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Story Notes:

This is an X-Rated SW story written at the request of a friend.

Author's Chapter Notes:

2813 Westcott Street


"Thank you so much for coming on such short notice, we really appreciate it!" Veronica told Sarah as she and her husband Timothy Fulkerson welcomed her out of the rain and into the entry hall of their upper middle class Bethesda home.

"It's no problem at all," she replied as she set her book bag down on the tiled floor and removed her jacket. "I hope to get some studying in. So Samantha is your regular sitter, she gave you my number?" She draped her jacket over her bag and briefly straightened her blond windblown hair with her fingers. At twenty-five, there was nothing about her appearance that any sane man would find unattractive. Her sparkling green eyes, athletic build and well-proportioned features made her one of the most desirable dates on campus, and she had a good head on her shoulders. She was far too intellectual for most of her male graduate school classmates to handle in a conversation and therefore very few of them ever got to handle her in any other way. At 5'10'' she was an imposing figure, standing out among the other women at her school, and everyone who knew her liked her.

"Y-yes, that's right," Timothy answered. "Sam is usually reliable, but we haven't been able to get a hold of her in a couple of weeks. ....Have you heard from her by any chance?"

"No, but we really aren't that close. She must have taken a break from school and gone home, I wouldn't be concerned, I'm sure she's fine. So, where is the little guy?" Sarah looked past the well-dressed couple into the living room, her eyes following the unmistakable sound of a child playing.

"Oh, he's right in here...Julian, come say hello to your babysitter!"

In response to his mother's call, Julian quickly padded on his bare feet and soon arrived in the entrance to the room and grinned at the adults cutely, a toy matchbox car in one hand and a single red Lego block in the other. At seven and a half years old, he was a typical little boy, brown hair cut just above the ears, blue eyes and a faint smudge of something that might have been chocolaty on one cheek. A similar smudge appeared on the left leg of his khaki shorts, but his blue Spider-Man tee shirt was remarkably clean. "Hi, I'm Julian, but you can call me Jules!"

The three of them all laughed lightly at the boy's cute remark, and before Sarah could even say hello he turned and ran out of the room and back to his play as suddenly as he had appeared.


After the Fulkerson's gave her some last minute pointers and information, the attractive young couple departed for their evening out and Sarah took her bag and set up camp in the middle of an over-sized L-shaped couch that was so large she could prop her legs up on it if she sat all the way back, with only her ankles and feet hanging over the edge. Dressed comfortably for the evening, her loose pink tee shirt and faded form-fitting jeans reflected her simple taste, rounded out by her ankle socks and plain white sneakers.

She spread out her history textbooks and note pads, fired up the laptop and placed it on the floor near the couch, then got up and went to stand where Julian was sitting and playing with a combination of toys on the cool hearth of the fireplace, leaning over inquisitively. "Julian...I mean, Jules, your mom said you ate a late lunch, but if you are hungry I can fix something for you now, would you like that?"

"mm-hmm!" Came the boy's reply as he concentrated on fitting a toy car into a small Lego garage he had just built.

"All right, your mom said there was leftover pizza in the fridge, would you like some?"

"Yeeeeah!" he said, looking up and grinning.

"Okay, let's go!" She led him into the large modern kitchen and took out the pizza box, removing a few slices and laying them out on a baking sheet she found in the oven, and set it to reheat the portions from the large Pizza Hut supreme.

Julian climbed up and perched himself on a bar-stool type chair at the center island counter of the room and waited patiently, sliding a salt-shaker around from hand to hand. "I miss Samantha."

"I'm sorry, but I promise we can have some fun before you go to bed...what kind of games did you and Sam play?"

"We played Star Wars and Crash Up Derby and Tony Hawk!"

"Well, after dinner we can play for a little while before your movie comes on!" Sarah removed the pizza from the oven and set out two slices on a plate for Julian and one for herself. They sat and ate, the sound of the rainstorm outside growing more intense. A close crack of thunder made Julian stiffen and slow his chewing as he looked up at the ceiling with a wrinkled brow.

When Sarah finished her slice, she went to the fridge and got out a soda for herself and a cool-aid pack for Julian. When they were both done, she cleaned up as Julian returned to the living room and turned on the television, the blaring sound of Sponge-Bob Square Pants immediately filling the lower floor of the house. Her hands still wet from the sink, Sarah rushed in and took the remote from where Julian had set it next to him as he resumed playing and turned down the volume, drawing immediate protest from the boy.

"Nooo, I want it loud!"

