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“You’re having me on. Naw way is that Ethan.” She blew a quick puff of air from her cheeks, sending Ethan tumbling backwards, arse over tit. Her French tip jabbed down squarely in his chest, pinning his winded form helplessly under it. “You’re a right joker, very funny but I wusn’ born yesterday.” Her finger moved absentmindedly in a scratching motion dragging Ethan back and forth with it on the desk.

“I’m not lying, that’s Ethan”

“Are you actually having a laff. Em you are takin’ the piss. This is the guy that’s been hasslin’ yous? He’s a bug man. Why didun you just misplace your foot on top of him?”

“I could never!” Emma gasped.

“Or better, next time your gobbin’ off your boyfriend, you drop this little fucker on top of his dick and hav him spunk him down your throat” Georgia laughed. She didn’t even register the tiny limbs beating against her finger.

“Ew, don’t be gross”


“Hey! Let me up. It was just a misunderstanding. I can explain. I wasn’t staring at her, or following her, or peeping. Or any of that weird stuff” He took another breath as he rapidly tried to say his peace. “It was all that dick head Darryl. Him and the others, any chance they got they’ve been trying to get me killed by you. Like a sick game.They’re the ones that put me in your lunch, that left me in your shoe, and dropped me down your top when you weren’t looking. I swear I didn’t do any of that. Please, you have to let me go.”

His plea went unheard, disappearing under the conversation of giants above him.


“Alright so how do you wanna be done with him?” Georgia asked.

“I can’t” Emma replied, “I can’t kill a person. But if I leave him. He’s just going to keep doing it”

“So that’s why you asked me to come over?” She smiled.

“Wait! Didn’t you hear anything I said? I’m Innocent!” Ethan wailed fruitlessly. He could be as loud as he wants but unless they were in a shrink-link chat they would never hear his impish squeaks.

The nail of Georgia’s thumb slipped effortlessly beneath Ethan’s back, containing him with a pinch between two well manicured fingers.

His stomach lurched out of his body as he was jerked rapidly into the air by this unknown titan.

As Ethan’s vision settled from the sudden move he got his first look at the Washington monument of Georgia in front of him.

Dark shapely eyebrows, accusatorially arched over a set of fake lashes that curled on fleek. There was an unnatural tan and shine to her foundation. A simple stud adorned her nose and a set of glossy lips drew to a grin.

“You are such a lucky little fucker” Georgia lectured the bug in her grasp. “Any other girl wudda sqashed you the first time you stepped outta line.” The frantic wiggling sent an excitable shiver through her. She brought Ethan to her lips, engulfing him in a kiss. “Mwah!” She chuckled, “it’s a shame cus if you weren’ such a creep you’d be kinda cute”

Ethan spluttered, wiping a thick layer of gloss off of his face.

He saw the massive chocolate brown eyes flash black, like a predatory shark.

“So I’m going to give a tiny squirt like you a chance”

“ Please anything! Just don’t kill me” he cried.

“I’m going to put you where tiny squirts belong”

He saw her free hand stretching out her skirt and underwear below ready to catch him.

The fall pushed all the air out of his lungs, his terrifying plummet went unheard and uncared for.

Georgia let her underwear snap shut, reaching under her skirt she quickly found the struggling lump and guided it into the folds of her labia.

“Relax it’s just a pussy” Georgia joked seeing the look of disbelief on Emma’s face.

“You said you were giving him a chance?” Emma spoke softly.

“I did, I wanna see if he’s any good ‘n’ worth keeping. He got a hour to make me cum him out before I meet my fella. Darryl’s pretty big, so there’s no way he’s making it if he dusun get out before then”

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