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JULY 29, 2012

Through the magni-scrying glass, Zeus and the Fates chuckled as they saw Bob Bullfinch stripped naked, once more. For it was now time for the actual event: synchronized women's diving from the three meter-high springboard. Only Wu Minxia and He Zi would not be wearing blue swimsuits, tonight. This time around, they were wearing black swimsuits with red-and-gold PRC flag motifs.

Such being the case, Bob Bullfinch could not be kinesio-taped to the outside of these swimsuits. Instead, he was wrapped up like a mummy and stuffed down Wu's cleavage!

And, was he forced to endure it only or twice? No. He had to endure it five times!

Miraculously, however, he neither drowned nor slipped out of her cleavage. Instead, once he was unwrapped (back in the privacy of their dormitory bedroom), the two Chinese divers showered his naked little body with kisses. Resulting in a highly...instinctive reaction...that both girls giggled at once they inevitably noticed it.

Furthermore, before dressing him back up, as "Beibei Beijing," they mummy-wrapped him within the red ribbons of their gold medals. Taking pictures of him, like that, using the built-in cameras of their celluar video-phones.

He Zi sent her share of those pictures to her younger sister, trampoline gymnast He Wenna, and the latter's room-and-team mate, Huang Shanshan. While Wu Minxia's share went to the duo representing the PRC in women's beach volleyball: Xue Chen and Zhang Xi.

Naturally, Bob was a little nervous and self-conscious when he was shown off to these four giantesses. Yet, had he been able to speak fluent Mandarin-as-a-second-language, he would have been positively _frightened_!

* [...] = "translated from Mandarin Chinese." *

[HUANG: "It's true! However did you find him, Minxia?"}

[WU: "We were simply getting ready for our practice dives, and there he was."]

[XUE: "He's so cute. Could we possibly borrow him for the start of tomorrow's Pool B matches?"]

[ZHANG: "Yes! Then, maybe, some of his good luck would rub off on us."]

[WU: "Of course, you can. Why do you think we invited you over here, so close to curfew?"]

[HE ZI: "We need him back by 3 August, though. Not only because that is the start of individual women's diving. But, also, because I want to loan him to Wenna, for her competition."]

[HE WENNA (hugging the former while squealing with joy): "Oooooooooooh! Thank you-thank you-thank you-THANK YOU!"]

[HUANG: "I don't know. Wouldn't a Nini Beijing be more appropriate?"]

[HE ZI: "Not to worry, Shanshan. I already phoned my older sister. And, Kexin says she'll be glad to lend us one of her fuwa's spare outfits."]

[XUE: "Then, it's settled. Hand him over."]

And, with that, Bob suddenly found himself being transferred to the custody of the beach volleyball duo. A transfer he naturally protested! Yet, with his tiny, shrill voice, the only response he got was more delighted giggles.

"No, please! Give me back to them. Please, give mmmmmmmmmmmph!"

The next day saw Zhang and Xue face off against the Russian duo, in women's beach volleyball.

Chapter End Notes:
Note: "Fuwa" was the collective name for the mascot dolls of the 2008 Olympics. Nini the Swift symbolizing gymnastics. And, Beibei the Fish-lizard representing water sports.
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