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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story was created several years ago and posted to my old Geocities account, for those who remember me from the SW Forum, Sizerfetich, or Min's forum.

Ron had had his eye on Jessica for some time; he’d first spotted her in a PE class. The attractive redhead always wore a low-cut top and he never hesitated to take a peek at her ample breasts and conspicuous cleavage. He knew she had to be at least a D-cup. He’d have asked, but sexual harassment laws being what they were…. Instead, he was contented admiring her from afar, until the next semester.

He was taking a drama class and, as luck would have it, she was in it as well. When the professor paired up students to work together, he thanked God when she was named as his partner.

“Now everybody meet with your partner and arrange times when you can work together,” the professor said.

“Come on over to my hall tomorrow at noon so we can start choosing scenes,” Jessica said. “I’m an RA, so we’ll have to meet in my room in case a resident needs me.” She wrote her room number and building on a slip of paper and handed it to him.


The next day, Saturday, Ron knocked on her door and waited for an answer. He heard a faint hum and then Jessica opened the door, straightening her shirt. Must have just gotten dressed. That hum was probably her hair dryer or something.

“Come in,” Jessica said, waving her arm towards the doorway. Ron couldn’t help but notice the sweeping motion of her arm jiggled her breasts slightly.

“Just get out of the shower?” he asked.

She paused for a moment. “No, just running a slide projector to get ready for a speech in a class on Monday.”

Ron looked at what he figured would have to be the slide projector. It looked almost like a newer one except for the controls on the back. “Thing looks pretty computerized.”

“You have no idea what kinds of controls that thing has. Now, sit down, we need to get started on our acting project.”

They worked for about an hour, tossing ideas back and forth. Between the moments of work, they started getting to know each other a little better. It wasn’t long before they were laughing and sharing stories like old friends. Suddenly Jessica leaned in close and Ron knew what she had in mind. They kissed passionately and his right hand cupped her left breast.

“Wow, what was that?” Jessica asked, smiling. “I shouldn’t do this is, I have a boyfriend and…aw to hell with it.” They kissed again and then she stepped back grinning. “I’ve got a really wild idea. Want to have a little fun?”

“This isn’t already, or do you mean more fun?”

“More fun yes, but different. Trust me, you’ll love this.”


Jessica stood up, they’d been sitting on her bed, and walked over to the projector. She walked slowly and moved her body seductively. She started punching in commands and pointed it at Ron.

“What are you doin’?”

“Just wait, you’ll understand very soon.”

She switched it on and a white light bathed his whole body. Ron felt dizzy for a second. He shook his head a couple of times to clear it, but it continued. He tried looking around, but his eyes couldn’t break away from the source of the white light. It didn’t hurt his eyes, but he felt that he shouldn’t right away. All of his other senses disappeared for a while. When the light finally switched off, he was plunged into darkness and was aware that he was now naked.

Jessica sauntered over to her bed and smiled. A pile of clothes was now sitting where Ron had been. His sneakers were lying haphazardly on the floor, knocked over by feet leaving them too quickly.

The pile moved ever so slightly and she giggled. She always loved when it was someone’s first time, the frantic scrambling to free oneself from the pile of fabric and not realizing what all the fabric was. Part of her wanted to see if he could make it out on his own, but she decided she couldn’t wait any longer. She rushed over and kicked his sneakers under her bed. The socks soon followed. She lifted his shirt carefully, he’d stopped struggling and she wasn’t sure where he was. After being certain that he wasn’t in his shirt that went under the bed as well. She picked up his pants and his underwear fell out. The pants quickly joined the other clothes when she saw the lump in the only remaining place he could be. She carefully lifted the other end and let gravity do the work.


He didn’t where he was and was getting more confused by the moment. He heard stuff moving, but it sounded very loud and nearby. Suddenly he was up in the air and whatever he was inside was moving. He felt himself fall an unknown but horrific distance to land on something soft. Light streamed in and saw his white prison. Ron rolled over and read: Fruit Of The Loom. His mind was spinning; it wasn’t possible, was it? Then he was moving again, gently. He slid from the underwear, his underwear. He looked down at a pink surface and saw a stitching pattern that he recognized from Jessica’s blanket. He stood up and turned around.

