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(JULY 28, 2012)

Ultimately, it was not so much the soothingness, of Larissa's caresses, that forced Gabe Bullfnch to stop struggling, so much as fatigue (both physical and mental). Even so, Larissa looked at Julianna and smilingly said something in Portuguese that, for all Gabe knew, translated as:

"See? I told you it would work."

If such was the case, however, Gabe was prompted to renew his struggles when he saw what the Brazilian blonde was doing next. Namely; withdrawing a roll of green kinesio-tape and looking at him as she came back towards Juliana.

"Oh, no you don't, you big...! Help! Help! Somebody help mmmmmmmmmmph!!"

The rest of Gabe's outcries were muffled as he was subsequently wrapped up in the tape. Ultimately resembling a verdant, three inch-tall mummy. Whereupon, Larissa deposited Greg in the last place anyone might look: Juliana's cleavage!

Following that, the duo went outside to take on their first competitors in the qualifying rounds of women's beach volleyball. The duo from Mauritius.


Just as Bob Bullfinch felt he was about to throw up, from all the bouncing up-and-down, he suddenly had a different feeling. Like all the blood was rushing to his head! That lasted for all of five seconds, however. To be replaced by a tremendous sound, followed by a blanket of wetness enveloping his entire body.

This was followed, in turn, by a wave of vertigo, as the two divers resurfaced. And, then... merciful blackness.

When, Bob awoke, he was face-down and coughing up all the water from his lungs. He then heard two thunderous sounds like enormous sighs of relief. Whereupon, he found himself being turned over on to his back. And, that was when he saw them.

Two smiling giantesses who hugged each other in evident relief.

The taller one (Wu Minxia, if his memory was not playing tricks on him) said something inquisitive in Mandarin. Somehow managing to prop himself up on his elbows, Bob took a wild guess, and replied:

"Yeah, I'm fine, all things considered."

It swiftly became obvious, however, that he had spoken too soon. For, the next thing he noticed...is that he was stark naked!

"Hey!" he yelled upward: "What happened to my clothes?"

The two Chinese divers laughed as they saw him assume a fetal position, in an attempt to preserve his dignity. He Zi, guessing what he had asked, gave a somewhat lengthy answer that Bob could only speculate meant (in summary):

"They were all wet, so we threw them out."

So, he shouted back upward an inquiry as to what he could wear in their place. Pointing to himself, with his right index finger moving back and forth from head to foot. And, Wu Minxia--correctly guessing what he was indicating--immediatley brought out an ensemble that looked like miniature blue Chinese pajamas. But, with a matching headdress that resembled a cross between a lizard and fish.

When Bob shrugged, to indicate a puzzlement that was only half-pretense, the two young women giggled. Then, pointing at him, they replied (in perfect unison):

"Beibei Beijing!"

"Aw, shit!" he swore to himself: "I was afraid of that."

He opened his mouth to politely protest, of course. But, before he could utter one syllable, the two Chinese giantesses had completely garbed him in the doll-sized costume! And, he looked so cute, to these lovely young ladies, that they instantly felt compelled to pick him up and take turns smothering him with kisses.

Yet, as uncomfortable as Bob felt, at that moment, Gabe would have gladly traded places with him. For, the only smothering he was getting involved Juliana landing on her chest, in the sand, whenever she prevented their opponents from scoring!

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