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Author's Chapter Notes:

Another chapter here we go.

It felt like hours licking the little brat's feet as i stared up at the huge giantess as she laid against the bed reading her teen vogue magazine that i don't know how she had gotten but i continued to lick her feet and tasted the sweat coming from her. It was foul and i didn't know how i was going to get out of this situation.

"Good job Thing." She said staring down at my tiny form finishing up her feet. "Oh yeah i decided to call you thing since well your my slave and i can call you anything i want." She told me and i frowned licking down her feet. I only hoped that Rachel would be able to find me in time. I felt her huge fingers then pick me up wrapping around my neud body and she smiled looking down at me. I saw an evil look that i didn't like.

"I have always wanted to do something to a boy and was afraid of asking. Now that I have you i can do anything i want." She giggled and I looked up at her.

"No you can't that is wrong. Listen i know that your eight and everything but you don't know what your doing." I quickly felt her grip tighten around me and i looked up at her

"What did i tell you slave. Do not talk back to your queen. This room is Brittany land and i am your queen. You will worship me and not talk back to me understand me?" She yelled as her voice was so loud it rang my ears. I nodded weakly at the eight year old.

"Yes Ma'm." I said now shaking and she smiled at me. She began to run her finger down my nued body and i looked up at her in the eyes as her pink finger nail began to go down my member and i gulped some more staring at her in the eyes. I knew what she was going after and it felt very emberresing knowing that a little child was doing this to me but i was getting turned on by it. Her finger jumped back in surprised as my dick began to grow.

"Whoa. It grew." She laughed rubbing her finger on my cock again and she was fascinated by it. Her eyes were as big as sacucers and she smiled up at me. "Does it hurt slave?" She asked rubbing her finger over my cock in moation

"No it feels good." I said not wanting to adminester another punishment. With a grin  she leaned down and blew on the tip of the cock as she continued her little blow job and she must have felt my cum on her finger and she jumped back and dropped me on her bed between her legs.

"Ew you peed on me you little pervert." She said whiping it off with some cleanex and she stared down at me with anger. Before i could explain why it happened that way her hand came down for me and snapped me up in her hand. She grinned at me. "Hm your so in for it now" She threatned me.

"Brittany get down here right now please." Her mom called from the kitchen and i silently said a thank you to anybody who is in charge. Maybe God doesn't hate me anyways. She stared down at me with frustration.

"Just a second Mom." She said

"Now young lady." She said in a demanding tone and Brittany sighed looking at me.

She leaned her hand down and scooped me up with her hand and I felt her walk towards the pantie drawyer of the room and i was dropped into a drawyer full of what a little girl would wear and they felt soft and comforting. "Until later tonight shrimp." She told me and then shut the drawyer and left me in complete darkness to make me wonder what my fate will be.

As soon as Rachel got home she knew that she had to talk to her mom about all of this and she smiled over at her boyfriend and kissed his lips as she walked up to the door and opened it.

"Mom i need to talk to you something happened." Rachel said walking into the ktichen and her mother came in looking at her.

"Honey what happened did you and your boyfriend have a fight or something?" She asked and Rachel looked at her.

"What? No mom. It's not about me. Look." Rachel got her purse out and then showed her mother the tiny car that was in her purse. Margret the mother looked at the car.

"She has done it again huh? She has shrunken somebody."

"Yes and i am afraid it is my best friend Mark. This is his car. She is getting too dangerous with these powers mom. I don't know if she can handle it." Rachel said as Margret put the car in the desk drawyer.

"I am surprised that you haven't shrunken your boyfriend yet." Her mother said and Rachel looked at her.

"I wanted too, but you told me how much you regretted shrinking dad and now he is lost in your, well i don't want to think about it." Rachel shuddered and Margret blushed pouring a soup of Orange juice.

"Oh no dear he is not lost. I got him safe and sound." She said and Rachel made a gagging sound.

"Ew mom alright enough, right now i just want to get mark back. Besides if anybody should have him it should be me i have known him longest." Rachel said and Margret laughed

"Honey this is not a contest. Fine i will help you find Mark. Besides she should know the ground rules. She can't just go around shrinking everybody." Margret said and smiled at Rachel. "Don't worry we will work out something." She said and then screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Brittany get down here." She said. After a few moments Brittany came down the stairs and saw her sister and mother looking at her.

"Yes mommy?" She asked sweetly and Rachel looked at her.

"Give me Mark." Rachel explained and Brittany shot them an angry look.

To be continued....

Chapter End Notes:

sorry for the long wait school and graduation and stuff. Plus work but i got it to you. I hope the nice reviews keep on coming

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