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Story Notes:

Contains no nudity, offensive language or sexual related matter.
However does contain several refrences to sexual slavery, mild violence and murder.

Mainly for entertaining purposes.


My first story on the site, please review and enjoy! :)


Happy Halloween! 2011!


Halloween at the Owens


Chapter 1: The Device


Its 7:30am at the Owen's house in the small town in the Derbyshire dales, England, for Sarah Owen its a well deserved day off work, but for Amy Owen its another boring Friday at school.
Sarah is a single mum to her only child Amy, A smart, cute, short 16 year old girl, Sarah shouts to Amy to wake her up for the school day.

By 7:55am Amy is ready for school and is just putting her shoes on when there's a knock at the door.

*Knock Knock Knock


Sarah said to herself, “who could that be this early in the morning?”.
“I don't know but I’ve got to go otherwise il be late! Bye mum!” replied Amy.

Amy ran outside to meet her friends Lucy and Shannon, and the three continued to walk to school.

Once Amy left the house, Sarah went to answer the back door.
When she got to the door she saw there was no one there, she opened the door to find a small parcel on the door step.

“huh... That's strange, I didn't order anything” muttered Sarah. “ah well, might as well open it up”.

She took the parcel inside and ripped off the packaging, inside was some kind of weapon shaped object, almost like a futuristic hand gun.
Sarah thought to herself, “what in the world is thi-”
There was a huge bang as Sarah accidentally activated the device, she jumped on the floor in shock and fear, only to rise in disbelief a moment later...


She looked over where the weapon had fired, and there... where a fruit bowl used to be, was a very miniature version of what appeared to be said fruit bowl.

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes...
“Its a shrink gun!” she shouted.

The next 2 hours she spent experimenting with her new found toy, and then she went to bed for a nap, taking the device with her of course.
“I cant wait to show Amy this, shes into all this science-y stuff, he he he.” she laughed to herself.


Sarah awoke at 2:30pm to prepare for her daughter coming home.


Chapter 2: The Mistake


“Im home!” Shouted Amy as she came through the door “what was that knocking this morning then?” she asked.

“Oh nothing” replied Sarah. “Say Amy, do you want to see something really cool-” she was interrupted by Amy.

“Sorry Mum, cant chat, gotta get ready to go meet Lucy and Shannon, were going trick or treating tonight” said Amy.

“Your absolutely not!” exclaimed Sarah, “its too dangerous!”


“Oh mum!” Whined Amy “I'm 16 years old! I think I can look after myself”

“No means no!” replied Sarah “now go to your room!”


Amy stormed off upstairs muttering under her breath.

“Old enough to take care of yourself huh? Well lets see how much of a responsible person you really are” plotted Sarah whilst gripping the shrink device.

30 minutes later...

*Ding Dong

The door bell rings and Sarah answers it, its Lucy and Shannon.

“Hi girls how are you? Come on in, Amy will be a few minutes yet.”

Lucy and Shannon replied “Okay, thanks”, unaware of the impending doom.


“Would you like any drinks girls?” asked Sarah.

“Yes please!” they both replied.

“I thought you might say that” Sarah muttered evil-y.


Shannon and Lucy were quietly talking to each other when they hear a loud 'bang!' then complete darkness.

(Il take this as an opportunity to better describe the characters so far. Sarah is a young mum with long blonde hair, she is averaged size and normal weight, she often wears cute clothing. Amy is a 16 year old cute long black hair, she is very smart and athletic. Lucy and Shannon are nonidentical twins, Lucy with short brunette hair and Shannon with long black, both mid tall and normal size.)


Chapter 3: The First Victims


Lucy starts to come to but Shannon is still out cold, she tries to figure out where she is and what happened but the environment seems completely alien to her.

“where am I!” cried Lucy, “please wake up Shannon! I'm scared” Tears started to roll down Lucy's cheek.

“Not as scared as your going to be!” a big booming voice was heard.

“who are you!” Lucy shouted.

All that came as a response was a echoing ear shattering Laughter of most evil.

“Times almost up girls!” and after that silence.

Lucy began to panic and started heavily breathing, with every breathe she caught a whiff of some odd odor...

