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Story Notes:

Hello everyone, to those of you who enjoy my stories I appologize for being so inconsistent! I start something and leave it for so long that by the time I come back to writting I am thinking of a new story. So I have opted for making shorter stories rather than long ones, that way I will not leave that many pending!  Enjoy!

Laura?s eye looked huge through the lens of the lupe as she curiously examined Jame?s tiny body in her palm.

                ?Aw, look!? She said to Alex with a smile of wonder in her face ? I can even see his tiny teeth when he opens his mouth! I should get me one of these for home!?

                James was naked and impotent to do anything about this scrutiny. When he tried to move Laura would casually pin him down and settle him into whatever position she wanted and tell him to not be a sissy and stay still so she could look at him. And no matter how much he tried to push her probing fingers away from his body he could not even budge them. She loved to look at him, and now with the lupe she was like a curious little girl with a new toy.

                James felt the rough skin on her finger pad explore his tiny naked body, as she examined him. She was particularly curious about his tiny member which, inspite of his unwillingness to be examined like a bug, throbbed with arousal as she handled him.

                ?Do you want to look at him?? Laura turned to talk to Alex who was reading her equipment somewhere out of James? visual range.

                ?erm? sure, I?ve never really?? started Alex as Laura deposited the tiny man on her palm ?ooh watch out, I don?t want to hurt him, I?ve never held a? a shrinkie before?

                Alex didn?t really know how to react at the puny naked figure scrambling to incorporate itself on her palm. James was not comfortable at all, Laura had never mentioned anything about third persons in this, much less third persons handling him like that.

                Alex?s sweet pale face turned from James to Laura ?Does he mind me having him, I mean he doesn?t know me and he is naked you know, it must be kind of awkward?

                ?Nah!? Laura lied, taking advantage that James did not have his speaking device ?he?s used to it, you can touch him if you want, he won?t mind that either?

                James was furious as Alex?s foreign fingers pressed against his chest with a little too much pressure. Alex was a good looking girl, round face,  lush pouting lips, pale skin and thick rimmed glasses. Her fingers felt different from Laura?s familiar ones but equally as strong, he could do nothing against them.

                A secret  smile, the type of smile one would have when secretly doing something mischievous passed over her lips as she passed her finger over his tiny erection pulling it down and watching it bounce back up    . James tried to scramble away from her.

                ?Erm?. I don?t think he likes me having him very much? she said to Laura, suddenly aware that this was a fully sentient human being she was playing with on the palm of her hand.

It was amazing, James thought, what shrinking did to the way women viewed you. How had Laura, his long time friend since high school changed into this giantess who did not mind handling him, sometimes against his will to satisfy her curiosity or to amuse her friend?  He also noted how Alex would not talk to him directly but only to his caretaker as if he was a pet who could not speak at all.

                As if reading his thoughts, Alex turned to him and spoke in a condescending voice, like the one women use to speak to kittens ?I hope I haven?t hurt you? James shook his head happy to get some respect, this brought a smile to Alex?s face

 ?how does it feel to be so little?? the huge lips that hovered over him voiced, her breath bathing his whole body. James voiced something which was probably unintelligible, he knew anyway the giant woman was not really expecting an answer since at their size they could only hear him through special audio devices he did not have at hand.

                ?Are you sure you want to do this?? asked Alex again turning to Laura ?I mean he is your friend and all, do you think he won?t be embarrassed??

                ?He already told me he would do it before, and I am holding him to his word? Laura?s face hovered momentarily above Alex?s shoulder peering down at him. James waved at them from under Alex?s finger as she smiled and enjoyed the feeling of his tiny body squirming under her pressure. He tried to signal them his negative about going on with the idea. It had seemed exciting before but now he felt tiny and exposed and was having second opinions about it.

                ?Aw he is waving hello to us!? mocked Laura, knowing full well what he meant as she smiled down and waved at the little man on her friends palm as one would wave to a baby in a crib ?hello back to you little fellow! I hope you are ready, remember you agreed to it!?

                With this she disappeared from James view and moved across the room. James could see Alex turn and watch from the desk they were on as Laura removed her clothes on the bed.

