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Days before, reports surfaced of men disappearing. Then the men were found, with wives or girlfriends, shrunken to sizes ranging from 1" to 12" tall. Women seemed a bit more lustful and glowing, and many people noticed a honey aroma in rooms where there were large concentrations of women. All TV channels were interrupted by a woman calling herself the "Goddess of Love" who claimed supernatural powers. She claimed that she was "rebalancing the sexes" by giving the women power to shrink men through sex -- with their vaginal fluids being the active agent. She also changed those fluids to make them smell and taste like honey, and just as nourishing to a man. Once they shrank, a woman could control their size, anywhere from an inch to a foot tall, or some custom size such as "fill 'er up." Here is part of her speech.

"I felt the pain of Earth because of the imbalance between the sexes. I tipped the balance by giving women the power to make men tiny. Of course, such power could turn the women into oppressors. So to balance things out, I have given the women special needs, including a greater need for sex and a need in more... (blush)... places. Even though they have triumphed over men, they need them now more than ever. Also, their juices are now capable of sustaining a man's food intake indefinitely. During that special time of the month, men will find that their women's breast milk will keep them fed just as easily. As for future generations, all males will be born at the "old" sizes and remain large until their first experience with a woman. There will indeed be future generations, because I have increased the production of spermatozoa and kept them at their old size. They will now also pass through the sweat glands, and a man's perspiration will taste to a woman like... chocolate."
Mike stood in a room full of cubicles, yet empty of people. The day before the mysterious message from the so-called "Goddess of Love" appeared on TV around the world, most of his male colleagues had vanished from the workplace. The day after she spoke, only a couple of men showed up besides himself. One of them was gay, the other was like Mike, 30 years old, suffering a long dry spell after a breakup. Mike's initial reaction was to consider himself lucky. His lack of a girlfriend had kept him from shrinking from his 6'1" height to become a woman's toy.

The gay guy transferred to another division, and Mike's other colleague had been seduced by the woman in the cubicle next to his. That left Mike as the only male left. All of the females were off work, celebrating the unofficial holiday declared by the Goddess. All except one.

Amber, the red haired receptionist, was still showing up for work despite the fact that she had no calls to receive. Amber was 28. She had flaming orange red hair, cut to medium length. Of course, having red hair also predisposes one to have pale skin and freckles, and Amber had plenty of those. Larger clumps around her neck, trailing down toward her breasts. Small clumps on her legs as well. But her figure was by no means unattractive, and she had bright blue eyes.

Mike made calls to clients and found that most of them were in a similar state of business or lack thereof. At every number he called, it was either voicemail or a live woman. No men. Those who were present either had no authority to talk turkey or had no desire. Some of the women sounded as though they had brought their resized significant others with them, and were making use of them under the table. One lady propositioned him, saying she could take care of his "oversized account" by shrinking him to become her backdoor partner (her husband would remain in charge of the front entrance).

Mike had just finished that frustrating conversation when he looked up from his cubicle and saw Amber standing over him. She had leaned an elbow against the corner of the cubicle and smiled down at him. A few days earlier, such a sight would not have affected him in the least. Given all that had happened, seeing Amber's head above his, and his head even with her tummy, startled Mike and caused him to jump back. Despite himself, Mike's head craned upward to meet Amber's eyes, which seemed a little more dilated than usual.

"So, Mike, how's it going? Anybody answering all those phone calls?" Amber cooed.

"No, the women aren't interested and the men are... off doing other things", Mike answered.

Amber sighed and rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. "I guess their wives and girlfriends are keeping them busy... I wish I hadn't broken up with my boyfriend a month ago. Right now, I'd be tasting his chocolate-flavored sweat, or he'd be working up a sweat somewhere nice." Then those doe-eyes looked back toward Mike. "What about you, Mike? Don't you have a wife or girlfriend?"

"It's really not your concern, Amber, but I broke up with my girl about three months ago. I haven't been looking that hard because I've been focused on this job. Only now, I'm not sure if there's a job or even a company anymore."

"Well, you know Mike," Amber smiled, "you wouldn't have to worry about your job if you had a girlfriend. Just eat her 'honey', and you'd be living in her wonderland, just thinking about making her happy."

Mike was torn between confusion and anger. "Amber, I saw the 'Goddess' make her statement on TV, and I know what has happened, but I resent men's lives and futures being taken away from them without any say. I resent that I have to either remain celibate or give up my existence as well. You know what else? I can't figure out why this new world order is so attractive to women. Amber, until a few days ago, didn't you want a guy to be taller than you, so he could hold you in his arms and protect you?"

"Yeah, I guess so", Amber mused as she twirled her red hair. "I wanted a man to protect me. But now almost all the big, powerful men are tiny, and the rest I'm not worried about. Your needs can change. I live in the city, so I don't need to worry about a bear attacking me or something. Now I can think about making sure I get some of my other needs met. You know, I never had a lover that knew how to please me or cared how to learn. Maybe if the guy is tiny, then he knows he has to learn to please a woman, he has to learn how to talk to her, and how to touch her -- or else."

"Or else what?"

"Or else -- ", Amber got all flustered. She didn't mean to imply she would commit violence, especially toward a man who might conceivably become a partner. "Or else I might leave him out on the porch for the cat to get." She giggled.

"You mean you'd leave him out to get torn to death by the teeth and claws of something that is the scale equivalent of a man-eating tiger."

"No, no, no. I'm JOKING, OK?" Amber put her index fingers on the corners of her mouth to indicate a "smile."

