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Matthew Collins looked into the rearview mirror as he made a right at the intersection, running a hand through his hair for the hundredth time since arriving in town. It wouldn’t be right to say that he wasn’t a little nervous. He supposed people in his situation were always a little nervous, though there wasn’t really a need to be. His trip was simple and supposed to be fun; he was visiting an old friend from high school, hardly something to ruffle your nerves. But, then again, this wasn’t just an ordinary get together with an ordinary friend. The person he was visiting used to be his best friend…and the one he had an enormous crush on. This person was Danielle Bennett.

Matthew was actually on a trip to see another friend who had invited him to go camping out in the woods he lived near. The friend had proposed a week of camping, hiking, and fishing; stuff that Matthew wasn’t exactly known for spending his time doing, but it was an excuse to hang around with a friend, drinking beer without a care in the tranquil disconnection that was the wilderness. He had been mapping out his proposed course when he realized that the fastest way actually passed through Danielle’s hometown. When he had discovered this, he figured he might as well tell the girl, who he had been keeping some contact with over the years since high school. The funny thing was, he never would have been able to predict her reaction. When Matthew had told her the news, she went through the roof. She almost demanded (she sounded like she was jumping up and down like a little girl on Christmas) that Matt visit her for a day. She said she really, really (emphasis on the second really) wanted to see him. Matthew said that he would be more than happy to stop by.

So, he here he was, driving through Danielle’s neighborhood, scanning the houses for 2407. Matthew was about to be a senior in college. He was twenty one, soon to be twenty two, and he was loving life. He was an Art Major and he had landed a job in painting posters for advertising a software company that a guy he knew was just starting. It was nice work and, since he still had his schoolings, flexible enough for him to do his school work without much issue. He knew, in the back of his head, that he would eventually need to find a job that was more serious and brought in a bit more money, but the time that that would have to happen was still a year away and he wanted to enjoy his last year of college as much as he could.

Danielle was almost twenty-one by now, as well. She was a very pretty girl. She had long brunette hair which went down to the small of her back. Her eyes were a shiny, sparkling green. Her stomach and waist were finely curved and she had a soft, cute smile that could melt the heart of even the iciest individual. What Matthew, and probably a number of other guys, liked about her was that she one of the smartest and friendliest girls around. She was also a little eccentric. She would do some strange things, but in such a sweet, innocent way that the “victim” often forgave her almost immediately. Matthew had once heard that after ordering a chicken salad at a burger place she reached into her purse and brought out a empty sub roll and asked the cashier if the workers in the back could put it in the bun. Going out in weird costumes didn’t seem to bother her either. On another occasion, when she was an Anime fan during her Sophomore year of high school, she had gone around the mall dressed as a Japanese Miko. When Matt had asked why, she simply said that she thought the dress was cozy. The costume was complete too; right down to the sandals and the socks with the toe on it.

After searching amongst the homes, a red brick, two story home with the plaque 2407. Matt could feel his heart begin to pick up and, yes to be honest, an erection began in his excitement. He pulled his car in her driveway and killed the engine. He found himself grinning from ear to ear and he hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet. But before he could so much as swing his feet out after opening the door...


Matt looked and there she was. Danielle Bennett had been peeking out from one of her windows, waiting, in anticipation, for him to arrive. Now, she came out, sprinting towards him, her long hair flowing beautifully behind her. She was dressed simply; a yellow summery top, light blue jeans that had side but no back pockets, and red sneakers. She was happy to see him, Matthew saw this right away. Her eyes were sparkling magnificently and she was smiling radiantly. She ran up to him and threw her arms around her. The sweet combined scent of her perfume and shampoo was intoxicating.

“How are you, Danielle?” Matt asked with a smile, hugging her back with enthusiasm.

“I’m doing great!” She said, looking up at him. “Especially now that you’re here! I’m sooooo happy to see you! How are you? How’s school been? How’s your mom and dad?”

“All are fine.” Matthew said, taking her shoulders. “I can’t believe I’m actually here with you right now. You look beautiful.”

Her eyes sparkled. Her smile widened. She leaned up and gave him a peck on his cheek.

“Where are your parents?” Matt asked, smiling at her.