“What is that smell?”

Lucy tried to run around to figure out where she is but every so often came to a big black wall that was twice as tall at her, there was an odd smell in the air around them and everywhere she went seemed like a dead end.

About a minute passed before a new sound was heard, sort of like beating on the ground but very loud and rumbling. Lucy ran over to Shannon and hugged her tight, fearing for her life at this frightening situation, just then Lucy looked up and her face went white with fear.

“i know what that smell is...”

The pounding got louder until Lucy could see what was causing the racketing noises...

“its feet!”

Lucy saw what appeared to be the bare sole of Amy's foot come crashing down like a 10ton bomb right next to their prison that smelt like feet... which was a shoe!

Amy's foot missed Lucy and Shannon by about an inch, lucky for them two Amy wasn't putting that shoe on yet, she put her right one on, giving them a few more seconds of precious time to escape.

Lucy started jumping up and down and crying out Amy's name to try and get her attention, but Amy was oblivious. She continued to put her shoe on and then grabbed her left shoe and the twins with it.

Lucy grabbed the still unconscious Shannon and started dragging her to the wall of the shoe...
“Please Shannon wake up! I don't wanna die! Please! Shannon!” Lucy cried while holding Shannon in her arms.


As tears rolled down Lucy’s face, Amy’s giant foot started to fill up the walls of the shoe, she was completely unaware that she was about to turn her two best friends into little red dots on the sole of her foot.

The smell of the shoe mixed the odor of Amy's foot was enough to almost choke Lucy to death, she could taste the warm air from inside her shoe, and it was disgusting!
She let off one more cry...

“Please Amy! Noooo! Ahhh-” Lucy's cry was cut off mid scream and a small 'pop' was heard. Nothing more.

“There we go” Amy said wiggling her toes into the shoe.
Once both her shoes were on she proceeded to the kitchen to see her mum.

“How are your shoe's darling?” Asked Sarah.

“Fine, thank you” Replied Amy whilst wiggling her toes into her shoes.

“Good” Sarah smiled. “run along Il get tea ready.”

On her way to her bed room Amy noticed Lucy's school bag at the bottom of the stairs.

“huh... that's strange, where are Shannon and Lucy if her bags here”
Then she lay eyes on the strange device, “whats this?” she wondered.
A label on the side of the gun said 'Shrink Device' and at that moment a horrible thought went through Amy's head... but she quickly dismissed it as a possibility to the twins missing whereabouts.

She continued upstairs when she hears her mum talking...
“Soon her boyfriend will be here, and Il shrink him too! Amy doesn't suspect a thing! Ha Ha Ha!” plotted Sarah.

Amy let off a small yelp, “she really did shrink the twins!” and a tear rolled down Amy's face.
“I hope there ok”. She cried.














Chapter 4: Goodbye Darling Amy


Amy needed a plan of her own if she was going to save her boyfriend, Sam.

“I know, Il call Sam and tell him not to come rou-” just as she said that, a door bell was heard.
“oh crap!” Shouted Amy.

“Hi Sam, Come on in!” Said Sarah.

“Thanks Mrs S, do you mind if I use your toilet real quick?” Sam said,
“Of course, its upstairs on the left” Replied Sarah,
“Thanks!” Said Sam.

Sam took off his school shoes, and ran upstairs towards the toilet.

“And once you come down, il zap you with my shrink ray. He He He!” Snickered Sarah.


Amy thought to herself, 'its now or never' if she wants to save Sam, so she ran downstairs into her unsuspecting mother...

“Goodbye sa- Oh No!” Yelled Sarah.


A few seconds later...

“Ouch my head! Huh.... what... where am I!?” Yelled Amy.

“Well my darling, it seems you accidentally got in the way of my plan to shrink and torture your beloved boyfriend, and you got shrunk down instead of him.” Sarah's booming voice echoed over Amy's ears.

“So it appears there's only one thing to do... let Sam decide your fate.” Chuckled Sarah.
She lifted up Amy between her fingers and placed Amy inside Sam's school shoe.

“Bye bye Darling, Oh and check your feet, I think Lucy and Shannon found their shrunken way into your shoe after I shrank them.” Said Sarah.

