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Author's Chapter Notes:
First story, please criticize! I plan on writing a WHOLE series! Chapter by Chapter

My name is Adam, and this is my life!

It all started in grade 9. I had a crush on a girl named Vanessa, she was a short little thing, about 5 feet an I towered her at about 5'10. She was a Dancer, like really good though, I have never met anyone as good as her! She had Brown Hair Not much longer than her sholders and just about reaching the neggining of her breasts. Her Breasts were maybe arout Double C. If she was known for anything it was a shy first impression but if you pist her off get ready to hear it.

The only problem was she didnt like me back, we were always good friends, dont get me wrong, but we were never really "friends" if you know what I mean! I am handsome for my age, well thats what the girls tell me, I have had ALOT of girl Friends and I have a very interesting personality! Anyway lets get on with the story.......

One night as I slept cold and sweaty under my fan, a Hot burst hit me like nothing I ever felt It was like getting hit with a shockwave of radiation! but I thought nothing of it as I kept trying to fall asleep!

When I woke up I found myself looking at an unamiliar ceiling! As I got up I saw everything was different: Pink walls, Dance stuff everywhere, and also the floor consisted of large fibers! After a few minutes of deciphering what had happend I heard a deafening screech followed by " I dont want to go to bed!" 

I recognized thata voice from anywhere! It was Vanessa's! I saw her ram through the door that was a good 7'! I finally realized that I had somehow shrunk!

I saw her run in and quickly ran for cover behind her morning slippers. I crouched there and listened to her babble on about how she Hated school! I wanted to get her attention but my instinct told me otherwise, and That I should just wait it out!

She Fell sound asleep within the next hour, leaving me alone in her room. I explored her room and measured myself to be about 1" (give or take). I saw her big dance bag, and remembered how she had Dance at her school, she got in because of some amazing talent!

I scaled the side of the Dance bag and popped my head over the side, It was like getting hit with a wave of Body Odor! I didnt know little Vanessa at 5' could produce such a vile smell! I quickly left that Idea alone and traveled to her closet, I saw row upon row of shoes, mostly High Heels, Alot of old Dance shoes, and everyday shoes, like uggs.

As I walked past the shoes I saw her old dance shoes, the worn leather, I could tell they were tap shoes due to the metal tip and heel. I lifted one arm on the rim of the shoe and lifted my self up, as I rolled in I noticed the smell again, but I didnt care because for some reason I felt as if, I was in my love's Shoe, a shoe she tormented and beat-up for years. As I walked towards the toe-end I saw her foot prints worn into the leather sole.

I knelt down, and I sniffed it, It was splendous. I than sub-contiously stuck my tounge out and licked the sole, so passionatly that I probably disinfected it. I left the shoe and walked over to one of her tipped over UGGS.

For some reason these shoes always aroused me, I never did have a shoe fetish, but they did. I dared to walk in, and I saw the fur squished to the form of her shoe, It was sound proof in that shoe, I couldnt hear anything! But i continued on.

Vanessa was the cutest girl EVER! with a little size 6 foot, and 5' tall who wouldnt want her! As I stayed in the shoe, warm from the previous outing, I heard pounding.........................................**Boom**Boom**

Foot steps walking towards the shoe, I ran towards the exit but than heard her mother yell. "Vanessa why do you need to leave your shoes a mess?" With that the shoe was tipped over and I lay there trapped wit hno escape. I tried scaling the fur but it was too worn-in, I couldnt pull it out!

I lay there.....Waiting.......Waiting for anyone....Anything to rescue me from this furry prison! Meant for comfort,as it provides humans with happiness, I doubt anyone would think it would serve as a Prison for one man!

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry for the short chapter will get to it as soon as possible
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