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Nick looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and he knew straight away it had happened again this morning, he was definitely shrinking. For the past week every morning was identical he was loosing more or less a quarter of an inch everyday. But today he had lost half of an inch.
?Not again!?
He cursed out loud to himself and slammed his fist down on the sink basin in frustration.
At the start of this week Nick was a happy go lucky teenager just turned 18 and working hard studying for his University degree. He had a part time job he held down at the local Café and a beautiful girlfriend he had just begun to date over the past month. Life was going well until
this strange phenomenon began. But just what was happening to him he didn?t know. He used to be 5 foot 11 inches tall and was proud of his athletic body and rugged square jawed looks. But now he was just under 5ft 8 inches tall and the resulting reduction of his whole body mass made him feel that bit less of the muscular jock he had previously been. Apart from his immediate concern of what strange condition he may have it also worried him that the longer this went on the more noticeable it would be to others and especially his girl Jennifer. They saw each other most evenings and Jennifer was bound to notice sooner or later.

That morning his father had heard his slight tantrum and shouted from his bedroom
?Nick are you ok son? Nick??
?Im fine just cut myself shaving that?s all, im off to Uni Dad catch ya later?
Nicks father was a lab technician at the local electronics company a pretty boring job but they had a nice house and his father always seemed happy with his lot in life. His mother was no longer with them, she had past away in an accident when Nick was about two. He never really knew her and his Dad was always obsessive about Nick as he was an only child.
That day at the University as usual Nick waited to see Jennifer between lectures and he sat on the bench at the edge of the communal grounds rifling through his notes from this morning.
?Hey Nick?
He heard the sweet voice of Jennifer and looked up to see her pretty bespectacled face smiling at him.
?Hi Jen, shall we walk??
Nick stood up and placed an arm around Jennifer. She was a petite girl with a slim figure and shapely legs . She wasn?t what you would call a stunner , sure she was very pretty but she didn?t really stand out in the crowd. She was a little quite and reserved but very sweet in her manor. Nick had bonded with her making good friends since she joined one of his classes and he didn?t feel that intimidated in asking her out. Jennifer was also 18 and she had long dark hair which she wore up all the time despite Nicks hints for her to let it down on occasions when they went out. She stood an even 5 foot 4 inches and that was lucky for Nick as he could use her to gauge his decrease in height very well. Jennifer didn?t wear high heels ever so that wasn?t going to be an issue and her dress sense was rather conservative she didn?t expose her midrift at the first sign of summer like most of the girls in the University and mainly wore knee length skirts and plain blouses when she was attending class. With her thin black frame spectacles she looked every bit the studious stereotype but Nick could see there was a beauty beneath this plainly packaged exterior. Nick was more than averagely good looking and could have had his pick of the girls but he didn?t want one of the easy bimbos who regularly tried to flirt with him each day.
?Nick do you fancy a movie tonight??
She asked him as her hand circled behind his back , Nick looked at her beside him she did seem to be taller than before it was the first time this week he had actually begun to notice the change in his own perception.
?err no Jen do you mind if I pass, I have a few assignments to catch up on tonight can we rain check until tomorrow babe??
?No problem? she said a little disappointed.
That evening Nick had decided he would speak to his father and reveal his troubles, he didn?t want the fuss and was admittedly scared he would be carted off to the nearest hospital. But he couldn?t dare let this continue without telling someone.
When Nick got home his father had a meal prepared and they sat drinking a beer each and glancing at the game on the tv. He didn?t have to think how to begin the conversation with his father as he seemed to sense Nicks preoccupied manor.
?Hey son what?s troubling you I know that look on your face and it means bad news?
?Well Dad? Nick started ?Geez this is so crazy , Dad I think , no Dad I know im shrinking?
His father paused with a mouthful of food loaded on his fork halfway to his mouth and simply stared for a second.
?Shrinking? Are you sure son?? This seemed an odd and rather calm response to this amazing piece of news he had just hit his father with, he expected him to laugh at him or tell him not to be so stupid but no his father seemed to accept and believe him.
?Im sure Dad Ive always been 5 foot 11 since I was sixteen years old but im only 5 foot 8 now. Whats happening to me Dad am I going crazy??
His father put a hand on his sons shoulder in a comforting manor
?Your not crazy son. Im afraid its normal and I was kind of expecting it ever since you turned into a man?
?You what?? Nick was shocked. ?Dad what are you talking about??
His father began to explain that for some time now he had wanted to reveal something to his son but he wasn?t sure if it would be passed into Nick?s genes so he decided it was best not to alarm him. Then in an even more amazing development his father asked him to follow him to their basement. Nick walked down the rickety old wooden stairs into the sub basement trying to ask questions but his father blanked him repeating all would be made clear to him soon. As they stood in the large basement surrounded by old boxes and discarded household junk his father pressed his hand against one of the walls and the wall sunk down into the ground!
Behind this false panel was what looked like to Nick a set from the star-trek enterprise or a control centre from a James Bond movie, Computers systems and displays adorned the walls and set off to the left was a glass cylinder with a costume Nick recognised displayed within it.
?Son I know this is a lot to take in but you may have already guessed my little secret here , this is my crime control centre and yes your father is or should I say was Micro-man?
Nick was in total disbelief but he had to believe his eyes and senses. All these years in this house , all these years living with his Dad and he never knew! His father was famous , well as famous as all the superheroes in the world , Micro-man , his father was Micro-man!
His father went on to explain to a bewildered Nick that he had become Micro-man ever since he had a lab accident altering his bodies chemistry. This was when he worked as an assistant technician for Reid Richards of the Fantastic four. At that time he worked in the Baxter building and helped the well acclaimed superhero and scientist with his work. But due to an oversight in one particular experiment he was exposed to some strange radiation that absorbed into his body. From that very day his father began to shrink like Nick growing smaller week after week until Richards developed a wrist band that could actually keep him at his normal stature whilst it also allowed him to use his new found abilities which were a side effect of the radiation exposure.
Micro-man was born that day and his father under the recommendation from Richards joined the Super friends offering his talents and working with some of the all time great heroes, Superman, Batman , Wonderwoman to name but a few.
Nick had so many burning questions this was a revelation his father was a hero! He recalled all the cool comic books that depicted the Super friends adventures and how many times his father and that team had saved the very planet.
His father explained that he didn?t want to reveal things to Nick until he found out if his condition would be passed on. From Richards studies they knew it wouldn?t exhibit itself until he was 18 but now that the same powers had passed through to Nick he also needed to wear a similar power band as his fathers. Prepared as most superheroes are he was presented the band that very evening. Over the next few weeks Nick was back to his old self and stature and he was happier than he had been in ages , his father was teaching him every evening how to control his shrinking abilities and he was soon getting the hang of them. He felt like one of those martial arts students visiting his master every day as his lessons with his father became more serious and intense. Nick could now be confident in his new abilities he could concentrate and shrink down to any size as fast or as slow as he wished , retaining those sizes for as long as he wanted. When he was shrunk although he could sense pain and discomfort he couldn?t actually be physically hurt or damaged a kind of semi-invulnerability which increased its protective nature the smaller he got. His father was also quick to point out his weaknesses , if ever his power band was removed from now on since he had been using his powers he would rapidly shrink to about an inch tall until it was active again. This didn?t go down well with Nick he felt that he would never be or feel normal again. The power band was like a watch and Nick clearly hated and resented wearing it. But he had to admit he never realised his Dad had never removed his in all these years. Both of the power bands had morphing technology and could be rendered invisible for occasions but Nick was still conscious of wearing it all day long.
At this time there was also a dilemma going on inside Nicks head as well. His father had retired a year ago as the masked Micro-man and hadnt donned the costume since, he was beginning to apply pressure that Nick should assume his place and join the new Super-teens a spin off from the old Super friends organisation and learn how to become a real crime fighter. However Nick had his reservations and for now his Dad dropped the pressure. Nick still felt it there someday in things his father said every now and then.

Life had settled down a little for Nick over the next few weeks it was now 2 months since he learned of his abilities and as yet he hadnt worn his fathers costume or displayed his powers outside of the house. His father during this time had developed a reduced powerband that didn?t cloak itself but it could be worn as a ring on his finger. This was a vast improvement and something that technology advances had offered for Nick that his father never had the luxury of. His father also showed him the power they both had to reduce small inanimate objects with their very touch. This is how they shrunk their clothes around them and could also shrink small communications devices or tools etc.
More out of curiosity Nick tried the costume on one evening and it fitted perfectly. He felt daft dressed in this space age lycra once piece. The red material hugged his great physique and wearing the knee high red boots complete with built in shock absorbing soles he looked in the mirror and smiled . His chest held the emblem of Micro-man which his father had modified hoping Nick in his teens would take the name Micro-lad.
His face was covered with a mask much in the same tight fit as that of Spiderman?s but this mask was cut away around his nostrils , mouth and eyes so he could breathe easier. The costumes belt held a few gadgets like Bat-mans utility belt but it was pretty simple looking otherwise.
Nick laughed at his reflection and posed a few times. He certainly could carry off looking the part but was his heart in it? He didn?t have the commitment for now. Shrinking the costume down to tiny proportions Nick could store it inside a compartment in his ring supposedly ready for that emergency. Again seeing his son wearing the costume his father pressed him to consider his future but Nick shrugged this off for now, he had University to deal with exams and his part time job wasn?t that enough?

A few days later Nick had the afternoon to himself , Jennifer had disappeared somewhere as she did mysteriously sometimes and he valued these periods of time alone to have some fun. He decided he would go into the city and have a look around and that meant catching the subway in. As he checked his meagre money reserves in his pockets he was short on the ticket money which put pay to his idea of strolling around the city. But suddenly he was inspired of how to achieve his goal. He decided if he untucked his shirt and put his baseball cap on backwards he could shrink down to the size of a young boy and get away with paying half the ticket price for his journey thus doubling his money. It was a wild idea to one so normally honest but there had to be perks to having superpowers surely?
This was the first time he had used his powers outside and he walked off down an alleyway beside the station and concentrated. In seconds he was about 4 foot tall and he headed into the station. The world was a much different place every one looked so tall it brought back memories of his childhood. He offered up dubiously his money to the ticket booth and without questioning him he soon held a half price ticket in his hand. Nick was so pleased with himself and he walked towards the train looking down at the ticket in his clutches when he accidentally collided with a woman his face impacting straight into a pair of pillowy breasts. He looked up to say sorry to this amazon and saw it was a very good looking girl his age perhaps , a red head with very long legs and a prominent chest as he could well see.
?Oops sorry, I didn?t see you down there kid? she offered and Nick just stared up at her. He had never seen a girl so tall.
?Are you ok kid?? she asked concerned.
Nick broke out of his prolonged stare conscious he was eyeing up this girl.
?Oh yes , thanks sorry thanks? he muttered and walked off a little flustered and red faced. Nick sat on the train and he pondered at what just occurred he was astounded by the girls height a little breath taken by it , he hadnt looked up to a girl that way for a long time but guessed he would have to get used to that with his powers.
When he jumped off the train he reverted to normal size and fixed his shirt and cap. Walking around the bustling streets he happened to come across that same girl stood window shopping outside a famous department store. He recognised her distinctive dress. Nick walked behind her and out of curiosity he saw how he measured up to her in reality , she was perhaps 5 foot 8 tall if that not an amazon and not outstandingly tall infact she looked nothing like the dramatic vision he had stared at an hour earlier.
As he laid back in bed that evening Nick came to realise he couldn?t stop thinking about his earlier encounter with the tall woman as he bumped into her , how short he felt and how imposing she looked he actually enjoyed the experience but why? He then found himself drifting to the thoughts of what it would be like to be around Jennifer if she was taller than him and he imagined her for a second towering over him and to his surprise this mere thought made him very aroused. Nick restrained himself from keeping that mental image and satisfying himself there and then and he drifted off to sleep. But even in his state of slumber he couldn?t escape this new world his eyes had seen today a world where women took on new proportions and he felt short compared to them. In his dream he had shrunk himself down to 4 feet tall and was lying on Jennifer?s bed waiting for her to enter the room his dream ended abruptly when Nick was woken by his father.
?Nick your late son you?ve got classes this morning?
Nick went to University that day but he was daydreaming for most of it. Part of him now more than ever wanted to reveal his powers to Jennifer and gauge her reaction to see if she would even contemplate the fantasy he was toying with in his mind to actually be shorter than her.
part 2

