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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry this took awhile. Been busy with work plus vacations. And my computer had a virus. But everything is better and I have another update. Thanks for the reviews and i will try and do better with Comma's and grammer.

Being stuck in a little girl's pantie drawer is not as pleasent as you would think. First off she was just a child and her smell was, well a kid so she would be sweaty and dirty. While laying there in her panty drawyer I tried to think of a way to escape. If it was even possible, Oh who am I kidding? How am I going to get away from a giant eight year old who wants to keep me as a pet for the rest of my life? But then I started to think about my family and who I would be leaving behind. My mom was behind on the bills as it is, and she needed my help to pay them or she would be evicted. She hadn't been the same since my dad died and that alone got me motivated to escape. I had to wait my time.


"What do you mean? Who is Mark?" Brittany asked a bit nervously and Rachel rushed over to her sister grabbing her arm in a furious manner as Brittany screamed out in pain. "Mom she is hurting me." Brittany screamed

"Your should deserve more then this if you have hurt Mark you little brat. Now where is he?" Rachel cried and Margret went over and pulled her girls apart. It took a few moments to get Rachel to let Brittany go before she did any more damage.

"Rachel that is enough." Margret demanded at her daughter. "We will deal with Brittany's punishment later. Right now I want you to chill. Brittany tell me the truth or heaven help me, I will shrink you and you know what punishment awaits you if I do." She said and Rachel winced. Her mom has shrunk her before and it wasn't pleasent. She either put her in a sock or nylons when she goes to work and call the school in for sick day. Regular teenagers got grounded. Rachel and Brittany's punishment was slaves to there mother for a week. Depends on how badly in trouble they were. Rachel didn't want to think about it and kept her mouth shut. Margret pulled out the small car from her purse and showed it to Brittany as her little girl's eyes went big. "Well young lady?"

"Alright I took your little boyfriend alright?" She glared at Rachel. "I thought I was the only one that had the powers and I felt like I was special." She said frowning and pouting her arms. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Brittany we all have them you dummy." Rachel said which got a glare from her mother and she backed down. "Where is he?" Rachel asked more calmer and nicely this time and Brittany frowned and cried.

"All I wanted was just a toy to play with." She said upset. "He is upstairs. In my room. Panty drawyer." She said with a small blush and Rachel laughed at that.

"Oh I am going to tease him." Rachel said with a smile on her face.

"Honey remember you have to explain to him about us. Just keep calm if he yells alright? We have been here before." Margret said to her daughter and Rachel nodded worried about her friend more as she walked up stairs.

"But mom what if he doesn't corroperate?" Rachel said with a sad look. Margret knew that Mark was Rachel's friend and to be honest she always had a fondness of him. She was one of her favorite's of Rachel's friends. This saddens her more then Rachel will know but it has to be done.

"Honey you know that I like Mark. But rules are rules. Do what ever it takes." She said with regret and Rachel nodded walking up stairs.

"You will pay for this Brittany." She glared at her younger sister and walked up stairs silently praying to the witch godesses that Mark would listen to reason. "Please Mark don't make this hard on you." She muttered.

Meanwhlie Brittany's eyes were turned to her mother and she noticed her Mother's angry glare. The fact that Mark was well liked by her mother and sister was not good for her. Especially since he was a family friend. "Mom please. I just wanted a toy. I didn't know." She begged her mother. She suddenly felt herself shrinking and she screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" She yelled out loud while being shrunk. Brittany looked up at everything which was now huge and she was scared to death. Her mother's foot steps were like quakes knocking her down while her mother walked over to where she was at and she sighed sadly scooping her hand over Brittany's little figure and the eight year old was soon covered in darkness as her mother closed her fist.

"Honey. If you want your powers, you will have to learn the rules." Margret said as she carried her youngest daughter in her fist towards the living room to decide on her proper punishment.


I begin to get a little frustrated when Brittany didn't return thinking that she forgot about me. I prayed that wasn't the case but as soon as I heard foot steps coming my way it  once again made loud sounds as I felt the drawyer open. I was prepared to see Britany but my heart leaped for Joy to see the other sister and my friend staring down at me. "Rachel." I yelled happily as i ran towards her finger and hugged her finger.

"Mark. Thank god your alright I was so worried." Rachel explained and after hugging her finger i began to do some thinking. 'Wait how did she know?' I looked up at Rachel and I smiled at my long time friend. She still looked tired from the game and sweating. She probably haven't gotten a shower since she got home.

"Rachel how did you know where to find me? What the hell is going on your little sister has powers becareful." I say in a scared voice and I was surprised she chuckled a bit and my heart jumped not expecting that. 'Was Rachel in on it? That was n my biggest fear.' "Rachel why are you laughing? Get me out of here." I begged and She smiled at me in a calm manner.

"Relax Mark. It's a long story. Come on let's get you out of there." She said gently opening her hand up and I jumped in not wanting to waste any more time in a child's panty drawyer. She was more gentle then Brittany thank god and more beautiful too now that she was a giantess. Almost like a Goddess. "Hang on Mark I am going to my room ok?" She said and I nodded as she cupped her hands over me so I wouldn't fall. I felt relieved and happy at the same time that Rachel was not like her sister. But the chuckle caught me off guard. I heard the closing of her door and she put me gently on her desk and she sat down in her chair. ""Your probably wondering what is going on huh Mark?" She asked gently trying to make me calm.

"You can say that again." I told her and she smiled.

"I am so sorry for what my little sister put you threw. Trust me that brat is going to pay Mark. But I need to tell you something about my family. We all have powers Mark. Were witches." My eyes went big when she said that. Witches? All this time my friend was a powerful witch?  "What? Your witches? all this time.?" I asked still not knowing how to feel about that. I shook my head thinking that Rachel would never hurt me and I had to get her to change me back. "Rachel please you have to grow me back. My mother needs me. You know how she is." I told Rachel and I saw her frown like she was considering it. "I am sorry Mark I can't." She said closing her eyes and I felt my heart break at that word. My friend won't change me back. My best friend.

"What? What the hell do you mean? Your my friend. Your suppose to help me." I say. I started to loose my temper and bang my fists on her finger which made Rachel more upset and she stared down at me with sad eyes.

"I am sorry Mark. Please don't make this harder then it is." She exclaimed picking me up with her two enormous fingers. "You see I would love to change you back more then anything. But then Me and my mom talked and I have wanted you as a pet for so long." She said trailing her finger down my chest. I couldn't believe that my best friend just betrayed me. But I was suddenly getting a hard on. "Maybe if i put you in time out you will have a chance at calming down." She exclaimed and then hung me over her breasts  as she dropped me in between her sweaty breasts from the soccer game and i slid all the way down between them feeling there mountain flesh squeeze me and she smiled. "Oh and i might be a little sweaty from the soccer game. I haven't showered yet. And tonight there is a sleep over with the team. And your coming with." She told me and I realized that I was in for a long night. But something made me get a erection again and i laid my head back between her breasts not wanting to fight back. The warmth of her skin and heart beat was making feel safe and comfortable.



Chapter End Notes:

Again sorry for the late response. Reviews are welcomed. So next chapter. Expect to see Brittany get a taste of her own medicine. And Mark. Well he has the whole team to deal with. Brittany will come back into play later on in the story.

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