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The seventh of August proved quite a turning point for several athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Fabi Oliveira and Sheilla Castro had finally revealed Little Gabe's existence to their team captain, Fabiana Claudino, the day before. And, agreeing with their reasoning that "once equals coincidence/twice or more is a pattern," she told them to hang on to him until _after_ the game with the Russian indoor volleyball team.

Sure enough; the Brazilians beat the Russians, three matches to two! Consequently, Little Gabe would not be allowed to go free. Instead, he would be returned to the custody of their countrywomen, Juliana and Larissa, for their nine o'clock evening game against the Americans, Treanor and Walsh. Unfortunately, for the former, the latter proved victorious.

As a result, the gold medal for beach volleyball would have to be resolved between both pairs of American girls. While Julianna and Larissa would have to contend for the silver medal against the Chinese girls.*

Meanwhile, Little Bob Bullfinch was having more troubles of his own. He had been spotted by Catalina Ponor, of Romania, while she was tying her right sneaker. The unknotted lace of which had been pointed out by Jordyn Wieber. Unfortunately, for him, Jordyn thought the excited utterance of the word "spiridus" was just another Romanian way of saying "Thank you!"

Hence, she did not see him get snatched up off her own left sneaker as Catalina sprang back on to her feet and raced off to join her teammates for the tram ride to North Greenwich Arena.

It was at this point that Lachesis (middle sister of the Fates) looked at her father.

"What now, Papa? Should we let the Romanian girl hang on to him?"

Zeus grinned...and shook his head.

"Having denied him a consolation prize from 'The Price Is Right,' why not cheer him up by giving him something much better? Like, say,...a Ferrari?"

Whereupon, the image within the magni-crying glass instantly changed to the tram's arrival at the arena. And, as the female gymnasts disembarked, Catalina Ponor began to simultaneously wriggle and giggle for some strange, unfathomable reason.

Unfathomable, that is, to all normal-sized witnesses.

In reality, however, Little Bob had finally decided to fight back in the only way left him. For Catalina had only had time to stuff him down the neck line of her leotard as she had boarded the tram. Consequently, as the nature of their sport requires female gymnasts to be less-than-well-endowed, the naked little man fell all the way down to the bottom! More specifically; to that area near the waist line where a girl gymnast's legs emerge from her leotard.

And, as Bob's arms had not been spirit-gummed to his sides, for once, he was perfectly free to use them for...moving around.

The resulting "weird behavior" this caused in Catalina naturally started earning her peculiar glances. The best she could do, to rectify this, was run into the arena ahead of her coach and teammates. So that she could enter the privacy of the nearest ladies' room and extricate this naughty little spiridus!

Yet, Little Bob was already on his way to being removed just from the jostling he was undergoing. He had been half way through his third circuit of Catalina's waist line when she started her urgent trotting. More specifically; he had been on the upper portion of the Romanian girl's right calf. And, upon correctly deducing why his progress had suddenly been interrupted by earthquake-like bouncing around, he hurriedly grabbed hold of some fabric at the rim of Catalina's right leg hole.

He then slowly wormed his way past the rim...and into the tunnel-like legging of her sweat pants. Whereupon, with no other recourse evident to him, at that moment, Little Bob released his grip on that bit of fabric. Subsequently tumbling downward toward the cuff of the legging.

He did not know how long he continued to tumble after landing on the floor. But, as his head gradually stopped swimming, he felt currents of fresh air flowing around him. Eventually making him realize he was no longer in some giantess' sports bra, or sweatsuit pocket, or whatever. He was free...and in the open!

Then, it hit him: "In the open?!""

He immediately sprang to his feet and looked about for a place to hide. Unfortunately, his realization had come too late, as he once again found himself being literally over-shadowed. Followed by his being snatched up by some gigantic right hand.

In this case, the one belonging to none other than Italian girl gymnast, Vanessa Ferrari.

Chapter End Notes:
*See chapter 11.
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