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3 freelance devil hunters found themselves waking up in a dark room with thin wooden walls surrounding them. The 3 groaned in unison as they tried to remember what had happened before one of them exploded in anger. "I told you this was a horrible idea! We should've never come here!" The tallest one of them screamed. "Calm down John, we are not dead yet are we?" The calmer out of there spoke as he sat up to lean against the wall. "We should be, that devil came out of nowhere. We should've been more careful." The 3rd said as he stretched out. "We couldn't have been any more careful! They had attack dogs ready for people like us!" John screamed before punching the wall, though it cracked and light began to shine through. John's anger quickly subsided before he looked through the new peephole and moved back in confusion. "What the hell...." he spoke before sitting down with a defeated expression. "Is there something out there or are we dead and this is hell?" The calm man said before standing up. "There was an eye! A big yellow eye!" He called out crazily before the room began to move and the roof started to move. Revealing a massive woman with red hair and bright yellow eyes. She wore a calm expression and a creepy smile. "Ah, you're awake, I thought I was hearing something." She spoke slowly with a hint of excitement in her tone. 

"Brace yourselves." She said before gently picking up the box and tipping it forward. The 3 devil hunters began to spill out of the box and fall to the hard desk below. They barely had time to brace themselves as each of them fell with a small thud. However, the woman kept the same expression as she examined the 3 small men. "John, Philip, and Thompson. The 3 devil hunters from New York, are known for taking simple jobs. I wonder what made you think this would be so simple? Freeing one of the devils we have in captivity." She spoke as the 3 men got to their feet. John nudged the calm one, Thompson.

"Well we needed one of your devils, ma'am, it was only for temporary use." He said before suddenly a chain appeared on his neck and he was jerked toward her and the edge of the desk. "Temporary use you say? Unfortunately, our devils are exclusive to our association." She spoke in the same calm tone but it became eerie. The man grabbed at the chain and tried to pull away from the chain. Though it seemed to be connected to him metaphysically. The other two quickly came to his side and tried to pull him back. "Wait! Please! We didn't...." Thompson tried to beg but began to struggle to breathe as it began to tighten around his throat. "I hadn't permitted you to speak yet, have I? Now, the rest of you. Be good little boys and stay where you are." She said as chains began to appear around their limbs and restrained them. Forcing them to watch as Thompson was being pulled closer and closer to the pointer finger she had raised. She began to pull it up, causing him to dangle by his neck as he raised into the air to face the giant woman. "You know who I am correct?" She spoke softly as her eyes began to glow brighter. The cold glare she gave pierced through his soul. "Maki...ma...." the man spoke as he continued to struggle. She seemed satisfied with this answer. "Correct, for that I'll let you know. None of you will be leaving her alive. Either you'll be stains on the carpet or a quick for me. In any case, you'll find out soon enough." She spoke before lifting him a little higher. Bringing him just above her head as she tilted it back and held her mouth open just beneath him.

He kicked and tried to fight with all his might as he grabbed onto the chain holding him. He tried to pull himself up as she lowered him toward gapping wet maw. "Please!" He was able to yell as he was able to hoist himself up enough on the chain that seemed to disappear as it got closer to her finger. Though as he thought he might have found some relief. The chain suddenly disappeared Sending him into a free fall as he fell into a cloud of her hot morning breath. He could smell the thick scent of coffee before falling on her massive tongue. He struggled for a moment against it as he tried to reorient himself. Finding himself covered in her thick sticky saliva. Up until she closed her mouth and the massive tongue began to move. Sending him tumbling a bit. He crashed into her teeth and she sent him flying into her cheek to prepare to suck on him like a piece of candy. Applying enough pressure to press him against the bottom row of her teeth with such force. It almost knocked him unconscious as he smashed into her molar. She stopped for a moment after feeling a little bit of his blood seep out from his head. So she swished him around a bit to enjoy the little bit of flavor she got from him. Sending him cheek-to-cheek and repeating the process. Breaking his body by intensively hitting him against her teeth. Leaving his now barely conscious body to lay on top of her back row of teeth. He didn't know where he was anymore as he prayed this would end soon. He could tell he was only a few inches tall leaving him to wonder what would happen to the others before her top row of teeth came slamming down on top of his upper body. Turning what was left of his broken body into a fine paste while she chewed away at him. Enjoying the crunching feeling she got from him while swallowing bits of him down. She couldn't help but mock the other two a bit as she began to think of what to do with them.