“They’re out of town for the week!” Danielle said happily. “Meaning it’s just you and me! You wanna come in?”

She released him and began to pull him towards her home by his arm. Matthew laughed and he went with her. He honestly was a little excited by her words. ‘It’s just you and me,’ she had said and that made him a bit excited. For him, it was the first hint that she had some kind of plan for him and he was eager to see what it was.

It was pretty hot out on this summer day, so he immediately welcomed the cool breeze of air conditioning. Danielle directed him to her living room and sat him down on her couch.

“Do you want something to drink?” She asked, bending down a little. Her top gave a great view of her significant bust. It was a lovely sight.

“Sure,” Matt said politely.

She nodded and happily skipped over to the kitchen. Matthew laughed at her skipping and looked around. Her home was neat and tidy, it had the smell of a home that had recently been cleaned. He imagined that Danielle had been fixing up the place specially for him. He was actually a little amazed by her pure joy of seeing him. There had been no real reason to suspect that she had any reason to specially happy to see him. Sure he was a friend and he was glad to see her, but he had never seen a revisited friend be as ecstatic as she was currently. She was literally running all over the place. It was a case in point when she skipped back with a can of orange soda for him and herself, jumped over his knees and dive bombed next to him. Maybe she was just full of energy. He liked it, though. He had never felt more welcomed before.

“Someone’s a little happy.” Matt said, smiling.

“How could I not be happy, silly?” Danielle said giving him another hug. “You’re here! Gosh, I can’t believe it! It’s been forever!”

“Danielle,” Matthew said, chuckling. “It’s only been three years. And we’ve talked to each one the phone in between too.”

“Yeah, but I can’t hug you over the phone,” The brunette said with a laugh. She drank a bit of her soda. Matt joined her

At some point they both looked over at the other while drinking and got the same idea. Soon drinking became jugging and jugging became Danielle reaching out and tickling Matt’s side, causing him to almost spit out his drink, then keeping him at bay with her feet while she finished hers.

“I win!” Danielle said jumping up. She went up to Matt, who was coughing and laughing at the same time, and began to bump him with her hip. “Who’s your mama? Who’s your mama?”

Matthew put his can down, grabbed Danielle by her hips, causing her to give a surprised gasp, and tackled her down to the couch. She wrestled with him, smacking him with one of the couch cushions while began tickling her and asking her how she liked it. Danielle was too busy laughing to give an answer. They were both laughing; like two kids having a play date. Eventually, they broke up the wrestling match.

“You cheater!” Danielle said, giving him a soft kick with a sneaker.

“Me?” Matt asked with a laugh. “You’re the one who started it, Ms. Tickler.”

“Not me.” The brunette said, shaking her head slowly. “I’m a good girl. You’re a big bully.”

“You nearly made me choke!”

“Nu-uh,” Danielle said. “You’re just upset because you got beat by a girl!” She got up, turned and began to wave her butt in his face. “Nah, nah, nah, you lose, I win, you lose, I win!

Matt swiftly whipped out a hand and smacked her wide bum, causing her to jump and trip back on the couch. She looked back at him and threw a cushion at him.

“That is unwanted physical contact!” She said, giggling. “That’s why you’re a big bully! Now I’ve got a sore butt and it’s all your fault!”

“Well you shouldn't’t have been waving it in my face!” Matt joked back. “You were invading my personal space!”

“Yeah, well you’re a poet and you don’t know it.” Danielle giggled.

“I guess I am.” Matthew said nodding. “I always thought of myself as an artist, but I can always discover a new ability in me. We all have talents that we don’t know about till they come about.”

He had said this as a joke, but Danielle dropped her eyes and looked down. For the first time since had been here, which hadn’t been long, probably eight minutes, ten max, her smile faded a little. She seemed to be suddenly lost in thought. Matt looked at her curiously. He tapped one of her knees.

“You alright, Danielle?” He asked. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” How could he have?

“No, you didn’t,” His hostess said looking up. Her smile returned a bit. “It’s just...well...I wanted to tell you something...but...I wanted to wait till we had had dinner or something...”

“What is it?” Matt asked, leaning towards her.