The first thing Ron saw were two blue columns like tree trunks, but they appeared to be denim. His eyes moved upward and they saw the columns come together and a large circle that resembled a snap. He kept scanning with his eyes and saw a wall of purple. Up and up the wall went until it curved outward tremendously. He knew what he was seeing, but his brain refused to acknowledge it. Against his better judgment he kept looking up. The curved surface then went back away and became a flesh-toned neck structure. Then went into a chin, chin into an enormous pair of lips grinning. The surface went higher becoming a nose and on both sides a pair a huge, but lovely, eyes. Then above that was the red hair Ron remembered so well. Jessica was just smiling like everything was perfectly normal.

“Having fun yet, Ron?” she asked, her voice obviously lowered, but bordering on booming.

“What the hell did you do to me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s not possible. People do not shrink.”

“Then explain why you’re now four inches tall.” She turned her back to him and gave him a view of her perfectly shaped ass. “If you didn’t really shrink, then I can sit down on you and you won’t be crushed.”

Her ass started slowly descending upon him and Ron panicked. Could he afford to be wrong about what he was seeing? If he was dreaming, he’d just wake up. If not.... he didn’t even want to think about it. He let out a yelp as he realized her beautiful ass was likely to cause his demise. Ron sprinted towards the center of the bed and her body accelerated. He was at a safe distance, but her landing moved the mattress enough to toss him in the air.

She turned to look at him. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have crushed you. I just figured that was the best way for you to accept this so we can start enjoying ourselves.”

“So this isn’t new to you?”

“No, I was just enlarging myself when you got here, that was the noise you heard. I was down to three inches high.”

Ron looked back towards the machine. “How did you run the thing at your size?”

“I had a timer set up. All I had to do was be exactly where I was standing when I shrank.”

He was still trying to absorb it all, but he was making progress. He walked up to her and she held out her right hand. He climbed on and marveled at how soft her skin was. She slowly lifted him to her face. “How many times have you shrunk yourself?”

“I don’t remember exactly, but at least thirty or forty times. I got the machine in mid-August before coming to college. It’s October now, so an average of fifteen to twenty times a month.”

Her eyes explored his little body, making extra sure to check out his penis. Jessica saw his eyes were aimed down her cleavage and his penis was getting harder by the second. It fascinated her watching it, just like her boyfriend was fascinated watching her miniaturized nipples hardening.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself already. Like the view?”

Ron blushed and tried to cover himself with his hands. Jessica just used her left pinky to push them away.

“I’ve seen them before, don’t worry. And forget about the size thing, I’m aware of the size of the rest of you.”

She closed her fingers around him and then walked over to her door. She carefully closed it with her free hand, locked it, and went back to her bed and set Ron down.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

“Just making sure we’re not interrupted,” she purred. She opened the neck of her top a little more and grinned wider. “What shall we do first?”


“I think I should help you take care of your immediate concern first,” she said, pointing at his cock. “Just trust that I won’t harm you and you’ll have more fun than you can imagine. If you get scared, close your eyes and let the sensations guide you.”

Ron closed his eyes as her left pinky descended and the tip of it lightly stroked his penis. Then he felt himself moving upward and he felt what must be her soft, full lips against his whole body. He felt his penis against the inner part of her lower lip and the tip of her tongue darting around to probe him. She then continued and gave Ron the best blowjob he’d ever dreamed of. She swallowed and exhaled deeply, her warm breath washing over him.

“Now, going down,” she announced.

Ron felt her fingers release him and clawed for a handhold. No use, he plummeted and waited for the death, for the proof that she lied and wanted to torture him. Instead he felt a lot of warmth and softness as he landed and was wedged right between her breasts. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at Jessica’s face beaming down at him.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she commanded. “You’ll want to be ready for what will be one of the wildest hours of your life.” She pulled off her top and then put on one that better covered her cleavage. “I don’t want anyone seeing you while we’re out.”

“Where are we going?”

“The dining hall and then I have a hall meeting with my residents. Don’t make any noise or movements while you’re down there, especially when I’m eating. I’m meeting my boyfriend and he’s insanely jealous.” She cooed out the next part. “I wouldn’t want him doing something to you while you’re like this.”