That evening Jennifer was out at a family party and Nick was with his father in the basement. His father was showing him the Superfriends teleportation device and explained that Wonder woman who was retired as a super hero (infact married and settled down with Superman according to his fathers knowledge) had been communicating via email with him. Wonder woman was holding a meeting of the new Super teens faction of the Superfriends organisation to eventually add new recruits to replace the aging members and Micro-lad was now invited to join and learn the ropes of becoming a real super hero. Nick wasn?t sure. He knew saving lives and helping combat the forces of evil was the right thing to do but part of him wanted to still be a normal teenager , his father explained that he had a responsibility to share his gift with the world like he had and to make a difference.
After his fathers grand speech to encourage him Nick hesitantly agreed to go and check out what this opportunity could offer. The timing was ideal it was the weekend coming up and Jennifer was going to visit her grand parents for the weekend and would be out of town.
Saturday came and Nick was wearing his heroic garb and stepped onto the transporter pad. In seconds the orbiting Superfriends space station signalled the all clear and Nick was teleported into space.
This was like some Buck rogers movie to Nick, he materialised in a domain that was straight out of a sci-fi flick. Being teleported was amazing in its self but circling the planet in a space station was awesome. Nick decided he was starting to like this super hero lark. Greeting him off the platform was Aqua-man a guy in his late fifties who was the lord of the ocean , he introduced Nick to the station and toured him around its various features. The station had an artificial gravity and that enabled the occupants to walk and move as normal but this was only one of its fascinating features. There was a huge training room with holographic projection systems , an operations centre with more flat panel screens than Nick had ever seen in his life. There was a ready room where the hero?s convened to form strategies and much more wonders to see. He was ushered into a conference room and met for the first time the young hero?s who like him would potentially pull together to form the Super-teens.
Sitting down around a huge conference table Nick saw Wonder woman enter the room. He had seen her on televised reports over the years in action but to actually see her in the flesh was like meeting a film star. Wonder woman was still looking good even though she must have been in her mid fifties and further more she did have a remarkable set of legs for her age. Nick wasn?t into older women so he didn?t find her as attractive as she might have been to him in her prime. Wonder woman introduced the Super friends organisation and explained how all of the teenagers present would be the next generation of hero?s to eventually allow all the current hero?s to retire. Her plan was to help train and hone their skills and powers and shape them into a team. After her speech Wonder woman gestured for all the hero?s around the table to introduce themselves. At this stage they had been advised not to reveal their true identities but to inform everyone of their basic powers and abilities.
First up was Sonar Boy who possessed mental powers to move and manipulate objects.
Then Thunder Boy who could command the power of lighting and channel it through his hands as a weapon , Nick listened to the two of them finding it completely amazing that such powers existed.
Next up was Emulator a teenager who could literally see a person or an object and he could become a physical replica of that object. Nicks interest picked up on another level when the next hero stood up to present herself ..Supergirl. Supergirl was one of the daughters of Wonder woman and Superman and she possessed her fathers abilities. She was a tall beautiful blonde with a very curvy figure which cut a stunning shape in her tight blue and red lycra outfit and Nick thought he had died and gone to heaven when he laid eyes on her until he saw her sister who stood up next.
Wondergirl rose to her feet before her sister had finished and simply towered over her tall sister making her look short. Taking on her mothers powers she dressed in the style of costume similar to that of her mothers wearing almost an indecent pair of star-spangled blue shorts and a red and gold bustier that was trying to hold in place two very large breasts with an explosion of cleavage. She had long dark hair and gorgeous green eyes and was in Nicks appreciation breath-taking he had never seen such a attractive girl before with such a sexy body. Putting her super sister in the shade by almost a head in height this amazon captivated every guy around the table but especially Nick who?s mind raced with wonder at how much taller than himself she would be and how that would make him feel based on his recent experiences. As she sat down Nick from the other side of the table stood up and offered his outline and then finally there was Miss Opposite who had the ability to absorb and reverse superpowers to act as a defence. It was important that all of them socialise and get to know each other initially and Wonderwoman offered that she would leave them whilst they all walked to the standby room which was created to allow the super hero?s not on call to relax.
Nick walked down the corridor behind most of the others and chatted to Thunder Boy, several metres in front he could see the rear of Wondergirl naturally wiggling as she walked. From this distance he could tell she was a lot taller than his 5 ft 11 inches and he felt a compelling urge to walk closer to her and measure himself in comparison but he had to hold back this driving curiosity within him. In the standby area which consisted of a few sofas a coffee table and a massive window overlooking the earth below Nick stood chatting to Thunder Boy and Sonar Boy and found them very friendly and pretty sensible guys. Emulator was already trying on his charm with Supergirl and she didn?t seem to responsive to his forward manor but Nick was dying to get to know Wondergirl
and he decided to brave conversation with her. Wondergirl was sat on one of the sofa?s and she was speaking with Miss Opposite , Nick excused himself from the two hero?s beside him and approached the sofa.
?Hi Micro-lad ,so what do you make of all this ??
?Hi? Nick answered Wondergirl trying not to look down into her more than ample cleavage as she rested on the sofa and he stood there before her rather awkwardly.
?yeh its some organisation isn?t it I only hope that I can live up to their expectations of me?
?Me to? She replied ?You don?t know what its like to have such a famous mother she has made such a difference to the world and I have to follow on from there?
They ended up chatting and hit an instant rapport much to the pleasure of Nick. He also noticed Miss Opposite who looked like a twelve year old or under developed compared to the amazon who she shared the sofa with but she was also very pleasant to chat to , she was pretty and had long straight blonde hair and in her all in one black cat-suit showing of the fact she had a nice figure. But any girl beside Wondergirl would have paled by comparison.
?I think Im going to stretch my legs and have a walk around the station do you guys fancy that??
Wondergirl began
?I would like to take another look at the training room?
?Sure I wouldn?t mind seeing how that Hologram technology works? Nick said genuinely.
Miss Opposite didn?t have a scientific curiosity about her and was pretty disinterested so she declined and then Nick watched in awe as Wondergirl stood up. He watched her long tanned legs in her knee length red high heeled boots as she stood straight and he almost flipped when he saw just how much she towered over him!
This gorgeous girl inches before him confronted his eye level with her bustier he was as tall as her chest and Nick felt both embarrassed and a growing excitement at this discovery. He guessed that Wondergirl was probably over 7ft tall in her heels, Nicks brain went into overdrive asking himself why did she wear such high heels? it wasn?t like she needed the extra inches? Perhaps she enjoys intimidating men? He found himself again liking that notion.
?You can pick your chin up from the floor now?
Wondergirl smiled casually seeing his expression at her towering form.
?Er yeh , sorry I was a bit taken aback by how tall you are?
She grinned
?Yes im pretty big for a girl arent I? Mums 6ft tall and sis is about the same guess Im a bit of an exception but I don?t mind there?s plenty of girls who would swap legs with me given half the chance?
? I can see why? Nick said and wished he hadnt it simply rolled off his tongue.
?I think we are going to get along just fine Micro?
They walked around and into the holographics training room and could see some hero?s training through the window fighting projected foes. One of the hero?s was Iron man and he was holding up a small car whilst a robot adversary fired lasers at him.
?Wow look how strong Iron man is he lifted that car clean off the ground? Nick was impressed he had never really seen hero?s perform such tasks first hand. ?That must weigh over two tons?
?But he?s using both arms Micro I could do that easily with just one of mine?
Wondergirl boasted and Nick looked at her arms , she didn?t have any pronounced muscle she had slim girlish arms albeit longer and thicker ones than normal due to her size , he found that amazing to believe.
?Really? ?
Wondergirl smiled she liked to be doubted and asked Nick to move closer to her , as he did with one arm she grasped the material on his chest in her fist and she easily and steadily lifted Nick clean off his feet about 2 foot in the air!
?Oh boy?
Nick gasped and looked down at this incredible girl who was so much stronger than anyone he had every known.
?Now do you believe me??
?Yes, I wont argue?
Nick smiled and he was set back down on his feet feeling a little turned on by what just happened, he concentrated to control his reactions because his costume was a little snug to hide any excitement.
?So your stronger than your mother then??
?Yes a lot stronger, infact I have most of her powers but I guess im twice as strong as she was in her prime and twice as fast?
They both walked and talked enjoying each others company, Nick wasn?t sure if it was just her nature but Wondergirl seemed to be very forward and flirty, perhaps this was the confidence her size gave her.
?I suppose being so tall is an advantage in this game for you?? Nick questioned striking new conversation fascinated by her sheer imposing presence.
?I love being tall its nice to shock the bad guys when most of them find out how short they are when they only reach up to my chest down here?
She looked across at Nick and noticed that statement included him also
?No offence shorty?
?None taken Legs?
Nick grinned and so did Wondergirl and they made their way around the station and she confronted him about his powers.
?Well you know all about my powers but your powers are interesting?
?They are? I don?t think they are as cool as Thunder boys and the others?
?I think they are, I mean you get to actually see a whole different world , I mean shrinking yourself down real tiny must be really neat. Everything must be so much bigger to you chairs , tables and even people?
?Well yeh its certainly an eye opener but I haven?t really used my powers in front of many people as yet , well not being really tiny that is?
?Must be scary incase you get hurt I suppose??
?Kind of but Im sort of invulnerable when Im really small?
?How small can you make yourself??
?I think one millimetre is my limit its difficult to say?
Wondergirl paused as they walked and turned to him raising her hand and using her thumb and finger to demonstrate a millimetre between them.
?Wow that?s so small! You would be like this tiny to me. ? she began in a semi enthusiastic manor
?You know a cute guy like you had better watch it if you get that small , one of us girls is likely to pick you up and take you home with us?
She laughed and they walked on.
That evening Nick returned back to his home and downloaded the days events to his father , he found himself still thinking about Wondergirl as he laid in bed and felt a little guilty at being attracted to her , Jennifer was so normal by comparison he thought and so short.
The next day was Sunday and he was back in the space station and their training had begun. In the morning they had dilemmas and theory of what to do in various situations and he found all of them appreciated things in such different ways depending on their individual powers.
He found Wondergirl was still as flirtatious towards him as they broke for some lunch in the conference room. She was standing with her sister Supergirl as they both ate some sandwiches and
Nick was stood chatting with Miss Opposite a few feet away.
?Hey Supersis , Did you know Micro-lad there can shrink down to almost any size he thinks of even smaller than an inch tall??
?No way? Supergirl grinned ?We had better watch where we are walking round here I wouldn?t want to step on him. Can you imagine what you could do with a guy that size though??
The two girls spoke aloud knowing only to well Nick was able to overhear their conversation.
?Could I?? Wondergirl smiled widely ?I used to like playing with my toy dolls but it would certainly be interesting to have a live one to play with?
?Hey just think about where you could put a guy that small I mean he would almost fit anywhere
Wondergirl and can you imagine what he would make of girls our size?
?I think we are both too much woman for a tiny little man?
They laughed and teased him with their conversation but Nick was aroused by their talk , what if he did shrink down to a tiny size and he was in the company of women like them. This was something that was starting to appeal to him and the more he thought about it the more he was curious. Nick removed himself from the room with a growing bulge in his tight costume which didn?t go unnoticed by the two sisters. In one of the toilets down the corridor he locked the
door and took a deep breath , those two beautiful girls had got him going with their talk , he wasn?t sure if it was all teasing of if they really liked the idea of seeing him small but being incredibly small wasn?t something he had never done before a sexy woman and the images that flicked through his mind he had a job to ignore. The thought of seeing giant legs as tall as buildings , breasts larger than houses he almost had to take himself in hand but he splashed his face in cold water from the sink.
?Get a grip of yourself Nick? he muttered and he sat trying to get his manhood to waiver.
It was as he was sat that he thought of Jennifer and he reached inside a small compartment in his belt and retrieved a picture of her. Jennifer was looking happy in the picture it was a summer snap with her for once showing a little flesh with her shorts and a t-shirt on. Nick paused as he looked at the photo in his hand and a thought crossed his mind. Putting the photo down he propped it up against the door and then concentrated his shrinking powers. In seconds he was as tall as the photo looking at the image of Jennifer and then he shrank further looking at her image begin to blow up before him like a poster. He was thankful it was a high resolution shot and it didn?t degrade much as he reduced until he was stood there knee high to this photo and receiving a flavor or almost virtual reality of what it would be like to be with his girlfriend using his powers. His manhood rose again as he looked up at this flat 2D impression of his girl and he was officially hooked. Nick knew he had to explore this part of what his powers could offer and he decided to test the water with Jennifer the very next day.
Nick returned to the main conference room and Wondergirl came up behind him her huge breasts just nudging the back of his head and she pinched his rear.
?You didn?t get a little hot under the collar did you Micro??
part 3

