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APRIL 4, 2024

10:52 AM

She opened her eyes. Soft, warm Indian sun bathed her body. Devoid of any clothing (unless you considered the rubble covering her body to be "clothing"), she lay there. Resting. Lying on the collapsed site of one of India's greatest governmental research facilities. Around her, or more precisely, around the three city blocks she lay down upon, the only thing people on the ground could do was watch this young girl with curiosity.

As she lay there, almost fully naked, she began to think to herself. She was tired - but she wasn't sure why. She couldn't remember anything. Maybe she would lay there for a while longer. Then she would get up and maybe find something to eat. In the meantime, curious passersby couldn't help themselves. Walking the long trek around her legs and up to her inner thigh, they marveled at the giant womanhood before them. With her skin already glistening with sweat, the stench was unbearable the closer the tinies got to her cunt. Rotting fish, overripe tuna, the warm, thick smell of an unwashed vagina was all these tinies could smell. Even as she began to twitch, and her legs began to move, and her fingers began to contract, they pressed on. Stinging eyes meant nothing to them, if they could catch a better glimpse of the huge pink cavern in front of them. Then, without a warning, she sat up. Crossing her legs, the tinies beneath her cunt didn't have a chance. For a split second, they were as close to her pussy as they could get without suffocating in her scent - and then with a small, barely noticeable pop, their lives were snuffed out as the girl got her bearings.

As the dust settled from her new sitting posture, she began to think more.

But thinking is hard. Thinking takes an unstressed mind. Thinking takes energy, and a full stomach.

All she could remember was her name. Slowly, making sure her vocal cords were intact, she said her name softly and gently. It was a name that would bring fear into mankind for the rest of its existence.


Many of the people on the ground, by now, were running away. Some, however, did not have the sense to flee as Ishita sat up. Entranced by her curves, or her sweat rolling down her body, or even just plain stupid, there are enough people that stood in place to watch. When her stomach rumbled, unease set in for many. But panic had not quite set in for most yet. As Ishita scanned the area around her, and the traffic jams exacerbated by fleeing locals, she cracked a small smile. A small smirk as she began to run the pros and cons of tasting one of these small people. Of course, her mind was clouded by hunger, and as she began to salivate, she couldn't hold it in any longer.

All fourteen of them all noticed it immediately. Ishita lowered her head down, mouth wide open and tongue out. In disbelief, they watched for a second too long - a fatal mistake. Now, they regretted clumping together to watch this woman. As they tried to flee and disperse, they were caught by her hands, enclosing them back into a crowd. She lowered her mouth lower and lower onto the crowd. She could hear the screaming and the pleading. They begged and begged, yelled and screamed. Ishita was so absorbed in her task, it didn't even register. In one fell swoop, she lapped up all fourteen people onto her tongue. As she pulled her head back up, ready to eat, her hot breath washed over the crowd. Her dark gullet lay in front of them. Thick columns of hot, sticky saliva surrounded them, running from roof to tongue. Ishita slowly closed her mouth, and the screams went silent.

A sickening crunch. The popping of bone, and the bursting of bodies. Vital organs and meat slid around inside her mouth. The two women who were spared from the initial onslaught of teeth were sprayed in viscera; covered in intestine and blood. A small dribble of blood rolled out of the corner of Ishita's mouth. The women screamed even more as half-chewed men, alive, slid around in a warm, thick solution of blood, saliva, and guts. Then, Ishita chewed again. Another stream of blood out of the corner of her smirking mouth. A final crush between her white teeth, and a sickening gulp. Ishita exhaled, blood on her breath and chunks of meat between her teeth.

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