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4 siblings

Chapter 1: Mum and Dad are going out of town?

“Mum!! Roxy isnt sharing!” came the wailing voice of younger sister Zoe from up the stairs.

None of the Siblings really got on that well, the twins always played pranks on the sisters, the sisters never shared, it was quite dysfunctional, but no matter how dysfunctional it got... Roxy was probably thinking about something worse. She's always been a sadistic and dirty minded girl since she was about 15... now, almost 5 years later... almost no change.

Roxy was a tall, normal built, black haired 'Greb/Emo' girl, 19 years of age, living at home in the college holidays. She has size 6 feet and is very evil in her ways.

Zoe, a quiet, timid young 15 year old girl, just finishing secondry school was only just finding out who she really is. With size 4 feet, long brounette hair and a normal build.

The unidentical twins, Mikey and Sam, both 16, were pranksters to say the least, very cunning and exploitive in their ways, stealing from their sisters and pulling fast ones. Mikey had long brown hair, where sam had short. Both of the same build and height.

“ROXY! Share with your sister!” came the voice of her mother from down the stairs. Roxy returned to her room slamming the door shut behind her.

“Now, me and Daddy are going out for a few days, so Roxy's in charge. Boys, dont do anything I wouldnt do, and Zoe, if anything happens, call me okay? bye bye!” Said Mother.

The door shut.

“Right twerp! Wheres your piggy bank!” said the twins to Zoe in almost perfect unison.

For the next 2 hours the house was ablaze with fighting, stealing, crying and everything else Roxy found annoying.

She came downstairs, each footstep louder and harder than the last.
“Right! You twats! My room! Now!” she yelled at the twins. “Zoe, -go watch TV”

The boys frowned as they followed their older sister upstairs.

Zoe turned on her favorite TV show and put her feet up on the table.

Roxy told the boys to wait while she fetched something from downstairs, the boys shrugged it off and began messing with her room.

Not more than 30 seconds later, Roxy burst into her room holding some sort of weapon.

“Right you nobs! Time to pay!”


Chapter 2: Roxy's Slave

“Ugh! Where the fuck are we?” said Sam.
“Not a freakin' clue!” Replied Mikey.

A booming voice appeared over them. Roxy cleared her throat to get their attention.


The two boys craned their necks skywards to see their sister... who was now over 100ft tall! (to them)

“Right then, time to teach you boys a lesson! Which one of you stole from Zoe?!” Roxy boomed.

Mikey, shaking with fear, pointed at Sam.

“You dick! How cou-” Sam was cut off.

“SILENCE!” Roxy lifted Sam up to her mouth, “You are going to apologize to your little sister, but first you'll have to get her to see you.” Roxy let out an evil laugh.

“As for you Mikey, your now... -My personal slave!” She grinned.

Mikey's face dropped, he almost cried. Roxy put Mikey in her pocket and proceeded to walk downstairs. Zoe was asleep with her feet up on the table and a glass of water next to her left foot.

“Perfect!” Roxy grinned. Placing Sam into the contents of the glass. “have a nice swim Sam!” She let out another laugh before running to her room. Roxy jumped into her computer chair with excitedment, and pulled the shrunken brother out of her pocket.

“Right then you little shit! Here's whats going to happen! You will do as I say or you will die!” She boomed, “any questions?!”

Mikey broke down, he had is head in his hands, crying his eyes out whilst sat on his sisters desk.

“I take that as a 'yes'” Roxy grinned, Patting her brother on the head with her index finger.

Mikey was about 1 cm tall, so Roxy had to be careful if she wanted to have some fun with him.

She rolled the chair back abit, and produced her bare feet, putting them up on the table and crossing them, about 5cm from where Mikey was.

“Slave! Obey me! Your Mistress needs a foot massage!” Roxy shouted.

Mikey didn't even acknowledge Roxy, he just sat there, crying.

Roxy got very angry “HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME SLAVE!”
She flicked him off the desk downward to the floor.

Mikeys left arm took most of the impact from Roxy's flick, and it broke in 2 different places, but the fall was much worse, his right ankle broke and 2 of his ribbs also appeared to be broken, he was bleeding from the mouth, head and right eye, and had a hyper extended tendon in his right leg.
He let off a loud cry followed by many tears, Roxy became aroused at the sight of his suffering.

“Thatll teach you to disobey me! You get two more strikes... then im just going to eat you up!” Roxy let off a worryingly evil laugh.

Lifting up her left foot she exclaimed, “Now... I want my massage!” Roxy slammed her foot onto Mikey's broken body, he was trapped under her gigantic toes. Roxy rubbed her toes into the carpet, getting the full feel of her brother under her feet, this made Roxy shiver with pleasure and almost become alittle wet.

Mikey spat some blood out and stood up, It was pitch black apart from the gaps inbetween Roxy's toes letting a little light through. Mikey swallowed his sadness and began to rub Roxy's big toe. The smell was unearthly, the air was heavy with old shoe smell, and Roxy's feet were covered in dirt and mud, dried on by sweat. It was horrible. Mikey couldnt breathe. Roxy's sweat dripped off her toes onto Mikey, covering him in dirt off her toes and making him all sticky, it was disgusting!

Roxy had to hold herself back, the feeling of this insignificant being, trapped under her toe, coated in her sweat and dirt, knowing she could just crush him effortlessly under her big toe, made her alittle bit wet. She let off a quiet moan of pleasure every now and again, followed by grinding her toes ontop of her brothers body alittle harder. It was heaven!

This went on for well over 10minutes until Roxy got bored. She lifted her foot and gave Mikey a 5 second rest.


Roxy replaced her foot onto Mikey's body, this time pinning his right arm under her big toe.
Mikey was trapped, and if he wanted to live, he better do what she asked.

