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Story Notes:


Welcome to Eve’s Boutique – a growth contest novel of polyamory, romance, and smutty, smutty size change.  This story has 57 chapters in total, and I’ll be posting a new one every few days.

Back Matter

In a world where almost everyone is polyamorous and bicurious: four college girls... two witches... and all their various love interests... will learn the true meaning of... "personal growth."

 Abigail already knew this story.  The mysterious shop that hadn't been there before.  The tall, muscular witch who spoke only in riddles, and offered magic potions without ever saying what they would do.  Eve hadn't actually said hers was a growth potion, but come on!  Abby was four-foot-seven, and tired of being ignored.  She could read between the lines as well as anyone.

 But there are consequences to doing business with a witch – beyond an extra foot or ten of height.  Abigail and her friends soon find themselves caught in a game of size and magic, with stakes of cosmic proportions.  As the ladies take turns outgrowing each other, they'll learn what happens when you allow the owner of a magic shop to be more than just a plot device – and find out what she truly desires.

Eve's Boutique Includes!

 57 Chapters of Giantess Fun

Romance.  Erotica.  Sexy times.  And big, big feelings

Giantess Growth Contest Transformations

Female Muscle Growth

Occasional Male and Female Shrinking, and Attribute Theft

Mind Control and Hypnosis

Consensual Polyamory and BDSM, Modeling Healthy Conversations and Dynamics


What’s in this story?

 If you aren't familiar with the 40+ stories I've posted all over the internet, about people growing and shrinking, then I want you to know one thing: my stories have a lot of sex scenes.  This one is no different.  It's a novel though, and we're doing things with a different rhythm.  Think, #PornWithPlot, and #PornWithFeelings.  I want to make you laugh, and cry, and think, in addition to all the other feelings my stories tend to evoke.

 But if there's a particular sort of content you're after, no judgment.  In fact, I've included a list of Content Tags and a guide to show you which chapters have that content.  May I draw your attention to…

- NSFW (major): This probably means there’s a sex scene.

-      - Violence: Usually no more than some bumps and bruises and scary moments, but be aware people do occasionally get hurt in this story.

-      - Non-Con: This generally means non-consensual size or attribute theft.  No one is “raped” in this story, though some sex scenes do involve dubious consent.


Comprehensive List of Content Tags (minor spoilers) https://imgur.com/a/oUBtYwK

List of Content Tags by Chapter (potentially major spoilers) Part 1 https://imgur.com/a/upro2Gp

Part 2 https://imgur.com/a/CvFlTqq


Can you guess..?

I hope you’ll forgive that I took a few geographical liberties with the city in which this story takes place.  See if you can guess which city – before we give the game away at the end.  An even harder challenge: see if you can figure out exactly which college our heroines attend.  And if that doesn’t gamify things enough?  Details in this story will let you guess an event the author attended, on a very specific date and time.  Not until quite late in the story, though.  Pin a rose on your nose if you get that one, especially if you manage it before Chapter 54.

Want the whole thing now?

 This is a novel, that I poured my heart and soul into for a year and a half.  Do you want to avoid waiting six months for all of it to be posted here, for free?  Would you rather have the whole thing now, and do you want to see 18 original pieces of art, showing the height of the characters, all their various changes, and some even some NSFW shots?  Good news!  This novel is available for purchase from numerous retailers, including Apple, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Amazon (Amazon edition has NSFW pictures redacted.)  If you like it, kindly leave me a review, so other people can find this story~  

BUY THE FINISHED NOVEL NOW: https://books2read.com/u/bOpPw9

Eve's Boutique
By Pseudoclever

Sunday - Chapter 1

Bestie's Brunch

“I call this meeting of the Bestie’s Brunch to order.”  Mackenzie tapped her cup with a spoon in a reverent manner.  “As our first order of business, I’d like to introduce our special guest – Elijah.  Say hi, Elijah!”

“Hi,” said Elijah.

“Since when do we have ‘special guests?’” Abigail grumbled.  “I thought Bestie’s Brunch was for Besties only.  You know.  Just the four of us.”

Chloe sighed.  “It’s almost never been ‘the four of us’ though.”

“What’s Kayla’s excuse this time?” Mackenzie asked.  “If she doesn’t pick up her attendance, I’m going to have to seriously consider revoking her Bestie-in-Training status.”

“Lay off her, okay?” Abigail said.  “She had to take on some odd jobs after the factory cut her hours.  She’s getting like five hours of sleep a night lately – if she can even manage to sleep at all.  And I happen to know Chloe here isn’t helping with that.  The two of them have been going at it like rabbits lately.  And sure, I know all this partly because the walls between our rooms are thin, but for fuck’s sake.  It sounds like you’re smashing furniture in there.”