?You didn?t get a little hot under the collar did you Micro??
Nick turned looking at her firm orbs meeting his eyes and then up to her face.
?You know Wondergirl if you weren?t so strong I might take you over my knee for being naughty?
He joked which produce a wide smile and a flash of her brilliant white teeth.
?mmm that might be fun to see?
That afternoon Wonderwoman instructed a set of real missions for them to accomplish, she partnered them off and Supergirl was to go with Nick. As they all waited at the teleporter to beam down Wondergirl turned to her sister
?You better take care of my little man?
?He?ll be safe with me sis and try not to be jealous because Im gonna get to see him action?
In moments Nick and Supergirl dematerialised in the sahara desert. They both had been briefed on the objective and this was an exercise in team work. Hidden in the desert was a weapon of potential mass destruction , Superfriends intelligence didn?t know its exact location but they had been tipped of that this device was going to be remotely activated by Dr Octopus that very day to test its destructive power it was their job to make sure this test failed.
The strategy was down to the new Superteens to generate and prove themselves , if things got out of hand a simple press of their new communicator devices would bring the likes of Superman or the other veteran heros. Nick stood with Supergirl looking across the vast expanse of the desert before them. She was a very sexy looking girl in her tight lycra blue top and her short red flared skirt with her long blonde locks blowing in the desert breeze. Nick noticed he was a few inches shorter than her 6ft frame as she wore perhaps 3 inch heels and he was beginning to get used to feeling short around women it was going to be refreshing to see Jennifer the next day to once again tower over a woman.
?Well Micro its just you an me now?
She smiled
?Ill have a little look around and see if I can spot that weapon from the air?
She flew up into the sky very gracefully and Nick was impressed but also feeling he wasn?t really going to be able to contribute to this mission much as he was by definition a normal guy with normal vulnerabilities unless he made himself smaller and what use was a tiny man in the big desert?
After ten minutes Supergirl descended from the sky before Nick.
?Ive found it, its buried in underground in a silo of sorts about 7 miles from here, I used my x-ray vision to scan the terrain?
?Brilliant, hey X-ray vision I forgot you had that power does that mean you know what I look like under my mask??
Nick was concerned for his identity although to be honest he didn?t mind his fellow Superhero?s knowing.
?I checked you out first day Micro , my sister wanted the full report as well I told her you are very good looking?
She smiled
?Oh and by the way we both prefer guys to wear tight briefs and not boxers shorts?
Nick flushed up red this girl could see straight through his costume and he could hide nothing from her!
?Im gonna have to get lead pants? he joked being the only substance that Superman couldnt see through.
?To late ?
She sniggered and then they settled down to business, Nick took from his belt the new communications device he had been given by Superfriends and he dialled into the main computers database.
?Supergirl Im gonna see what info we have on this weapon and how we are best to disable it?
?I guess I could just rip it out of the ground with my bare hands that might be a good start?
Nick smiled knowing she could probably easily do that she was probably the most powerful teenager in the world.
?Well can I just check what we are dealing with first?
He read some of the downloaded schematics and data retrieved by the intelligence and discovered
Things might not be so simple.
?It sais here the weapon is designed to submerge into a silo underground to avoid detection but the weapon is heavily shielded from attack by a force field , oh and this could be an issue for you , the force field is based on kryptonite energy sources?
?They obviously expected my father he couldn?t get within ten feet of that thing, I do share some of his weakness to Kryptonite based energy so my powers might degrade when we get that close. Let me see that ?
Supergirl studied the data.
?This is tougher than I thought we need to get inside that force field and shut it down so we can destroy that thing?
Nick pondered he was bright and shared some of his fathers knowledge perhaps here was where he could add valuable input.
?Here Supergirl look this is a plasma venting port that could be just what we need. And here is the force field generator it connects to the plasma conduit.?
?Even that port is shielded though so I would begin to loose power by it and besides look at the dimensions I couldn?t crawl through it? She looked at Nick ? But you could?
?Exactly , if you can get me up to that vent I can pass through the shielding because Im am semi-invulnerable at small sizes and I can make my way into this chamber here and damage the force field generator and hey presto the force field fails and you can trash the weapon?
?Brilliant!? Supergirl beamed and in her excitement she kissed Nicks cheek.
?Ok Micro , we?ve got 7 miles to cover fancy a lift??
Nick nodded and Supergirl stepped behind him , he felt the soft touch of her breasts on his back as she put her arms around him and suddenly she launched them into the air soaring over the baron desert.
?You ok handsome??
Supergirl asked as she increased their speed.
?Fine just a little nervous of heights that?s all?
?Sorry Ill fly lower?
In a few minutes they set down by a flat section of sand.
?That?s it?
?Where? Nick looked around blankly.
?The vents above us its got some sort of stealth shielding perhaps this will help?
Supergirl flicked some sand into the air and it settled as if floating as it laid upon some invisible structure. Nick could make out a square shaft but the opening was ten feet high.
?Im losing my powers already here Micro I can feel the force fields proximity?
?Then we need to move fast?
?let me check the seal on the end of that vent? she offered and she flew up to the semi visible
opening and reached out. Nick could see she was gripping something with both hands and she was struggling to lift it up. ?This vented flap is heavy Micro im getting weak and its spring loaded?
As she lifted it up fully the stealth shielding didn?t obscure the inside and clearly there was a opening but it was a very small shaft within. Landing back down Supergirl was clearly a little tired from her effort.
?That was heavy I guess my super strength is temporarily gone I need both hands to hold that thing open before it snaps back and somehow ive got to lift you up there and hover at the same time although I may loose my ability to fly shortly??
Nick had to think fast ? can we prop it open??
?What with there?s nothing for miles and I think it would crush most things, I think I have to hold it whilst you climb into the shaft but unless you can neutralise the force field I wont regain my full powers to help you out of there or destroy that thing?
Suddenly the ground trembled a little as sand began to swirl a few metres away , the weapon was rising from the depths ready for its test.
?What ever we are gonna do we better do it soon according to the data it takes twenty minutes for that thing to prime itself once its in position?
Nick said with urgency in his voice.
?Well I guess this is when I get to see you in action so you better start shrinking down?
What pressure Nick thought and not quite the circumstances he wanted to become small before a good looking girl like this.
?How small will I need to be for the shaft??
?About 4 inches max ?
?Here goes?
Nick concentrated and he watched Supergirl become taller and taller as he shrunk himself down before her. Past her firm breasts , level with her waist then her knees , then her ankles!
He stood before her red high heeled boots and looked up at her magnificent giant body , she was the first giantess he had ever really seen and despite the seriousness of their mission he was a little speechless at how wonderful she looked at this scale. Way above her breasts took on new proportions he couldn?t see her face they pushed out so far in her tight blue top stretching that famous S symbol so defiantly.
?Micro that was just awesome? her voice boomed and he held his ears for a second ?oops sorry? she lowered her speech ?Your so small ?
She picked Nick up in one hand, this was another new experience a hand that was almost covering his whole 4 inch tall body with huge fingers wrapped firmly around him. It felt so safe to be held by her this way and Nick was unable to speak he so enthralled by her every grand action as she lifted him up to her face.
?Boy I wish we didn?t have a mission right now shorty you are so adorable like this?
Nick was unable to respond and felt he was in sensory overload. Her pretty face was only several feet away in Nicks perspective and he was mesmerised by the scale of her beauty.
?You ok tiny??
?Err yeh? Nick managed.
?Well we haven?t much time to loose , Im going to fly up there again if I still can and lift up that flap to let you in. If you hold onto a few strands of my long hair then you should be able to swing yourself in?
Nick waited for Supergirl to sway her long blonde hair over to him which she did in seconds and it consumed him in a mass of silky smooth hairs that smelt simply so feminine with a wonderful clean scent. The touch of her hair was stimulating in its self but Nick had to concentrate peoples lives would be at stake if they failed. He grabbed a clump of the hair and Supergirl flew up with him dangling from her golden locks. Nick didn?t dare look down as she hovered and lifted with all her dwindling might the vented flap. Swinging like a miniature tarzan Nick managed to hurl himself into the shaft that had been revealed. He landed a little ungracefully but he was fine. The flap shut as Supergirls muscles couldn?t take anymore strain and Nick was on his own. He walked down the shaft it was steep but had ridges so his descent was rapid.
?Are you in ok??
Supergirls voice came over his communicator built into his costume.
?No problem?
?Great , I think my powers are pretty much drained you?ll have to stop that force field so I can regain them and destroy this thing , at present Im no more use than a normal 19 year old girl?
Nick made his way along inside and came to a junction where the plasma venting shaft met the main plasma generator. It was lucky he had the protection of his invulnerable state when smaller or he would have fried in the heat the equipment was giving out below him. Recalling the schematics he had seen he found his way to the circuitry that was most vulnerable to attack.
Meanwhile outside the ground began to rumble and tons of sand shifted as the weapon began to lift itself out of its underground silo and into view. Supergirl backed away unable to stop its gradual assent.
?hey Micro , things are happening out here !?
She alerted and Nick was all too aware as the machinery around him began to move.
?Im on it!?
He looked up at an array of circuits that he knew controlled the force field activation , being so small there was no way he could exert enough strength to smash them but perhaps his gadgets in his belt might help. He reached into a compartment in his belt and found the laser cutter his father informed him of which had allowed his father to get himself out of many a trap. Energising the small knife he thrust its glowing tip into the circuits and a shower of sparks ensued cascading all round him.
The force field was going down!
Nick hauled himself back into the shaft and made his way up its length.
?Supergirl! Mission accomplished can you get me out of here ??
?Good job squirt Ill be waiting for you?
When Nick scrambled up the shaft he was confronted by the vented exit flap which instantly opened as Supergirl lifted it up. From his precarious position on the lip of the shaft Nick could see a huge fall below into the sand and as he looked across he could see the hovering body of Supergirl.
Her face was partially in view obscured by the flap she held open, but her chest was dominating the end of the shaft it was a sight Nick would never forget. Her ample curves challenged her tight blue costume forming twin bulges taller than Nick was at his current size and wider than the shaft by far. The v neck line of her top offered a visible cleavage line which defined the meeting of those firm orbs of jiggling female flesh and was a teasing display to any man of normal stature but to Nick it was a glorious sexy vision he could only have imagined. For a few lingering seconds he was astounded by what met his eyes when Supergirls booming voice snapped him out of it.
?Come on tiny what are you waiting for jump?
Nick looked before him her long blonde hair fluttered in the desert breeze behind her as she was suspended in the air. There was no way he could reach for her hair.
?Supergirl there?s nothing for me to grab hold of!?
?Come on tiny , just jump on me?
Nick could sense the urgency in her voice and he hurled himself out towards her and landed on the base of her neck face down into her skin. As he was semi-invulnerable the impact didn?t hurt him but he had nothing to hold onto. He began to slip down her front and her smooth skin provided no grip to his fingers , suddenly he felt his boots begin to touch the two sides of her breasts as he was straddling the gap of her cleavage.
In his dilemma and noting the fall below should he tumble off of her he made a quick decision to shrink himself more. Nick in an instant was barely 2 inches tall and his legs slipped down between the curves of the sides of her huge breasts until he fell into the depths of her giant-sized cleavage and under her top!
Nick found himself caught and suspended at the base of Supergirls bra held by the silky soft netting. Beside him and towering above were her two now enormous giant breasts. He felt so incredibly turned on now it was impossible for him to contain his arousal. For those brief few seconds as
Supergirl descended to the ground Nick was in heaven. She landed and smiled broadly at Nicks predicament and what he had been forced to do.
part 4

?Hey squirt did you find a soft landing down there?? she teased ?well you had better stay safe in there for a while whilst I destroy this thing, my super boobs will shield you from harm?
Supergirl found her power returning as the effects from the disabled force field began to fully subside and she flew up to the weapons column like structure that had risen into view. Simply punching the metal with a super blow from her fist the mighty teen shattered the outer casing and bent the column in half buckling it and causing a explosion to erupt from within. Nick was jostled around between her breasts in the shockwave but wasn?t harmed. The device was trashed and now smouldering in an electric fire. Taking a long hard look at her handy work the Super teen landed on a nearby sand ridge and then looked down at Nick in her top. Nick was still fully aroused he had never experienced such a stimulus as where he found himself now he looked up out of the opening of her top and met her big blue eyes peering down at him.
?Mission accomplished squirt?
Supergirl smiled at the sight of Nick immersed in her woman flesh so helplessly.
?Hey squirt you look a lot smaller than before I mean your positively tiny compared to my well you know, compared to my?.um?boobs.?
?You?re a very big girl? Nick said meekly
Supergirl grinned.
?Well I think we make a good team Micro and you make a nice accessory for a big girl like me?
Nick felt two huge fingers come in to retrieve him , her fingers slightly pinned his arms at his sides as he was extracted from what to Nick was a paradise that had his blood flowing to all the right places, but this was also a problem. As he was held before her huge face his hands unable to reach across so he could conceal himself, his evident enjoyment was bulging in his tight costume.
Supergirl saw this almost instantly and it resulted in a very big smile flashing her white sparkling movie star teeth she wasn?t embarrassed at all but Nick beneath his mask was flushed bright red.
?I see your like working with me as well? She lowered Nick into her palm and Nick just didn?t know what to say.
Monday came and Nick was eager to see Jennifer. He hadn?t slept well that night and found himself constantly fantasizing about being tiny whilst being intimate with a normal size girl. The episode with Supergirl had affected him more than he thought and it was now clear to him that he found a part of his powers he very much enjoyed. Jennifer wasn?t at University that day and she called his mobile to inform she had been delayed at her family visit with car troubles and she was so sorry but she would see him Tuesday.
That evening Nick was called to the Superfriends HQ for some training and he was keen. He felt conscious after his first mission and hoped he wouldn?t run into Supergirl until she might have forgotten the incident with his arousal.
As he materialised on the platform in full costume Miss Opposite was there to greet him.
?Hey Microlad your a little late?
?Hi , yeh sorry im well just getting to grips with this whole Superhero thing that?s all?
?Well, the others have been partnered off and you?re my partner for this exercise.?
?Oh and what?s in store for us then??
Nick walked down the corridor with the cat suited superhero and felt a little strange that she was shorter than him , in the past few days this in its self seemed a bit of a novelty.
They walked into one of the training rooms and Nick and Miss Opposite sat down on chairs.
?Right well, the brief is that we are supposed to share our weaknesses , Wonderwoman said that you can be stronger if you learn to accept your limitations and vulnerabilities?
Miss Opposite began
?So shall I start??
Nick nodded.
?My power is based on temporarily absorbing and reversing another?s energy its handy when im fighting supervillians as usually I can defend or attack them with an opposite force but I guess my weakness is controlling the power.?
?How so??
Nick looked at the attractive girl before him she wasn?t as stunning as Wondergirl or Supergirl but she was very pretty he hadn?t met an unattractive Superhero yet.
?Well I once squared up to this guy who was like a freezer on legs Arctic man I think was what he called himself and he was a real supervillian. He terrorised the town I live in by freezing people and stealing their jewellery and then began to break into the banks by freezing the safe doors so cold a simple touch would shatter them. When he confronted me I opened out my hands and took onboard his reverse power and like the human torch I suddenly had fire power, you know throwing flames out from my hands?
?wow that?s great so you could un-freeze everything he had frozen and??
Miss Opposite jumped in before Nick finished.
?Not quite , well I did stop him but not before I set light to the inside of the bank. I mean no one was harmed they all fled earlier but I just struggled to regulate how much power I generated?
?Guess that is a little worrying your having to learn new powers all the time and for temporary periods?
?Yeh and sometimes if I use the new powers to their full potential then I exhaust them and loose them very quickly so I don?t get time to learn them in any great detail. So how do we address my weakness do you think? Wonderwoman said to come up with ideas if we can??
Nick paused in thought and offered
?Well why not use the database here of the supervillians you will most likely face and research their powers so you know a little of what to expect when you may encounter one at least you will be prepared for any unexpected abilities.?
?I guess that may help? she smiled and then prompted Nick to open up to her.
?As for me my powers are I suppose very different im not vulnerable when im small to be damaged but I don?t have a superstrength to match my size so I can be caught or captured that?s a definite weakness?
?mmm I suppose even a little girl would pose a challenge to you when your really tiny?
?Well yes?
Nick didn?t like admitting this the thought of a hostile grabbing him whilst shrunk was unnerving but a little humiliating when Miss Opposite confirmed that he was helpless even to small children.
?Then I guess your way to combat that is to build a defence?
?Im sorry??
Nick was confused
? Well you obviously wear a utility belt like Batman there why don?t you modify your costume to emit a jolt of electricity to force a villain to drop you from the shock??
?Yeh I guess that may help?
Nick could see she had a good head on her and they jotted down on the computer in the room their notes following which Miss Opposite looked at Nick in a curious manor she stood up and held her hands out.
?what are you doing?? Nick looked a little concerned as Miss Opposite glowed red from head to toe for the briefest of seconds.
?I just wanted to try your opposite energy out? she smiled and instantly concentrated and made herself taller rising head and shoulders above Nick.
?this is such a rush, look at me I must be as tall as Wondergirl is ?
A few seconds later she rose again now standing about 12 feet tall and Nicks appreciation of Miss Opposite almost doubled with her increase in size, she looked like a mighty amazon. Her modest curves in her black cat-suit now looked very generous indeed and she simply dominated his view
?oh this is so incredible look at me I must grow more?
?Hey Miss Opp don?t you think you should stop now??
Nick reasoned seeing the situation may get out of control but Miss Opposite continued to grow. Her legs began to rise before Nick and he watched her head hit the tall ceiling as she must have become about 20 feet tall. But then she started to become concerned as her fun ceased.
?Micro! I can stop it I cant stop growing!?
Looking up at her concerned Nick didn?t know what to do.
?Concentrate think small, come on!?
He shouted but now she was forced to kneel to stop her head pushing into the ceiling , Nick backed off as this pretty blonde began to fill the room. She straightened her legs and a huge boot came towards Nick forcing him back , the table was crushed by her other leg as it expanded across the room and now she was starting to lay down on her side to accommodate her growing body in the rooms dimensions!
Nick ran through the sliding door of the room and down the corridor and found Wonderwoman in an instant who was checking in on all the super students. Returning to the room the doors opened and the sole of a mighty boot blocked the doorway entirely.
?Make it stop!?
Miss Opposite pleaded
?Help me Im huge! This rooms too small for me!?
?Her new power she absorbed is out of control, we must act fast?
Wonder woman dramatically ran down the corridor by which time most of the other students began to gather at the doorway with Nick.
?Is that Opposites boot?? Supergirl looked shocked
?She?s gonna break the hull!?
Shrieked Sonar boy as the whole station began to struggle to accommodate Miss Opposite.
Suddenly Iron Man and Wonderwoman returned and she was now brandishing what looked like a gun.
?No Mother!?
Wondergirl flashed into view and restrained her mothers arm from pointing the device.
?Its ok, it?s a portable transporter beam?
Iron Mans voice echoed in the corridor.
Seconds later Wonderwoman fired a beam and Miss Opposite disappeared from sight. Nick raced into the room with the others the two side walls of the room had massive dents in the metal structure from Miss Opposites elbows and looking up there was two dents where her knees had forced into the ceiling.
?wow she was huge look what her knees did? Supergirl gasped
?That?s not all look at these!? beckoned Thunderboy and all of them looked across the ceiling at two much larger dome shaped dents which could only have been created by her chest!
?It?s a good job she wasn?t as well blessed as I am in that department she would have totalled the ceiling!?
Wondergirl laughed.
?Where is she now??
Iron Man looked across at Wonderwoman who was fiddling with the readouts on the device in her hand.
?I didn?t have chance to check , wait a minute here it is the confirmation of her teleport she is in
Paris! We had better send a team to check on her, quickly Micro-lad you might be able to help as its your reverse power she is struggling with and Wondergirl lets go!?

