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Story Notes:

This is my second story. Let me know what you like.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Please read and review my second story :)

My name is Mark. My story may sound weird to you because it hasn't happened to anybody in the history of time. At least i don't think. I am writing this stuff down in a diary sitting in a little doll house of my friend's little  sister's room just in case anything happens to me. You may be asking yourself how did i become this size and in a little girl's doll house? It all happened one sunday afternoon after visiting a friend's soccer tournament. Actually the girl i currently had a crush on but had been friends with for five years. What was her name? Her name was Rachel and she was a knock out. The perfect american girl. Nice and sweet. Not stuck up. Wore the latiest styles and went to the beach a lot. Very popular and almost every guy and sometimes girls wanted her at school. And she always smelled good too. Anywas getting back to my story.

"Yo Rachel." I shouted getting off of the bleachers and walking over to her after the game. It was in the nineties on a may after noon so we were both sweating bullets.

"Mark i am so glad that you could make it and watch." She said with a smile and hugged me even though she was full of sweat i would take her's over any other girl. "Sorry i know i am sweaty." She laughed and let go of me.

"Hey understandable. You played great out there. I am very proud of you." Mark said and Rachel smiled over at him

"Thank you. I wish that we would have won though. Are you still going to prom next weekend? You can join me and my boyfriend if you would like?" She said with the prettiest smile in the world

"I would love too but i really don't have that much money. Plus i don't have a date." I explained. Now don't get me wrong i really did like Rachel's boyfriend. Even though i was jealous of him. He was actually a cool guy.

"Hey Rachel." 'speak of the devil.' I thought. I saw Troy walk over to her and putting his arms around her waist like she was his possesion. "You did great baby." He said kissing her lips and I had to look away.

"Hey people present. Cough." I said and Rachel laughed kissing him back.

"Sorry Mark. Thanks babe. So your not going to at least try and get a date?" Rachel asked and I smile at her.

"I don't know. Dancing isn't really my thing. But you two have fun. Don't worry about me I'm fine." I said with a smile and  Rachel looked at me.

"Alright if you change your mind let me know. Oh and your still coming over right? I need help with my homework later tonight." She said and I had to smile at that. Every time we hang out i cherish the moment.

"Yes of course i will meet you at eight." I said and Rachel smiled.

"Great. Your still going out with your friends right babe?" She asked and Troy nodded with a smile wrapping his arms around her and I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes of course Were just going to the movies." He said and kissed her deeply and i rolled my eyes.

"Get a room you two. I'll see you tonight Rach." I said and walked away as she waved at me during the kiss. My heart was aching though. I couldn't stand seeing Rachel with another guy. True I was happy for her. But i just wanted her to me. I fought back and forth in my mind trying to figure out if i should tell her that tonight. I was still thinking about that walking to my car when all of a sudden a bright light flashed.

My eyes blinked and when they got back into focused I was in for a shock. I stared at my car but not only it was small so was I. Like a few inches short. Everything was huge including the school buildings and cars. I was terrified and herd footsteps and a loud giggle.

I saw a giant shadow above me and i tried to run. My little legs couldn't run that far as the giant hand came down out of the sky like some horrible monster and it scooped me up with out much difficulty and i heard once again the sound of a child's laughter.

The surface i was standing on was warm and soft and it smelled like sweat. Light came threw and i could see the sky as i stood up on the surface and heard the child's laughter and turned around and froze in fear.

Brittany. Rachel's ltttle sister was holding me in her hand and she smiled at me. I was so much in shock that i didn't hear her mother call out for her.

"Brittany come on were going home." Her mother called out and Brittany smiled at me.

"Coming mother. Boy do i have a surprise for you. Your my toy now Mark." She giggled. I didn't like the sound of that. I felt her hand close around me again and lift me lower towards her shorts and then I felt myself fall in her panties and i was pushed up to her soft warm skin, She was also sweating from being in the heat all that which didn't help.

I tried to yell out but the waist band was closed shut by her light blue panties like i was some prisonor. All I can ask myself is 'what the hell just happened?' 'How the hell did I become a prisoner of a eight year old girl?"

Chapter End Notes:

Anyways let me know what you think. I am always greatful for reviews

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