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Cookie woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing, and with a yawn she slowly forced herself up out of bed and stretched as the first rays of the sun came in through the window. The floorboards creaked slightly under her bulk, at ten feet tall holstaurs often had trouble finding accommodations that could house them in the urban areas, which was why Cookie had decided that country living was for her. She wasn’t the only one of the bovine demi-humans who had made that decision, and many of them had left their native world for a calm life in the Earth countryside. Cookie herself had been brought by her parents when she was too young to remember their homeworld, and at twenty eight years old hadn’t known any other life than what the twenty first century had to offer.

She winced slightly at the aching in her breasts, not bothering to change out of her pajamas as she made her way down the farmhouse stairs.

“Damnit, ” she muttered, seeing a few drops already staining the oversized t-shirt she slept in. With a sigh she pulled it off, folding it and carrying it under her arm. She didn’t sleep in a bra, and her massive breasts flopped freely, thin white dribbles of milk crawling down the pale spheres as she pushed her way out of the farmhouse. Had anyone but other holstaurs lived on the property she’d have been horribly embarrassed, but as it was the ability to strut around with her tits out was one benefit of living so far down a gravel road that onlookers were an unlikely possibility.

“Morning Cookie!” Belle, another holstaur, called with a wave as she entered the large red barn next to the farmhouse.

“Morning,” Cookie grunted, looking at the long row of benches and milking machines, most of which were already in use by the holstaurs from nearby farms. She saw a free one a little ways down, and quickly made her way to it, wincing in pain as her milk continued to leak down her front. “Oh fuck…” she moaned happily as the twin suction cups hooked to her breasts, and a grunt of relief escaped her as the machine whirred to life, pumping the thick white milk out of her.

“So how was your vacation Cookie?” the holstaur next to her, a dark skinned girl named Sadie, asked her casually.

“It was great,” Cookie sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying the sense of relief as the pump worked. “I used that Monstar app to find a nice beach town in Florida that had a hotel that could fit me, I guess that it was an Amazon settlement back when the portals opened up back in the day, so a lot of the buildings in town were perfectly sized!”

“That’s cool,” Sadie said, “ready to get back to the crime beat?”

Cookie laughed, “Yep, I’m ready to hit the mean streets of Durndale!”

Cookie was one of Durndale’s few police officers. With only a few thousand residents, there was rarely any crime, and the majority of calls they received tended to be of the nature of a cat stuck in a tree. Still, there was always something to do, and the vacation had been a nice reprieve from her day to day life.

“Didn’t get much of a tan though?” Sadie questioned.

Cookie chuckled, her skin was pale white save for a few cowlike black spots along her thighs, buttocks, and while holstaurs came in all manner of colors like humans did, she had always been one to burn easily.

“Nope, I slathered sunblock on so thick that I’m still washing it out of my hair,” she casually brushed one of her white bangs out of her face. Like many holstaurs she had multiple colors of hair, pearly white bangs that framed her face, and a pair of braided locks down the sides that reached her shoulders, along with short cut black hair that filled out everywhere else and grew around her horns. While some of the holstaurs in the barn had large and impressive sets of horns, she’d always kept hers filed down modestly, so they wouldn’t get in the way of her policewoman’s cap.

The machine beeped a few times as her milking drew to a close, and with a pleased sigh she unhooked the suction cups, rubbing her tender nipples for a moment before grabbing her balled up t-shirt.

“Okay girls, see you later, I’ve got to go take a shower and get to work, I leaked all over myself again…”

“You wouldn’t have that problem if you got up earlier,” Belle called.

“Or if you had a boyfriend who would help get some of it out before bed,” Sadie said with a wink.

“Whatever,” Cookie said with a blush, grabbing her bottles of milk from the machine and heading back out of the barn.

