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Its a mother, Son thing.


“Oh yeah. Thats the spot”.

Debbie drifted off into a sweet dream with half a cigarette lit in her hand.

Her son, Sam, was sat on the other end of the sofa, with his hands covered in massage cream, slowly caressing and moisturizing his mother's tired foot.

Debbie's sole was a healthy skin colour, but wrinkles were starting to creep across her arch and heel from the years of wearing high heels. Sam slowly rubbed his fingers across the angelic sole, spreading the moisturizer as he did, bathing Debbie's soft, wrinkled sole and making it seem like new.

He saw his mother drop off to sleep, stubbed her fag out and sat back at her feet, lifting her legs back onto his lap, giving the foot one last rub, dipping his hands in more cream, and continuing onto the next foot.

One night since he was a teenager, Sam's Mum arrived home from work at the hospital, her back aching and her feet sweaty and tired. She dropped off her black pumps and rubbed her delicate toes into the ground, relieving a lot the of the stress that had built up in the day. She went and sat straight on the sofa, and after 5-10 minutes, she was asleep. Before she nodded off she raised both her panty-hosed legs and placed them on his lap, she began to rub her feet again his lap in an effort to relieve more stress, Sam took noticed and offered a foot massage to his Mums beaten feet. She complied and nodded back off, leaving Sam at her feet, and boy did he do a good job! Ever since, his Mum would ask for a foot massage, and nearly every night since, Sam has complied.

Chapter 1: The Masseuse

Sam and his Mum were out shopping one day. They stopped at a near by cafe as Debbie was feeling a little run down.

Debbie was a single parent with only one child, she was about 160cm tall and around a healthy weight for her size, she had bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

“ah” Debbie let of a sigh of relief, “its nice to take the weight off my feet”.

Debbie slid both her worn pumps off, revealing her bare feet.

“umm-” Debbie stutted, “Sam?”

“Yeah?” He replied.

“You rekon you could... you know...” Debbie said whilst slightly nudging his leg with her foot.

“What? Here? In public? Wont that look a bit weird?” He hesitated.

“Just a quick one?” His Mum pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

Sam sighed, “Ok fine. But just a quick one”.

About 20 minutes later...

Debbie let off a sigh of releif, “Ahh, thats better!”

She slid her feet back into her pumps, “Come on then, lets go home”.

The two walked home and unpacked the shopping.

“You ready?” Debbie's voice called from the other room.

“One sec let me find the cream” Sam replied.

He grabbed the small tub of moisturizer cream in his room and brought it down stairs.

“Come on then” He lifted his Mother's leg up, taking a seat, bringing both Debbie's feet directly onto his lap.

Sam dipped his hands into the cream, and dabbed a little onto his Mother's awaiting sole. Once he was happy with the amount of cream, he slowly met the soft wrinkled skin with his hand, cold to the touch making his Mother jump, he slid his hand up her sole, covering all the wrinkles in cream. He slowly made his way up and down Debbie's foot with his hand, moisturizing the arch, then the heel which had quite a bit of dried skin on, the ball, the toes, then finally giving it the once over.

“Im so lucky to have a son like you” Debbie said without opening her eyes.

A few moments past.

“Sam darling? I have a proposition for you...” She said smiling, “how would you like to have your life set, and you wouldn’t have to go to school or get a job... ever. All you have to do is stay in and give me massages when I want them.”

Sam was about to decline in disgust... but then... he thought.

Hmm. Set for life, no school, no job. Just for massages... WORTH IT!

He silently agreed.

“Good” Debbie winked, “now close your eyes”.

I don’t see how this wil-


Chapter 2: Her son, the foot slave.

“Nice to see you awake, sleepy head” Debbie's voice boomed with a slight childish tone.

“Wh- What?! Where am I? Where are you?” Sam yelled.

“Turn around” Debbie replied.

Sam slowly turned his head, behind him, was a massive wall of soft pink flesh, rising meters into the sky, but this was no building, it moved!

It was his Mum's foot.

“Well you accepted my contract, and now your set for life. I can provide everything you will ever need at your size and you can massage my feet for hours a day” She winked.