Chloe blushed down at her mocha.  “Oh.  Um.  Sorry.  It’s just nice that we’re finally living together.  Plus!  I’ve never been with anyone as strong as her.  Or as tall.  You wouldn’t believe the things she can do with me.  Um.  Anyway.”

Chloe turned, giving Elijah an embarrassed smile.  “It’s very nice to meet you.  What brings you to our club?”

“I invited him,” Mackenzie said, looking pleased.  “He was wandering around the Quad like a lost little lamb.”

“I asked her if she had the time,” Elijah said.  “And she asked if I had the energy.  And I said, ‘what?’  And she said, ‘Never mind….’”

“It wasn’t a good joke,” Mackenzie admitted.

“Then she asked if I was hungry,” Elijah went on.  “And I said I could eat, and she said she hoped that was true, and I said what, and she said it was supposed to be an innuendo….”

“That’ll do Elijah.  Now.  What’s our second order of business?”

Abigail rolled her eyes.  “I don’t know.  Maybe we could order some food.  Would one of you flag down the waiter?”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“As if I’d be able to get their attention in this crowd.  Half the restaurant is already staring at the two of you.”

Chloe blushed brighter.

Mackenzie grinned.  “I suppose as club chairperson, I can perform this sacred duty.”

She stood, raising her hand, and waved like a homecoming queen on the front of a parade float.  Heads turned – men and women alike.  All admiring the woman’s perfect heart-shaped ass, her exaggerated hourglass figure, her flawless skin.  Mackenzie could easily have been a model, had often received unsolicited invitations to this effect.  She’d looked into it, and reported that the hours were terrible.

“Hello!  Excuse me?  I believe our table is ready to order!  Would anyone like to service us?”

Three members of the wait staff tried to respond at once.  There was a brief exchange of scowls and curt gestures.  Eventually one asserted dominance, and hurried over.

“Yes, what can I do for the three of you today?”

Abigail sighed.  “There are four of us.”

“Oh dear.  I didn’t see you there, miss.  Someone really should have offered you a booster seat.  Just a moment – and I’ll get you a kid’s menu, too.”

Abigail opened her mouth to exclaim that she was not a child, but Mackenzie spoke first.  “No thank you.  Chloe, why don’t you start us off?”

Chloe stated her order clearly and concisely.  Then had to repeat it three times, while the waiter stared at her chest.  She obviously knew this was happening, but seemed more embarrassed than angry.  Each time she repeated herself her voice became softer.  Finally she wrapped a shawl around her shoulders, subtly blocking the view of her cleavage.

The waiter immediately got her order right.

Mackenzie ordered Eggs Benedict with a half-dozen special instructions, and a side of cantaloupe.

Elijah ordered, “...a burger.”

The waiter started to leave, but Abigail loudly cleared her throat, ready for this.  “I’ll take the Denver Omelet, bacon, rye toast.  And a mimosa.  A strong one.”

The waiter carded her, and left.  A silence fell.

“Well, isn’t this nice,” Mackenzie said.

Abigail huffed.  “Why do we keep coming here?  The wait staff ignores me, and they can never keep their eyes off Chloe’s tits.”

“It’s okay,” Chloe mumbled.  “I’m used to it.”

Mackenzie shrugged.  “They make the best latte in town, and the waiters are cute.  But also.  And I’m sorry if this is a sensitive subject, Abby dear.  You are rather easy to overlook.  You’re all of, what, four-foot-six?”


“My apologies for shorting you.”

“I get it,” Elijah said.

“Oh I’m so glad Elijah!  It’s like the two of us have, I don’t know.  Some sort of connection!”  She wrapped one arm around him to give him a gentle hug.  As she did, her chest plushed against his shoulder.  “Elijah, what do you think Abigail could do to be more noticeable?”


“Never mind, sweetie.”  Mackenzie turned to regard the shorter girl, tenting her fingers.  “You could start wearing heels.  Or try dressing more provocatively in general.  Your fashion sense screams, ‘nineteenth century librarian.’”

Abigail shook her head.  “I don’t really have the ankles for heels.  Or the coordination.  Plus the sexy clothes they make for girls my size are meant for ten-year-olds.  No thank you to that energy.”

The waiter arrived with their drinks.  He set Abigail’s mimosa down in front of Chloe, then spent several moments ogling her breasts again.

Abby rescued her drink, and took an enormous gulp.

“Anyway,” she went on.  “An outfit wouldn’t get me noticed when I’m with the two of you.  If you or Chloe showed up to brunch in a burlap sack, I bet you’d just start a new fashion trend.”

