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Author's Chapter Notes:
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[...] = "...translated from Mandarin."

Zeus and the Fates laughed hysterically at the change in Gabe Bullfinch's fortunes. But, finally, they calmed down enough that they became curious as to how well Gabe's younger brother Bob was doing. So, they used the magni-scrying glass to tune in on him at the Horse Guard Parade Grounds, circa 6:00 P.M.(GMT) on 5 August, 2012.

There, they saw Xue Chen and Zhang Xi taking turns wearing him as they had become accustomed to: mummy-wrapped in kinesio-tape, and stuffed down each of their cleavages. Xue wore him that way, during the first set, against the Austrian beach volleyball duo. Followed by Zhang throughout the second set. And, as the Chinese duo won both sets, there was no need for a third!

A fact these lovely young ladies celebrated somewhat differently than before. Up to now, they had thanked "Beijing "Beibei" for his granting them good luck by unwrapping him, and then showering him with kisses, in the privacy of their dormitory room. Yet, as he had clearly demonstrated he did not like that, they decided to have fun with him another way.

Instead of releasing him from the kinesio-tape (as he had been half-expecting/half-dreading), they simply laid him down on top of the night stand located between their beds. Then, after drawing up two chairs and sitting down, Zhang used her left index finger to keep Little Bob pinned to the wooden surface of the night stand. While, at the same time, Xue used her right index finger to start tickling his bare feet!

In short? As Bob began to convulse from the tickling, he simultaneously began to bring himself to orgasm, in the process.


Xue Chen could not help giggling: ["What is he saying?"]

Zhang Xi grinned and shrugged: ["How should I know? I'm not that fluent in English. But, it sounds like 'Please! No! Haha-haha-hahaha! No! Please! Haha-haha-hahaha!' "]

Finally, however, their head coach came around to knock on their door to announce "lights out." The next day, they went over to North Greenwich Arena, where the women's gymnastics finals were being held. In this case; the individual event finals for uneven bars. Officially, they were going to wish He Kexin good luck. But, in reality, they were going to _insure_ it (as they saw it) by "loaning" Little Bob to the twenty-one year-old girl!

By this point, though, Zeus had grown a little bored with the relatively easy victories of the Chinese girl athletes. So, he decided to make things a little more interesting.

The Master of Thunderbolts increased the ambient static electricity, surrounding Zhang Xi's body, by about two percent. Consequently, just as He Kexin reached to take Little Bob from her countrywoman's hand, they momentarily shocked each other (as if they had both just walked across a fuzzy carpet in their bare feet)!


Little Bob dropped to the ground. The kinesio-tape unraveling as he did so! As a result, he was able to rappel down it like a mountaineer on a rope. And, when he reached the floor, he did not hesitate for a second in fleeing further into the girls' locker room. Looking frantically around him for someplace to hide his naked little self.

The best he could find was a pair of white ballet flats...next to a gym bag labeled "B. Tweddle."

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