interest but when Happy found his Happy Place, so did Steve, and it was moments later he took notice of its effects and promptly blurted out his dismay and fear with a stout yell. After calming him down, Steve’s mother took what he had said and thought there may be a connection in his arousal to the shrinking. So she lead him in deep breathing to control the arousal, and within seconds, he was normal again. For the rest of the next week, Kady called her son in sick and made sure he received a crash course on near monastic training in controlling his libido, as she figured it may very well save his social, as well as his psychological life quality.

Throughout the week of having him work with a relaxation therapist, a monk, and herself personally, Kady not only saw her son start to grow a pretty confident grip on his newfound sexuality, but also feel a certain grip of her own on it. She couldn’t explain it at first but during a personal session with her son on Friday, with her guidance she witnessed her son regain height quite quickly after yet another nocturnal emission. The therapist, after inducing some level of arousal from magazines did not find a similar result afterwards. When they came home from the therapist, Kady was thoroughly confused and gave her one feeling of understanding a shot. She sat her son down at the dinner table, threw open a magazine and waited. He dwindled some and he stopped. She told him not to try to regain height, and he abided. She simply willed her son to get bigger. She looked on at him and nothing. Letting out a large breath, she tried again, but this time holding the thought until she felt it truly had nothing to do with his previous success. And there it was. His messy brown mop-top began to quickly come closer to her eye-line as he began to look around in confusion, then up his mother. She gave a big smile and hugged her son saying she had done it! It was found out that through enough intuition of his condition, his mother could not only stave his condition, but also exacerbate it at will with some accuracy and speed. It was only a matter of a few short months until Allison’s awareness had also found her own control over his condition as well.

There were few others that he was aware knew of his condition, such as his bizarre Aunt Maria, his best friend Garrett, his odd friend Alesha, and his ex girlfriend Jocelyn.  And yet there may be more still that Steve isn’t aware of that know about the existence of his condition. It’s all what time will tell.

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