Once she’d cleaned herself off she started putting her police uniform on, frowning at how tight her pants and shirt were. I must have gained some weight on vacation, she thought with a sigh. Holstaurs were already notorious for their hefty frames, and with her enormous breasts and generously wide hips Cookie was no exception. Luckily law enforcement and government work almost always covered uniforms for all varieties of demihumans and magical beings, but she chewed her lip with embarrassment at the thought of having to explain to the police chief that she needed to go up a uniform size.

As she made her way out the farmhouse’s vehicle lot and whereher pickup truck was plainly visible, standing nearly as tall as the tractors and farm equipment that their human neighbors occasionally stored on the property.

Most vehicles for beings of her size were unwieldy and expensive things, but several American car companies had seized on the immigration of larger creatures and created a special line of trucks for them, and the advertising campaign had taken the Holstaur community by storm. Cookie had to chuckle as several of her housemates watched enviously as she made her way down the dirt lot.

“A real woman needs a real truck,” she jokingly said to herself, miming the ad campaign. She clicked on a country music station as dust rose in her wake, waving to some of the human neighbors who were out seeding corn as she drove by.

The small town was fairly sleepy during the week, and only a few people were out on the streets as she pulled up to the police station. As always she had to duck to enter, while it had high ceilings there were few human buildings that could comfortably accommodate a ten foot holstaur.

“Hey Cookie!” her coworker Milo called, his feline ears flickering excitedly as he swirled his desk chair around.

“Good morning,” she said sweetly, giggling at the catboy’s enthusiasm to see her again.

Milo usually ran the dispatch and remained at the station, as the newest member of the force he was still inexperienced, and as a four foot six catboy with a youthful appearance he didn’t exactly inspire respect in the rougher denizens of the town, such that they had any. Still, he was reliable, and his cheerful attitude usually won over the grumpier members of the population by the end of any encounter.

“Did you bring me anything?” he asked eagerly.

Cookie rolled her eyes, holding up the bottles of milk from the machine, “Here you go,” she chuckled, placing them on his desk.

“Yes!” he squealed, gripping one and rubbing it affectionately, “oh thank you so much Cookie, holstaur milk is the best, it goes good in coffee, or just straight!” The catboy shivered, “I missed it so much while you were on vacation!”

“You could always buy some from one of the farmer’s market vendors,” she chuckled.

He scowled, “it’s so expensive now, those internet people found out about it and now there’s a bidding war on every bottle shipped out!”

“Supply and demand Milo, supply and demand,” she smirked, her thin bovine tail waving back and forth smugly as she moved past his desk.

Maybe I should let Milo drain my tits before bed? She thought, giggling to herself. The catboy was cute, sure, but dating a coworker seemed like a bad idea, and besides… she wasn’t sure he’d be able handle her if she really got carried away.

She stopped outside the chief’s office, knocking to see if he was in.

“Come in Cookie,” he called, guessing right away who it was.

Chief Scott was a kind faced human in his forties with greying hair and a lean physique that complimented his thick mustache. He waved her into the chair in front of his desk, wincing slightly as it creaked under her weight.

“I hope the vacation did you good,” he said with a smile, “Jenkins is out on patrol now and eager to take his own leave.”

“And I’m eager to let him have a break too,” Cookie grinned, “so what’s happened since I’ve been gone? Did Mr. Jackson finally open that brewery he had planned?”

“No,” Chief Scott sighed, “I’ve got some bad news actually… Maximus and Henry got their third strike.”

“What!?” Cookie exclaimed, her heart racing, “no, please tell me that’s not true? I’ve been trying so hard to get those two back on the straight and narrow for-“

“Since you joined the force,” the chief chuckled. “Look, every cop has a ‘project,’ some man or woman, or in this case pair of men, who you think you can fix… but sometimes you just can’t pull it off. Max and Henry are born troublemakers, that’s all there is to it!”

“I don’t believe it,” Cooke sighed, “what did they do? Is there any chance of getting them off?”

“They thought that Roger over at the grocery store was disrespecting their gang…” the chief muttered, “I guess he asked them not to loiter in front of the store all day.”

“They don’t even have a gang!” Cookie protested, “it’s just those two assholes!”