                There was a sudden jolt and vertigo as Alex rose from the chair and walked to the bed where Laura was making herself comfortable. James could obviously tell she did not know how to handle a shrinkie, the acceleration made him dizzy and caused him to hold on instictively to the young woman?s pinky.

                ?Ok, I guess its fair if he consented before? said Alex, a hint of doubt in her mind. As a photographer she was used to taking nude pictures, it was her specialty, but she had never had the chance of photographing a shrinkie, much less in an erotic body landscape setting, so she was somewhat biased to overlook James?s current disposition, besides, Laura was his caretaker and really he had no legal authority to sue her.

                ?Where would you want him first?? Asked Alex ash she momentarily deposited James on the table to tie her wavy black hair into a pony tail so it would not get in the way.

                ?Hmmmm?.? Laura smiled that crooked mischivious smile of hers as she lay naked on the bed. Then opened wide and said ?Aaaaah?

                ?Ok! ? Chuckled Alex as she reached out and scooped James from the table again ?you ready little fellow??

                James shrugged, having given up struggling as his tiny, half inch body was lifted by Alex?s giant fingers and transported across the air and deposited him on Laura?s palm. Laura?s slender fingers deftly handled him and pinched him firmly by his arms and lifted.

                From here on Alex directed the shots telling both James and Laura what to do. As she moved around with her macro lens and adjusted the lights for each shot. The idea was in no picture should Laura?s whole body or face appear, Alex explained.  This would highlight James?s smallness compared to her, which was what turned her on the most. There were several close-ups of Laura?s  sensual mouth, partially open as slender fingers dangled James?s tiny body over them. The series continued as her glistening tongue reached out and licked him, tasted him and eventually retreated leaving him soaked in her saliva with a clear strand connecting his lower body to the tip of her tongue. The fine lenses caught every detail of Laura?s feminine skin and every expression on James?s face as he was handled against her lips and tongue.

                James was always uneasy around Laura?s mouth. No matter how gentle she was the thought of being so close to her sensuous lips and the darkness that lead into her body made him uneasy. Her teeth were each as big as his torso and though they had never harmed him, even when she playfully chewed on him sometimes, were always a reminder that a little too much force and she could accidentally end his life.

                He went through the session as stoically as he could, but Laura?s grip on his arms  as she dangled him was somewhat uncomfortable. He let himself be licked and toyed with by her tongue while in the distance Alex hovered clicking away with her camera, occasionally smiling behind the lens with satisfaction at the shots she was getting.

                For the following shots the women decided on a series of bodyscapes where to photograph him: Huddled on the hollow of her collar bone with the backdrop of Laura?s slender neck, just on the edge of the vertical precipice of her chest. They made him climb up and down her petite breasts (not so petite at his size though); he was made to hug and stimulate her nipple until it became hard and rubber against his naked body; all the time the camera taking black and white stills of his smallness.

                He had to admit to himself he was excited by the whole body exploration, and the prospect of what had been promised. And, although in the beginning he had been apprehensive about a third person taking pictures with the purpose of later publishing them in the net had been unacceptable at first, he gradually started getting used to it. The sense of being watched intimately by a stranger  as he explored the sensual vastness of his caretaker?s body gave him an exhilaration he had no know before.

                ?Ok, are there any other shots you would like? Asked Alex after about an hour.

                ?Well we haven?t really done any of the more explicit ones I had in mind? replied Laura as she toyed with James by putting him in her belly button and covering him in with her finger tips.

                ?Ooooh really! Like what?? Asked Alex as she reviewed the shots on her computer.

                ?Well I?ll be open with you, Alex you?re my friend and you are a professional?? Laura sounded a little embarrassed as she stared down at the little man trapped inside her belly button. ?I would really like to see him besides my ? you know?clit? and that was the deal we had, that I let him explore that area as long as I could take pictures of it? besides It just really turns me on so much to know his entire body is about the size of my tiny little pleasure organ?

                Alex chuckled ? you naughty, naughty girl, you are so lucky to have a shrinkie in your care! And such a cute one too!?

                James listened to the sounds of the muffled conversation as she pushed against Laura?s finger to avoid being smothered into the soft white flesh of her belly button. They talked as if he was not even there, even Alex who had been more sympathetic and concerned about his rights as a person seemed to have forgotten this after seeing him as an object of her art.