Roxy felt Mikey's tiny tongue run down her second toe, she almost fully clenched her toes, with pleasure, which would of crushed her brother instantly, but she stopped and instead gave off an almighty moan of pleasure, she wiggled her toes lightly as Mikey continued to service them, licking off every last bead of sweat from her second toe.

The taste was indescribable to say the least, stronger than vinegar soaked socks! Mikey kept hearing Roxy's moans and thought to himself... “Is that sick bitch getting off on this!?”
Roxys toes kept putting pressure on his body whilst he serviced them, Mikey was getting weaker and weaker from his injuries, but continued to worship his sisters toes out of fear of death.

Roxy climaxed, Lifted her foot, her pants full of cum. “Good dog!” she smirked.

Chapter 3: Zoe's drink

“Huh? What?” Zoe woke up suddenly from her nap, seeing a glass of water on the table, extended her arm out and picked up the glass.

Sam had been swimming for his life inside the giant glass container for the past 10 minutes but couldnt climb up the side of the glass, he saw Zoe reaching out to grab the glass.

He started to shout “Zoe! In here!” But to no use, she simply couldnt hear him. She lifted up the glass and brought it closer to her lips.

Sam shouted again, “ZOE! Dont drink me!” Zoe placed her lips on the side of the glass, and tipped the glass upwards, allowing water to slip slowly into her soft mouth, where she swished it around for abit before finally swallowing it.

Sam got dragged under the water under the current of the water entering Zoe's mouth, he opened his eyes to see he was fast approaching Zoe's awaiting lips.

He reached out and grabbed onto her bottom lip, the rest of his body got dragged into his mouth, his legs and torso, the only part not fully in her mouth, were his arms, tightly held onto her lip.

Zoe closed her mouth and retracted the glass, in doing so crushing Sam's arms between her soft lips. He let go in pain and screamed, but it was muffled in the water, he was taken by the current yet again, landing on Zoe's wet tongue, he scrambled to grab something to hold onto as Zoe swished him around in her mouth with the rest of her water, he managed to find a gap in her tooth to grab onto.

Water started disappearing down Zoe's throat as she lifted her tongue to swallow, luckily for Sam, not closing her teeth, he watched as the water disappeared down her throat and her tongue lower, he climbed back onto her tongue and ran to a small opening at the other end of this slippery, giant, wet hallway.

Sam came to an opening and squeezed his body through it, Zoe felt something move near the tip of her tongue and spat some saliva out onto the floor, Sam with it.

Sam screamed in pain as he awoke. About 5 minutes after his close acquaintance with Zoe's mouth.

He sat up, holding his right arm, which was obviously broke in more than one place. He was bleeding heavily from cuts on his body and right eye.

He lifted his head to see a massive wall of pink flesh in front of him, he pondered for a second on what it was, but then it started to move... it lifted high in the air and stretched out, revealing 5 digits at the end... it was Zoe's foot!

Sam climbed to his feet and began running, but it was too little, too late. He felt a massive jolt of pain surge through his body at the giantess' foot slammed down on his head, trapping him in her toes, his legs pinned under her big toe, and his arms under her second. He was knocked unconscious.

Chapter 4: Roxy's accident

Roxy picked up the tiny beaten slave at her feet and brought him to her face.
“Would you like to see what a real woman looks like, downstairs?” She grinned.

Roxy lowered her tiny brother into her pants, dropping him in a puddle of cum.
She gave him one last wave and let go of her pant band.
The panties closed around Mikey, pinning him to her skin. Roxy felt the little mortal squirming round near her vagina, and gave off another moan.

Mikey squirmed and battered at Roxy's skin, trying to escape the prison, but was stuck in her ejaculations.

She kept her little brother in her pants for about 5 minutes, feeling every movement against her skin, making her more and more horny.

She finally replaced her hand into her panties to fish her slave out and brought him upto her face.

“aww! All sticky?.. Like a little sweetie!” Roxy grinned.

She produced her tongue and licked Mikey all over his body. Her giant wet tongue soaking him in saliva and licking every last bit of her own cum off of him.

“Hmm! Your delicious!” Laughed Roxy.

Mikey shivered as the giant soft tongue ran down his body, it was still sticky but not as sticky as being coated in her ejaculations. When Roxy was finished taste testing her brother, she dropped him back to the ground near her feet again.

Mikey was on the edge of death. He opened his eyes one last time just enough to see a massive wall of pink flesh move slowly towards him, followed by excrutiating pain and warmth, then darkness.


Roxy squashed Mikey into the ground under her toes, she smothered his blood and body into the carpet and wiggled her toes, sticky with blood and guts.

Roxy let off a massive moan, joined by a flood of ejaculations in her pants, followed shortly by a loud, evil laugh.

Chapter 5: Sam's demise

Sam awoke in a dark, sticky, wet, smelly cavern. His arms and legs pinned. He soon realized, he was under Zoe's toes. It was smelly, and sweaty, mostly not his sweat, her toes were constantly moving, pressing on his body, wiggling and crushing his body. Zoe was completely unaware of her tiny brother at her feet.

She continued to watch TV, smothering Sam, bit by bit under her feet, completely oblivious of the pain and torture she was inflicting on Sam.

Sam was screaming, crying, bleeding. “ZOE! HELP!” But she couldnt hear him.

He felt less and less pain every minute, even though he was being pressed harder and harder into the ground under Zoe's massive toes. He was bleeding to death.

About 5 minutes after waking up, Sam fell unconscious again, and this time didnt wake up.

He became a tiny, bloody stain on the bottom of his sisters big toe.

The End.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you liked it :)

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