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Story Notes:

First ever story on here...

Lisa rubbed her eyes as her giant boyfriend opened his underwear drawer. Her pussy grew moist as Brian lowered her breakfast down. Oatmeal-cooked in Brian's ejaculate-sat in a thimble. 

"Eat up," the giant 19 year old said to his mixed race girlfriend, "Got a full day of classes."

Lisa nodded and began to eat, using the plastic fingernail next to her as a spoon. She was cared for well by Brian, but the last time she hadn't finished in time-


Without warning she was picked up between the white man's fingers. A billboard sized brown eye examined the tiny brown, human shaped speck between his fingers. Then school bus sized pink lips stretched into a grin, right before said speck was placed gently on his flaccid, warm cock.

Whistling to himself, Brian snapped his briefs closed, pulled up his jeans, grabbed his keys and went to drive to college. Lisa had been shrunken down about a month prior, while in the midst of a panic attack. Though she'd grown back to her usual 4'11" frame within an hour, Brian found Lisa to be even more adorable at less than 3 inches tall. They soon found she could go anywhere from her natural height to 1/8 of an inch. They'd worked out a system.

Mondays-like today-were spent in Brian's briefs, drinking any cock sweat and pre he produced. Tuesdays were in one of his shoes, between the toes. Wednesdays were in his briefs again, but this time against a massive ass cheek. Thursdays were spent under Brian's tongue. Fridays were in his briefs again, but this time under his balls. Weekends Lisa was normal sized.

Pussy still soaked , Lisa tried to get comfortable. She began to relax. But then light flooded her dark, musty prison. Brian was smiling.

"Aw, I forgot to secure you!"

Lisa's breath hitched in hher throat as she was grabbed again. Even though she knew Brian would never harm her, she couldn't help but shriek as her face was pressed against Brian's urethra. A rubber cock ring found its way around her pinning her arms down. 

His insides smelt like urine, cum and body washa, causing Lisa's nose to wrinkle. The briefs closed again, and Lisa knew she'd be left like that for awhile. To pass the time, Lisa closed her eyes. She began to doze off. When she hadn't finished eating breakfast, Brian had put Lisa up against his rank smelling anu. He'd made her shrink down to 1/8th of an inch, used his saliva to affix her to his finger, and put her between his cheeks. It'd only been for an hour, but...she didn't want to be punished again.

She'd enjoy when Brian serviced her the best. Using his massive tongue to stimulate her small body...he'd even take her into the shower with him. Brian would have Lisa grow to 3 feet, just large enough to take in his cock. Then afterwards, she'd be put into a soap bar dish filled with Brian's cum. At 1/8th of an inch, Lisa could feel the sperm finding homes inside her.

Chapter End Notes:

Will be continued soon...the site isn't working properly on my Kindle though...also, I'm a girl.

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