“It’s true,” Chloe lamented.  “I’ve tried everything to stop people from staring at my chest.  Baggy clothes, binders, giant sweaters.  I even tried wearing three sports bras at once.  And ended up breaking two of them.  It’s easier to just give in, and wear low cut tops.  That way I know for sure everyone’s looking.  It feels safer to remove any sense of doubt, you know?”

“What I don’t understand is why you mind the stares, Chloe.  I personally adore them.  With a body like mine, I can’t help but be the center of attention.  Isn’t that right, Elijah?”

“What?  Oh.  Yeah.  Good body.  Hang on.”  The man fished his phone from his pocket with a look of concern.  “Oh.  Hi Wendy.  Nothing much.  Food.  Is it Mittens?  Yeah, uh-huh.  Be right over.  What?  Yeah.  Uh-huh.  No, I don’t mind.  See you soon.”

“Oh no!  Are you leaving us?”  Mackenzie looked devastated.

“It’s my next-door neighbor.  Her cat’s stuck up a tree.  Third time this month.”

“You’re literally running off to save a cat?”  Abigail’s tone was half incredulous, half admiring.

“If you saw this cat you’d understand.  Mittens is sooo adorable.”  Elijah paused, his chiseled jaw chewing on a frown.  “Though come to think of it, he was a tabby when I first met him.  Last time he was a calico.  Plus I’ve never seen him inside Wendy’s house.  And somehow it’s always laundry day, so she’s wearing these like, robes and lingerie and stuff when she invites me in to thank me.  Weird, right?”

The three women stared at him.

“Anyway.  Nice meeting you.  See you in class, Abigail.”

Mackenzie watched him go.  Her eyes practically shaped themselves into little hearts.  “He’s so dumb.  I want to suck his cock.”

“Him and half the guys on campus,” Abigail snorted.

“Hey!  Some of the women too – the ones that meet my requirements.  I may be a slut, but I’m equal opportunity.”  She paused.  “Wait, did he say he was going to see you in class?  Do you know him?”

“Yeah.  He sits beside me in biology.  I’m surprised he remembers my name.”

“You’ve got to give him my number!”  Mackenzie fished around in her purse, and withdrew a small card.  She passed it across the table urgently.

Abigail picked it up.  “‘Mackenzie Nole Wants To See You Naked.’  Huh.  The gold foil is a nice touch.”

“They’re a life saver.  I could never find a pen when I needed them.”

The club meeting was orderly.  Mackenzie officially dismissed them after the fruit course, announcing she had shopping plans.  Chloe and Abigail walked home together.

“I can’t believe she freaking invited Elijah.  Of all people.”

Chloe shrugged, her breasts almost tumbling out of her top.  A car honked.  “Just a coincidence, I’m sure.”

“It’s fate laughing at me, is what it is.  Mackenzie can have anybody she wants.  Why did she have to set her sights on the one guy I’ve been attracted to for months?”

“You’re attracted to him?  It sure didn’t seem that way.  You didn’t flirt with him or anything.  You hardly even talked to him.”

Abigail fiddled with her sleeve.  “I just… I’m playing the long game, okay?”

“He doesn’t seem your type, if I’m being honest.  You don’t usually go for big, blonde, and stupid.”

The shorter woman sighed dreamily.  “I know, he seems like a brainless hunk of meat.  But he’s a total sweetheart, Chloe!  He’s always talking about animals he’s fostering – we spend half our lectures with him grilling the professor about how to take care of his menagerie.  It’s like every possum and raccoon in town is getting thorns in their paws just so he’ll take care of them.  And, when a guy in our class broke his arm?  You should’ve seen how dedicated Elijah was taking notes for him.  I don’t think they turned out to be legible, but….”

Chloe had stopped following.  She was standing in front of a plant shop window, her eyes as big as saucers.  “This… is a golden trumpet tree!  I didn’t think they could grow in this climate, even in a greenhouse.  And look – it’s enormous!”

She turned, grabbing both of Abigail’s hands.  “We have to go in!”

“I don’t know.  I had this whole afternoon planned, of reading and day drinking and not talking to anyone.”  Abigail scrunched up her face in thought.  “And I’m pretty sure this shop wasn’t here when we walked by an hour ago.”

“Please?”  Chloe looked like she might cry.  “I’ll, um.  Give you one of my patented shoulder rubs?  A long one?  I’ll even break out the baby oil.  Come on, please Abby!”

“Calm down Klo.  I’m just teasing.”  She smirked, holding open the door.  “Though I’m holding you to that shoulder rub.”

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