“I don’t know if I should get into it now,” Danielle said, brushing a lock of her long hair out of her eyes. “I mean, we just got together, we haven’t seen each other in a while...”

“Come on, Danielle,” Matthew said. “Don’t kill me with the suspense. We’ve got all night. If there’s something you want to tell me now say it.”

“But it’s not a little thing,” Danielle said. Then, strangely, she started to giggle. She went into a fit of giggles that lasted till tears streamed down her cheeks. Matt sat and watched, confused.

“Okay, now you’ve really peaked my curiosity,” Matt said. He smiled. “You best come out with it, little lady. I’ll wait here all night.”

Danielle looked at him. Her expression was of a girl who is wondering if she can fully trust the person before her. It was a look that Matt had seen before and returned it with an earnest, sincere expression that said ‘you can trust me’. Finally she smiled slightly. Matthew smiled too. She trusted him.

“You might not believe what I’m going to say at first,” She began. “I haven’t told anyone about it my entire life. Not even my parents.”

“Your entire life?” Matt asked. He had apparently underestimated this thing. She was about to tell him a big secret.

“You know, we can still go eat first,” Danielle quickly offered. “We don’t have to dive right into it.”

“Too late, my dear.” Matthew said with a smile. “I am already to curious. You cannot turn back now!”

Again, she only smiled.

“Well, I do have an ability,” She said softly. “One, to quote you, I didn’t know about till it came about. A very special talent...”

“One that you haven’t told anyone?” Matt asked. He leaned closer to her. What on Earth could she have that was such a secret? The Danielle Bennet he had known in high school never kept secrets. She had been more known for speaking her mind openly. “Why are you just telling me?”

She smiled then. She knew why she was telling him. That much he could tell. Matt had a feeling that she had a plan. And whatever it was, he was a major part of it. She began fiddling with her. For the first time since he had know her, Matt thought she looked nervous. She had been known around school for her eccentricity, which did not give a lot of room for nervousness. He watched her curiously.

“I’m telling you...well...” She giggled. “Let me tell you what it is first...then I’ll get onto to other things...that maaaaaay involve you.” She said ‘may’ teasingly.

Matthew didn’t know whether to like where this was going, or to worry that she had done something too weird and had finally got in trouble for it. She hesitated for a moment, then, began to speak.

“I don’t know how to say it in a way that will make it seem believable,” Danielle said. “So I’ll just throw it out there and you can tell me what you think, alright?”

That sounds more like the Danielle I used to know, Matthew thought. He nodded at her.

Danielle said, “I have a magic power.”

Matt stared at her. He wasn’t really surprised, Danielle was notoriously weird, but he honestly hadn’t expected that. A magic power? Was she messing with him? Was this one of her jokes? He doubted it. Danielle, even during her most eccentric moments, was usually not joking. She was usually serious. During the trip to the mall with her when she had dressed as the Miko, Matt and his other friends, whom were a little reluctant to invite her, took Danielle to lunch despite her odd clothes. When they arrived, Danielle bowed to the host, who looked enormously confused, then led them to their table. Danielle and Matt talked the most, since the friends were too embarrassed to speak and when the food came, she suddenly produced chop sticks, though they all had silver ware, and passed them around. She never said that they had to use them, but she ignored her fork and spoon. After they watched her in shock, Matt, grinning, opened his and tried to eat with his sticks too. Slowly, the others followed. They attracted many stares that day for eating with Chop Sticks at an Apple Bees.

Despite all of this, Matt was laughing.

“You’re joking, right?” He asked teasingly. “What game are you playing with me?”

She smiled at him.

“I hope to play with you soon,” She said, a little tease coming out in her voice as well. But then her smile faded. “But, no, I’m not kidding.”

“Come on, Danielle,” Matthew urged. “Stop messing around. Do you honestly think you’re going to fool me with whatever game you’re playing that easily?”

She shook her head.

“No way,” She said. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me. That’s why I have to show you.”

“What are you going to do?” Matt asked with a smile. “Do a card trick? Pull a nickel out of my ear?”

“Nope,” She said, again shaking her head. She reached down and picked up a cushion from the couch. It was a small, square cushion. One that’s more for decoration rather than actual use. “Do you see this?”