"But Jules, you aren't even watching it!"

Julian stood up and clenched his fists at his sides. "I want it LOUD, the STORM is SCARING meeee!"

"It's just a little thunder, there is nothing to be afraid of, sweetie, trust me!"

An expression of both fear and childish frustration crossed over Julian's face, an expression that Sarah had dealt with before in relation to her own little brother and sister as well as other youngsters she had taken care of in the past. Soon however, his look turned from one she was familiar with, to another, more intense one. The boy's eyes rolled back into his head and his hands began to shake uncontrollably as his head rolled back and forth. Sarah stepped backwards, believing at first that Julian was going into some kind of a seizure. Then, in an other-worldly voice that was pitched high into a typical child's scream but with a resonance to match the thunder outside, he bellowed out at Sarah. "I WANT IT LOOOOOOOUD!"

The remote fell from where Sarah had been holding it and bounced on the floor three times, coming to rest next to Julian's bare right foot. Julian did not feel it however, as he had collapsed into a sitting position in the middle of the living room. His disturbance had passed, but he had not yet regained his focus.

Sarah was not fully aware of her surroundings either. She lay in the floor on her side, the room spinning oddly around her as if she had been drinking far too much, way too fast. After a few moments she managed to sit up, placing her hands on her head as if to make the spinning stop, which it eventually did. She finally opened her eyes fully and looked around for a few moments, trying to figure out where she was and what had happened. She could still hear the rain outside, but that was the only familiar sensation. She stood cautiously and moved slowly toward the nearest object she could see, a long, black, slightly curved shelf-like structure. As she approached it, it began to seem familiar to her. Just as she was reaching out to touch it on the surface that came up to her knees, something larger in the background moved, making her draw her hand back in alarm. She looked past the 'shelf' and saw something impossible. It appeared to be a giant human foot laying on it's side. It was angled to her so she was gazing at the sole and instep, the toes pointed off to her left. Frozen in place, unable to comprehend what she was seeing, her attention was turned upward as she heard a groan, so ominous that it sounded like it was coming from all around her. Her eyes moved up and up until she realized that she was looking at a giant version of Julian, slouched in a sitting position, but more the size of the sphinx than a little boy. Her lower lip trembled and she took several hasty steps backwards as he began to move.

Julian was seeing stars. His head was pounding and all he could hear in his ears was the gradually fading echo of his own scream. He raised his head as he regained his senses and groaned softly and satisfactorily when he noticed the remote in front of him near his foot. He reached down and grabbed it and began to aim it to turn the volume back up on the television when a small flash of movement caught his eye, accompanied by a tiny squeaking sound.

Having taken five reverse steps away from the giant form of Julian, Sarah gasped and ducked instinctively as one of his massive hands descended from high above her and came to rest on the shelf in front of her, only to lift it immediately. Seeing the underside of the massive object she could now see it was the remote she had recently been holding in her hand. She shrieked in panic and turned to run, moving as fast as she could across the plush, uneven surface of the carpet.

Julian saw the tiny figure running across the carpet, but not making much progress, and all he had to do was lean forward onto his hands and knees and he was looming directly over the tiny creature, which he now recognized as his babysitter. He grinned and giggled and she glanced skyward, causing her to stumble and fall forward when she took her eyes off of where she was stepping. She got to her feet quickly and resumed her retreat, but before she could even form one full stride, Julian's giant right hand came down and caught her from behind. He lifted her up in his fist and turned his hand around so that he could see her as she wildly thrashed and kicked in his fingers, screaming incoherently as he held her.

"Coooool!" he marveled as he watched her struggling in his hand, beating on his fingers with her tiny fists. "Now we can play!" Totally forgetting the storm outside as well as Sponge-Bob, he stood up and sprinted across the lower floor of the house, up the stairs and to his bedroom as Sarah was violently swung back and forth by the motions of his arm as he ran. Arriving in his room, he plopped down on his bed and set Sarah down next to him as he reached to the floor and pulled a Star Wars X-Wing out from under his bed. He opened the cockpit and yanked out a Luke Skywalker action figure and tossed it aside. Sarah had just gotten to her feet on the uneven surface of the bed when she saw it sail over her head and clatter down between the wall and the headboard. A moment later, she was again caught in the little boy's fingers and he stuffed her into the seat previously occupied by the toy. Unfortunately for Sarah, she was slightly too big to fit properly into the small space, and when Julian closed the clear plastic canopy she found herself uncomfortably cramped and partially doubled over.

