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            Hanna was a senior in high school when she disappeared.  The beautiful Asian girl had many friends, all of whom mourned her presumed passing for quite a while after her sudden disappearance.  The mystery of where she had gone was never solved.  No one knew what really happened, not even the girl who had unknowingly and unwittingly ended Hanna’s life.

On the last day of her regular life, Hanna woke up bright and early.  She showered, got dressed, and got to school early.  As soon as she pulled the keys from her car’s ignition, something totally inexplicable happened. 

            Hanna suddenly found herself in a dark place.  There was no light at all.  For a minute she thought that there had been a sudden eclipse, but that didn’t explain the vibrations she could feel in the ground and the walls around her.  Speaking of “her,” what had happened to her body?  She had no control over her arms and legs and, upon further investigation, she found that those arms and legs did not, in fact, still exist-at least as far as she could tell.  She tried to cry out for help, but she had no mouth.  Panicking, she considered the possibilities of what may have happened and where she may be and what may have happened to her.  She couldn’t figure it out.  She could still feel, but she had no control over her movements, which didn’t even feel like any movements she had ever made before or ever thought she could make before.  What the fuck is happening? she thought with the force of a scream. 

            Suddenly a bright beam of light streamed into Hanna’s world.

Bella walked into school carrying a cup of coffee.  She’d gotten it twenty minutes before, but when she first got the coffee it had been too hot to drink right away.  She hadn’t opened the flap on the top; she didn’t want to spill hot coffee all over her car, like she knew she would if she gave the scalding liquid any freedom at all.  Now that she was at school, she opened the flap and took a sip of the long-awaited beverage.  The coffee was almost hot enough to burn her mouth, but not quite.  It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold, it was juuust right.  The Asian girl took a deep breath, causing her large breasts to push out even more than they already had been. 

            “God, I love coffee,” she said. 

Hanna looked up when the light streamed in, or rather, whatever part of her could see focused itself on the light coming in through a newly-created hole in the ceiling.  What she saw made her try to gasp. It was the enormous face of her friend Bella.  She had to be a hundred feet tall at least, judging from the size of her face, which was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly Hanna’s world tipped over a bit.  Part of her fell through the hole and into Bella’s mouth.  Hanna suddenly realized what she was, although she didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it. 

She was Bella’s coffee. 

As if to reinforce that insane notion, she heard Bella say, in a voice far louder than any Hanna had ever heard her use before, “God, I love coffee.”  Hanna wanted to cry.  She was going to be drunk by her best friend and no one would ever know.

Bella walked into school and stumbled a bit on some uneven floor.  Some coffee shot out of her cup and splashed onto her chest.  “Shit,” she muttered.  She walked into the cafeteria and tried to brush it off even as some of it dripped down between her breasts.  She took another sip of coffee. 

Hanna’s world suddenly tumbled.  She felt a piece of herself shoot out of the cup and for a while her awareness was concentrated entirely in that piece.  She watched as she flew through the air toward Bella’s chest.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the enormous mountains of flesh before her jiggled, a side effect of Bella trying to catch her balance.   When she finally struck it, she heard Bella mutter something but couldn’t quite make out what it was.  She felt bits of herself brushed away by Bella’s giant hand.  She could no longer feel the parts that Bella brushed off, but what remained was still very much aware.  She felt herself seeping down in between Bella’s enormous breasts.  She wanted to scream as the giant Asian girl’s tank top cut off all the light and her mountainous tits rose up to become Hanna’s world.

Bella took another sip, and Hanna felt her consciousness shift back in the cup.  She watched Bella’s giant lips approaching and again tried to scream.  She was sucked out bit by bit and this time felt herself being swished around in Bella’s mouth.  Bella swished her around a little bit and then swallowed her.  Hanna lost all feeling from that bit of her when it entered the girl’s esophagus.  Hanna felt more fear than ever as she contemplated the fate that awaited it in Bella’s belly.  Even as she considered what she was sure would inevitably be her fate-digestion by her best friend-she heard a great rumbling come from down below followed by an even louder sound from up above.  Bella’s stomach had just growled, and she had just burped.  “Excuse me,” Hanna heard her say.  I don’t think I ever will, thought the coffee-girl.

The rest of the morning continued very much like this.  Hanna felt more fear than she ever had before and was certain in the knowledge that she would soon be gone.  Sip by sip, she disappeared down Bella’s throat into her cavernous belly.    As the amount of coffee in the cup gradually dwindled, she grew even more afraid.  Terrified would probably begin to describe what she was feeling at this point.  The great lips moved closer, closer, closer, ready to suck out the last few centimeters of Hanna left in the cup.  Just before they sucked her out and sent her to a great digestive grave, they pulled back.  Hanna heard Bella laugh, a huge, guttural sound to her tiny liquid ears.   The lips came back soon enough and sucked Hanna out of the cup once and for all.