“Yes, I do,” Matt said chuckling. “Is that the magic cushion?”

Danielle laid the cushion on the coffee table. Matt looked at it for a second and then looked at Danielle. She seemed to be studying it intently. Her eyes were sparkling, but vacant; her hands were clasped on her thighs. Her breathing was slow.

“What are you doing?” Matthew asked, smiling wide. “I know what you’re doing. You’re gonna move it with your mind.” Something stuck his foot.

He began to look down, thinking something had fallen off the table. He was right, his coke can had fallen off, but he didn’t realize that until later. When he began to look towards his foot he almost screamed when he saw a humongous bean bag sized cushion on the table. It was the exact same square cushion. It looked exactly the same as it had seconds before, except that it was huge. It was wider than a pizza box and thick as a mattress. Matthew leaned as far away from it as the couch would allow him. He stared, unbelievingly, at the cushion. Is that thing alive? Matt thought to himself. What had just happened. Then, he felt movement next to him and remembered that Danielle was next to him. Slowly, he turned and looked at her.

She smiled as his eyes met hers.

“Wh-wh-what di-did y-you do? Matt stammered.

“I used my power on it.” Danielle said happily.

“You have the power to make things grow?” Matt asked as Danielle looked back at the cushion. “That’s your power?”

“Well...” Danielle said playfully. She pointed.

Slowly, Matt looked back at the cushion. It wasn’t a huge block anymore. It was back to its normal size. Matt reached out a hand and brushed it lightly with the tips of his fingers. He felt soft cotton. He pressed down on it. It flattened under his hand. In other words, it was real. He turned back to his hostess.

“Entirely,” She said, smiling. “My ability is that I can change the size of things at will.”

Matt tried to speak, but he couldn’t. He had just witnessed what some might call a miracle. A girl had just proven to him that she held a legitimate magical power. This girl, who he had know all throughout high school, was now the most extraordinary person he had ever met. He was a bit afraid of her, to be honest, but he was suddenly fascinated with her. He remembered vaguely being hungry and looking forward to dinner, but now he didn’t want to leave the house. He wanted to stay here and talk. Talk for as long as they could.

“W-when did you find this out?” He asked in a weak voice.

“I don’t really remember when exactly.” Danielle said, pausing to think about it. “But I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Whenever I did discover it, I knew I didn’t want anybody to know about it. I was a little girl and I didn’t want anyone to think that I was weird or evil. I also figured that I couldn’t use it for evil. I once did, accidentally. I was mad at a boy for calling me icky and I thought of him being a little bug so I could crush him. But then it actually happened.”

“Y-y...” Matt stammered. He got off the couch and backed away from her. “You killed a kid when you were younger!?”

“No! Oh, Matt, no!” Danielle cried. “No! Absolutely not! Please don’t be afraid of me. I swear I didn’t hurt him. I just shrunk him accidentally, that’s all. I got scared and made him big again immediately. He was scared of me for the rest of the year. I tried to apologize, but he didn’t listen. He tried to tell on me, but no one believed him.”

She got up and began to walk towards him. Matt wanted to run. He wanted to because he had no evidence to know if she was telling the truth. The Danielle he knew in high school had always been a polite girl, but maybe this was a way to get people to trust her so she could take them back to her home and step on them. Just because he couldn’t remember any disappearances didn’t mean there hadn’t been any.

But Danielle stood in front of him and took his hands. Matt looked into her eyes. He saw fear. He realized that she was afraid that he was going to leave.

“Please don’t go, Matt.” She asked softly. “If you want to, I won’t stop you, but please don’t. Come sit with me for a little bit.”

He let her gently pull him back to the couch. He sat down and looked at the cushion for a moment. He had seen it big, but he didn’t know if it had been an illusion or not.

“Okay,” He said. “I’ll tell you what. I’m looking at it. Make it small right before my eyes and I will believe every word you say.”

“Alright.” Danielle said softly.

There was a pause where nothing happened. Matt wanted to look back at her to see if she was doing something, but he kept his eyes glued. For a moment, he was sure that she was playing with him. Somehow, some friend of hers had been here the entire time and had switched the cushion with a ridiculously huge version of it when he hadn’t been looking. Then switched it again when he wasn’t looking again. Thought the times where his eyes had been averted were short, that didn’t mean it was impossible. He was being stupid. How could he honestly believe that...