With that she walked away and awaited Sam's return.

Meanwhile Amy was trying to understand what Sarah just said about Lucy and Shannon when she heard the massive footsteps of Sam's feet returning from the upstairs toilet.

“OH NO!” cried Amy, she stared running around in the same fashion as the twins before her, looking for an exit but finding nothing but walls of Sam's smelly school shoe.

“Thanks Mrs S, but where's Amy?” Sam inquired.
“Oh I think she's closer than you think” smiled Sarah.

“huh?” a confused look swept across Sam's face.

Meanwhile in his shoe...

“its smells awful in here!” cried Amy. “change your stinky socks Sam!” she yelled.

Sam usually wore the same smelly socks over and over so when he came round Amy's, he could tease her by yelling “Smell my feet!” and putting his feet in her face.

Amy hated it! But knew he was only teasing so when he did it she played along and pretended to like smelling his feet.

But this... this was just way too much, every centimeter of his shoe smelt like rotten toe jam.
It smelt like Boys toes when they have just been doing P.E, it was disgusting!

Amy almost puked!

But then Amy thought 'if I don't get out of here soon, im gonna become part of Sam's toe jam!”

She struggled and struggled to try and get up the wall of his putrid shoe but to no avail.

Amy sat down in the sole of Sam's shoe and started to cry... “so this is how it ends...”
“Being smushed into toe jam by my boyfriends stinky horrible feet!”
“I guess I deserve it after blindly crushing Lucy and Shannon under my sole”

She cried even more.

Just then a rumble was felt...

'This is it Amy' thought.


As she saw Sam's face hover above the shoe.
His massive socked foot approached the lip of the shoe and slipped into the sole.

“Sam! Wait! Im in here! Dont put your shoe on!!!” Shouted Amy, but to no effect, Sam couldn't hear Amy and her only fate was to become a tiny stain on the bottom of Sam's old socks.
With tears rolling down her face Amy yelled... “I love you Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam-” 'yelp' *pop


“Yes!” Sarah whispered.


Sam's massive foot with black sock came crashing down on his girlfriend crushing her into another tiny stain on the bottom of his smelly sock.

He wiggled his foot into his shoe, and put his other one on.

He turned to Sarah and said “Tell Amy I love her. Bye!”

“Bye” replied Sarah.


Chapter 5: Where's Amy?


Megan and Ellie were another pair of Amy's friends who was meant to meet Amy that night.
Ellie is a short blonde haired little girl and Megan was quite tall for her age with brunette medium length hair. Ellie was a bit of an out goer, and took life by the neck, Megan usually stayed quite but was very kind and gentle towards everyone.

“lets call for her then” Said Ellie,

“Okay.” Replied Megan.

10 minutes later... *Ding Dong!

“Who could that be...” Muttered Sarah, “more victims?”. She let out an evil laugh!


Sarah opened the door on two of Amy's old friends, Ellie and Megan.

“Hi girls!” said Sarah “come on in!”

The two girls walked through the door and sat on the couch and Sarah followed them, she sat on the far end next to Ellie.

A few seconds past and Megan inquired “Where's Amy?”

“Oh she's just...” Sarah puzzled “Oh yeah, she's just gone out to the shop, she will be back very soon” Sarah exclaimed with a un nerving grin on her face.

A few more minutes past...

“Come on Amy were gonna be late!” Yelled Megan.

“Say girls, do you mind if I put my legs up for abit? Its been a long day and my feet are killing me” Said Sarah spontaneously...

“Erm...” the girls looked at each other “Sure Mrs S!” Replied Megan. Being very kind as usual.

“Thanks” Smiled Sarah. Thinking to herself... 'If these girls do what I say... maybe then wont get shrunk... Mwhahaha!'

And with that Sarah slipped off both her work flats, which she must have had for about a year now, they were worn and smelt pretty bad. She was wearing no socks so her bare feet had been in these flats all day, and the smell of her feet was a smell to behold, it smelt very vinegary but at the same time like cheese. Sarah lifted her right leg onto the two girls, and placed her right foot on Megan's lap, The left leg followed. The expression on the girls face dropped when they got a whiff of Sarah's feet...
“Sorry girls, they smell a bit” Laughed Sarah whilst wiggling her toes back and fourth on Megan's lap.

