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This is the first attempt I've eber had at a story like this so constructive criticism and ideas to futher this story would help. So on we go

My name is matthew harris and I am 14 years old, before the event I was a normal teenage,english highscooler. I had blue eyes, was aroud 5 ft 6, was a little overweight, had long shaggy black hair and an okay school record. But then I also had an unmistakeable lust to be shrunk to micro sizes and used as a girls piece of gum. I thaught it was wrong and strange until I realised that the girl I had been fantasising about had the means to make my fantasies come true. Amy was the same age as me but a little shorter, she had brow-red hair, beautiful brown eyes and glorious mouth dominating her facial features.

I had always wanted to be chewed by her, to be put into her mouth, to be swirled around it, to be explored by her long and winding tongue, and finally I told her. And then was when my life really began, that was when she shrank me.

The day she shrunk me was normal, well mostly normal, I felt bolder about my self and I also felt helplessly in love with amy, and she felt helplessly in love back. I had her under my arm and then all of a sudden we were making out. Her tounge found mine and her tongue started to dance around the inside of my mouth, leaving a trail of her saliva where ever it went. She broke the kiss after five minuets and looked at me with a devious glint in her eye.
"Amy, your tongue is amazing, you are amazing, I love you and most of all I. 0. want to be shrunk and used as a piece of gum by you." I told her scincerely looking into her eyes. Amy then stood on tiptoes and whispered into my ear "so be it"

the world blacked out and i found myself rendered completely and utterly unconscious.

i woke up many hours later in what appeared to be a very dark room. i tried to stretch but could not as my arms and legs were restricted by what felt like a sort of fabric. the top of my fabricated prison opened in a glare of pure white light, which was blocked out by five large shadows which wrapped them selves around me tightly and pulled me out into the open

The light blinded me and the things that were desperately holding onto me increased in there tightness, but the pressure felt kind of pleasurable and I felt my penus slowly harden and elongate. I heard a laugh and squinted my eyes to see, through the haze, a colossal version of amy smiling down at me!!!

She had all her teeth on show and the glinted like white pearls in the sky.
"So do you still want to be in my mouth?" She asked with her voice boomingaround me. "Not that you have a say in the matter" she continued and pushed me into her mouth

Her finger pushed me into her cavernous maw and as my eyes adjusted to the now minimal light in her mouth,the sight I now beheld took my breath away. Amy's mouth was absolutely huge.I sat on her quivering, salivating and gigantic tongue, which for the moment lay still but something told me that would not be be the case for much longer. I looked around me and saw her teeth at the front of her mouth, and as Amy was smiling her trademark toothy grin, I could see glints of light passing through them and illuminating segments of her mouth, making it look holy and sacred. , which to me it was in its entirety. Long beads of saliva seamed to drip from every where and then I realised that I was already coated with substance. I smiled and as I did so amy's mouth opened once more, her fingers pushed in a large pink object and both me and it got pushed to the side of her mouth by her long tongue. That was when things started to get interesting, as I noticed that this object was a piece of chewing gum and all of a sudden I knew what her intentions were. *this is it* I thought*my life is about to end by her chewing a piece of gum, what ap perfect way to go* her teeth rushed down to meet me, I tensed my muscles and waited for the inevitable doom that awaited me

The colossal white pearls crashed down toward me clearing the distance between me and the roof of her mouth in a matter of seconds. I expected my relatively short life to come to an end but when her teeth crashed into my helpless little body, I seemed to stretch and wrap around her teeth like I to was a piece of gum, all I felt was a small and quite pleasant pressure squished me between her two rows of her teeth. Her teeth started to grind me back and forth, smearing my over her teeth, I could feel my body become wet and malleable, a content hum enemated from everywhere as amy let her ecstasy of the situation known. She gathered my deformed body into her tongue and wrapped it around me and the gum, squashed me into it. Me and the piece of gum where now one and amy started to chew more vigorously, her mouth releasing more and more saliva, coasting me, enveloping me in its sticky, encompassing hug. Her tongue raised me up and coated me onto the roof of her mouth, sticking me there, her tongue licking and covering me in more of the saliva. I opened my mouth and got a mouthful of her saliva and swallowed it instantaneously, she peeled me of off the roof of her mouth and started to ball me and the gum up as small as possible. She then, to my confusion, built up a large sum of spit and let me lay in it for a couple of seconds. Then I found myself being shot out into the air and plummeting down to the earth below

I flew through the air in a ball of spit and gum and landed hard on the floorwith a wet splat, it should have killed me but thanks to the combined might of the spell, my new resistance of my chewy body and the fact that gravity couldent slam me into the ground as fast due to my weight it didn't. Instead I landed on my back and was able to see amys colossal socked foot xrashing down toward me.

Amy's heel collided with my sticky body so hard that it spread out under the force of it and wrapped around the heel,my body seemingly accepting its new place underneath my goddesses heel, my face was smashed into the bottom of her foot and I could just hear the melodic tinkle of my giantesses voice through my crushed and deformed ears telling me that she wanted me to lick her feet as she walked or I would be crushed more into her socked foot, now although I would not have minded this I new what she wanted me to so I decided to be a good piece of gum and do what she said. My tounge flickered out of my mouth and took long licks of her heel, the cotton of off her sock becoming stuck in my mouth and then as I swallowed it in my stomach. Then amy began to walk and miraculously as her foot rose into the air I miraculously stayed attached to it, but then the foot rapidly made its downward descent.........

i blacked out after this moment and the next time i woke up i was back in amys hands in my non- chewy form, she smiled down at me 

"i had a real good time today matt" amy said her breath rushing over me

she licked my face and left a trail of saliva against it.

" but now we have to goto sleep, tommorow ill get you some friends to play with" she finished and closed her eyes.

i smiled to myself and accepted my new existance as amys boyfriend/ slave


thanks for reading my first story and i shall be wrighting a sequal soon called "amy and i" pm me if you have ideas





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