“That’s not making me comfortable with this whole thing. Wait, what about the timer? Don’t I need to stay here?”

“No, I didn’t set it this time, you’re tiny as long as I choose to keep you that way.”

“And how long would that be?”

“I don’t know, hours, days, weeks, months, years. As long as your pattern is still stored in the machine. Oh, and one other thing, I was just joking about going out.” She stripped her top off and jumped backwards onto her bed. “Let’s have some fun so I can get around to being the tiny one.”

Her bra was one that clasped in the front so she unhooked it while Ron was stroked her breasts. Jessica pushed each cup off its breast and rubbed the nipple gently. Ron was a little freer and began scaling her left breast.

“Oh, that tickles,” she giggled as he reached the nipple. “I’m usually the tiny one, I forgot how much fun this could be.” Then she moaned softly as her nipple hardened. “I think the other one is getting jealous.”

“Then I’ll have to do something about that.” He was really getting into this now, the possibilities were outstanding and seeing her enormous tits even larger was spectacular. He slid down her breast into her cleavage again. He dashed up towards her neck and then sprinted up her right breast. “Now to not play favorites.” He dropped down and started caressing the nipple as hard as he could so she’d feel it. Her whole body shook as she giggled and moaned, the movement threatening to throw him right off. It took some work, but soon that nipple was hard as well and Jessica sat up. Ron was thrown down onto her firm stomach.

“You’ve proven yourself,” she purred. “Now I won’t have to squish you.” She saw his horrified expression and laughed, tossing him up and down as her belly shook. “Just kidding, you’re too cute to squish. Maybe just flush you down the toilet. Sorry that’s what my boyfriend and I do. I get turned on thinking of all the things that could happen at my poor, tiny, size.” She picked Ron up in both hands and nuzzled him up against her face. She could just hear his inhalations as he drank in the scent of her perfume. “How about now I let you do some exploring?”


Jessica set Ron down on the bed and finished stripping. He gazed up at her awesome beauty. She was so gorgeous and huge that she became like a goddess in his eyes. She fluffed her hair out and Ron absorbed every detail of her perfectly sculpted body. The bed was at the right height that by looking straight out, he was staring directly into her crotch. He smiled as he confirmed that she was, indeed, a natural redhead.

“Enjoy looking at my body?” She laughed as he nodded. “Well, you’re going to get a much closer view. Do you want to start with front or back?” She leaned in close to hear to him tell her he wanted to explore her front.

She picked him gently and jumped back into bed. Lying on her back, she carefully placed him back into her cleavage and watched him take off. He headed down and to the other side of her right breast. She felt him tickling it and knew his tongue was working at it. Suddenly she had a delicious idea.

She reached down and grabbed her right breast, lifting it up off her chest. “Go on under it. I’m very ticklish where it comes back around and connects to my body again.”

Ron was still a little suspicious, but decided to chance it. He walked back there and found the spot. He slowly rubbed it and was immediately greeted with tremors and roaring laughter. He heard her say something about him holding his breath, but he wasn’t sure what she meant until the breast dropped down and pinned him. He was about to panic, but reminded himself to trust that Jessica wouldn’t kill him. He squirmed his way out and slid down her side. She laughed as his movements tickled her and looked to see the little man standing on the bed beside her.

Ron looked up at the wall of flesh before him. He was alongside her rib cage and his view up was blocked by the side-swell of her breast. He knew he’d have a hell of a time climbing back up there and looked to Jessica for help. Her hand appeared and the massive digits wrapped around him. He moved fast and was lying on her tummy. Once he was released from her grasp, he walked down and stepped into her belly button. Then he kept going further south to the red forest.

She gasped in delight as his tiny feet made contact with her vulva, sensitive from all the stimulation she’d been receiving. She managed a quick peek as he waded through her pubic hair, trying to push aside strands as thick as vines to him. She moaned when he stopped to massage her quickly. She was then disappointed to not feel anything again. She looked and he was gone. Jessica was about to sit up and look for him when another wave of ecstasy hit. She realized he’d climbed down to her slit and was massaging that. She became afraid and wanted to stop him. If she got too caught up in the moment, he could be seriously injured. She had to warn him, she couldn’t do it, but it just seemed so right.