part 5

They handed Iron man the device and he sent all three of them to join Miss Opposite in Paris.
Nick materialised stood between the amazon mother and daughter and found himself a few hundred feet away from the Eiffel Tower. They didn?t have to search for Miss Opposite she was about half as tall as the landmark and rising looking very uncomfortable with her giant growth spurt as she tried not to damage cars and architecture below at her feet.
?She?s enormous!? Wondergirl looked on amazed to see this blonde teenager rivalling the Eiffel Tower.
?You can say that again? Nick shook his head and desperately tried to think of what they could do.
Sirens of emergency vehicles began to get closer.
?Well what ever we are gonna do we had better do it now before she gets any bigger?
Wonderwoman began ?Micro-lad any ideas??
?Yes, I remember she told me a story how she exhausts powers and looses them when she uses them to the full potential I think we must encourage her to grow more?
Wonder girl faced up to Nick ?Micro she?s already about 150 feet tall are you sure about that??
Wonder woman smiled ? He?s right , good thinking Micro-lad we have to burn her energy out we must tell her to force herself to grow more. ?
?Mother the crowd we have to help out?
Nick could see what was alarming Wondergirl people began to gather innocently not to far from Miss Opposites feet things looked like they could get a little dangerous.
?Micro-lad , Wondergirl and I will control the crowds and keep them safe you must instruct to Miss Opposite.?
All three of them ran towards the scene by which time Miss Opposite was beginning to rise above the Tower in height she hadnt noticed her colleagues below as she shuffled her feet to make room for them on the roads below. He huge left foot nudged an abandoned lorry which teetered on its side under the force. Like lightening Wondergirl ran to the side of the lorry and lifted it up stopping it falling and carried it to a safe distance with the crowds of on-lookers cheering her. Wonder-woman began to shout at all the pedestrians to keep back . Nick who was now stood by one of Miss Opposites boots looked up at her and waved his arms for attention and shouted. But his calls and movements failed to gain her gaze.
?She doesn?t hear me Im too small to her! ?
Wondergirl ran to the side of Nick assessing the situation.
?My god look at her no wonder she doesn?t notice us easily?
Miss Opposite was now so tall her chest levelled with the Tower.
?Micro you said you are invulnerable when you get small didn?t you??
Nick turned to the beautiful 7ft amazon ?yes but hows that help??
?Shrink down to like a foot tall or so and Ill throw you up to her ear?
?erm? Nick wasn?t sure he fancied being hurled in such a manor
?Come on Micro before she gets too tall I cant send you that high!?
Wondergirl stepped behind Nick and placed her hands under his armpits as he began to reduce.
He wished secretly he was facing the other way but he had to keep his mind on the job. In seconds his feet left the ground as Wondergirl suspended him with ease and he started to reduce to child like proportions. Her hands began to get larger around him until one hand held him aroud his whole upper body.
?That?s small enough cutie? He felt her breath on the back of his neck for a brief second and then her arm raised him back as Wondergirls super strength launched him into the sky. Nick soared like a bird and Miss Opposites black costume flashed past his vision as he ascended until he saw her hair and he smashed into its soft mass. He slid down a rope sized blonde hair strand and swung onto a simple giant loop of an earring just below a monstrous ear.
Settling himself he enlarged to normal and his head reached just past her earlobe as he stood on the earring. She was gigantic!
?Miss Opposite ! Concentrate on growing ! Use your power to the full! Burn it out!?
He shouted and her giant head swung around swishing her hair across him nearly shaking him off.
?Make myself bigger??
Her voice boomed.
?Yes ! bigger , grow Miss Opposite grow like never before burn this power out!?
?Of course? Miss Opposite realised the plan and concentrated. In an instant she was almost double in size and Nick fell onto the huge earring hugging it.
The tower now reached her thighs and she could be seen for miles around. But it didn?t stop there and Miss Opposite became larger still!
Down below Wonder woman had managed to get everyone to back off and seeing the size of the huge teenage superhero many retreated in fear.
Finally Miss Opposite topped out at perhaps 1000 feet tall , Nick laid precariously on her earring the wind was quite significant at this level he looked down her body and the people below. What a giantess she was ! Her legs had to be 450 plus feet high Nick imagined that she could almost pluck the Eiffel Tower out of the ground and use it for a dildo she was so massive, the thought amused him despite his current predicament. He couldn?t help but see the depths of Miss Opposites neck line below and how formidable her once modest chest had become. Far below and over her mega body Nick could see how tiny everyone looked and how huge this titanic girl had become , she could have stomped Paris?s landmarks just for fun and no one could have stopped her. Miss Opposite walked stepping with a giant stride to a piece of grassed park area so she could avoid the tiny crowd. She hadnt noticed however that as her boot settled she did crush a small tree.
?Im a giantess ? her booming voice blasted over Paris probably heard for a mile or more.
?I can see for miles over this tiny city?
Miss Opposite was feeling a rush of power from her new size
?Im the biggest woman in the world?
Nick found himself hanging now by his arms from her earring and didn?t like the look of the fall below one little bit. Miss Opposite seemed oblivious to his presence and was looking around turning her head this way and that challenging his grip but not on purpose.
Suddenly she began to return to normal rapidly loosing her height. 600 feet , 500 feet and faster at that moment Miss Opposite was still turning her head and Nicks fingers slipped and he fell out just missing her shoulder and down the side of her body. Down and down he fell at his full size unable to save himself his life flashing before his eyes when Wondergirl leapt into action and jumped a super leap of 60 feet from the ground below and caught him in her arms landing gently with a surprised and thankful Nick.
Nick felt the embrace of the huge amazon as she gently put him down on his feet and he looked up into her eyes ?thankyou? he said humbly
?anytime sweetie?
She smiled and then they both turned to see that Miss Opposite was now down to 15ft , 10ft and then normal size. Police and reporters began to gather and Wonderwoman rushed over to the 3 of them speaking into a communication device ?Iron Man get us out of here now please?
With that they all got transported to the spacestation once more and Wonderwoman took Miss Opposite away for a few words on safety.

The late night news broadcasted the giant woman of Paris story and in the morning it filled every paper , Nick delighted in seeing one such picture on his way back from University as he sat in the park reading the article. He could see on the image Miss Opposite and how she dwarfed the Eiffel Tower and it prompted him to recall just how huge she had really become. There was even a small mention upon Micro Lads involvement which made him feel like he had now become known to the world although not nearly as much as Miss Opposite dominating the sky line of a capitol city. What he would have given to see Wondergirl that size, he smiled at the sheer thought and then thoughts of Jennifer popped into his mind with sudden guilt. He hadnt seen her all day was she back? As if on queue he heard her voice calling from a far and he stood up to see her smiling and walking his way. Nick smiled back and looked at his girlfriend who was so much less exciting than the new women in his other life. Jennifer was typically wearing a black skirt just below her knees and a loose white blouse with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her glasses glinted in the Sun as she walked closer and he couldn?t help but think that he needed to work on Jennifer a bit try and bring her out of herself a little and perhaps convince her to dress a little bit more summery. A short skirt once in a while and perhaps show a bit of skin, she did have a nice figure he knew that. She was slim and had a nice pair of shapely legs and even though her bust was modest it was a handful perhaps a 36 C cup at best.
Jennifer smiled as she walked closer to Nick and then put her arms up and around his neck as they kissed. ?Nick I missed you?
?Me too , hows the family was it a good visit??
?Oh you know same old boring stuff , walk me to my place??
?Yeh sure?
They walked and Nick put his arm around Jennifer as they strolled, he couldn?t help but compare her with his super colleagues how she seemed so reserved and so normal to be next to , he didn?t feel the same buzz as he did in the presence of Wondergirl or Supergirl and wondered if he could attribute that not only to the way Jennifer dressed so conservatively but also because she was so short in comparison, her 5 foot 4 frame was little higher in her flat shoes and he thought to himself that he had never even seen her in heels whilst they had been going out perhaps he should encourage her to wear them by laying on a few hints? As they chatted he felt more guilty with his mind constantly running through how he could change this girl to make her more exciting and then his final thought turned to changing himself. What if he did reveal his power to Jennifer, shrinking down in her presence when they were alone how would she feel about that ?
Surprisingly the subject of height came up from Jennifer when they reached her place. She fixed Nick a cold beer as he sat on her sofa.
?Did you catch the news Nick ? that giant woman?
?Yeh, I err read it in the paper as well, amazing eh??
Jennifer walked back to the sofa and settled down beside him.
?They said she could be seen for miles she was that huge can you imagine being that big??
Nick decided he could play on this conversation a little.
?Yeh I could imagine you being that big I think you?d look pretty awesome?
?Really?? Jennifer laughed at the thought
?Yeh Im serious?
?I guess it would be fun walking through the little cities towering over the biggest buildings with all the tiny people looking up at me in awe?
?Hey I would be one of the tiny people?
?Wow your right you?d be like teeny tiny to me?
Nick was getting very aroused as they discussed the topic should he tell her? Should he go further?
Jennifer turned to him and placed her hand on his lap there was no denying the flag pole that was being raised in his trousers and she noticed it as her hand rested by his upper thigh.
?I think you?d like me to be that big wouldn?t you Nick??
He looked at his own nervous reflection in her glasses.
? Ive well err ?
?Hey its only us here go on..? She encouraged and Nick broke a half smile.
?Yes I would, I don?t know why but that would be awesome?
?I didn?t think we had an secrets between us Nick why haven?t you told me this before??
?Jen its not the sort of thing a guy just comes out with its kind of embarrassing?
She moved in closer to him.
?I don?t find it embarrassing I think its sweet that you would like me to be a giant woman and pretty sexy?
?zzzzzzzz? Nick felt his pager vibrate in his back pocket it was his Super-teens alert summons.
?Not now? he cussed.
?Im sorry?? Jennifer backed off confused.
?No, no Jen its not you my new pager has just gone off just when I was starting to like where our conversation was going, blast?
?cant you just ignore it, who is it anyhow??
Nick knew he couldn?t ignore his new Superhero responsibilities this summons could be a disaster or threat to the world infact anything and time was of the essence to report to the space station.
He had to make excuses fast.
?Jen Im so sorry I cant ignore it , you see Dads out and he kind of left me in charge of some equipment you know how he tinkers with electronics and stuff. He err has this new power generator you know to try and run our house so we don?t have to pay for power and all but he was testing it and left it warming up.?
?so whys your pager going off??
?Oh he rigged the system to page me if I needed to go home in an emergency cause he had to go out , it um , its telling me the things getting too hot and might fry itself?
?So we have to go to your house ad switch it off right??
?No I can handle it babe you just wait here for me I might only be a couple of hours or so whilst I make sure its cooling down , listen why don?t you get a bottle of wine and Ill be back later to enjoy it with you?we could spend the evening together it doesn?t seem like we?ve been spent much time alone for a while?
?I know? Her face was showing her disappointment but she decided that it would be boring to watch some generator thing power down.
?Ill be waiting Nick right here?
He stood up and began to walk for the door
?Hey ? her hand grabbed his arm and he turned to look down at her ?how about a kiss??