“They do have the matching tattoos,” the Chief said, fighting a smirk.

Cookie huffed angrily, Maximus and Henry both had a suggestive tattoo of a fairy straddling the barrel of a handgun on their shoulders, the supposed sigil of their two-person gang.

“I’ll drag them back to the grocery store and have them apologize,” she swore, “they’ll clean up whatever they broke, and then they could even work for him for a few weeks or something! Neither of them has a job, it might even be good for-“

“Cookie,” the chief said sternly, “it’s too much, this is the third time they’ve been in front of a judge in the last year. They’re not learning anything, and they’re just taking advantage of you when you try to help them.”

“I know they could turn things around if they just had some structure in their lives,” she sighed.

“They’ve already had a plea agreement with the DA, one year alternative imprisonment, with real prison if they break the terms,” the chief said with a shrug.

“Alternative imprisonment…” Cookie nodded, “that’s not too bad.”

Alternative imprisonment laws had been passed to allow magical means to hold criminals and ease the burden on the prison system. Although it was more often applied to those on the settlements beyond the portals, it was occasionally used in rural areas with few resources like theirs.

“Their imprisonment is apparently at the discretion of local law enforcement, so I’m going to turn it over to you,” the Chief said with a shrug, “we only have the one jail cell, and I’m going to need it for the drunks by this Friday, so unless you’ve got a better idea then I’m thinking house arrest.”

“No,” Cookie grumbled, “they won’t learn anything from that, and if they break the rules then they’re going to real prison, and that will ruin their lives.” She got up with a sigh, “I’m going to go take care of this… are they still in the cell?”

“Yep,” the chief nodded, “here’s their file.” He handed it to her, and she briefly leafed through it with a scowl. “I think I have an idea of what I want to do with them,” Cookie said finally, “can I get the key to the special resources locker?”

“All yours,” the chief said, taking the small brass key off the keyring at his belt. Unlike the rest it was long, elaborate, with sigils carved into it by the department’s contracted wizard, a traveling elf who served several county sheriff’s departments.

Cookie took it, walking out of the chief’s office and heading to their armory. The standard police sidearms and shotguns were present, along with some riot gear that had never been used. In the back was the special resources locker, covered in glowing runes.

“Let’s see,” Cookie muttered, swinging it open, “I’ll need some anti-lactation pills to start…”

“This fucking blows,” Maximus muttered, watching the daytime talk show on the jail cell’s small television set.

“Relax, they’ll let us go home pretty soon,” Henry grunted, finishing his set of pushups on the concrete floor. “They don’t want to deal with keeping us here all the time, they don’t have a dedicated jail, so they’re probably going to give us house arrest and call it a day, and you know they’re not going to watch us that closely either.”

“Hi boys,” a familiar voice called as the door to the cell opened. Cookie bent over to walk in, then stood up to her full height.

Henry scowled and got back to his feet, at six foot three he was used to intimidating others, but with his eyes level with the towering Holstaur’s bellybutton any advantage he’d had was lost. She giggled as she saw the small ponytail he’d been wearing recently.

“You really should get a haircut,” she muttered, flicking it slightly and making him roll his eyes.

“I don’t want to look like baldy over there,” Henry said, jerking his thumb at Maximus, who wore his own blond hair in a short buzzcut.

“Hey, low maintenance,” Maximus laughed. “How was the vacation Cookie?”

“It was a nice getaway from the two of you,” She smirked. “Here, I brought you two some sodas,” she handed them a pair of cans, already opened, and the two took them, each taking a drink eagerly. She sighed as she opened the file, “so do you two want to tell me why you broke into the grocery store and smashed the place up?”

“We had to,” Maximus said angrily, “that floppy eared rabbit guy that runs the place was disrespecting us, on our own turf!”

“It’s his store!” Cookie exclaimed, “and because of you two everyone had to drive forty five minutes over to Maywood to get groceries for days! Why do you guys do this stuff?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about it,” Henry muttered, staring off into space a moment, “and I think that I blame society.”