She was not spared a full view of what came next however, as Julian proceeded to run all over the house 'flying' the x-wing with her trapped inside, forced to go along for the ride. Dipping and diving, swerving and rolling, she endured the ordeal of the constant jerking motion and occasional feeling of weightlessness during some of the more harrowing maneuvers. Julian persistently made whooshing and blasting sounds as he played, completely thrilled to have an actual tiny person to ride in his toy for him. He finally stopped in the dining room, skidding the toy spaceship lengthwise along the hardwood table where it came clanking to a stop against a porcelain salt and pepper shaker set as he laughed. When her forward motion finally stopped, Sarah pressed her hand against the canopy and realized it was not actually snapped shut, and it lifted away. She crawled out of the small craft and landed on her hands and knees, raised up to try and get her bearings back after being confined within the unforgiving structure of the toy, then proceeded to lose her pizza dinner and part of her lunch all down the front of her shirt and into her lap as she sat back on her haunches.

In the meantime, Julian had moved up from the far end of the table where he had launched the x-wing on it's final descent, and he grabbed Sarah up again, with no more regard for her than if she were just another one of his toys to play with. Then he held his hand flat and opened his fingers to look down at her when he felt something odd.

"Ewwwwwww!" Only then realizing that Sarah had thrown up, he recoiled at the wet stickiness on his fingers and the faint smell of stomach acid and bile. He rushed into the kitchen and turned on the water and ran his hand, and her, into the stream. He had chosen the hot faucet, and while it started cool it gradually became warm then hot, and just as she felt as if she was going to be melted away he yanked his hand out of the water and shook the excess moisture off. Sarah, now completely soaked from her neck down to her knees sputtered and coughed to get her breath back as she laid in his hand. Julian unceremoniously dumped her onto the counter where she landed painfully on her side as he pulled several paper towels from a nearby roll to dry his hands with. He then climbed up into the same chair she had sat in to eat earlier and rested his chin on his hands as he looked at her, only a few inches away, so close that she could feel the warmth of his pepperoni-scented breath. She stood up and sprinted away from him, but he easily caught her and plopped her back down where she had been lying. She waited a moment, looking up at him as prey would evaluate a predator, and slowly stood up before taking off again. Even with her experience as a runner and her peak physical condition, she was no match for the boy who with virtually no effort caught her in his hand again. He set her down once more, this time more harshly, causing her to yelp in pain.

Sarah decided for the moment that it would be best if she remained still. Since Julian was apparently only interested in looking at her for the moment, she had her first chance to take stock of her precarious situation. She looked up at the giant boy, sitting with her hands braced against the counter top behind her, her legs out in front, shivering slightly from the cool setting in following her rather hazardous bath. She gauged that she was approximately four or five inches tall now but she couldn't be sure. She did know that based on the mathematics of the situation, along with first hand experience after having been caught that she was far too small to defend herself against this seven year-old. Furthermore, escape would be virtually impossible as long as his attention was focused on her, which appeared to be something that would not change anytime soon. She could see the digital display on the microwave behind and to the left of her captor, reading 7:03. Just four hours...if I can hold on for four hours they'll be home and they can help me, she thought to herself. Julian's staring at her made her squeamish, but she finally mustered up the courage to speak to him to bridge the gap, possibly even convince him to leave her alone until his parents returned home.

"J-Julian? What happened to me?" He simply shrugged in response.

"Did you do this to me?"

"I dunno," he answered in a dismissive tone.

"Well, I tell you what...why don't I just wait here, right here until your mommy and daddy get home, okay? You can go play or do whatever you want to, you can even turn Sponge-bob all the way up if you want, and I'll just wait here, okay?

Looking closely at the tiny twenty five year-old girl in front of him, he could see her tiny nipples outlined in the cold wet material of her tee shirt, and he reached out a finger towards her. Sarah, concentrating on her feeble speech, was not prepared for his hand so be able to move so quickly at such a huge size and was unable to take any sort of evasive action before his index fingertip poked her roughly on her left breast. She gasped and chirped in reaction and scrambled back a bit, but the finger persisted and eventually pinned her to the counter top, pressing into her chest as he laughed at her useless squirming. "You're just like Sam, she had those too when she babysat!" He eventually let her push the finger off of her and she rolled over, beginning to crawl away, but the finger again lowered, coming to rest on the small of her back, again pinning her down to the counter top as she frantically tried to free herself. Julian again giggled and held her down there for several moments before finally taking her up in his fingers and bringing her to his face.