part 6

Nick kissed her and left running down the road. Before long he was home and his father was actually out , he felt so bad lying to Jennifer and more than a touch frustrated that their special moment had been interrupted. Donning his costume he beamed up to the spacestation.
The corridors seemed empty no signs of a mass rush of superheroes charging to the briefing area.
As he entered the main ready room he was surprised to see no one there. A hoax call ? He thought but as he turned to walk out he almost jumped to see Supergirl behind him.
?Hey Micro? The beautiful blonde greeted very casually.
?Supergirl what gives ? Where is everyone? I thought there was an emergency?
?There is, but there?s no panic. Mum , Wonder woman has gone to stake out a situation seems that
she?s had a tip off some of the most notorious super villains are meeting at the Starsburg Hotel complex it?s the one owned by the King Pin , she wants to keep an eye on it to see if she can find out what they are up to and asked me as I was on duty up here monitoring to select a small team to assist. We need to beam down in about half an hour as back up.?
Nick grimaced a little that he had half an hour to kill in the spacestation when things may have got interesting with Jennifer if he had been able to stay.
?And you picked me? Why??
?Two reasons? She grinned and he watched her hover over to the table in the middle of the room and sit upon it with her long legs crossed.
?One because we might need a small man to get in there and there?s no more perfect a spy than you? she now was smiling confidently and secondly ? because I fancy you like crazy and wanted to you all to myself for a little while?
Nick gulped as Supergirl toyed with a few stray blonde locks of hair that had fallen across her left cheek ?You know Micro the other day when we went on that mission together I really enjoyed it when you where so small to me? Nick didn?t know what to say or do Supergirl was a real babe he thought but he liked Wondergirl, he slapped his inner mind for that stray thought and tried again to think straight . He loved Jennifer and this here was all a fantasy second life he was living.
?I err don?t know what to say Supergirl? He looked across at her but she was gone? Suddenly behind him he felt her breathy voice in his right ear ?You don?t need to say anything Micro actions speak louder than words? Nick realised she must have used her superspeed to dart behind him.
He turned to her and she was floating a few feet in the air so he was looking across at her tight blue top with the dramatic S symbol as she looked down at him.
?I really did enjoy seeing how small you were , would you shrink for me now??
?Look Supergirl I cant, I mean? Nick fumbled and turned to look away from this distracting flying girl and began to walk out the door he could think of nothing else to do in the situation he couldn?t let things get out of hand. Suddenly Supergirl descended right in his path having flown clean over his head and touching down she confronted him eye to eye.
?Come on Micro don?t deny it you enjoyed being with me too I know?
Nick put his hands on her arms and went to gently guide her to one side but realised she wasn?t moving out of his way.
?Speak to me Micro tell me that you don?t fancy me and Ill leave you alone.? His lips remained firm ?Imagine it Micro going out with Supergirl my powerful body pressed to yours , imagine making love to me whilst we soared over the city high above the clouds. A girl who could caress you all over at Superspeed so you felt like a hundred women?s hands or a hundred women?s lips were touching you at the same time but everywhere, and a girl who could over power you with her little finger big or small?
Nick felt turned on by her words but this seemed so wrong.
?Supergirl you are lovely but?
?Don?t fight it Micro?
He backed away one step and Supergirl still smiling confidently stepped aside as if to let him pass.
?I know you want me Micro but your afraid to admit it?
?Im sorry Supergirl? he smiled at her and walked past when suddenly he felt his legs pull together and he fell to the floor. Turning around he could see he was caught by the loop of a golden glowing lasso it was Wondergirls lasso of truth the same as her mothers. Supergirl was again sat on the table her legs now up on it slightly bent looking very provocative. She smiled delighted as she began to effortlessly reel in her man. It was no use resisting Nick hadnt the slightest portion of the strength this girl could call upon. Like a cowgirl she had roped him and he was gently sliding on his back towards her. The rope began to glow with its own magical power and Nick felt it tapping into his brain it was a pleasant sensation almost a high, he knew the almost hypnotic effects this lasso was consuming him with would leave him vulnerable whilst it held him. Both Wondergirl and her mother used the lasso?s from time to time to both capture criminals but also to interrogate them as no one could counter the compulsion to speak the truth when its aura enveloped them.
Supergirl waited until he was close to the desk before she stepped down and stood there looking down at him laid on his back at her feet. Nick by now had no drive to stand up or remove the lasso he was calmly under its spell.
?Oh Micro, you are so shy. I didn?t want to use my sisters Lasso on you but you left me no choice handsome I need you to admit you want me that?s all?
Nick looked up at her so dominant before him he felt helpless.
?So Micro? she grinned ?Now do you like my body? Do you think my body is sexy??
Almost instantly Nick responded his voice tranquil and relaxed ?Yes Supergirl your body is very sexy? ?am I beautiful Micro??
?You are very beautiful?
Supergirl giggled pleased with herself ? Oh this is so good?
?Tell me Micro did it turn you on when you became small before me that first time??
?Yes , I was excited to be near a giantess?
?I knew it!? she exclaimed and thought about what to ask him next?
?Would you like to shrink right now and be close to a super giantess again??
?Well shrink then Micro , stand up and shrink yourself smaller and this lasso , how small would you like to be Micro??
?Small? Nick sighed and got to his feet and slowly began to reduce in height as Supergirl crouched down before him watching him dwindle away .
?I want you to be tiny Micro like a little doll , my little doll , make yourself 6 inches tall Micro?
?Yes six inches? a dreamy response came from Nick who watched as Supergirl towered over him and took on giant proportions once again in his eyes. Suddenly he found himself stood at her bright red high heeled boots not even as tall as her ankle his two feet still bound by the glowing lasso.
?God I love seeing you do that its such a rush?
Supergirl reached out her hand and picked Nick up from the floor holding him to her face as she studied him. ?You like it when I pick you up like this and hold you don?t you Micro??
?I like being held by you Supergirl your hand is so big and warm?
Nick found he was unable to deny any of his inner thoughts he was opening up so completely honest to this super teenager and there wasn?t anything he could do about it, he hoped she wouldn?t ask for his true identity but then he hoped a lot of things right now and he especially didn?t trust how faithful he would be to Jennifer if this beautiful blonde asked him to do something he couldn?t refuse.
?mmm, you like my big hands eh? You like it when I touch you??
Holding Nick in her left hand Supergirl ran her large pole sized fingers along his chest and down his body.
?Do you want me to kiss you with these giant lips of mine??
?Yes I want you to kiss me Supergirl?
?Shall I take your little mask and costume off so you can feel my lips on your tiny body??
Nick looked up at her face her long golden hair fell around him and those lips so dangerously close he could almost touch them.
?Yes undress me?
Nick felt so weak willed how far would he let her go? Just as Supergirl was about to use a long finger nail to lift off his mask her super hearing alerted her to another presence.
?Sis ? What are you doing to Micro??
Wondergirl almost bounded into the room to see her sister about to strip Microlad and she didn?t look pleased.
?I don?t believe you, I knew you had taken my lasso but I didn?t expect this . Put him down your taking advantage of him its not right.?
?What the hell are you doing here? Its none of your business Micro wants me to play with him?
?Your talking to his dick not his heart when that lasso is active , of course he?s willing?
Wondergirl moved closer and realised Microlads size in her sisters hand.
?You made him shrink himself as well? He?s tiny?
?No he wanted to shrink I only suggested it to him isn?t he gorgeous??
?Yes but this isn?t fair you should release him now?
?Oh I see your jealous arent you , you big amazon , I know you have the hots for him and you hate it because he likes me better..?
Nick still in a dreamy state wasn?t aware Wondergirl was in the room he was still focused on Supergirl holding him, the effects of the lasso made him oblivious to everything except who held the other end and Supergirl had the now small lasso secured between her fingers.
?Im not going to argue sis put him down?
?Face it Wondergirl you just don?t want me to have him Ive seen the way you look at him. Why don?t we let him decide who he wants to be with??
Wondergirl frowned at her sister.
?Micro what do you think of my sister Wondergirl?
?She is gorgeous? came Nicks response which brought a smile to Wondergirl?s pretty features ?Ok Micro answer me this if you had a choice between me and Wondergirl who would you want to be with more, who turns you on the most??
Images came flooding into Nicks brain of Wondergirl there was no competition.
?Wondergirl turns me on, she is gorgeous? he repeated like a robot much to the displeasure of Supergirl who muttered ? I don?t believe it he could have me and he chooses a lanky top heavy amazon like you?
? I guess he really does like big girls , now hand him to me and get out of here before I let mum know what you?ve been up to?
Supergirl looked totally dejected and handed Microlad over to the even larger grasp of Wondergirls and she walked off , looking back over her shoulder she shouted.
?You better make him forget this little incident because mum needs him on a mission in about 10 minutes time?
?I know she contacted me because she couldn?t raise you on the main communicator and I can see why now, anyway don?t worry Im on the mission now as well.?
Supergirl left and the automatic doors closed behind her leaving Wondergirl staring down at the diminutive form of Microlad held in her hand. She sat down in one of the chairs which looked too small for her and smiled at him.
?Hello Micro its me Wondergirl?
Nicks dream like state had just got better he was looking up to Wondergirl her stunning smile and those big green eyes.
?Wondergirl? he smiled as she began to loosen the lasso from his feet when she paused, it was too good a situation to miss out on to satisfy her curiosity whilst he was obliged to speak the truth.
?Micro do you really think Im gorgeous?
?Yes incredibly gorgeous so tall and so sexy, I love how tall you are?
Wondergirl bit her lower lip as she continued.
?What is it you like about my me Micro??
?Your breasts your wonderful big breasts?
Wondergirl couldn?t resist the temptation he was so cute this size. She tilted his him so her enormous cleavage came into his view. Nick looked across at two huge hills of boob flesh held together in her tight red and gold costume never before had he seen tits so huge. He became harder than ever and Wondergirl noting his response pulled him in even closer to her so her top was all he could possibly see.
?Is this better Micro are these what you want??
?yes they are so big and im so small?
?You are small Micro so small by my breasts. They are bigger than you are do you like being smaller than them??
Wondergirl found herself getting quite aroused it was so erotic to be holding Microlad this way so completely under her control.
?I want to be smaller than them I love how big they are?
?How small do you want to be Micro tell me ? Tell me what would you?d like to do with my huge breasts??
?I want to shrink in your cleavage I want you to smother me in your great breasts?
By now Nick was on the verge of coming and Wondergirl could see his tiny member trying to break free of his costume. She wanted to pleasure him , she wanted to make his wishes come true but she had to calm down before she was as bad as her sister it wasn?t right to take advantage of him this way for all she knew he already had a girlfriend. She took a few deep breaths and with all her will power she put him down on floor at her feet. Nick looked up in total frustration as those heavenly globes moved away from him.
?listen to me carefully Micro grow yourself back up to your normal size and this lasso? Nick gradually began to attain height. Wondergirl sighed and watch him grow. ? tell me Micro do you have a girlfriend in your normal life?
?Yes I have a girlfriend?
Wondergirl sighed again only heavier this time.
? Is she pretty ? Prettier than me??
?She is pretty but she isn?t sexy like you are Wondergirl?
Wondergirl stopped herself from asking more and decided to put things right. ?Micro when I remove this lasso you will close you eyes and count to ten when you open them again you will forget that you?ve seen either me or my sister tonight until I walk in this room. You will forget everything you have told us and you will think that you have been waiting in this room on your own. Do you understand??
?Yes I understand?
Nick was now full height and staring into her chest zombie fashion under his trance like state.
Wondergirl lent down and was about to kiss his lips when she stopped herself and controlled her desires. She slipped the lasso from his legs and Nicks eyes closed.