Ron could smell her arousal and noticed his fully formed erection. He really enjoyed this excitement he was giving her and shook his head when he realized that if she ever did restore him, he still couldn’t brag because no one would believe his story. She was making quite a bit of noise and it hurt his ears, so her considered stopping. His hands were just pulling back away from her vagina when he saw her right hand swoop out of nowhere and he was scooped up. He wondered where he was going until he descended and got a look at his heading. He saw her legs spread wide and himself rushing towards her open slit. He closed his eyes and waited for it, hoping that he would at least go feet first so he could breath.

He was lucky and his head was indeed sticking out. However, his arms were inside her and he couldn’t move them without making her more excited. He knew getting her to orgasm would mean she’d pull him back out, but her muscles were pressing tight against him as her legs came back together. Only her thumb and forefinger were needed to manipulate him and even with just those, she was squeezing too hard. He tried screaming, but her moaning drowned him out. Suddenly she came all over him and he waited to be taken back out, but nothing happened. Then came knock on her door, a thunderous pounding to him.

“Who is it?” she asked.             

“Your boyfriend,” answered the visitor.

“Oh shit,” she whispered. “Hang on.” She didn’t have time to restore Ron and get his clothes back on him. She also couldn’t think of a quick place to hide him and get clothes on to answer the door. She prayed that he’d understand and jumped to her feet. She winced when she heard his pained scream, her giant body nearly crushing him with her simple movements. She looked down to see Ron’s head sticking out of her and she almost smiled at the amusing sight until she noticed his expression of pain and terror. She mouthed a quick sorry and got to work. She managed to get her panties over her feet without either spreading her legs far enough apart for him to fall, or moving enough to cause him more suffering. She then pulled them up quick, her legs coming apart just a little too far, but Ron didn’t have time to drop. Her panties going up met his head going down and stopped his fall before his feet left her. His quick descent sent her new waves of pleasure, as did the sensations caused when the force of her underwear pushed him back in. She frowned when she realized that he was now all the way inside of her, she’d pulled her underwear on so quickly that it had gone on tight and he’d been jammed completely inside with no way to pull himself free. She hoped to God that he’d stop squirming so her pleasure would go away long enough to answer the door.

Ron could barely breathe. He was now pretty much completely inside Jessica. He’d wanted to tickle her from the inside, just not in this particular way. Thankfully, his face was just outside and pressed tight to her underwear. It wasn’t good for breathing, but was better than no air at all. He tried to keep himself still and managed until she put her jeans back on, blocking more air. He tried to scream, but couldn’t get much sound beyond the fabric. Enough must have for what must have been her hand to press against her slit to silence him. He cursed his luck as that action forced him further inside her. Her muscles were trapping him and drawing him deeper. Her voice went on endlessly with her boyfriend and Ron was ready to die when he heard the door slam and lock. He legs were moving frantically as her pants came off and her panties. Sadly, he was too far inside to fall free when her legs came apart. Instead, he saw her fingers come in after him and he held onto them as he was dragged to safety.

“That was fun,” he remarked when he was placed safely onto her desk and had caught his breath. Then he saw the hurt expression on her face and regretted his statement. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I enjoyed most of it. It was only because of your boyfriend.”

“I understand,” she said, starting to smile again. “I’m sorry for not warning you that sometimes I get a bit carried away sometimes. That’s why I’m usually the tiny one.”

She insisted on cleaning him up. Thankfully, the RA’s room here was always the room closest to the bathroom. She snuck him in and washed her juices off of him. Then she filled a container with more water and brought it with her. She explained that she might need a cleaning later as well.

            “It’s time to turn the tables a little bit,” she chuckled.


Ron stood patiently on the floor as Jessica worked high above him. She had insisted on working naked, just to excite him and because she wasn’t going to be wearing anything when she shrank. He gazed at her massive mammories jiggling up in the heavens and the red forest that hovered over him when she knelt down.

“Let’s see,” she said, “clear pattern? Yes.” She grinned at him. “Just kidding. Whoops, I guess you are stuck like that. Don’t worry, kidding again. Restoration? Yes. Amount of restoration? Complete.”