"No Julian, please, put me back, put me down! I have to wait for - "

"You're all wet!" he happily interrupted, and he began plucking at her tee shirt. She fought him, gasping and cursing as she slapped and pushed at his powerful fingers, but he easily tugged on the shirt until it came off over her head, straining her right shoulder in the process. Julian dropped the shirt and peered curiously at her bra, but only for a moment. Soon it had gone the way of the shirt after he had figured out how the straps worked, which snapped sharply back against Sarah's sensitive skin several times in the process of it's removal.

Sarah tried to conceal her bare breasts as she was being held in Julian's left fist from the waist down, but with his right hand he was easily able to move her tiny arms aside and inspect them with the curiosity that any child would have when presented with something new. "These are like mommy's, but hers are bigger cause she's not little like you!" He inspected them with his fingers, pinching the left one so hard that it began to bruise right away. In her desperation to evade his innocent but overwhelming advances, Sarah managed to plant a rather vicious bite on a sensitive area of Julian's cuticle, making him yelp in pain. He instantly increased the pressure of his fist on his tiny babysitter's hips and legs, and she began writhing and twisting about trying to get loose from the little boy's unbreakable grip. "That hurt! I'll get you for that!"

He eased off and opened his fist with his hand leveled out, and as she lay in his palm wincing from the blood flow returning to her legs, he turned her over and flicked her little ass with his middle finger several times as she wailed for him to stop. When he finally did, he pinched the waist of her jeans and pulled on them, but instead of them coming off, Sarah was lifted into the air, dangling from Julian's finger and thumb high above the hard counter below. Her little legs kicked and her arms pinwheeled around as she tried to find something, anything to hold on to so that she could steady herself, but she found nothing. This made the boy laugh again as he watched her frantic movements along with the swinging and jiggling of her little breasts. He finally dropped her back into his other hand and flipped her over onto her back with one finger, and began pinching at the button of her jeans until it broke. The zipper flew open in the same motion, and since the jeans were relatively tight and she was wearing no belt, they slid off of her legs easily. They got caught on her sneakers, so he pulled them off one at a time, making Sarah cry out with each one because they were still tied, resulting in a sprain to her left ankle. As he pulled the jeans completely off, her pink panties crookedly rolled halfway down her left thigh, and all the way down to her right knee. Julian placed a finger between her legs and pulled down until they too were removed, leaving Sarah lying naked across his hand, with the exception of a tiny white ankle sock on her right foot. Exhausted and traumatized, she whimpered pathetically.

Julian's eyes were immediately drawn to another difference of her anatomy to his...between Sarah's hips. He lowered a finger into her hairless, but more interestingly penis-less crotch and felt her. She immediately attempted to draw her legs up to fend him off, but even just one of his fingers was far too strong for her. Assuming she was simply ticklish there, with no thought of any other connotation, he proceeded to 'tickle' her. The tiny girl protested and struggled to evade him, but before long her little body betrayed her and she began to grunt and moan under his fingers, bucking her hips reflexively against his playful tickling as he used one finger at a time to rub her, effectively gang-raping her with his hands with no clue that his powerful touches were sending wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure through the body of his former babysitter, now his newest plaything. In his mind he was doing nothing wrong, and since Sarah seemed to like being tickled, he kept it up, enjoying her silly little squeals and spasms. Sarah was reeling in the moment. Her mind was teeming with the the ironies of her current position. All the things she relied on: Her intellect, her strength both emotional and physical, her confidence and her independent spirit all counted for nothing against this playfully mischievous child. He was treating her like a toy, possibly a small pet, but definitely something less than a real woman, less than human, not deserving of respect or consideration. As he persistently rubbed his fingertips one at a time against her warm little pussy, she found herself completely impassioned. The feel of his flesh, the ridges of his fingertips as they stroked and prodded her between her legs gave her feelings of ecstasy she had never experienced nor even thought possible. After three minutes she finally wrapped her legs around his ring finger as it lay between her thighs and she came, her release smearing all over his fingertip and running down into the hand he was holding her with. He felt the moisture right away and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Ewwww, you peed on me!" He exclaimed, and he again moved to the sink, dropping her in and again rinsing his hand under a stream of water, this time the cold side. The handle was turned so far that the sink, still with plates in the bottom, began to fill up. Her brief moment of sexual bliss having instantly washed away, Sarah found herself treading frigid water, her toes desperately swiping at the surface of one of the dingy plates beneath her before she was forced to either swim or drown. She was a strong enough swimmer that she managed to keep herself out of the torrent caused by the powerful water stream and made it to the far outside corner of the sink. Julian, who had by now dried his hands was watching her swim around like a little fish in the basin and began to playfully dunk her under the surface of the water with his index finger. Each time she bobbed back up gasping and coughing she was subjected to the boy's laughter, made more thunderous by the resonance and echoing in the sink around her. After the fifth dunking of his tiny babysitter Julian happened to look up at the clock in the kitchen and quickly turned off the water. "It's time for my movie!"

