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30 JULY-2 AUGUST, 2012

The next few days were a blur to Bob Bullfinch.

The opening beach volleyball match, between the Chinese and Russian women, occurred the next day. With Bob (mummy-wrapped in beige kinesio-tape) spending it in Zhang Xi's cleavage. And, every time she dove to prevent an otherwise well-aimed spike, by the Russians, she landed on her chest!

Naturally, this forced him to black out from the pain. Yet, somehow, he never died from the tremendous impact. Instead, he merely revived, as good as new!

Still, his usefulness as a good luck charm came into question immediately after the Russian duo beat Zhang and Xue, two sets to one. Zhang Xi was all for giving him back to He Zi, right away. But, Xue Chen talked her out of it. Instead, the short-haired Chinese girl took to wearing Bob in _her_ cleavage. And, the Fates could not help giggling as they watched (and allowed) the Chinese duo to beat the Swiss girls in two straight sets. Followed by victory over the Greek duo, two sets out of three.

In those matches, Xue Chen did a lot less chest-diving than Zhang Xi. But, Bob still felt just as much pain, each time. And, each time, he still woke up as if nothing had happened to him.

Furthermore, they still kept up the established practice of only clothing him in public. At the end of each eventful day, upon returning to the privacy of their dorm room, they still stripped him naked and played with him. Tickling his gonads, right up until he started to squeak, too vociferously, for their peace of mind. Whereupon, they would calm him down by showering him with kisses. The latter procedure placing his little head inside their puckered-up mouths. Subsequently sucking out just enough oxygen from his lungs that he became too dizzy to squeak in ecstasy!

And, when their coach knocked on their dorm room door that curfew was imminent, they quickly imprisoned him back in the top drawer of the dresser. Kinesio-taping him to the wooden "floor" beneath a pile of panties.

Finally, however, the third of August arrived. With it, came an end to the Pool B matches for women's beach volleyball. And, it was with a mixture of relief and dread that Bob found himself being returned to He Zi. The latter looked down at "Beibei Beijing;" smilingly told him (in Mandarin) that it was nice to have him back; and, then, showered his little head with kisses.

After that, came the start of individual diving.

Zeus, however, deactivated the magni-scrying glass. Much to the initial disappointment of the Fates.

"What did you do that for, Papa?" whined Lachesis: "It was just about to get interesting!"

"Let us now see how his older brother is faring," he suggested.

This cheered up Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos, immensely. Whereupon, they started giggling in anticipation as the magni-scrying glass tuned in on Gabe Bullfinch and his captors, Julianna and Larissa.

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