“What!?” Sam yelled in anger, “This is insane! How did you shrink me!?”

“ah ah ah” Debbie interrupted, “Questions later, for now...” She moved her gigantic wrinkled sole closer to Sam's being and wriggled her toes about.

Sam let off a huge sigh, and walked towards his Mother's huge sole, hoping to get some answers at the end of it.

“Since your too small to use the pot of cream now, here let me help you get... 'lubed up'.” Debbie said.

Sam didnt like the sound of that one bit. Debbie's giant hand approached Sam's body with out warning, trapping her in a unbreakable grip, she brought her son up to her mouth, slowly opening her lips.

“Mmm, you look nice!” Debbie taunted.

She licked her lips a few times with her son centimeters away before extending her tongue and running it up and down Sam's tiny body, covering him in saliva. Sam was brought closer and closer to his Mother's open mouth until half of his body was inside the slimy cavern, Debbie wrapped her lips around his waist and began to suck him like a loli-pop. This went on for a few minutes before Debbie released Sam back into the daylight. All slimy covered in his Mother' saliva.

“There we go. Your ready now” Debbie smiled.

She placed her saliva covered son back at her feet, leaned back and turned on the tv.

“Get going then!” She commanded.

Chapter 3: The tiny Masseuse

Sam approached his Mother's foot and began rubbing himself against her heel. Luckily Debbie had washed her feet today so they didnt smell at all, but Sam had a different problem.. The foot was huge!
It seemed he was getting smaller and smaller as the foot now towered over him. His Mum noticed his dilemma and offered her help.

She picked him up and placed him near her big toe. Saddling on the part in between the big toe and second like a horse, he wrapped his arms around her big toe.

“Ahh thats the spot!” His Mother exclaimed.

Sam began to massage the toe in the only way seemingly possible, by rubbing his body against the huge digit and licking it, He rubbed his tiny fragile being against his Mum's soft digit, whilst he ran his tongue down the smooth silky skin, he rubbed his face against the wall of wrinkly skin in an effort to please his mother, and it seemed to be working. She wiggled her toes more and more, seemingly getting pleasure from the whole experience, Sam continued to passionately kiss the giantess toe he was so dearly hanging on to.

He worked his way down all his Mother's toes before she finally fell to sleep, uttering the words, “Your a good boy...” Her foot jerked, throwing Sam onto the sofa below.

This went on for about 4-5 weeks, until one day they had a fall out.

Chapter 4: The end?

“I hate this! Change me back!” Sam yelled.

“Sorry sweat-pea I cant, there's no reverse on this thing” His Mother gloated.

“Well im not doing this anymore!” Sam walked off in a huff.

“Oh yes your are! Don’t you walk away from me! I am your Mother!” With that Debbie kicked her son's tiny body against the couch arm, and pinned him against it with her big toe.

“If your going to treat me with that kind of respect, il do the same back to you! You Insignificant BUG!” Debbie yelled clenching her toes onto Sam's tiny frame.

“Ouch! Mum! Stop! Please! It- It hurts!” Sam pleaded.

“Good! Because this is what you get for talking to your Mum like that!” She barked. “If you don’t want this anymore then fine... but dont say I didnt warn you!”

Debbie kicked her son onto the floor.

“Im sorry Sam, but you made me do this!”

Debbie rose a foot and dangled it mercilessly above Sam's tiny head.

“Any last words?” Debbie smirked.

The soft, wrinkled sole of the 35 year old might as well have had the words 'Death' written on it, Sam too scared to speak, just deadpanned in shock.

“Hmm guess not”

Without any notification Debbie slammed the massive sole down onto her son's body, crushing him and exterminating him instantly, he was killed on the first stomp, but Debbie continued to drive her massive foot into the floor over and over again where sam was stood, yelling the words “Take! That! You filthy! Little! Bug!”. The stomping came to a stop, Debbie just grinding her toes into the pool of blood and body parts left behind, when she was done, she walked off, like nothing had ever happened.

“Hahahahaha!” Debbie cackled.

A tiny red stain on the bottom of her sole for all eternity.

The end.

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