“Society,” Cookie deadpanned, “really?”

“Everyone’s already given up on us,” Henry added angrily, “a life of crime is all we-“

Cookie rolled her eyes, “Oh cut the crap! You two both have loving parents, went to a good school, and you’ve never wanted for anything! None of your crimes even make money! You’re just annoying and inconveniencing everyone else, you’re both too old to be acting like this!”

“Sure Mom,” Maximus smirked.

“You know I don’t like you two calling me that,” Cookie growled.

“Please Mom, if we’re good can we go home?” Henry added, laughing.

“Guys come on,” Cookie pleaded, “show a little remorse or something? You can’t just go on living your life like a gangster movie!”

“And why not?” Henry retorted.

Cookie rubbed her temples and sighed, “have you ever seen one with a happy ending?”

Henry and Maximus looked at one another uncertainly, “Well maybe the one they’ll make about us will be the first,” Maximus said with a grin.

“They don’t show the fallout of gang wars in those movies,” Cookie scowled, “it’s not fun and games, people die and lives get ruined! Now you two are getting a whole year of imprisonment!”

“Oh no, house arrest,” Henry laughed.

“Nope,” Cookie said with a grin, “you’re not getting house arrest.”

“This is the only jail cell you guys have,” Henry said, gesturing around, “where else are you going to keep us?”

Cookie just grinned, and Henry frowned as a strange tingling sensation spread over his body, “Hey Max,” he started, “do you feel-“

“Oh shit!” Maximus shouted, watching his hands slipping down his sleeves. He looked up to Cookie in shock, then to Henry, who was also rapidly disappearing into his clothing. “Y-You slipped something into those sodas!?” he stammered, looking up at the towering holstaur, who was growing bigger with each passing second.

“Yep, just a little shrinking draught,” she said with a wink.

“Y-You can’t do this!” Henry shouted, “this can’t be legal!”

“You took the alternative imprisonment plea deal, but I turned the cell’s camera off on the way in anyways,” Cookie said with a shrug. She bent over, giggling as she watched his head slip down into his shirt as he slowly shrank away, “I have to say, you two are much cuter at this size!” She gave them a moment to squirm in their pooled clothing, enjoying the sight of the two young men reduced to lumps fighting to escape their circus tent sized shirts. Finally she bent down, picking up the pile of clothes and shaking it once, causing the two inch tall delinquents to tumble down to the floor. With a chuckle she simply balled up their things as they watched, spellbound, and with a final smirk she casually tossed them into the corner of the cell.

“Hey!” Maximus shouted, “why did you-“

“You won’t need those where you’re going,” Cookie grinned, standing over them.

Both of them gulped nervously, she’d shrunk them to little more than an inch tall, and now loomed over them like a skyscraper. Just for fun she stomped her foot on the ground, enjoying the way they both recoiled, holding their arms over their faces in fear as the tremor shook the ground.

“C-Come on Mom!” Henry shouted, “grow us back, we won’t fuck with the town again!”

“You know I hate when you two call me that,” Cookie chuckled, “but then again… I think maybe I could come around to it.”

She bent down to pick the two up, and they gasped as her fingers curled around them as if she was snatching up a pair of errant bugs. Her hands were soft, warm, and by the time she’d brought them up to her face to open her grip again, both of them were already getting hard from the sensation.

Her grinning face filled their field of vision as she gazed down at them like a goddess, her bovine ears twitching with excitement. Both of them tried to cover themselves, but she just snorted with laughter, the warm gust of air ruffling their hair as she brought her other hand up to prod at them.

“Don’t bother hiding those little stiffies,” she laughed, “come on, show them to mommy!” Her finger poked at Henry, until with a scowl he lay back on the soft skin of her palm, letting her see his body in full, a moment later Maximus did the same, and Cookie’s expression grew amorous as she enjoyed the sight of the two naked young men. “Cute little cocks,” she giggled, winking at them.

Maximus blushed, “T-They’re not little!”