She hit the activation button and Ron felt himself tingling. The world and Jessica started shrinking around him as he approached the correct height. He smiled at the familiar whirring of the machine and found it amusing that he’d once mistaken the sound for a hair dryer. When he was back to normal Jessica wrapped her arms around him in a hug, pressing her naked body tight to his. Her lips met his and the kiss was spectacular.

“Got to remind you what that’s like,” she said sensuously. “Kisses won’t be the same until I’m back.”

“Then I’ll try not to take too long playing with you.”

Jessica helped him set the machine to the same reduction percentage and showed him how to restore her. Then she walked in front of the device and struck a sexy pose. She blew him a kiss with one hand and rubbed a nipple with the other.

“Going down,” he said.

The beam struck her and she stared up at her ceiling, laughing as she descended to her miniscule size. When it was over, Jessica was just barely less than four inches in height. She raised her arms up to Ron, begging him to pick her up. He complied immediately, setting her on the palm of his right hand. He lifted her to his face and examined her minute form. Ron grinned as he took note that she was perfectly proportioned as he had been. His left pinky began stroking both breasts simultaneously and the brown dots of her nipples jumped to attention. She had her head tilted back and was moaning in high-pitched squeaks.

“Oh, Ron, go wild with me,” she pleaded. He held her close to catch the squeaking. Her feminine voice became so high when she was reduced. “I really like tongues and going down pants.”

“But I’m not wearing pants,” he said slyly. “But I think I’ll come up with something just as good.”

He grasped her between his thumb and forefinger just like she did with him. He was surprised at challenging it was to apply just the right amount of pressure. Once he had it figured out, he tipped his head back and lowered her into position over his open mouth. First, he put her into up to her thighs and sucked gently. She started pleading for him to do more. He pulled her out and used his free hand to push her legs into a split and lowered her so she balanced across his lips. Then the tip of his tongue darted between her legs and started licking her pussy. She squealed with delight, manipulating the tip of his tongue with her little hands and pushing herself hard against it. She came twice and begged for the next step.

Ron laid down onto her bed and placed her on his stomach. She instantly took off towards his fully erect penis. Just before getting there, she dove for it and started climbing the shaft. She got herself onto the head and rubbed it as hard as she could, making sure not to use her nails. She massaged his cock and stuck her left hand down the opening to excite him more. After enough work, she finally made him ejaculate and his semen shot all over her, knocking her down. She screamed in triumph and rubbed her tits against his penis. The miniature erect nipples tickled and Ron enjoyed the sensation enough to feel like shooting off another load.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Jessica squeaked up to him.

“This day has been lots of fun and tonight will be even better,” he finally answered as she washed up. Ron put his clothes back on quickly.

“Why tonight?”

“Because you’re not getting restored,” he laughed. She squealed and tried to run for the machine. Ron scooped her up and rubbed her tiny ass gently and firmly. “I didn’t check that out yet today. I’m sure you do so much more and that’s why I can’t give you up.” He opened the waist of his jeans and his underwear and held her over the gap. “You liked it down there before, you’ll like it as your new home. First, though, you need to show me how to clear your pattern.” Then he grinned and laughed in an amused way. “Just kidding, Jessica, like you were with me.”

“I guess that wasn’t so funny. My boyfriend and I use it as stimulant so much, I’d forgotten just how scary that used to seem to me.” She smiled up at him. “Now, could you stop scaring me and restore my size now?”

Ron set her down and she scampered to her correct spot. Ron walked over to the machine, almost stepping on her as she got into position. He went through the sequence she told him to use and in no time, the beam was ready to go. He watched in fascination as she expanded in front of him, her miniature tits returning to their former glory. Her gorgeous red hair that had tickled his penis at its reduced state was back to normal strands and as beautiful as he remembered it. He stared at her crotch and remembered how the pubic hair had looked when he was tiny and how soft it had been when she was mini. Her full lips he’d been pressed against were in a broad smile and her eyes danced. Her nipples were still hard and he stepped up to play with them.

“Hang on, we’ll have more fun tomorrow when you come back,” she promised. “Show up at twelve and we’ll start with homework. Then, if you’re lucky, we’ll move on to more personal business.” She growled and snapped her teeth playfully. Ron left, not planning on letting anything keep him away from her the next day. She leaned against the inside of her door after it closed, eyes closed and lips in a full smile as she pondered the change her life was taking.
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