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Life on Parole

By Asukafan2001


                Jared had always been an early riser. It came from when he was growing up, his dad would be shipped from military base to military base. This meant mornings always came early, especially when you lived on a military base. No matter what people say, and no matter how far you are from the hubbub of the goings on, life just starts early on military bases. 

                Always getting up early, and going on a long run before breakfast slowly became a habit for Jared to the point that he couldn't fathom a day starting out any other way. Even with the fact, Jared had never followed in the footsteps of his father a few things still stuck with him.  One of those being the necessity for a morning run, just as the sun was starting to rise.

                Therefore, when Jared awoke this morning to find everything shrouded in darkness he knew something had to be terribly wrong. Years of getting up before the sun had made him accustomed to what the early morning hours look like and this wasn't it.  As Jared waved his hand in front of his face, he struggled to make out his own digits.  

                While the ground felt firm, it had a bit of give to it which made it feel unlike any kind of floor that he had ever walked on before.  Jared felt around and immediately felt a warm wall seeming to radiate heat if that is possible.  As Jared moved about his awkward surroundings, he could hear the clanking of metal, almost like keys jingling or a chain. 

                Completely dumbfounded Jared finally yelled hoping someone would hear him.   However, no response came at first. However soon the ground started to rumble and moan. Jared struggled to put into words what was going on, however the sounds coming from the ground were like that of no other. It sounded almost like springs or shocks compressing and decompressing. Then finally as if a switch had been flipped the veil of darkness was replaced with the familiar dankness that Jared had grown accustomed to over the years.

                "Damn you make a lot of racket." A voice thundered from behind and above Jared. As he spun around the most improbable of scenes unfolded before Jared's eyes. The awkwardly warm walls which radiated heat had taken the shape of legs, and as he tilted his head upwards his eyes feasted on the image of a woman.

                "What the hell" Jared managed to sputter out as the longest arm he had ever seen extended to the side and flipped on a bedside lamp.  The small beacon of light allowed the person to take shape before Jared's eyes.  He was looking up at Cecilia Reyes a person he knew quite well.

                It all started a year ago when Cecilia Reyes was convicted of a theft at a convenience store. She was released on parole a few months ago and Jared was assigned as her parole officer. Almost immediately, the two clashed as Cecilia didn't like how Jared was always keeping tabs on what she was doing, where she was going and the other tasks that went along with his job.

                "Get away from me!" Jared yelled in his diminutive voice, however, his pointless mandates were ignored as Cecilia bent down towards him.

                "bout time ya got put in your place.  This is gonna be the start of a long relationship." Cecilia laughed as she leaned back in bed.

                "what, what have you done? You won't get away with this!" Jared shouted as he fell backwards onto the bed staring up at a girl young enough to be his daughter.

                "Wont get away with this? I already have gotten away with it. As your right here, now that your awake and aware it's time to get you settled."  Cecilia said with a grin. Jared gulped as he stared up at the nude body of the young troubled girl. She grasped onto Jared which allowed him to feel the power behind her dainty grasp. The nineteen year olds meek looking appearance now appeared almost hulking and all powerful in comparison to Jared's form.

                As Jared felt himself being lifted up before her face Jared couldn't help but take in the full size of this mammoth being, from her smallish breasts to her black hair with blonde streaks  he felt powerless as his eyes focused in on her.

                "Once this goes on you, it never comes off from what I was told." Jared watched helplessly as a metal collar which looked similar to hand cuffs only a much more flat  in appearance. However, like handcuffs the collar seems to snap into itself.  A moment later a audible click came from the back of Jared's neck. Instinctively he reached back and felt nothing but the smooth metal band outside of single metal loop.

                "No use trying to get that off." Cecilia laughed as she droped Jared back onto the bed, however this time he fell a bit too close to her for his own comfort as Jared stared into the womanhood of this young woman. Cecilia's vaginal lips almost looked as if they were pulsating with excitement. 

                "I got that clit ring just for you and I have been dying for you to try it out." Cecilia taunted as Jared looked up at her a bit dumbfounded at first. However seemingly almost as if she was responding to the question running through his mind Cecilia clasped a small chain onto the back of the collar she put on Jared moments ago.  Jared found himself only able to watch as she attached the opposite end of the chain to the clit ring.

                "That should hold you, and you might as well get use to the surroundings as this is your new home slave. Things like food, water, and time outside of your home will be awarded for good behavior.

                "You can't do this Cecilia! You, you..." Jared screamed completely irate.

                "Your such a broken record. You can't do this, you won't get away with this. Face it, you're my slave now. I paid good money for this arrangement.  Now I'm going to go back to bed slave as some of us work for a living. Oh, and I think you will be addressing me as Mistress or Goddess Reyes. And that's the only choice you have left in your life." Cecilia said as she turned off the lights and pulled the blankets back up over her and before too long she was fast asleep.

                Jared's mind was reeling at this point. What was being said simply unreal. He pulled mightily at the chain which was attached from the metal collar around his neck to the clit the ring Cecilia had on. Each pull he put his full strength into it however it all seemed to be in vein as the chain refused give on either end.  Before too long his struggle was drowned out by the noise of Cecilia sleeping. Her Rhythmic breathing easily drowned out his struggles.

                Jared sat in wait like a dog chained up in the yard as he found himself unable to do anything. He felt for the first time in his life powerless to do anything. Time passed by slowly in the otherwise quiet room. Every so often he would hear a train rumble by which shook the old bed mightily. He wondered how Cecilia could keep sleeping through that, but assumed she was use to it.

                What felt like an eternity passed before everything began to rumble and shake.  The bed springs moaned and squeaked as Cecilia began to roll over. Jared tried to run but soon found himself at the end of the chain with nowhere to go.  He put his hands up instinctively hoping to somehow ward off her body.  

                Jared found his attempt completely useless as Cecilia rolled over onto her side in the opposite direction of him. This time however, Cecilia's movements practically impaled Jared's body into the sheets that were above. Soon thereafter he tumbled down the side of Cecilia's body before coming to a halt as he dangled in the air swaying from side to side.

                Shards of light were now fluttering in allowing Jared the ability to halfway see the world around him. He pulled at the chain that was now not only still attached to his collar but now sandwiched between her thighs.  As the twilight hours drifted to early morning Jared began to come to the realization that he wasn't going anywhere.

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