"Mike, when this change happened, the whole idea just made sense in a way I can't explain. I don't want to hurt a man. I just need a man, more than I ever have, and it looks like all the good ones are going off the market for good. I just was thinking... you know... that you might feel lonely and want to have someplace to call home. I just wanted to say that if you wanted it, you can call my place home and..", she leaned her face closer to Mike, "you can call my body home too."

Just then the phone rang. Mike had never in his life been so grateful for a phone call. Saved by the bell indeed. His gratitude was less certain after he answered the call.

"Mike? This is Sandra Tallman. I'm the new supervisor for your office. I'm going to be stopping by the office today, and I was wondering if we could chat. I'd like to talk to you about your future plans with the company."

Mike was apprehensive about the meeting. He had every reason to be, as he learned a few minutes later when Ms. Tallman arrived.

"Mike", Ms. Tallman began, "I know you're a good account executive. Here's our problem. We've just lost 97 percent of our male workforce. A good percentage of what's left could leave our employ at any time. What if you fell in love, Mike?"

"I think I can hold out. I've been staying focused on my work."

The honey aroma from Ms. Tallman began to strengthen as she leaned in on Mike. "You can't keep that up forever, Mike. Sooner or later some girl's going to steal your heart and make you her pocket prince. Then what do I do? My investment in you goes down the drain."

"Begging your pardon, Ms. Tallman..."

"Call me Sandra, Mike."

"Begging your pardon, Sandra, but if that were to happen, couldn't I do work for you online? I'm sure they'll have adapters to help men function in this new world -- smaller keyboards and screens and such. What you're saying sounds a lot like what they used to say to single women in the workforce. 'When you get married, you'll just make a home and then we've lost you.' It sounds like rank discrimination to me, and I'm sure that violates the law. The Goddess of Love has no say over that."

"That's true, Mike", Sandra answered. "But I don't think that'll make much difference in the long run. The law has to bend to reality. The fact is, men are more at a disadvantage with their new size than women ever were in the past. I'm afraid I have no choice but to terminate your employment, Mike."

"You'll never get away with this."

"Sue me, if you can find a lawyer. The male attorneys are playing "find the man in the boat", and the female attorneys will try to make you the man in their boats. Speaking of which", Sandra smiled and stood up, then leaned into Mike's face, "I can give you a place to stay, and all the food you could ever want."

Sandra began to reach under her dress and fondle a certain part of her anatomy. "I have a man at home, but remember, I have two ways in now, and there are two nipples that need attention. Plenty of work for two men. You'll learn to get along, just like two cats in the same house. It'll be sweet, I promise. All you have to do... is let me... touch you." At that point, Sandra whipped out a hand covered in her own honey-flavored essence.

Mike dodged the hand with inches to spare. He didn't know if the vaginal fluid would work its magic away from its steamy home, and didn't want to find out. "Get away from me", Mike stammered. Sandra tried to corner him, but Mike made it to the door first and ran out.

The next day, Mike sat in the office of a prominent law firm. As he expected, there was only one attorney to see him, and she was a woman.

"I believe I'm a victim of sex discrimination", Mike said.

The attorney, JoLynn Bronson, wore a black dress that seemed rather short for a law office. She gazed at Mike with dilated pupils and spoke in a sexy, husky voice. "So, what happened?"

Mike explained the story. Jo Lynn got up and walked around the desk, then stood in front of Mike. "You know what I think you need? You don't need a lawyer or a lawsuit. You need a woman who can shrink all your problems down to size." She then sat down in Mike's lap. Her nether regions were well-lubricated, and Mike saw the puddle forming at the edge of the skirt.

A simple tip over and it would touch his pants and then.... "Oopsy!" JoLynn laughed as she stood up, causing the puddle to fall toward Mike's lap. Mike flipped the chair upside down, managing to keep any part of his body from touching the all-powerful fluid. Then he dashed for the door. Despite the handicap of high heels, JoLynn chased him down the stairwell, perhaps hoping that some of her juices had touched Mike, turning him into a girltoy by the time he reached the bottom of the stairs.

Mike ran to his car. He tried four other law firms. Only one was open, and the lady lawyer's answer there was disturbingly similar to JoLynn's. Mike decided to get a cup of coffee and try to calm down. He stopped in at a diner, the only establishment open downtown.

He walked in and saw a row of stools all empty, except for three older women. One of them was the waitress, the other two her customers. All three cast lustful eyes on him. The smell of rancid honey filled the room. "Could I... g-g-get a cup of coffee?", Mike stuttered.

"I CALL HIM! HE'S MY PLAYPRETTY!" screamed Ruby the waitress. The other women disagreed, and all three made a beeline for Mike. "Stop him with this!" Ruby yelled. She grabbed a pistol from under the counter and began firing at Mike. The shots missed, and only made him run faster.

The scenes were getting ever more bizarre as Mike drove around town. Women who had missed their chance for a tiny man due to age, appearance or workaholism were now grabbing at the last prize specimens before heterosexual-man-at-his-normal-height disappeared from the earth forever. Mike was stopped at a redlight when a concrete block flew through his car window, smashing a hole through a pattern of shattered glass.

A bag lady with several missing teeth reached in through the window. "You're mine, baby", she hissed. Mike hit the gas and dragged the woman alongside for several blocks before she finally released her grip on the jagged windshield.

Mike began to think about his situation. Sure, he was still big, but what good was it? He could protect himself from one woman, but not from every woman on earth. All of femininity seemed united in a quest to take away his size. Not only was keeping his job impossible, so was getting another one, or suing, or even going to the grocery store. Mike saw how this play could end. He could be helpless in the hands of a woman he despised. Or he could take a chance, and try to negotiate the best deal he could. That was something Mike the salesman was good at.
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