Nick found himself in the ready room , where was everyone ? The doors slid back and Wondergirl looked into the room.
?Oh there you are Micro glad you could make it we?ve got a mission Ill brief you on the way?
About ten minutes later on a roof top somewhere in downtown New York Nick found himself with Supergirl and Wondergirl surveying the Starsburg hotel and the flurry of expensive cars pulling up below.
?That?s the Penguin and Lex Luthor?
Supergirl pointed out , she could make out the faces from so far above due to her super vision.
?Can you see inside the building Supergirl? a mature voice came from behind them as Wonderwoman walked over to join them.

part 7

?No the walls must have been made lined with lead?
?No doubt the King Pin did that to stop your father from seeing what he?s cooking up?
?I could take a fly around see if I can hear what?s going on with my superhearing?
?No use?Wonderwoman shook her head and gestured their attention to the building ?Iron man has just contacted me and teleported over some data on the building that Shadow man gathered. He has identified what those small sensors are built into the brick work there? They all looked and almost covering the building were small round black lumps the size of a coin hardly noticeable but clear once pointed out.
?What do they do?? Nick questioned naively he had a lot to learn in this business. ?They are designed by Doctor Octopus , if you fly within 30 feet of them Supergirl they will pick up your thermal signature and set off the internal alarm, Iron man could have used his stealth mode in his suit but the dam things detect the proximity of metal. The only way in is if we are invited??
?Why cant we just break in I could punch a new door at the back of the hotel?
Wondergirl flexed her fists and Nick grinned he loved how powerful and dynamic she was.
?Sorry but they haven?t done anything wrong yet.? Wonderwoman looked at them each in turn ?This is the frustrating part about being a superhero we know they are all criminals , we know they are all probably getting together to discuss some diabolical plan to take over the planet or satisfy their greed but we haven?t got any evidence on any of them, well not enough to keep them behind bars. As far as the law goes it protects them until they make a wrong move. If only we could get in their and get the inside line.? She looked around the group for inspiration.? Wait a minute I read the report of your last mission Microlad you could fool the sensors if you shrunk down small enough?
?Me? But it picks up body heat?
?Only from an adult or full sized human being it ignores birds and small creatures you might have a chance?
Nick thought about the other obstacle he could ditch the metal in his utility belt but if he took off his metal ring he recalled from his father that he would be an inch tall with no way to regain his size until his ring was back on, it was a scary thought to enter that building at any size but an inch tall with no defences he shuddered at the possible consequences.
?Erm that may not be such a good idea the metal sensing part it?s a problem . My belt is one thing to leave behind but under my glove here I wear a ring and if removed I cant control my size anymore. I would shrink and I would be very helpless?
All three women looked on offering no comment until Wondergirl walked up to Nick and placed her hands on his shoulders in a comforting way.
?We understand Micro we all have our limits ?
Nick felt like he had let them all down , why couldn?t he be more like them heroic adventurous ready to through himself into dangers path.
?How small will you become if you remove the ring?? Supergirl asked out of curiosity.
?One inch tall?
?Micro its down to you I cant deny its not important for us to know what?s going on in there but??
?Mother don?t pressure him? Wondergirl defended like a big sister Nick felt small now without shrinking he was sure anyone of these girls would say yes in his circumstances and here he was being a coward not willing to risk his life to potentially save some lives from the deadly plans being hatched in that building.
?Ill do it? Nick breathed in deeply and surprised himself he could just see his father smiling proudly at him at the back of his mind.
About ten minutes later a plan was in progress. Nick would remove his belt and ring and let the instant shrinking take place and Supergirl would fly over the building with him in hand and release him to fall into a small heating vent she had seen which was about 3 inches across. From there onwards he was on his own. Getting out was a different matter he would have to make his way to the lobby and simply sneak out the main entrance avoiding detection , simple enough Nick thought but what a journey it was going to be in a gigantic hotel filled with villains from around the world!
Wondergirl smiled down at Nick from her lofty 7 feet and in an innocent manor she kiss him on the lips ?that?s for good luck shorty , please come back in one piece?
He smiled and savoured the taste of her lipstick. ?That goes from all of us? Wonderwoman smiled and Nick turned to Supergirl and nodded he was ready as he slipped off his ring and placed it in a compartment of his belt and handed them to Supergirl. She smiled as he dwindled away in height it was a relatively fast process it took a minute perhaps but as he saw Supergirls ankles rise above him he closed his eyes not ready to find out what one inch tall meant before a full sized person in case he changed his mind. There was no going back. Normally he would have enjoyed shrinking before Supergirl once again but he was more than pre-occupied in his own thoughts right now. Eyes tightly shut he shouted ?ready!? as he felt his shrinking cease and he felt the warm enveloping fist of Supergirl surround him. It was dark when he opened his eyes and he could feel the motion of her flying.
?Good luck tiny? her now loud voice boomed but was swept away by the breeze.
Suddenly Nick was free falling with the roof top coming up very fast. He knew he had to be over 30 feet higher than the sensors but to him now this was hell of a fall , luckily Nick had some experience of sky diving for charity and he found that he could guide himself pretty well to the target zone combined with the accuracy of Supergirl?s release of him. Even though he trusted his semi invulnerable body not to feel the impact he was apprehensive as the metal vent rushed towards him at such a velocity. Luckily his trajectory was spot on and he found himself falling inside the cylindrical vent tube and its sides greeted his back like one of those huge slides in a water park sweeping him along its curves as it twisted this way and that. This exciting adrenaline ride ended as he dropped down into a much larger square vent. Was he still near the top of the building he wondered? Or a few floors down? His long decent was hard to gauge. He stood up and walked along a maze of vents feeling the warm breeze of the heating which might have been unbearable if it wasn?t for his protective power.
Finally he saw an option to get out of the vent it was a bad joint in one of the square sections where it mated with another and he could slip through the gap with his one inch frame. As he dangled down hanging from the outer part of the square vent exterior he looked below it was dark and hardly any light could be seen except for a glow way below. He knew he was inside the cavity of a wall. He managed to leap across to a structural metal beam in the walls construction and slide down to the floor. Wading along in the thick dust he made for the light. As he approached the light it was a small hole that led through the inner brick and plaster into a hotel room. The hole was a Microlad sized tunnel and Nick squeezed himself through it, he guessed it was possibly where very small rodents or insects might have traversed. When he popped out the other side he was in a room a massive room. He looked back up at the hole and saw from this side it was actually a crack in the wall by the skirting board, a skirting board that towered over him! He was very tiny and this was brought home to him by the gigantic furniture he could see. The carpet was cheap and not deep so he managed to move alright but dominating the room was the underside of a bed that seemed simply colossal. He walked carefully along the edge of the shadow the bed cast and the long walk of its length until he saw the door to the next room. Running to the door he could roll on his side under it, thank god for poor workmanship he managed to smile to himself. As he stood up the other side this was the main room obviously for a single occupancy. There was a chair in the distance , a tiny balcony with full length doors a tv high on the wall a two seat sofa opposite the chair and a coffee table . He checked the walls to see two doors one presumably to the corridor and the other a bathroom no doubt. He decided to check one of them out and walked the long distance over the nearest door when the lock began to turn. Nick froze and then darted for the cover of the chair leg hiding behind it as he heard the door creak open on it hinges and the thud of two giant feet stepping into the room. Shaking a little he dared to peek around the chair leg to see who had entered as he heard the door shut. The giant had already stepped close to the chair as Nick tried to look and he felt the tremor of giant shoes in dangerous proximity to him. He didn?t get a good look all he saw was a flash of the body of a huge black shiny boot with a tremendous stiletto heel upon it. It was a woman a mountainous women based on the sheer size of the boot he had just witnessed. He hugged into the chair leg for cover hoping the person would walk away when he heard a huge thud! Several feet to the side of him he felt the wind caused by the impact of a giant object hitting the carpet. It was hard to make out at first some things at this scale always were Nick thought to himself but as he studied it he could see it was a gigantic black Indiana Jones style whip.
Nick for a few surreal seconds wondered if it was some fetish entertainer drafted in to please the rich crime lords but soon he found out who he was sharing the room with . He heard a sniffing sound not someone with a cold sniffing but the giantess in the room was sniffing as if she might have been holding a flower and testing its fragrance. Nick looked around again to see the backs of those towering black shiny heels facing away from him and he decided he would opt for better cover whilst this giantess had her back to him and he looked towards the underside of the sofa where its material drape would hide him from view. It was a long distance to cover but he was pretty fast and was confident he could make it. Summoning his courage he bolted for this safe haven beneath the sofa. Half way and at full sprint, Nicks journey was abruptly halted by one of those black shiny boots. Descending seemingly from no where above landing in his path with a soft thud! He turned and tried to circle around it and ?thud!? the other boot blocked his path only this time it was so close to stepping on him that?s its sheer force on the ground knocked him off his feet. He looked up as he recovered to his legs and found himself now between the boots , boots perhaps thirty feet in length from toe to heel , menacing black boots so shiny he could see his petrified reflection in them. Nick dared to follow up those boots with his eyes. But the boots didn?t seem to end they where thigh length boots on legs that had to be over a hundred feet long towering way above Nick. He stepped back several paces and the black shiny surface above the boots was now a costume a figure hugging costume upon a giantess of huge proportions. Running like his life depended on it in the opposite direction was all that was left for him to do. He had to evade this giantess! Nick heard nothing as he ran except his heart thumping, he didn?t look back. He had covered about a metre or so of carpet in real terms when a shadow fell infront and to the side of him, a large shadow suddenly followed by two huge black gloves with long steel claws attached to each finger tip that dug in the carpet holding the weight of the giantess . Nick slid to a halt he couldn?t out run her hands and those long arms and he turned to see the enormous giantess crouched in a pouncing position bearing down on top of his tiny figure like an enormous predator. The huge expanse of her body was like a shiny black sky above him with two pendulous heavy globes of black material in her skin tight costume hanging there almost touching the carpet surface but blocking any thoughts he might have of running beneath her. He backed off shaking and looked up to see her half masked beautiful features lowering to his level. Her chin touched the carpet as he stood inches from her vibrant red lips each wider than him and together as tall as he was! Her piercing green eyes framed by the black mask she wore seemed so alert and focused on his every move. As this gigantic face rested before him he noticed the small pointed ears fashioned into the top of her mask and then her cavernous mouth opened her breath almost pushing him back as she uttered a chilling
?meow?. This feline imitating super villain broke a confident smile and Nick froze for what seemed like minutes in this confrontation.
?My your are a tiny little insect?
Her voice boomed from her proximity and size and Nick felt the breeze from her words circle his whole body. It might have been a pleasant feeling if it wasn?t for the fact that he was facing Cat-girl the daughter of the notorious Cat-woman. A woman who had challenged Batman so many times in the past. Nick recalled the stories of her amazing athletic prowess and how she and Batman had a love hate relationship , the rumour was that Cat-girl was the off spring from that very pair but the tabloids would print anything. All he did know right now for sure was Cat-girl from all reports was every bit as cunning and as talented as her mother had been , he was in trouble all right.
?CCat-girl? Nick stammered. ?In the fur little one and you must be Micro-lad I?ve read about you. Its so nice that you chose my room to break into and that you?ve made yourself so incredibly small compared to me. I think we could have an interesting game of cat and mouse don?t you??
Shivers rippled down Nicks spine he glanced at her huge hands and those lethal claws upon them.
?I would start running if I was you little mouse?
Nick ran again this time heading for the bedroom hoping to make the hole in the wall. He could hear her laughing behind him and he almost made the doorway when the awesome sight of her perhaps 200 foot body gently cart wheeling past him stopped him dead once more.
He turned and ran back but the giantess flipped over him in a somersault this time landing before him in a push up style stance. Nick had no choice but to double back when he looked back over his shoulder and saw she was still close to the floor but alarmingly those huge dangling breasts in her costume were rushing up behind him like two demolition balls. He was struck by her huge chest and knocked face down into the carpet. In his moment of feeling vulnerable as the wind was knocked out of him Cat-girl didn?t attack she simply pulled up and backed off grinning wildly she was enjoying the chase. Nick sprung to his feet he was getting tired now and he dived behind the chair leg again. The giantess simply extended one of her long shapely legs and with the tip of her boot she flicked the chair over and sent it flying backwards exposing Nick into view.
?Little mouse your not even trying?
He ran again but Cat-girl was on him in seconds and now forced him into a corner of the room. His back hit the wall there was no where to hide or run and she closed in very slowly on her hands and knees. Her huge hand reached out and grabbed him with ease and he found himself tumbled into her palm upon her shiny black glove. The material was cool and very slick and he couldn?t stand. He watched those huge fingers of her free hand come towards him with the claws outstretched as she took him close to her face for inspection. Very lightly she dragged a single claw across his body it didn?t hurt but he felt the weight and power of just one of her fingers as she grazed his costume exterior. Her lips then came very close.
?mmm Im a hungry cat and you look just tasty enough to eat little mouse?
Unexpectedly a tongue winder than Nick and longer than him by far came out skilfully and licked his body and across his face wetting him all over with her warm saliva. Then she looked at him almost cowering now in her hand as he anticipated the unthinkable.
?What a way to go eh little man , some huge giant woman scooping you up in her fingers and dropping you inside her mouth. Eaten by a woman , the end of another super hero. When will you arrogant idiots learn not to cross us??
Nick didn?t respond as she lifted him between two of her claw tips and raised him over her open mouth. Her head tilted back and he could see the darkness of her open throat within the cave sized realms of the mouth below. She released him and Nick shut his eyes tight landing softly on her moist tongue as her white sparkling teeth closed before him sealing him inside her hot mouth. She didn?t attempt to swallow him however and kept him waiting in her mouth wondering when she would finally bite into him or force him back into the dark void behind. All Nick could think of was Jennifer at this moment in time. How he wouldn?t see her again and how she would never know the truth about him. However seconds later her mouth opened up a fraction and her head tilted down to allow him to slide out between her white teeth. He fell into her waiting palm which was now exposed without her long gloves. Nick turned and looked up at her. Was she sparing him or just tormenting him?
?You now see how easy it would be for me to end your little insignificant life don?t you Micro-insect?

