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28 JULY-1 AUGUST, 2012

* * * * *

Gabe Bullfinch was completely helpless. Not only had he been bound-and-gagged with kinesio-tape, so that he now resembled a miniature Egyptian mummy (inexplicably painted green-and-gold). Larissa had also stuck him down her cleavage! Both vertically and face-front.

As a result, he found himself facing her chest wall. Or, more precisely, the area of it that resembled the center portion of an hour glass.

"And, not a minute of it wasted, either!" he could not resist thinking to himself.

As if in retaliation for that old sexist joke (and, perhaps, plagiarizing Benny Hill, as well), Larissa now dove to prevent one of the Mauritian girls from scoring on a spike. She succeeded! But, there was a price.

She landed on her chest. Sending waves of pain flowing through Little Gabe's body.


Consequently, he blacked out. Only to revive, just in time, for the start of the second set! Which the Brazilian duo ultimately won, just as adroitly as the first.

There followed two days of (emotional) rest and (physical) recuperation for Little Gabe.

Then, on July 30, Larissa and Julianna faced the German duo. This time, it was Julianna who got to hide their little good luck charm inside her bikini top for two victorious sets out of five. Otherwise, history repeated itself. Especially, for Little Gabe!

Attempted spike.

Power dive.


Crash landing on sand.


Black out.

This is not to say that he was not rewarded for helping the Brazilian girls with their victories (first two sets won, out of a scheduled five). No, indeed! Part of his rest and recuperation included nice massages, all over his shrunken body. Their thumbs doing most of the massaging, both back and...front.

But, on August 1, came the biggest challenge, yet. Larissa and Julianna's final opponents in the Pool A preliminaries of beach volleyball. The girls from the Czech Republic. And, these two had a habit of uttering outcries that made them resemble participants in a Maria Sharapova Sound-alike Contest!







So, the Brazilian duo changed their strategy, once again. For one thing? Larissa and Julianna performed "Rock/Paper/Scissors" to see which of them would carry Little Gabe during the first match. Larissa won.

Then, instead of high-fiving each other when they scored a point off the Czech duo, Larissa and Juliana merely...bounced off each other's chests.


Finally, the first match was over. And, once more, the Brazilian girls were victorious. So, in keeping with their earlier decision-making ritual, they surreptitiously transferred Little Gabe to inside Julianna's bikini top. Following which, came the announcement for the start of the second match.

Aside from that, it went much the same way as the first.

Attempted spike.

Power dive.


Crash landing.


Mercifully, subsequent black-out...and victory.

This time, Little Gabe did not revive until all three of them were back in the girls' dorm room. By which time, it was only an hour until curfew! But, they (the girls, that is) deemed that long enough to make use of the ingredients they had somehow managed to smuggle in: a ceramic cereal bowl; a half-gallon of vanilla ice cream; an aerosol can of push cream; and a plastic squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce.

Suffice it to say that, with Little Gabe's admittedly unwilling help, Larissa and Julianna managed to invent a whole new dessert: chocolate "mouse."

To be continued.
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