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Story Notes:
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I woke up in my bed; the sun was shining on me through the blinds. I got up to shut the blinds; the brightness was just too much for me in the morning. I went and look for something to wear. I found some shorts a tee, I had to make myself at least semi presentable. I headed down stairs to go see what my mom was cooking.

As I made my downstairs I saw my beautiful mom in the kitchen. She was wearing a pair of tight spandex pants. Her huge hips looked so good in them. Her huge bubble butt was her best asset; it looked like a small planet. She was also wearing a low-cut yellow tank top. It showed off her tits so well. Those E cups were dying to bust out of that tank-top. It’s hard to believe that this thirty-one year old woman had a fifteen year old son.

I walked towards her in the kitchen, “hey mom what’s for breakfast?” “Ham and eggs Hun.” She replied. I went to dish out a plate, and I nearly dropped it. It felt like someone was repeatedly hitting my head with a hammer. I called out to my mom, “mom! I think something’s wrong. I’m not feeling too good.” The pain in my head took the best of me. I fell over on my side on the kitchen floor. My mom quickly ran over to me. “WHAT’S WRONG BABY?! Don’t move I’m going to call the emergency services.” She ran to the phone on the charger, and pressed one button. I quickly called to her “It’s alright I’m fine, It’s gone.” I regained my footing and walked towards her. “I’m fine mom.” She embraced me in a hug, her breasts squishing against my chest. “Don’t scare me like that.” “I’m sorry; I didn’t know what that was.” “Well, let’s go get you checked out then.” “I’ll be fine. If it happens again, I won’t hesitate to go.” “Ok, you better go lie down then. You’re not in shape to go to school right now.”

I made my up to my bedroom and shut all the blinds to make it as dark as possible. I was beginning to feel light-headed again so I went to go lie down. Within a minute I passed out and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up and wiped all the sleep from my eyes. I saw this colossal mountain in front of me it was all blue. I was standing on vast blue surface, it was really bouncy. I finally realized that I was on my bed! “What happened?” I said. I began to stutter, “Di-, did, I shrink?” I swallowed my throat. I quickly snapped out of my trance as a huge body came into the room. “Bobby, I’m going to do the laundry, alright?” She started descending towards me, laundry basket in hand. I was struck by the size of her boobs; they were the size of a house! She started to sit down. “Mom, don’t sit down! I’m down here!”

Chapter End Notes:

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