part 8

?What are you going to do with me?? He asked in an almost meek manor humbled by his experience in her mouth. ?Ive always liked to play with my food but your not even a mouthful for a big girl like me, why did you come here? , what did you ever hope to achieve??
She grinned ?spying on us, that?s it no doubt, you have been sent in here on a fool mission by those ageing has been heroes to see what we are planning next??
Nick stayed silent. ?Now Ive got you there?s no harm in letting you know and besides before I decide your fate you might like to know that you yourself have helped inspire our plans?
She laughed and walked over to the bedroom laying down on her back and placing Nick on her flat stomach. He stood there looking at the black shiny carpet of her costume tracing so tightly her every curve . She had a very athletic build and perhaps in reality c cup sized breasts making those two black hills in the distance. But c cups breasts to Nick dwarfed him like small houses now.
?We rather enjoyed seeing Miss Opposite struggling to contain the powers she reversed from you in Paris, she was very impressive. Imagine if she wasn?t a good girl at heart , Imagine if she chose to go on a rampage at that size who could have stopped her??
Nick began looking at options to jump off of Cat-girls stomach.
?No one not even Superman would have the strength against a giant of that size and what if that giant or giantess had superpowers how formidable would they be when you increased them to a hundred times their original size??
The bed looked soft enough and Nick began to look for an escape path. Cat-girl then raised a hand to her neck just below where the chin of her mask met her costume and she found the top of a long body length zip. Slowly she pulled down the slide towards Nick and he watched the tensed material ease back exposing her creamy white flesh beneath. As the zip came over the rise of her breasts and down to her naval she stopped leaving the zip at Nicks feet. He looked at the open pathway of flesh leading to the black silk of her bra that was just exposing itself as the material eased back across her chest. If he wasn?t so afraid of her he might have found this exciting her body was certainly fit and flawless from what he could see and her skin smelt fragrant and pleasing.
?Come here little man?
Her long finger beckoned him to walk along the pathway of bare flesh towards the valley of her parted breasts.
?I wont ask you again? her loud voice commanded and Nick reluctantly walked forward.
?Closer tiny?
He stepped up onto the base of her bra between the towering cups beside him and walked onto the soft silk surface. As he was half way and between her breasts Cat-girl pushed them inwards around him until he was gently caught by their softness on all sides.
?Imagine how easily a real giantess could crush her enemies as easily as my breasts could crush and smother you now.?
The pressure around Nick increased and the air escaped his lungs he couldn?t breathe he couldn?t move her breasts had immobilised him and they were going to kill him if she didn?t let up. His arms made futile attempts to off set the pressure but this was tons of woman flesh and impossible for him
to counter. He was about to black out when she released him and he collapsed face down.
?What extreme power I would have as a giantess. I could have killed you then without even trying , my smallest action could threaten your puny life?
?Please? Nick gasped for breath.
Cat-girl laughed unsettling Nick on her chest as it rumbled beneath him.
?Please don?t crush me with your big boobs giant woman? She teased in a voice supposed to imitate Nicks rather squeaky tone at his present stature.
?Oh you men are so much fun to have at this size Im going to have to make sure that Im the first to try Dr Dooms new toy its too much to resist?
Nick was beginning to piece together what she was trying to tell him.
?He?s built a machine to make giants, but that?s impossible??
?Giants or Giantesses and yes young Sherlock he has built a machine and ive seen it here today. Infact he needs a guinea pig right now and I think im just the girl don?t you??
Nick looked up at her in horror.
?But you cant?
?Who?s gonna stop me little man , you?? she laughed and lifted Nick between two fingers as she swung her legs off of the bed and to the floor. Turning him around he looked down at the drop to her lap below and noticed her zip had edged down to expose her matching silk knickers.
?You know little man there?s one thing more exciting that a giant Cat???
She lowered him down very slowly so he could see her huge body stretching down until she hovered him above her knickers.
? ?..and that?s a gigantic pussy?
Her free hand held open the elastic of her underwear and Nick was plunged into her pubic hair and trapped in her knickers as he heard the zip being pulled back up.
Ten uncomfortable minutes riding her knickers as she was walking Nicks body was pressed firm in this dark prison. He heard the giantess speaking and walking but everything sounded muffled.

What Nick couldn?t see was that Cat-girl had made her way in the lift to the basement level and into one of the conference rooms. She picked the lock to a small cabinet with one of her claws and retrieved the prototype enlarging device that Dr Doom had created. The device resembled a small fire extinguisher and the small funnel shaped barrel she turned on herself as she adjusted the controls.
?Doom you don?t deserve this power , this technology should be mine?
She released a cloud of red gas which consumed her body before it dispersed. Suddenly Dr Doom the metal masked evil genius burst into the room.
?You foolish little girl what have you done!?
He ran to her snatching the device and was about to restrain her by the wrist when Cat-girl shot up in size from her 5 foot 7 inches to 6 foot 7 inches , her costume stretched thin like paper and began to tear at the seams. She caught Dr Dooms metal hand and brushed it away with her new found strength and then she kicked him in the chest with a martial arts manoeuvre that send him flying into the wall. He dropped the enlarger and it rolled towards Cat-girl. Suddenly her height had another erratic surge upwards as she became 9 feet tall and her costume begged for mercy as its stretchy fabric ripped under her arms and on her legs. Her boots burst open as her toes escaped through them and her sleeves split and shredded up her long arms. Her mask couldn?t conceal her identity anymore and she tore it off letting a mass of dark hair free as the beautiful Cat-girl stooped down and walked out and through the reception area. The small group of petty criminals in the reception area ( mainly henchmen ) gawped to see this near ten foot brunette stroll past them eager to reach the city streets. The revolving door was far to small for her and she simply punched the glass panel aside it and shattered the glass section and she was free to grow. Nick didn?t know what was happening his surroundings had got suddenly light and the knickers that held him there had almost fallen apart and barely held to her frame. He clung on to some swaying material and was simply astounded at the new dimensions of Cat-girl from his one inch perspective. She had forgotten about her passenger and was busy removing her tattered clothing to bare her body.
Again her growth accelerated and she soared up to 20 feet tall in fractions of a second.
Nick sailed down using a section of the silky material he had managed to hold onto as a make shift parachute. He landed roughly amongst the shards of glass from the window and he looked up at Cat-girls impossible dimensions. High on the roof top above Supergirl sprung into action and flew down to stand before her foe but Cat-girl grinned as her now naked body surged upwards to 60 feet and pedestrians fled for their lives all around her.
?That?s it run insects?
She roared and Supergirl moved in to stop her. Cat-girl swatted her in mid flight sending her into yet another panel of glass and straight through it. Once more her height continued rise and this time she was 200 feet tall and looking over some of the smaller buildings. She through her head back and laughed. Supergirl stepped out of the building and nearly on Nick. ?Hey down here Supergirl its me by your feet !? She looked down and saw his tiny form and reaching into a secret pocket in her cape she knelt down and offered him his now giant belt and ring. She didn?t stop to chat but flew instantly up to land a super punch on Cat-girls bare back. It hardly phased her perhaps if anything she wobbled a little unsteady and turned to see Supergirl. Supergirl hadnt seen anything like this before she was so huge but at that very moment she became even larger. Hovering at her face level some 190 feet high in the air Supergirl suddenly found herself looking at the largest womanhood she had ever imagined. Cat-girl was now over 500 feet and still growing. Her bare feet brushed cars over onto their roofs as they expanded across the street and she began to walk leaving huge indentations into the cracking tarmac below. Nick managed to open his compartment in his giant belt and touched his ring returning to normal size in seconds. He was just in time to see Wondergirl rush into action she paused seeing Nick. ?You ok??
?sure I think so?
?Good, looks like big women seem to follow you around doesn?t it??
He smirked from her comment and she darted off using her powerful legs to literally bound up the road in huge leaps. Nick didn?t know what he could do to help this crazy situation he wasn?t strong and he certainly didn?t have the superpowers to confront Cat-girl.
Although Cat-girl had walked away from Nicks position by the hotel he could see her head towering over the tallest buildings nearby and she must have been 1000 feet tall now and still growing. He could actually hear the crunching thuds of her heavy feet from this distance. It was then that unexpectedly he was tapped on the shoulder by Doctor Doom!

Meanwhile Wondergirl was in the clutches of Cat-girl. ?And I used to think you were tall!? she boomed sarcastically to the minute Wondergirl in her clutches. ?Im gonna crush you , Im gonna crush all of you and soon this very city until everyone bows to my power?
Cat-girl was on a power trip and her increase in size every few seconds was fuelling this more. She was about to pinch Wondergirl between two fingers when Supergirl flashed past and grabbed her flying her sister to safety. She landed on the roof top across from the Hotel and Cat-girl had her back to them although at her size it was really her tight naked bottom that was level with the roof top , she could have used the tall building for a seat! Cat-girl was busy demolishing cars below her feet making easy work of them. Her growth surged again and nothing in the city was her equal , people became smaller than ants to her and she was still growing. The tallest skyscraper was now but a mere knee high obstacle and all the architecture around her began to quake with her every move. She bellowed a laugh that shattered windows around her , there was nothing that could threaten her now.
?She?s too enormous I can stop her sis!? Supergirl sounded defeated looking for inspiration as her mother ran up to the pair. ?She will level the city if she gets much larger , look at her!?
Cat-girl was now stood in the parkland area before a skyscraper , the global telecoms tower and it was ankle sized to her. ?Im a god! Im a goddess ! You will all bow before me mortals!? her crazed voice rang out making every one hold their ears. They all looked up at what was now a mountain of a naked woman her head in the cloud layers beyond sight. ? mother is this the end?? Supergirl looked up in despair.
?Stand back girls!? Microlad burst on the scene and he was brandishing the portable transporter beam. Iron Man stood behind Nick and was carrying an energy unit which he connected to the device and Nick fired the beam hitting Cat-girl in her shins. Her body glowed and then vanished!
?What? But where has she gone where have you sent her ??
Wonderwoman was flabbergasted. Iron man looked at the astounded trio of Women and patted Nick on the shoulder. ? It was Microlads idea to use the portable transporter to beam her into the ocean I just rigged this energy booster to give us the power?
?The ocean!?
Supergirl questioned. ? Yep about now she?s a mile off shore and shrinking rapidly, she?ll be one wet and bedraggled normal sized Cat-girl when she swims back in and we?ve given the co-ordinates to the coast guard to pick her up and lock her up?
?But how did you realise water counters the growing process?? Wondergirl smiled amazed at Microlads ingenuity. ? Believe it or not Doctor Doom told me the weakness of his prototype enlarger he didn?t want to see some woman steal his finest hour and I cant quite believe it myself. I hit upon the idea to send her where she couldn?t avoid water and hey presto she?s normal again.?

The hero?s all congratulated Nick and all of them beamed back to the Space Station before each returning to their normal lives and alter identities. For Nick he was pleased that his brain had come through and felt a sense of worth and pride to be a real Superhero. He changed into his casuals and looked at the time it was nearly 10pm and he had left Jennifer alone for hours. He rushed around her place as fast as he could and was greeted at the door by his girlfriend. ?Hey what time do you call this?? She said surprisingly in a not too angry manor ? Im sorry babe, the generator was more of a challenge than I thought to sort out and I don?t know where the time went.. forgive me?? He looked down into her eyes behind her glasses and she smiled sweetly up at him and they hugged ad he pressed her 5 foot 4 inch frame into his chest. ?Ive got the Wine , care to join me?? He watched her walk off to the sofa and he followed her. Jennifer let him sit down and she laid back with her head on his lap as she sipped from the small wine glass. ?Hey Nick what we were talking about earlier?
He looked at her ? What?? but he knew very well. ?You know you said you found the idea of me being a giant woman a turn on? He flushed up a little red. ?Did you mean it??
?Yeh I did , silly isn?t it?? he answered testing her reaction. ?actually no Ive been thinking about it a lot I actually like the fantasy of being giant sized compared to you?
Nick couldn?t believe what she was saying. ?well actually not being a giantess?
?I don?t understand? Nick found the conversation red hot but didn?t know what Jennifer was trying to say. ?I like the idea of being with a smaller man so Im not a giantess but he?s just real little so I look like one to him? ?Jennifer I never knew that appealed to you I..? She closed her eyes as she imagined ?Nick its only recently in the past few weeks Ive begun to think about it , you must have seen that Microlad in the paper on that Paris incident , he actually can make himself smaller and I couldn?t help thinking about that , what it would be like to be close to a guy , to you if you were smaller than me?
Nick felt aroused he knew he could tell her anytime now his secret was busting to get out of him
?What would you do if I was smaller than you ? How small would I be??
Jennifer opened her eyes and looked up into his as she removed her glasses placing them on the floor below , she had beautiful eyes and Nick stared into them deeply.
?If I could shrink you it would be so small that I could let you explore my body that would be amazing. You would be so tiny and I would hold you here? she pretended to suspend an invisible tiny man above her modest chest ?I would open my blouse up and let you roam inside?
Nick was harder than ever now and he had began to fidget with her laid across his lap.
?Hey are you getting excited?? Nick felt a little uncomfortable as he admitted he was getting aroused from her talk and he decided he would just open up to her. Nick stood up and paced the carpet . ?Nick are you ok?? Jennifer looked on from the sofa and wondered what he had on his mind. ?Jen what would you say if I told you I could be that small for real?
She smiled ?You are funny Nick, come back here next to me wont you??


