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Author's Chapter Notes:
The host country for this year's World Cup championship inspired me to try and conclude this.
* * * * *

The weird race on the video game screen was nearing its half-way point, when, suddenly, the video screen...


...short-circuited. Acrid puffs of white smoke arising from the flames behind the blown-out hole in the Plexiglas.


"Thunderation!" exclaimed Zeus (viewing through the magni-scrying glass): "What just happened?"

"I did, Grampie," replied a new (and decidedly) female voice.


The "goddess" of discord came out from behind a nearby pillar; shamelessly grinned; and nodded.

"Grandma Hera sent me to find out what was keeping you. When I saw what was going on, I went back and told her. Knowing how easily bored you get, she told me to wait a mortal hour. If you hadn't tired of picking on these particular mortals, by the end of that time, I was to put a stop to it for you. Which I did! By throwing my golden apple into that video game's circuitry."

She held up the aforementioned fruit in her right hand. Its chaos-causing nature automatically making it invisible to mortal eyes (while the after-effects would be all-too visible).

"Oh, great!" complained Lachesis: "Now, we'll never know who would've won."

"Why not split the difference?" suggested Hermes: "The way you did with Cousin Persephone."

It was now Zeus who bore the shameless grin.

"Good thinking, my boy!"


"OK," said Beth Tweddle: "This is how we'll do it. Because the race ended in a draw, you'll each share custody of him for the next ten years. Half the year spent in America with you, Jordyn. And, the other six months with you, Vanessa."

"Fine," replied Jordyn Wieber: "But, who gets him for the first six months of _this_ year?"

"Let's flip a coin for it," suggested Beth.

Jordyn nodded in agreement, as did Vanessa Ferrari. Jordyn called "heads;" Vanessa called "tails;" and the coin...

...came up the former.

As a result, Little Bob Bullfinch wound up winging his way back to the United States in Jordyn Wieber's carry-on bag (following the day of Closing Ceremonies). His shrunken, naked form once more resembling an Egyptian mummy wrapped in kinesio-tape! Whereas, his older brother, Gabe, wound up having to speak Portuguese. As the victorious Brazilian women's in-door volleyball team fully intended to keep their word about never letting go of their little "good luck charm."

In both cases, none of their friends or co-workers ever saw either of them, again.


* * * * *

(LABOR DAY, 2012)

Professor Aryc Omcic looked at his work.

"Not bad, if I do so say, myself."

He then hit the "send" button. Transmitting the story to Chuck Robertson back in Manhattan. The night after Team USA had emerged victorious in women's beach volleyball, he had confessed to the public defender that--should his dissertation be accepted for publication--he would attempt to write a giantess-fanfiction story of his own.

"You going to do it under your own name?" Chuck had asked.

"Of course not! I'm going to use a pseudonym. Like maybe, for example,...Sue Donym?"

Chuck had instinctively winced.

"Keep working on it. Until then? Don't quit your day job."

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