The cushion was shrinking.

He barely noticed it at first, but he realized that it was slowly shrinking. It looked like it was shriveling for a moment, but it wasn’t. It was just getting smaller, like a picture on an electrical editing program that you have reduce the size, it just got smaller. It stopped when it was the size of a quarter. Then, Danielle’s hand appeared and picked it up. Matthew’s eyes followed it until it was help up before his hostess’ face. She was smiling.

“Ta-da,” She said.

Matt slowly took it and felt it. It too was real.

“How do you do that?” He marveled softly. “Do you just wish for it?”

“Kind of,” Danielle said slowly. “I guess. I have to focus when I do it. I just now wanted that cushion to be quarter size, then I have to focus on it till it happens. I don’t really put in too much effort, it just happens.”

“And you don’t remember when you discovered this?” He asked, his eyes glued to the tiny cushion.

“No,” Danielle admitted. “Though I remember using it often.” She giggled. “I usually used it when my mother baked cookies. She would always give me one and then say ‘no more, sweetheart, you’ll spoil your dinner.’ I would give her a sad look, but then I would sneak off to my room and make myself a jumbo cookie! I was so happy each time my mom made cookies, because that meant big cookies for me!”

She giggled happily. Matt was still staring at the cushion. He still had a hard time believing this. He had never been told a secret like this. Why was...? Then, the big question returned and he slowly put down the couch cushion and look Danielle Bennett in the eyes. She gave him a worried look.

“What’s wrong?” She asked cautiously. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Her eyes widened. “You’re still my friend, right? I can still trust you right?”

“I don’t know, Danielle.” He said. “That’s what I want to know. Why are you telling me this? You haven’t told, according to yourself, anyone about this. So, I have to ask. Why me? Why are you compelled to show this to me when you have shown nobody else?”

Danielle slowly smiled. A sparkle came to her eyes.

“Well,” She said softly. “There has always been something I have wanted to do. Something I knew I couldn’t do till I was older. So, I have waited patiently for the time where I could finally do something that I have longed to do all my life. Something that I have had in the back of my head for so long, there were times I forgot about it, but it has always been there. A desire, a wish rather, that I have always wanted to come true...”

“And that is?” Matt asked, wondering what she was getting at.

“I want to shrink something...” Danielle said, slowly twirling a lock of her hair.

“Which is?” Matthew asked annoyed. She wasn’t being clear.

But then, she reached out and put a hand on his leg. He looked at it and then looked back at her. She was smiling. Her eyes sparkled even more. Suddenly, he tensed as what she was thinking came to him.

“Y-y-y...” He stammered. “Y-you want to shrink me!?”

She scooted closer to him.

“Just for a little bit...” She said softly.

Matt was silent as her words sank in. He then began to shake his head.

“No,” He said. “No. No! Danielle! That’s crazy!”

“I know!” She said, leaning closer to him. She was smiling. “That’s why I want to do it! It sounds so fun!”

“How does that sound fun?” Matt asked unbelievingly. He found himself cursing her eccentricity. This whole thing did sound like something weird she would want to do.

“Oh come on!” She asked teasingly. “There had to be a time when you were a kid that you wanted one of your toys to be alive and play with you! I always wanted it! I always used to daydream about it when I was a little girl!”

“But you’re not a little girl, Danielle!” Matt said. “You’re a college student!”

“I know!” She said laughing. “But I can make it happen! That’s why that childish desire never left me! Because, in a way, it can happen!”

“But why me!?” Matthew asked again. “Why did you choose me?”

“Because...” Danielle said slowly. Suddenly she was fiddling with her hair again. She blushed slightly. “I’ve had a crush on you for a long time...”

Matt didn’t respond. He now fully understood the situation.

“Look...Danielle...” He began.

“Don’t you like me?” She asked, leaning closer. “You dealt with my weirdness all the time! You always invited me to everything! You flirted with me all the time, I know you like me! I like you too, and that’s why I picked you. That’s why I wanted you here so much!”


