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Author's Chapter Notes:
Let it be known that any and all similarities to real live people, video game characters, bad science fiction movie monsters and anime characters is entirely on purpose and we do not apologize at all for any insult that the creators of this wonderful cast of characters may feel. We take no responsibility for any legal action that may occur and ask that you blame society for our story. Maybe if there was better crap on television, we wouldn't resort to insulting or parodying these video game, anime, and sci-fi characters... Maybe. Thank you. -- Freak Boy.

All other characters are copyright of their respective owners and used without permission, without use for profit. All rights reserved. -- Somedude
Freak Boy & Somedude Present:

A Freak Boy & Somedude Production!

Starring: Jack McCoy as Himself!

Also Starring: The Sailor Scouts as Themselves!

Co-Starring: Freak Boy & Somedude as Themselves!

Written By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Coreographed By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Score By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Edited By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Produced By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Directed By: Freak Boy & Somedude


Freak Boy: Hi, I'm [censored].

Somedude: And I'm [censored].

FB: You might know us better as Freak Boy and Somedude.

SD: Welcome to Freak Boy and Somedude's A Giantess Sailor Moon: SPECIAL EDITION!

FB: You know, when we first started writing this...

SD: We thought it was pretty damn funny. But, much like George Lucas, we weren't content with our success and decided to tamper with our piece of work.

FB: Yes, and because you're all impressionable idiots, you have to read it. If you have any complaints, please send them on the back of a 20 dollar bill to us. If you don't know where we live, feel free to e-mail us your name, social security number, credit card number, and bank account number along with your complaints.

SD: It was difficult getting the cast together again for the Special Edition, but well worth it.

FB: For instance, the court room scene... I felt we didn't do the full amount of gags we could've.

SD: Not to mention the numerous ways to show what a crappy lawyer you are.

FB: Yes, and there were no racist jokes... we need racist jokes, otherwise this story isn't as offensive as it could possibly be.

SD: Yeah, so now you, the reader, have to read this travesty.

FB: At least we fixed the continuity errors this time.

SD: Yeah, unlike Lucas.

FB: To all of you who dislike us for remaking our story... politely go fuck yourselves.

SD: Thanks, and goodnight.
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