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Story Notes:

I wanted to try out a story where a jerk brother did all the talking and the giantess did nothing but smile on the fortune of having the person she hated the most shrunken and under her power.  Told from both the Giantesses and the Shrinkees Point of View

Author's Chapter Notes:

Stacy and Steves parents move away and now its just the two of them with no one to hold back Stacy from giving her brother the humiliation he deserves. 

American Pie Fanfiction

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American Pie Fanfic

Steve Stiffler, the asshole douchebag had already finished with college and had a pretty sweet life as a high school gym teacher. What many people didnt know about his family is that he had a younger half sister from his mothers side. and what people Really didnt know was that the females in his family had the power to shrink people to whatever height they wanted.

Steve always made fun of and teased his little sister to the point that he was bullying her pretty bad.  When he was 17 and had his High school graduation party, she was only 10 years old with short black hair and he locked her in the closet so she wouldnt annoy his friends.  She had the power to shrink kids at the time, but had no control over it so she didnt try to shrink too many people.

Stiffler didn't know about his sis's size changing powers, but he knew about his mothers because she had often used her husband (his father) as a human dildo (both front and back.) Now Stacy was 18 years old with long black hair and he was 26 and she wanted Revenge.

Mrs. Stiffler was moving out of her home to move to East Asia and was going to give her house to her children to share. Stacy thought this was the perfect opportunity to get back at her stupid, jerk brother.

Stifflers mom had already moved out and Steve came home to check out his sweet new crib.

"Whoa this is awesome! This is going to be party central with tons of babes all night, every night.  Who cares if i wake up Stacy as long as i get some pussy."

Stacy was waiting for him in the hallway. "Hey skank. What are you doing here why dont you go hang out with your little whore friends while i go redecorate "Casa De Stiffler"."

Before he could hear his younger sisters bitching, Steve Stiffler was automatically shrunk to half an inch tall. his view went from above her face to the bottom of her furry black winter boots in an instant. 


"What the- What the hells going on here, you can shrink stuff too? I thought only ma could do that?"

Stacy kicked him with her ugg boot and when he rolled over on the wooden floor she took her white socked foot out of her boot and then picked him up with her smelly, slightly moist toes.  She rolled him under her foot for a little bit before bringing him up to her hand as he screamed for his life.

"Let me go Stacy, your feet stink! I'm going to tell mom your doing this to me.  Who cares if shes a million miles a way I'll call her and tell her what you're doing to me.

Stacy held him by two fingers (thumb and pointer) and shook him upside down until his cell phone came out. it fell to the floor until it landed on the ground and she crushed it under the soft sole of her black boot. For a few minutes she just held him in front of her face, smiling as he tried to wrench himself free from the powerful grip of a teenage giantess.

"Let me go! I'm sick of this. What are you going to do to me just hold me all day?" 

In response to his question Stacy still remained silent and responded by Very sexually and seductively licking her lips from side to side. Stiffler knew what she meant and started to shake in fear.

"No, No you cant be serious. You wouldnt really do that to me, your own brother? I'm sorry for all the times I was mean to you and did bad stuff.  I only did it because i love you, yeah its true! Please grow me back to normal and you can have the whole house."

But Stacy didnt care about her brothers useless pleas. She was going to have this whole house to herself with or without her brother in her belly...and she Really wanted to Eat Him.

Chapter End Notes:

Stacy has shrunk her brother and his end is nigh.

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