“I promise it will just be for a little bit.” She went on. Now she was leaning against him, her pleading eyes taking up almost all of his vision. She was doing the puppy eyes trick. The thing was, Matt was afraid it was working. “Just humor me once, this one time, and I’ll restore you back to normal, good as new. I know you’ll be fine. That boy I shrunk was fine. A little scared, but other than that...”

“Danielle...” He tried again.

“Please...” She said, her begging eyes came closer. “Just this once. Will you do it for me? Please...”

“I...I...Danielle...you...” He was stammering. Truthfully, he was afraid that he was going to make her cry. And causing a girl to cry was not something Matt wanted to do. “H-h-how long do you want to do this?” He was afraid to ask...but he forced himself.

Danielle’s eyes lit up.

“Just for a little bit!” She said hopefully. “An hour or two.” She paused. “Of course, should you want to go on longer...I’m game.”

“Danielle...” He said for a third time. Her eyes went puppy again.

He couldn’t stand it. He didn’t want to say no. What she was asking was momentously insane, but somehow he dreaded saying no to her more than the endless possibilities of being shrunk. He couldn’t believe he was about to say it, but... “Okay...”

Danielle’s eyes widened.

“Really!?” She said excitedly. She grabbed his arm. “You’ll do it! Really!?” Slowly and unbelievingly he nodded. She threw her arms around him. “Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!”

She began to pull him up off the couch, he went hesistantly.

“Look....Danielle,” He began. “I...I’ll do this to make you happy...but....how small are you gonna make me....what if you...you know...step on me...”

She was standing him behind the couch. She looked at him, a wide, cheerful smile on her face.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Danielle said casually. “I’ll be careful.”

She stepped back. Matt felt his heart begin to race. He didn’t like how calm she was about the fact that she was about to shrink a human man and that she could step on him at any given time if she was extremely careful. The dangers about what she was going to do did not seem to phase her at all it seemed. He began to have second thoughts.

Danielle stood in front of him, her eyes bright. She was bouncing up and down.

“Ready to go?” She asked anxiously.

“I...I...I...” Matt said slowly. His heart was racing. “I...I...guess....so....but...”

She didn’t hear the “but”.

“I don’t know what you’re going to feel.” Danielle said apologetically. “So if you feel sick or pain, I’m real sorry.”

“W-w-what!?” Matt asked.

Danielle’s eyes went vacant. Matt was about to move. He didn’t want to do this anymore. Unfortunately, it was far, far too late for backing out now. Something hit Matthew then. He felt a wave of some strange feeling grip as Danielle’s power enveloped him. He began to quiver. He closed his eyes as he felt like his body was being pulled from the inside. Like everything inside him had grabbed his skin and was yanking it inward. He moaned as this strange feeling continued. He felt dizzy, tired, exhilarated, sick, and high at the same time. He didn’t know how long his body could stand feeling like this. He felt that his whole interior structure would collapse on itself if this continued for much longer. But then it was gone. He stood where he was for a moment. Not because he felt sick and thought he needed the rest, but because he was mentally preparing himself for what he would see when he opened his eyes. His heart racing, he opened them.

He was standing in a forest of carpet fibers that came up to his hips. He jumped when he saw them. He looked around frantically. He turned to his left and saw the dark underside of the couch he had been sitting on mere moments ago. He saw large dust bunnies sitting there, along with a number of giant things that he couldn’t identify due to the darkness. He turned to his right and saw a massive open field that, miles and miles away, led to a doorway that Matt assumed fed into the kitchen. Then, he looked dead ahead and saw two massive red sneakers that were miles and miles apart from each other. Matt, beginning to shake, slowly began to look up. His eyes panned up two sky scraper legs, clad in light blue jeans that had no back pockets, a massive wall of a yellow summer top, and then...

Danielle was looking down at him, but her eyes were still vacant. They were dull and the expression on her face held little interest. It was a look that sent goosebumps down Matt’s arm, though they might have already been there when he first looked around as a tiny guy. Then, she blinked rapidly and shook her head a bit as she came back. Her eyes then glowed and she scanned the ground, holding her hair back with her hands. Her giant green eyes then fell on him. A wide smile stretched across her lips. Her hands went to her mouth in awe and then dropped to her heart.