He grabbed Sarah from the water and held her up to his face. "Let's go watch!" Although now clean, Sarah's left breast was badly bruised, her right shoulder strained and possibly separated. She cold already feel the swelling in her injured ankle. Her ass was red from her recent spanking and her entire body was spent from her constant struggles and forced sexual episode. Although still terrified, she welcomed the warmth seeping back into her trembling body from Julian's huge hand. He carried her back into the living room, leaving her wet clothes strewn about on the kitchen counter. Halfway to the couch, he paused and lowered the hand she was in behind him, where he raised one leg slightly and farted audibly, giggling evilly as he raised her back up to his face. "Now we're even!" He flopped down on the couch and set her on the floor between his feet and began idly nudging her back and forth between them as he watched television. Just the slightest efforts of his feet as he toyed with her was enough to trap her in a constant cycle of being tumbled and rolled around. On several occasions, he would misjudge his movements and accidentally bring a foot down on top of part or all of her little naked body. On the third such occurrence, his right heel came down on her left flank, and the lower two ribs on that side of her torso cracked, drawing muffled screams from her as he continued to play with her, either unaware of or disinterested in her distress.

After what seemed an eternity to Sarah, he finally brought the footplay to a gradual stop as he became absorbed in watching Ice Age III. Sarah lay on her back and gazed up to where the boy's knees stood poised at the top of the couch, and imagined her cell phone, still in her backpack, longing to be able to make just one phone call. She craned her neck around and saw the time display on the cable box beneath the television. 8:26. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized she had no hope of anyone coming to her aid. The couch was flush against the floor so that she could not take refuge beneath it, and she knew if she tried to get up and run he would spot her and catch her again before she got very far, and she doubted she could run or even walk very well with her injuries anyway. She laid her head down on the floor, looking left, and she saw it. The laptop! She thought to herself excitedly. She managed to get on all fours and crawl towards the computer which she had left open on the floor shortly after arriving, checking up and over her shoulder every few moments to make sure she was not seen. She reached the laptop in less than two minutes, and climbed up onto the surface, crawling across the now monumental 'Dell" logo below the keyboard. She used her hands to maneuver the cursor from the mouse pad, using her uninjured foot to click the mouse buttons. She managed so get the unit to search for available networks, and found that the Fulkerson's had one that was unsecured. She was able to connect, and thinking that the fastest way to send for help would be to log into Yahoo and send an instant message to one of her friends, she launched the application, which was set to sign her in automatically. It did, and several of her friends' names popped up on the buddy list. Two of them sent messages to her right away, one asking her if she wanted to study the next night, the other asking about the date she had been on the night before. Their avatars were huge to her, as was the font. She moved the cursor to the window of the friend that was local and highlighted it, and then moved to the keyboard. She found that she was not heavy enough to depress the keys as she moved, but that if she pressed down with both hands on a key, it moved it enough to enter the character into the text box. She moved from key to key, entering the most efficient message she could think of:

"2813 wstcot trapd snd hlp"

Making her way toward the 'enter' key, she was only three tiny paces away, when she felt the familiar compressing giant fingers of Julian close around her and yank her up from the keyboard as she cried out in frustration and fear. "NOOOOO!"

"THERE you are!" He exclaimed as he held her up where he could see her and slid down to sit on the floor next to the laptop. "Cool, do you have games on this?" Julian began randomly pecking at keys, and Sarah watched helplessly as the cursor moved from window to window, before the boy became impatient and started mashing his free hand onto the keyboard. Her faint glimmer of hope burnt completely out when she saw him inadvertently close the chat program completely, her message never having been sent, the background photo of her and three of her sorority sisters replaced with the blue screen of death due to Julian's abuse of the machine.