Hanna stared at the great black hole at the back of Bella’s mouth.  An even greater terror overtook her for a second, but it was replaced by an odd resignation.  This is it, she thought to herself.  It’s not even worth being afraid anymore.  She’s gonna swallow me and that’s gonna be it.  No ruby slippers here, can’t just click my toes and wish myself back to normal.  I’m gonna die in her stomach, or something like that.  It’s too bad it has to end this way, though.  I never thought anything like this could happen.  And as that thought went through her coffee-brain, Bella swallowed the last bit of Hanna that was not in or on her body. 

As this last bit of her went down, Hanna regained all feeling in the parts of her that had gone down earlier.  She felt the acids of Bella’s stomach breaking her down in the chamber at the end of the esophagus, she felt her energy being distributed throughout the miles of veins and arteries that made up Bella’s bloodstream, and she felt that part of her was still outside in between her unknowing executioner’s great breasts.  That part of her was not in a very different state than the rest of her.  It was dark and hot between Bella’s giant boobs, and it was dark and hot in Bella’s giant stomach.  The only difference is that in here it hurts like hell, thought Hanna.

  She didn’t know what was going to happen to her now.  Would she feel it when she finally left Bella’s body as a stream of urine?  Would she be shot out of her best friend’s enormous pussy, to be given not even a second thought before she was flushed down the toilet?  Or would she go on, living as some sort of consciousness within Bella’s body?  Or would something else entirely happen?  Would she just go back to normal when she was done with the digestion process?  There was no way to know.  She ended up just settling in and waited for whatever was going to come next.

When she got home, Bella undressed and sat down on the toilet.  She took a nice long piss that she’d been holding in all day.  “Ahhh,” she moaned as the green stream poured out of her.  When she was done she stood and wiped her lips with some toilet paper, then threw that in the toilet and flushed it and her piss away.  She looked in the mirror for a minute, admiring her body.  She moved her hands up to her breasts and pushed them together for a minute.  She winked into the mirror, practicing a seductive look that she wanted to put into practice at the homecoming dance on Saturday.  She hoped Hanna wouldn’t mind when she found out the two of them both liked the same guy.  She’d hate to lose such a wonderful friendship over something like that, but if it came down to a choice between friendship and love (or more likely sex, she admitted to herself), she would probably choose love.  Stepping into the shower, Bella turned on the water and washed the dirt of a long day at school off of her tight body.  The coffee stain between her breasts was the first thing to go.

Hanna had left the stomach, left the bloodstream altogether, and was now in a dark place, darker than any she had been in thus far.  She was once again liquid and wondered what that meant.  After a few hours of sloshing around in the dark, cramped space she was trapped in, she figured it out.

A great force suddenly propelled her forward, through a tight tunnel, out between two giant pairs of lips, and into a huge pool of water.  Her awareness looked upward to see an enormous ass hovering over her, two giant legs extending out from it, and from between them a stream of greenish-yellow fluid poured.  There I am, thought Hanna. 

The stream stopped abruptly, and just as suddenly the legs and ass disappeared.  Looking up in the sky, Hanna saw Bella’s giant face staring down at her, framed by the canyon of her cleavage.  A piece of toilet paper fell from the sky and landed in the middle of Hanna.  A great hand moved toward the flush lever on the toilet.  Goodbye, Bella, thought Hanna.  I don’t blame you at all. 

She disappeared down the toilet with the rest of the water, and her awareness of that part of her went as well.  Part of her was still aware, though: the part of her that had been trapped between Bella’s breasts all day.  She felt Bella turn around to face a mirror, felt and saw the giant boobs jiggle with the motion, and suddenly felt a great pressure as Bella pressed them together.  After a minute or so the pressure disappeared and the jiggling returned.  She watched as Bella walked into the shower and turned the water on.  She washed down the beautiful Asian girl’s body-over her belly button, over her clitoris, over her labia, down her wonderful legs, over her petite feet, down into the puddle at the bottom of the shower, and finally down the drain.  She had no poetic final thoughts this time.  She just let herself flow away, and that, she thought-hell, hoped, at this point-was the end. 


Hanna was in darkness again.  The last thing she remembered was Bella washing her down the drain.  Movement again, and she couldn’t control her body, which was not human, or even solid.  No, thought Hanna, not this again, anything but this!  Light streamed in.  She looked up again.  Bella’s giant face again loomed over her, and the great lips again sucked at her until she was gone. 

Since the day she disappeared, Hanna has resigned herself to the fate of being Bella’s coffee.  Every cup Bella has had since then has contained the pearl of Hanna’s consciousness.  Hanna long ago gave up any attempts to communicate.  She is glad to provide Bella with the energy to get through the day and has even come to worship the girl in a sense.  Bella is Hanna’s world, her purpose, her goddess.  Bella is all there is in Hanna’s world.

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