“Ah, that's better!” Sarah let off a relaxed sigh and continued to get her feet comfy on Megan's leg.

Sarah closed her eyes for a few seconds... but then turned to Megan and said...

“Megan, your such a nice girl...”

“Thank you” Replied a embarrassed Megan.

Sarah lifted her right foot closer to Megan's chest and said...

“My feet really feel worn out... would you mind just giving me a quick massage” inquired Sarah...
“Il reward you of course”

“What?!” exclaimed Megan? Starring at Sarah's wiggling toes.

She let off a sigh “Okay, just for you.” Replied Megan.

Ellie let off a snicker at the fact Megan was giving Amy's Mum a massage.

“Get a room...” she laughed.

Sarah was too relaxed to notice...

Megan grabbed Sarah's right foot, which her toes still had much movement, and started caressing her soft wrinkly soles.

Megan thought to herself 'her feet really smell!' but being nice just continued to rub them.

Sarah's toes had little bits of fluff in between from her old shoes, and looked a bit dirty on the sole but she didn't care, she closed her eyes and let Megan deal with her feet.
Every so often Sarah would move her left foot up and down Megan's lap in a kind of stroking motion.

Megan just smiled at Sarah as if she was playing but really, Sarah was testing Megan on how far she could go before she cracked.

Ellie had nothing to do and was looking rather bored at this point...

Sarah opened her eyes for a second and said,

“Megan, would you mind going to my bedroom and get my hand bag for me?”

“Sure!” Replied Megan.

She lifted Sarah's feet off her lap and walked upstairs.

Sarah turned to Ellie but before she could say anything Ellie blurted; “Don't even think about asking me to touch your stinky toe-jam ridden feet!”

Sarah looked at Ellie in disgrace; “How dare you!” Yelled Sarah.
And with that she grabbed the shrink ray and zapped Ellie right down to size.

Chapter 6: Sarah's secret and the Demise of Ellie



“Huh...” “Where am I?” a confused Ellie woke up in a strange place, with a pain of being hanged.

“Turn around to find out” said a huge booming voice from behind.


Ellie gulped and slowly turned her head to see Sarah, but not as normal, she was about 200x bigger than usual and Ellie was being held up by her thumb and forefinger.

“So whats that you said about my feet?” Exclaimed Sarah.

A shaking frightened Ellie replied “There... There” 'gulp' “Lovely” She smiled hoping Sarah wouldn't hurt her.

“Im glad you think so...” Chuckled Sarah.

Then everything went dark again.

When light came too, Ellie saw that she was in a new environment, it was a bit sticky on one side, but very warm and smooth on the other with a lingering odor of something odd.


“Help!” Yelled Ellie.

Ellie looked around, it seems whether Ellie wants to believe it or not, that she was somehow taped to the bottom of Sarah's big toe.

“Whats going on!” Cried Ellie.

And with that Megan came through the door...

“Here you go” She said handing Sarah her hand bag.

“Thank you” Said Sarah “Amy should be home any minute but in the mean time would you mind continuing to massage my feet? I know its awkward but its been so long since anyone's gave my little tootsies any attention and I really like it! Please?” Smiled Sarah.

Megan smiled “Sure!”

And with that Sarah again placed her foot on Megan's lap, not the one with Ellie strapped to, she was saving that for later...

A few minutes passed...

Sarah kept moving her foot closer and closer to Megan's face, and sure enough Megan caught on.

“Wh- What are you doing?” Questioned Megan.
“Just making sure your comfortable around my feet... Do they smell?” Said Sarah cautiously.

“Like roses” Replied Megan with a smile on her face, not wanting to hurt Sarah's feelings.

“Sniff them then?” Said Sarah.

Megan thought Sarah was only playing so she proceeded to grab her foot and brought it to her nose, she put her nose in between Sarah's big and second toe and took in a deep breathe, the smell of a work day bare foot in year old shoe's filled Megan's nostrils, her eye's almost teared up, the smell was unbearable, but Megan didn't say anything.