                Suddenly the sky was clear above him. The studio lights shone down on him and made James feel as if he was center stage in some huge arena. He climbed out of the belly button and found Laura propped up on her elbows, her body gently rising before him, her bright brown eyes smiling down on him. To the other side her belly rose and fell with her breath, he could see her long slender legs rising, knees bend as she lay on her back and between them a quite intimidating macro lens that Alex was setting up.

                ?Ok, Jammie, go for it, go get what you came fore!? Laura?s voice echoed above him. James sighed and started walking over her belly. Her skin was soft and warm under his feet, at his size the tiny almost invisible fuzz of hair that went from her belly button down to her crotch was like a fine carpet of feminine fur. The studio lights beat on him and he got the idea of being lost walking on a soft desert of moving skin. All the while Alex?s camera clicked between Laura?s legs.

                ?Oh these shots are amazing!? Alex exclaimed, ?you can see his expressions in such detail!? again she spoke to Laura and ignored him, he didn?t mind. James could picture himself walking across the landscape that was Laura?s body with his resigned expression, behind him, slightly out of focus, the sprawling mountain of Laura?s belly as it rose towards her small, pink-nippled breasts.

                As he walked on, he reach her venus mound, Laura liked it to be slightly trimmed, the thick dark hairs strong as wires for him and the smell of her womanhood permeating the air. James felt his heart throbbing, he had never seen Laura?s private parts before. Ever since she was assigned to be his caretaker she had sometimes played with him making him walk around her body and explore her, just like she liked to explore him. She would let him wander for hours and hours over her, sometimes in complete silence as she watch him make his way around every curve and crevice of her body.

Nakedness had become usual part of his life so he was used to her seeing him naked every day. However she would only occasionally let him see her topless, and it had seemed to excite her as much as it excited him. But she had never volunteer to let him see all her body even though she knew every millimeter of his.

                It had only been until one time she asked him in a playful tone during one of their exploration sessions if he was curious about exploring her nether regions. ?hell yeah! That would be awesome!? he had said through his speaking device. She only giggled and teased him, placing him over her panties so he could feel the warmth and the smell of her mound beneath. That was when they agreed she would let him see her and touch her, but only if he agreed to have the whole experience photographed.

                He reached his destination and looked up to the giantesses for orders, but all he could see were the blinding lights. Before him Laura?s engorged clit rose and fell with her breathing. She had propped her pelvis up with pillows so it would be on a more or less horizontal level to reach. Apparently all this picture taking had got his caretaker pretty excited.  The mound of her clit was as full as he had imagined it, and the tiny organ?s tip peered from under its fleshy cocoon.

                ?Kiss it!? Laura?s voice resounded in the distance, I want everyone to see you kissing my clit? he could tell in her voice she was smiling.

                James?s approached the organ, which in of itself was larger than he was, its glans alone was about the size of a volleyball to him. The camera went crazy then. Beyond the flashing lights he could sometimes catch glimpses of Alex?s voyeuristic smile, he could tell by her smile, by the way she sometimes bit her lips that she was deriving more than just professional pleasure from this session.

He could picture the stills as they came out, his tiny body dwarfed by a woman?s clit, his limbs sinking into the fleshy folds as he tried to please it, hugging it, straddling it, licking it as Laura?s body heaved with pleasure. He could feel the organ throbbing as she got excited. They made him rub his tiny cock against it, which brought giggles from both women and comments about how cute his tiny cock looked besides her throbbing clit. James could picture himself in the internet when they published the pictures, which was the plan all along. Him, naked, exposed, humiliated by an giant anonymous female organ. Him, defenseless against the power and majesty of his friend?s  body, which once had seemed petite to him and now was a world on to its own.

                During the final minutes of the session he decided it was enough and signaled up that he was done as he climbed up her mound starting to leave. Through the lights, huge fingers appeared and took him,  gently but forcefully. Without a word he was transported back towards her clit and felt smothered against it, her fingers pressing him firmly and rubbing him against the eager, pulsating organ.  He tried to fight this time with all his might, but could not do anything to prevent her from having her way. Behind him Alex watched his struggle and hesitated a moment, then she smiled and her camera clicked away.


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