?No Jen I mean it for real I can make myself smaller , you see Im err? she looked at him as he paused ?I am Microlad? . Jennifer took a long hard look at him and then laughed ?Oh you had me there for a moment!? Nick sat beside her and held her hand ? Really Jen Im Microlad and I can prove it if you want me to? . She didn?t look convinced and grinned ?Ok Microlad why don?t you make yourself shorter than me then say 3 feet tall? Nick looked at her ?Ok but you stand up with me first? To humour him she raised to her shoes and Nick towered over her 5 foot 4 inch frame as usual. ?Ready?? He asked and she nodded. In seconds Nick was shrinking and he watched Jennifer become slowly taller to him until his eyes passed her mouth , her neck , her chest and then settled just over the waist of her skirt. Jennifer was speechless she stood back her hands on her mouth and shook her head in utter disbelief until her hands lowered and she lent down to speak to him.
?Oh my god you are Microlad , Nick that?s fantastic!?
He was excited, she didn?t freak out and actually seemed more than pleased with his amazing demonstration.
?Come here let me hug you cutie?
Jennifer a now much taller and larger Jennifer wrapped two long arms around Nicks head and pressed it into her lower stomach as he felt her firm breasts gentle nudge the top of his head.
?This is so cool? Jennifer enthused ?Nick I wish you had told me before there is so much fun we could have had. ? She ran her fingers through his hair and the lifted up his chin with a single finger so he was forced to look up into her eyes. ?Nick I also have a surprise for you but first will you shrink for me please?? Nick was elated she actually wanted to experience him as a small man
?How small would you like me to be Jen?? She smiled a mischievous pearly white beam and said ?Well it all depends on how small you think you?d have to be to explore under this blouse of mine now doesn?t it? Nick had never seen this sexy kind of talk from Jennifer and he looked up at her amazed. ?Here ? she said reaching forward ?let me help you shrink?
Jennifers now larger hand came down and held his and to his amazement she clasped his ring and slipped it from his finger. ?Jen!? He started to say in his normal voice but it ended in a squeaky note as he instantly began to shrink towards an inch tall. ?That?s it baby shrink?
She towered over him and he watched her getting bigger and bigger until he was looking under her skirt , under her knees and then at her ankles before her shoes that faced him. Jennifer looked for a brief second at the ring she held and then placed it on a nearby table for safe keeping.
?But how?? Nick called up but Jennifer was starting to kneel before him. ?Shush baby not a word I want to show you something? She offered a huge hand out to him and he felt her warm fingers wrap around him and he was in his girlfriends fist. Jennifer stood up and walked him to her bedroom door making sure not to drop him. ?Oh you are so sweet like this honey and it makes me so
turned on to be so big? She placed him on her bed and he looked up at his pretty giant girlfriend. Kneeling she came close the bedside and he could see only her now much larger chest in her baggy blouse. Jennifer peaked down inside her own blouse in a teasing fashion and in the sexiest voice she could muster she said ?now how about you exploring inside this blouse of mine little man?
Nick had the all mightiest erection of his life as Jennifer brought her chest down to his level and it rested before him. Those proud c cups looked massive to his tiny eyes and he walked up to them. ?You are in for such a treat baby, go on climb up over my big boob if you can?
He felt the smooth blouse and grabbed a handful of the white cotton as he pulled himself onto the firm but giving breast and began to scale it. Her breast was huge perhaps ten feet tall as he reached the neck line of her blouse and could see the awesome sight of her bra pushing up her cleavage below inside the depth of her clothing.
?Go on babe don?t be nervous climb into my giant bra I know you want to? Her soft voice boomed and Nick jumped into her cleavage falling down until her pert breasts held him at both sides and he was nicely snuggled between her warm breast flesh.
?Oh this is unreal!? she said ?look at you down there your tiny! My little boobs look enormous around you!? Nick was in his element he ran his hands over her flesh and he wanted to explore in her bra and discover her nipples but before he did Jennifer had other plans.
?Nick baby I want you to hold on to my bra tightly ok?
?Whats going on?? He shouted but she ignored and smiled ?You?ve got your secrets and so have I and I think you gonna like my one a lot?
Then in a dizzying sensation she began to spin and Nick was bashed between her breasts for an instant as she spun on the spot until??a bright flash of light a piercing and white intense light shone all around and went as fast as it appeared. As Nicks tiny eyes cleared he was confused. He got his bearings he was still in a bra but a bra many times larger , the breasts beside him towered over him like two airship balloons! Had a shrunk again ? No that was impossible but then so was the sheer size of these breasts he was immersed in, his dick begged to appreciate them. Nick looked up and a massive bill board face of a giantess looked down into her bra at the little man dwarfed by her more than generous natural breasts. ?Hello baby surprise?
It couldn?t be! Nick looked again it was , he was in Wondergirls bra in her fabulous cleavage where he had only dreamed of being. But that meant Jennifer was Wondergirl! This explained many things the times she went missing , how she knew to remove his ring to shrink him down and he was overwhelmed.
?Guess we both have our secrets eh Micro, I mean little Nick? She jiggled her breasts around him and watched him gently rock between them. ?This is what you?ve wanted inst it Nick? You wanted Wondergirl and you wanted to be where you are now in Wondergirls giant 36 double E bra!? She smiled and Nick just kissed and hugged her enormous flesh it was a dream come true.
?You see , dowdy little 5 foot 4 inch Jennifer deep down had a sexy amazon inside her Nick and that amazon is me and Im gonna rock your world little man if you can handle it?
She plucked him out of her cleavage and placed him down onto the bed below and Nick looked up to see the incredible body of his super girlfriend towering like a skyscraper over him. He noticed much to his delight that she hadn?t transformed into her costume and now she was filling out her alter egos clothes as only Wondergirl could. The once baggy blouse so unflattering on Jennifer now strained and stretched like a second skin over her buxom chest and threatened to pull itself out of her skirt, and the skirt that had once covered over her knees now hugged those powerful longlegs like a mini-skirt. Nick was looking up with a raging lust he couldn?t control.
?I bet you always wondered why little Jennifer never wore tight clothes eh tiny? she grinned ?but the underwear doesn?t have that problem and speaking of which not that I have to ask you to keep looking but you might like this baby? Nick watched as his giantess girlfriend began a slow but very sexy dance as she loomed over his little body way down on the bed, she slipped off her skirt and he watched it slide down her gorgeous legs and then she thrust her shoulders back very quickly pushing her huge chest forward and her blouse buttons just popped off in unison flying over Nick like large saucers and her gigantic breasts held by a white lace bra of immense proportions burst into view dramatically. He watched that jiggling mass as she literally ripped her blouse off and then she triumphantly posed for him wearing only the skimpiest black g string and this white bra that held her impressive giant swells together to form mouth-watering cleavage of a scale that was almost scary to Nick. ?Now what do you make of your little girlfriend baby am I your dream girl?? That there was no question of Nick looked up and his manhood begged to escape his trousers.
Wondergirl or Jennifer he didn?t know quite what to call her now climbed onto the bed and Nick rolled into the centre as her weight shifted the covers and his tiny body. She picked him up in her huge hand as she then turned around and stretched out. With her head on the pillow her feet dangled over the end of the bed, Nick didn?t see this however as she held him to her face and began to undress her miniscule boyfriend. ?Just relax Nick and let me do all the work im gonna tear these little clothes off your body because you wont be needing them baby for what Ive got planned for you?

Her huge clear nails pinched his top and tore it from his body with precision and ease. His shoes fell and she slipped his trousers off in seconds. Left in his socks and boxers she smiled and gave a very sexy look from her big green eyes. ?Now why don?t you perform a little striptease for me cutie and show me what your hiding under there.? She upturned her left palm and placed him in the middle. Nick looked down at her building sized face and her mass of dark shiny hair draped across the pillows and then he laid eyes on her lips.

Full giantsized and so sexy, her lips looked so teasing and he imagined her pressing him into those red plush kissing pillows. She also noted his gaze and smiled parting those lips to dazzle him with huge white teeth. ?If you take those little boxers off my little darling Ill introduce whats under them to these big sexy lips of mine , that is what your thinking isn?t it baby? He gave his best performance as an amateur stripper and gyrated and swung his hips for her pleasure before he slipped off his boxers and through them over the side of her hand and way below. ?Ooh baby, that was so good a private palm dance just for a big girl like me. You deserve a kiss? Those lips so perfect so inviting and so large became even larger as she took his naked body to them and introduced his bare flesh to moist lips so much larger than he was. Nick fell onto her lips and his dick pressed between their warm embrace finding a tight and wet paradise that held no equal. Although his member was so small to her now she expertly tried to suck on it and took her huge tongue to its minute head. Nick squirmed in delight on top of her lips flaying his arms and legs in a writhing manor as he enjoyed this experience but It was short lived as she had more teasing plans for her tiny lover and didnt want him to applaud her just yet. ?Oh Jen, Wondergirl ..baby please? he begged as her two huge fingers lifted him and his desperate hardness into the air teasingly, knowing he was on the verge of exploding.
?Not just yet tiny I want you to enjoy a bit more of me yet.? She then blew her breath in a steady cool stream of air across his middle which felt nice but its cold effect eased Nicks present condition and bought him some more time. He noticed she was lowering him to her neck as his feet touched her firm skin and he was left facing infact looking up at her massive chin. She spoke and it unsettled his feet as the skin of her neck moved and he felt the vibrations of the start of her voice beneath him. ?Turn around my little superhero and discover what a 6ft 7 inch tall womans body is like when your only an inch high to her? Nick didn?t need to be asked twice he spun around and the mind blowing proportions of his girlfriend stretched out almost as far as he could see! By far the biggest and most confronting of her features were her breasts suspended upright like lace circled domes in her giant bra. They were magnificent and Nick was drawn to them. He walked slowly along her body until he was stood by the base of perhaps near twenty feet of cleavage in a straight line that rose over his head and seemed to smile down on him shouting ?look how small you are little man?
He touched her skin the tiniest insignificant fraction of her bare breast flesh and it felt warm and solid and if his manhood had been longer he would have tried to press it between these monuments that intimidated him so well. ?aawww just look at you Nick you are so incredibly small my boobs must look humongous to you from down there? He looked over his shoulder at the giant face watching him and smiled back ?I think even as Jennifer your boobs would make me feel small its so sexy? ?Climb up my big tits Nick I want to feel your little body against my big nipples? He looked at the challenge sometimes taking a girls bra off was a challenge but climbing these monsters was gonna test him. He jumped up the huge slope of her left breast and slid down the vertical rise this was way beyond his abilities to scale and far too smooth a surface. Then he saw the left bra strap a huge wide piece of taught material that attempted to restrain those hot curves. He ran to it and it was nearly as wide as his body was. He walked along it until it began to rise steeply and he then laid down on his chest and climbed along it like a soldier on basic training. Just the thought of what lay at the summit of her breast made all his hard effort seem more than worth while. ?That?s cheating using my bra strap but you do look funny? He felt the bra and her whole chest rumble as she was amused with his ascent and he nearly fell off. Finally Nick reached his goal where the strap joined a mass of bumpy lace that formed a huge canopy over her mega breast. Nick managed to crawl under the tight fit of the bra cup and he heard his girlfriend breath deeply anticipating his arrival to her sensitive zones. He rubbed himself along this warm breast and marvelled at its scale when he felt the skin change beneath him as he crossed her areola and then he felt the material ease above his back which could only mean his target was in sight. Her nipple looked like it was 6 foot four inches tall to Nick and he could stand under the bra cup beside it. It was as thick as a tree trunk and seemed to be swollen with her excitement. Nick hugged her nipple it was the only thing he could do and he rubbed himself excitedly against it.?mmmm? came a loud applaud from outside to his attention and suddenly like a sunroof being rolled back her bra cup was pulled away so she could see Nick caressing her nipple. ?oh Nick look my nipple a lot taller than you are , oh this is so sexy. Climb it Nick , kiss the top of my nipple?
?man its big , your breasts are so huge!? Nick wrapped his legs and arms lovingly around the base of her nipple and edged his way up and up until he had conquered the very top. His face pressed down onto the tip and he sunk it deep into the wonderful rosy flesh and kissed and suck as well as he could and she loved it. But it was this enjoyment that sent him flying off her breast and tumbling down her stomach. ?woah? he exclaimed but he wasn?t hurt. He stood up his erection loud and proud and he stepped back to try and see her face over her bust. As he backed up he tripped and his legs fell shin deep into her belly button recess. She giggled as she saw his plight and then urged him to go lower. ?Nick I feel so turned on and I need more of you baby , have you ever fantasised about making love to a giantess?
?Jen, Wondergirl ,my giantess . Yes! But im so small and your now so, so huge? His words sounded like he was nervous and he was nervous faced with the prospect of trying to satisfy over 200 feet of sexy woman he didn?t know if it was possible.
?Please Nick I really want you close to me and I think you will enjoy this to , imagine how big I am now and how exciting it would be to make love to your girlfriend like this?
He could feel her growing excitement as he body tingled below him and he walked to her g string. Wondergirls brute strength simply used one long finger nail to rip the band of her underwear and she exposed the enticing world that lay beneath. Enticing that is to a one inch man who loved her and that man was Nick. He crawled over her hairs that lined her love zone and found her paradise. He kissed her already moist flesh and she sighed. He bit her flesh and she sighed at his tiny teeth sinking into her . He felt so small so tiny now as he pushed his hands to reach into her but he was so far from the mark. ?nick this is so sexy ive got to have you inside , I promise it wont hurt, your invulnerable and I need to find out what it would feel like to have you so little within me? Her fingers grabbed Nick before he could agree or disagree and her spare hand parted her giant lips and revealed her excitement to him. He faced a sight no man had ever seen a horny giant of a girl about to sink his naked body inside her and he couldn?t fight her even if he?d wanted to. Suddenly he was entered into her hot flesh and send deep within her. How far in was he? How deep had she placed him? The heat was intense the smell so erotic beyond his imagination and the sensation was unreal and so amazing he rolled around inside her and let her juices cover him as he pressed himself into the walls of her love tunnel. He came and burst spectacularly inside her dark cavern. His movements had the same effect on the giantess and she flooded with satisfaction and Nick slid out of her and onto the bed clothes below. He lay there spent and grinning and saw her sat upright panting heavily her chest wobbling way above him. ?Oh Nick Ive never felt anything like that before? Her voice boomed in sheer delight. Soon Nick was swept up into her hand once more and she took one look at him covered in her juices and he was plunged into her mouth as her massive full lips slid over him as he was slowly drawn out and cleaned by her warm saliva. She placed him on the bed side unit and slipped her bra cup up into position once more. ?Jen can I still call you Jen?? ?Yes babe its still me, Wondergirl and I are one in the same only Im the one with the curves and the height and she?s the girl next door type so you get two girlfriend for the price of one you lucky thing? She continued as she dressed. ?and I get a big hunky boyfriend and a teeny tiny one?
Suddenly Nick jumped as a giant sized pager went off behind him. ?Looks like an alert tiny we have to go to work? She retrieved his and passed him his ring and Nick took the costume out and enlarged it to his tiny one inch frame. Then he watched the dazzling effect of his girlfriend spinning around in the room until.. in a flash of light her clothes disappeared to be replaced by her Wondergirl outfit.
?Ready Micro , lets beam up together?
?Sure , let me size up?
?No I don?t think so it?s a transporter pad for one in my closet?
Wondergirl lent down and picked his tiny body up into the air and let her breasts consume him once more.
?Meet the dynamic duo? she sniggered to coin an old Bat-man phrase and Nick looking up from this paradise that held him smiled , he decided life was going to be very interesting from now on???.
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