“Huh guess you really are comfortable around my feet”

“Yep” replied Megan.

Sarah took her foot off Megan's face and put it down, but raised her other foot, with Ellie still taped to her toe to Megan's mouth.
“You can guess what I want you to do...” said Sarah, “Do as your told and you wont get hurt, okay darling?” said Sarah with some kind of severity in her voice.

Megan's face dropped “What!” she yelled.

“I said, DO AS YOUR TOLD” exclaimed Sarah “Now, lick my heel!”

“Im sorry this is too weird i'm lea-” before Megan could finish, Sarah chucked Megan onto the floor and slammed her foot onto Megan's chest...

“Now are we going to have any problems, slave?” questioned Sarah.

At this point a few tears were rolling down Megan's face, she was frightened and confused, but she complied with Sarah's commands... “'gulp', Yes” she cried.

“Good” said Sarah...


Sarah raised her heel and put it to Megan's lips, “Lick my heel”

Megan opened her mouth and licked Sarah's heel, it tasted very sweaty and vinegary, Megan wasn't enjoying it at all but didn't want to get hurt.

“Good girl!” Said Sarah with a creepy smile.


She lifted her heel away from Megan's mouth after a few seconds, but then lowered her toes to her face.

“I just want you to do one more thing and then all this can be over...” said Sarah.

“what?” cried Megan. Tears rolling down her cheek and an expression of white cold fear on her face.


“I want you to suck my big toe” Smiled Sarah, the same toe Ellie was strapped too, but Megan was oblivious to this fact.

Ellie looked up to see Megan's face, which was also huge in size comparison, Ellie shouted out with all her breathe but to no effect, she was just to small to be seen or heard, Sarah lowered her toe towards Megan's mouth and Megan, accepting what was to come, gulped and opened up her lips ready to suck Sarah's toe.

Ellie was crying her eyes out and not wanting to be eaten by her best friend started to struggle around on Sarah's toe, but she just couldn't move in time.

Sarah lowered her toe into Megan's mouth.

“NO! Megan please! Don't eat me! Aaaaaah! HELP!” Cried Ellie.

Megan couldn't hear Ellie and it was too late.
With tear's pouring out of her eyes, Megan closed her lips around Sarah's big toe and sealed Ellie's fate for good.

Megan was oblivious that inside her mouth, Ellie had broken free from Sarah's toe and landed onto Megan's giant moist tongue.

Ellie started slapping Megan's tongue to try and get her attention, but Megan was too concerned about sucking Sarah's toe to notice.

Sarah wiggled her toe around in Megan's mouth, making sure Ellie was either crushed against the inside of her mouth, or dropped off her toe and down Megan's throat.

“Good” Smiled Sarah.

Meanwhile inside Megan's mouth Ellie was running around trying to find a way out but to no avail.

Megan's lips slowly opened to let Sarah's toe out, and a glimpse of hope for Ellie as her lip's gave her a slight chance of escape, Ellie grabbed hold of Megan's tongue and started to abseil up it.

“Come on, I don't want to be a quick snack in my best friends belly!” Shouted Ellie.

Despite Ellie's effort... Megan, still completely unaware that her best friend was inside her mouth, with tears all over her face, continued to close her lips around Sarah's toe as it left her mouth, leaving practically no chance for Ellie to escape.

“no! No! NOOOO!” Screamed Ellie.

As Sarah's toe left her mouth, Megan took a gulp to swallow and saliva that had been tainted by any of Sarah's toe fluff or bits of dirt, and Ellie was to go with it.

“Please Megan! Don't eat me!” Cried Ellie. But Megan was still completely unaware of the microscopic Ellie despairing in her mouth.

Still crying, Megan Gulped and Ellie knew this was the end, she and all the saliva in Megan's mouth got pushed towards her throat by Megan's tongue, and Ellie just accepted her fate, still screaming, slipped down Megan's throat to a horrible painful death in her tummy.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Megan felt sick, she didn’t want to accept what she had just done, but she didn't no the half of it, her best friend was now in her stomach being horribly digested and she had no idea.