Losing interest in the laptop, he again turned his attention to Sarah, holding her in front of his face. He began playfully moving her arms and legs around, soon discovering that whenever he pulled or bent a tiny arm or leg at angle not intended by nature, she would scream in pain. This fascinated him, and he began to experiment with her. He tugged down on her legs one at a time to see which one made her scream louder. Pulling on her right foot seemed to draw the loudest sound out of her tiny body since that ankle was already sprained, and after four good pulls on each leg, during the fifth attempt with the right one, he felt her tiny hip pop out of joint, bringing the loudest sound yet out of his new toy. He repeated the test with her arms, pulling them out to her sides, but her voice had become so strained from the cumulative events of the evening, she grew hoarse and her screams were no longer entertaining to him. He gave her left arm one final tug anyway, and afterwards it hung limply at Sarah's side, completely separated at the shoulder.

Having become bored, he carried Sarah into the kitchen and set her on the counter once more, then retrieved a soda from the fridge, leaving the door open and drank it as he leaned over her and began casually flicking her around with his fingers, drawing his middle finger back against his thumb and springing it forward into her belly or onto her butt, depending which angle she had landed in from the previous attack. Three more of her ribs were broken as a result of his play, as well as her nose and right clavicle. Some of the flicks sent her several yards, by her measurements, across the counter. The final one sent her tumbling into the left side of the sink. Julian playfully poured the remainder of his soda all over her and dropped the huge barrel-like can into the sink, narrowly missing her, the clanging sound it made when it hit almost bursting her tiny eardrums. He just left her there and returned to the living room to finish his movie. Sarah was barely conscious enough at this point to even realize he had finally tired of tormenting her and left her alone. She lay there in a sticky-sweet puddle of orange pop, hair matted, broken, bruised and beaten and unable to even roll herself over as she lost all track of time.

Timothy Fulkerson unlocked and opened the door for his wife and followed her inside just a few minutes before midnight, and found Julian asleep on the couch. As his father turned off the television, his mother roused him and sat him up. "Honey, we're home! Where's Sarah?" She asked while looking around curiously.

"In the kitchen," he mumbled tiredly as Timothy moved to her side and gathered him up in his arms. As he carried the boy upstairs to bed, Veronica went into the kitchen, calling out for Sarah, but she heard no response. She found the refrigerator door open and closed it, and was about to call out Sarah's name again when she heard a small squeak coming from the area of the sink. She stepped over to that part of the kitchen, and peered in at the orange puddle in the left side, and saw her.

"Oh, no," she sighed disappointed, "not another one."

She turned on the water and used the spray hose to rinse the tiny babysitter off and lifted her up in her left hand as she listened to her pathetic mix of painful cries and pleas for help. "Oh, thank you thank you thank GOD please help me!" Sarah literally wept in Veronica's hand as she was carried upstairs to the master bedroom where the giant woman approached her husband.

"Tim, he did it again, I thought the drugs were supposed to put a stop to this!" She complained as she held Sarah up for him to see.

Timothy responded with frustration. "Damn those worthless doctors, I am calling that office first thing Monday morning and giving them a piece of my mind!" He then took a closer look at the tiny, naked and battered girl in his wife's hand. "She looks pretty bad, any chance?"

Veronica simply shook her head. "No, she's way too far gone to keep, she'd never survive." She took out a cigarette with her free hand and lit it, then sat on the side of the bed and kicked off her fashionable high-heeled sandals as Sarah began to understand what the two giants were talking about. She used her last ounces of strength to struggle against the woman's huge manicured fingers, but it was all for nought.

"Well," said Timothy," I'll get the phone, we need someone for the Johnson's wedding rehearsal on Wednesday." He went into the large walk-in closet at the far end of the room as Veronica held the shivering Sarah up to her face and shook her head. Sarah rapidly shook her head 'no' and continued to squirm, babbling and begging for mercy, her eyes wide and her shrieks shrill.

"Such a waste, what a shame," she muttered as she lowered her hand toward her nightstand and turned Sarah over, gripping her beneath the arms from behind. She slowly but firmly pressed the tiny helpless girl's face into her ashtray, pushing against her shoulders and the back of her head, twisting her tiny body slightly as if snuffing out a cigarette. Sarah kicked and flailed her arms as best she could, but it did not last very long. Just as she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, her face buried in a mound of stale ashes, her tiny neck snapped and everything went quiet and dark.


In the closet, Timothy was holding a cellphone and tapping menacingly against the top of a small hamster cage on a dresser behind his sports jacket collection. "Come on, Samantha, there are over twenty more girls' numbers in this phone of yours, who else can we call? WHO??" Overcome with fear, the tiny, naked twenty three year-old red-head trembled and spoke in hopes that her giant masters would leave her alone that night.

"R-Rachael, Rachael Mankowicz...she charges ten dollars an hour on weeknights...and she's really good with kids..."


















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