“Oh, Matt!” She said. Her voice was booming and echoed greatly. Matt trembled more. It was like she was a goddess. “Oh my! You’re so cute!”

Matthew Collins screamed a bit as Danielle Bennett took a big step towards him. The ground quake as her sneaker made contact and the small guy fell in a heap on his back. He looked up in awe as Danielle stood over him. She was frighteningly fast. Matt had seen movies were people were shrunk and there were giant people. The giants always seemed to move in slow motion. This was not the case with her. Danielle was fast. She was over him in a second, bent down, hands on her knees, looking at him.

“Am I just totally huge to you?” She asked teasingly. She giggled.

“Danielle watch your feet!” Matt yelled. His eyes were on the massive sneakers.

“Did you say something?” He heard the giantess say above. “I couldn’t really hear you. Maybe if I sit with you...”

Suddenly, one of the sneakers came zooming forward. Matt screamed as the giant sole crashed down next to him. The ground quaked so bad he was thrown into the air. Then, the other sneaker came down on his side, tossing him into the air again. When he was flat on his back again, he watched as Danielle brought herself down. The ground shook as he giant bum smacked down. Danielle then looked down, between her knees at Matt, who was sitting between her feet.

“Hello down there,” The giant girl said, giggling. She hugged her knees and looked at him happily. “I can’t believe it. I’m so happy! I’ve always wanted to do this! We haven’t even done anything and I’m already having a blast!”

“Don’t move your feet so close to me!” Matt roared. “You could have killed me!”

“What?” Danielle asked, leaning down more, her hair was reaching down, too. It almost draped down next to him. “I couldn’t quite catch that.”


“What about my feet?” Danielle asked puzzled. Then, the obvious came to her. “Oh, right. Don’t worry, Matt! I’ll be careful. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die!” She giggled again. She let go of her knees. “Well, we’re not going to play here. Let’s go off to my room!”

Her feet grinded against the carpet as she scooted herself back. She got to her knees and then lifted a hand. Matt then watched as the fingers stretched towards him. He flailed his arms like he was going to try and fight them off, but his flailings did nothing as the forefinger and the thumb grabbed him. Matthew was suddenly, as the squeeze of the fingers came, that she would accidentally squash him. But, the squeeze didn’t hurt him. He then watched with horror as the ground began to draw away from him. He felt a gust of wind pushing down on him as Danielle stood and lifted him to her eyes. Matt found himself looking at himself through the black pupil in a green eye.

“Awww, Matt you are so sweet.” Danielle cooed. “Even at this size you have a heart bigger than mine! Let me show you what you get for playing alongggggggggg!”

Her eye winked at him then, he watched as the eye panned away and the mouth came to view. It opened slightly and Matt was drawn near it. He was terrified. He wanted to scream but couldn’t. She was going to eat him. It had all been a trick. She was going to eat him and no one would be able to prove he was there. Yeah his car was there, but she could easily take care of that. All she would have to do was shrink it late at night and the problem was solved. The neighbors would just assume that he had left early in the morning and they just hadn’t been awake to see it.

Instead of her mouth opening wider, her lips curled in a pucker. She brought the tiny Matthew Collins against them and gave him the biggest kiss that he had ever received. All fear that Matt had felt previously was blown away as Danielle kissed him softly, but eagerly. Her lips squeezed him as a form of love bite and then released him in a loud smack. Matt felt his mind spin as he was raised back up to the eye. He was dazed as he looked at the eye lovingly.

“I hope you enjoyed that little gift I cooked up for you.” Danielle said softly. Matt slowly nodded.

Danielle dropped her tiny toy into her palm and turned and walked. Matt looked up at her face. Hey eyes were ahead, calculating her path and steps, a smile was on her lips. As she walked, thinking about what she wanted to do with the tiny Matt, her hand lowered from her chin. Matt didn’t notice it until he saw that her face was a good distance away, he looked down in front of him and his jaw dropped. Her breasts were in front of him, bouncing slightly with her steps. Matt began to sweat as he watched the massive cleavage. Danielle reached a stair case and when she began to climb up it, the bounce of her breasts increased.


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