“I don't want to go on knowing what I just did” Cried Megan.

“Be careful what you wish for” Whispered Sarah.

Not a second later Sarah turned around, Shrink ray ready in her hand, aimed at Megan, she pulled the trigger, but something went wrong. Instead of shrinking just Megan, the device exploded, shrinking both Sarah and Megan.

5 minutes later...

“What the hell just happened!” Yelled Sarah...

“You tell me!” Exclaimed Megan “You tried to shoot me!”

“Oh crap!” Cried Sarah. “The shrink ray!... its shrank us both!”

“What shrink ray?!” Yelled Megan.

“The one I tried to fire at you!” Replied Sarah.

“What!?” Cried Megan “Why!?”

“be- Because Amy annoyed me... and I wanted to get back at her by torturing her shrunken friends, but everything went wrong and I ended up killing them and Amy” Said Sarah as a single tear leaked from her eye...

“and Ellie?” Cried Megan...

“oh- She's fine” Lied Sarah “she left to find her friends.”

Megan gave Sarah a dirty look... But then there was a knock at the door...

“Thank god its Ellie...”

Sarah looked puzzled 'who could that be?' she whispered.

“Hello, is anyone here?” said a familiar voice...

“I no that voice... its my Sister!” Cried Megan.

Megan, forgetting she was only a centimeter tall, ran over to the door, at the same moment, Emma opened it.


Chapter 7: The end of it all!


Emma often came round Amy's house with Megan to visit Amy and knows Sarah doesn't mind if she comes in without notice.


“Emma! Down here! Cried Megan.


Emma stepped through the door and her shoe came crashing down, just millimeters for where her mini Sister was stood.

“Hmmm, Where is everyone?” Questioned Emma. “guess there all getting ready to go trick or treating”.

Emma took both her shoes off and proceeded to the living room area, passing past both Sarah and Megan oblivious to their presence.

Emma sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, she put some cartoon's on, put her feet up on the table and waited for the arrival of her sister and friends.

Sarah was starring around the room looking for the device, when suddenly Megan ran up to her and pushed her to the ground, she grabbed her neck and choked her...

“Don't you even think about touching my sister!!” Megan screamed, tears again flowing out of her eyes.

Megan didn't let go, she choked Sarah till she passed out and then just sat back down, head in knees, and started to cry.

“I want to go home!!!” she cried...

“huh? What was that?” said Emma.

She got up and ran upstairs looking for the source of the noise.

With that, Megan sprung up and yelled “Time for a taste of your own medicine you evil witch!”

Megan dragged Sarah to the leg of the coffee table Emma had her feet up on, by time she got there Emma was on her way back down, she walked over to where she was sat before and sat down, replacing her feet back upon the coffee table.

Megan positioned Sarah's unconscious body on where she expects Emma's foot to come down when she gets up again.

“That should do it” Said Megan, she backs away, anticipating her revenge, and screams at the top of her voice.

Emma's eyes lit up, “Megan? Where are you” She lifted her foot off the table, and as Megan expected, came down on target...

“Oh... no! Ahhh” Screamed Megan.

She didn't back away far enough.

Emma's huge foot smushed Sarah's unconscious body into a small carpet stain, but Megan was too close when her sister's socked foot came down and it clipped her, pinning her arm under her little toe.

Megan let out a scream of pain! She was about to be crushed under her little sisters toe.

“Emma! Help!” She yelled. But Emma couldn't hear her.

Emma's sock's were warm and fuzzy, but didn't smell. She was a clean freak girl, and made sure her socks and feet were clean.

“Please! Emma!” cried Megan in pain.

Emma put little by little more weight onto her foot, and her little toe inside her sock started to crush more and more of Megan's Being.

“Emma, I love you!” Cried Megan, “Please don't crush me- 'yelp'” *Pop.

Emma's toe completely covered Megan's body and smushed every bit of her into a tiny stain on her sock, she was non the wiser.

“I swear I heard something...” Said Emma.

She sat back down, once again raised her socked feet to the coffee table, relaxed and awaited her friends arrival. With two little red patches on her sock.

The end? >:)

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading!

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