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Iris, goddess of the rainbow (and auxiliary messenger of the gods), curtsied as she reappeared before Zeus.

"I have them, Milord. Snatching them away just as their flight cleared the storm system. As per your orders."

"Excellent! Let me see them."

Iris reached down into the cleavage of her semi-strapless toga and removed the Bullfinch brothers. Holding them up and out, for inspection, within the palm of her left hand. But, even with her arm fully extended, Zeus still had to bend forward and squint!

Bob, the younger of the two, had brown hair and eyeglasses. Whereas his older brother, Gabe, had black hair and 20/20 vision.

"Hmph! Not exactly impressive-looking...even by mortal standards."

"Well, not everyone can be a demigod, Papa," reminded Lachesis.

As the middle Fate stepped forward, she brought with her a giant hourglass that she held, across both arms, horizontally. Upon reaching Iris and her father, however, she re-positioned it, so that she was now holding it vertically. She then opened the left-half of its wooden lid.

Iris looked at Zeus, who nodded.

"Drop them in, my dear."

Into the giant hourglass went the two mortal brothers. And, downward they went, into the whirlpooling Sands of Time.

* * * * *


It was hard to tell who was more astounded, at that moment. The two Chinese giantesses, looking down at Bob.
Or, vice-versa.

The former immediately started a wildfire conversation in Mandarin Chinese. The only English Bob could discern, on the part of the taller of the two, was the word "Wenlock." The shorter of the two shook her head, while replying with a sentence that included the word "Mandeville."

While they were so engrossed, Bob took greater stock of where he appeared to be. Looking at the surface on which he sat, he observed that it was made of wood, and appeared to be a hundred yards long by twenty feet wide. And, then, there were the gunmetal-gray skyscrapers on either side of him and his...hostesses.

"Holy Land of the Giants!" he suddenly muttered to himself: "It can't be! But, I think it is."

He had come to realize that he was in a giant girls' locker room!

It was at this point that he slowly crawled over to the edge of the giant wooden bench he was on, and looked at the floor. Sure enough; there were two giant gym bags, far below. Both of them bearing bilingual identification tags. The English portion, of the bag on his right, read:


While the English portion of the ID tag, to his left, read:

"HE ZI."

Suddenly, a shadow darkened the spot where he knelt. Bob looked up, and saw Minxia's right hand descending on him. Causing him to immediately flashback to a certain re-run of THE TWILIGHT ZONE that had starred the late Jackie Cooper!

When the hand re-opened, he saw that he was looking up at He Zi. And, it was the latter who asked him (in very halting English) if he was Wenlock or Mandeville. So, he replied (as loudly and slowly as possible) that he was neither one. That his real name was Bob Bullfinch. Unfortunately, something must have gotten lost in the translation. Because, the two Chinese girls looked at each other and squealed in delight:

"Beibei Beijing?!"

Whereupon, they hurriedly put him back down on the bench, in order to finish doffing their sweatsuits. And, Bob had to admit; the light blue swimsuits those outer garments had been concealing were definitely a lot easier on the eyes.

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