John began to panic as he could only stare up at the giant woman chewing on Thompson's body like a piece of gum. He began to let his anger fill him before attempting to break through the chains so he could recklessly charge at her. Makima sensing this caused her smile to grow as she weakened the chains so he could foolishly try to attack her. John meanwhile screamed out, "I'll fucking kill you!" He broke out of the chains and ran at her. His mind had blocked out all reasoning as he charged to the edge of the table. Sacrificing a portion of his ear, he channeled the power of his devil as he leaped toward her. However, the Devil didn't answer as it saw his actions as fruitless. He attempted to jump far enough to reach her shirt so he could climb up to her face. Though he miscalculated his diminished height. He only made it halfway before going into a free fall onto her lap. He watched as her massive thighs prepared for his landing as she flexed them to ensure he wouldn't slip through them. Landing with a soft thud, he bounced off her right thigh and landed between them. Makima watched this all go down and couldn't help but chuckle to herself before swallowing what was left of the first man. 

"Aw, the little pup wants to be on mama's lap. You can enjoy it while it lasts little one." She said mockingly as John struggled to find his footing, but he quickly noticed his shin had snapped from the landing as he tried to stand. He fell between her thighs bringing him closer to her warm crotch area. He desperately tried to crawl out from between her thighs as he started to feel himself sink. Sliding deeper between the gap Makima was slowly making to watch him suffer. Clawing at the thick suit pants did nothing before he slipped far enough for Makima to begin squeezing her thighs together with such a crushing force. He went limp for just a moment. His ribcage caved in on him piercing his lungs and causing him to begin throwing up blood between her thighs.Unfortunately for him, she was not finished as he began to widen the gap and let him fall further between her legs and onto the chair below. He could barely grasp the situation that was before him as he was put into a similar situation as Thompson. He struggled to breathe as he lay on the warm leathery surface. With his ears ringing from the pain he could only witness as she began to stand up only slightly to adjust herself. Making sure her large rear would be right above him before slowly bringing it down on him. Finding satisfaction from him being forced to witness his death come at such a pace. To him, it was like a meteor beginning to fall and all he could do was watch. As the familiar heat returned and her ass making contact with his body, the pressure slowly began to build and everything went black in just a few seconds.

Makima let out a soft joyful moan as she felt the man pop beneath her. She enjoyed crushing bugs like them, but it was rare when she got the chance to. Though her pleasure almost caused her to forget about the 3rd one. "Now for you....hmmm." She spoke with a wondering tone as she began to think before checking the time. "Well, unfortunately, I don't have enough time to play with you. My dogs need feeding, though doesn't mean you'll get off so easily." She spoke though she didn't know it at the time, but the man was able to negotiate for half his life force to use the clone devil to run. So as she began to lower her palm down onto the chained clone. She felt something odd as it popped like the others. She could still sense he was alive. He scurried across the ground and prayed he would make it to the door before it suddenly swung open to reveal Power and Kobeni. Though Power was barefoot, as she attempted to stop himself mid-sprint. He was hit by the intense stench of her filthy feet and gagged violently before he stopped in his tracks and began to vomit. However, this had costed him dearly. In those moments power announced herself.She had raised her foot high and stomped down ontop of the man. Not giving him even a moment of reprieve as he continued to vomit before her nasty foot turned him into a greasy smear onto the ground. He was too small for her to even notice the bug sized human she had just snuffed out.

Meanwhile Makima was pleasantly surpirsed by their arrival as she had caught a glimpse of him disappear beneath her foot. She went into her normal sitting position as they entered. "The great Power is in need of new footwear." Power spoke before sneering at Kobeni. "I'm sorry miss Makima, when we found the shrinking devil. It had shrunk powers shoes to get away while we were chasing them." Kobeni spoke nervously. "No need to worry, speak with Aki. I'll send him the money to get you a new pair. You two can have the day off, I'll send someone else after the Devil." Makima gently smiled feeling somewhat satisfied. She rewarded them for their unknowing contribution. Power cheered and Kobeni felt relieved before leaving. Meanwhile Makima turned toward the window to look upon the city. "I can't wait to find more of those little 'bugs' running around."

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