Cookie just laughed, “ everything about you two is little now, get used to it!” She licked her lips, “I’ve always wondered if you two had a little crush on me, I guess this answers that question.”

She pulled her free hand away, unbuttoning the top of her police uniform. She lowered the boys down a little so they could see, and the two watched, transfixed, as the mountain sized holstaur stood before them in her bra, a massive triple Z cup that struggled to contain the titanic mounds of pillow soft pale flesh. With a casual reach behind her back Cookie undid the clasp, letting the struggling garment fall away as her immense tits jiggled slightly from being liberated.

“Holy shit,” Henry breathed, looking to an equally stunned Maximus, then back to gigantic tits.

Both of them had always known Cookie had a large rack, it was impossible to miss it when talking to her, and the two had playfully joked about it in private for years. Neither of them had ever expected they’d get to see them though, and at this size the sight was truly awe inspiring. The breasts were like twin mountains, heaving overhead every time she breathed, her inverted nipples were a soft brown, as large as bar coasters at her normal size, and at their now reduced size larger than both of them put together.  

“Okay boys,” she laughed, “let’s get started…”

She cupped her hands together, bringing them closer to her face until it blocked out the light and left them inches from her mouth. Like all Holstaur, Cookie had a soft, wide tongue, and at their size it was as wide across as a highway. Both screamed in surprise as it came down on them, the warmth and wetness coating the pair as she slowly licked her cupped palms.

The two panted, looking up at her in shock as they found themselves coated in her spit, and they both shivered as the drying saliva immediately started cooling on their skin. Cookie noticed the two and chuckled.

“Aw, don’t worry boys, I’ll keep you warm…”

Her tongue came out again, the massive wall of slimy pink flesh slowly dragging over both of them as they lay trapped helplessly in her palms. This time both of them were shivering again, and not from the cold.

“Fuck that feels…”Henry trailed off, breathless.

“Amazing,” Maximus finished, panting.

Both of them cried out together as the tongue assaulted them again, drenching them in her warm and sticky saliva as the motion of it against their body sent waves of pleasure through the pair.

“Come on cuties,” Cookie said in a taunting voice, “just come for me, I won’t stop until you do, so don’t bother trying to hold back.”

She leaned down and licked her palms again, enjoying the twin squeaks of pleasure as the two shrunken men felt the warm embrace of her tongue. She picked up her pace, licking once, twice, a third time, only pausing to let the large pink appendage remoisten in her mouth. Her two captives were practically spasming with pleasure each time she did so now, and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before they were driven over the edge, whether they liked it or not.

“Ah, fuck!” Maximus howled as the tongue made contact with him once again. He groaned as he came, bucking his hips against the warm soft wall, and from the muffled moans next to him Henry was doing the same. It was one of the most intense orgasms of his life, causing his muscles to spasm and quake until he felt as though he’d just completed a marathon.

Cookie leaned back, drawing her tongue back into her mouth and enjoying the faint taste of the tiny amount of cum the two had managed to produce, she swallowed loudly, beaming down as she admired her handiwork.

“Aww, can’t handle a blowjob at that size, can you boys?” she teased.

If they heard her they didn’t acknowledge it, simply laying across her palms, panting in exhaustion and too weak to move. She rolled them over into her right hand, gently poking them with her left finger, smirking in satisfaction over how easily she’d wiped the two of them out.

“Nice and tuckered out,” she chuckled, “and with those itty bitty balls all emptied out too, I think we’re ready for the next part.”

“Next part?” Henry panted, looking up at the goddess of a holstaur in horror.

“Aside from the two of you, this is a pretty peaceful town,” Cookie’s voice boomed, “I think the only real crimes we normally have are drinking and driving incidents, usually around the holidays.” She grinned, “We don’t really need a jail, so for the rare offenders like you… I’ve thought up a new place to keep you!”

She pinched Henry’s tiny body, plucking him up and playfully tossing him into the air. He screamed for a moment before she snatched him out of the sky as if she were grabbing a flipped coin in midair. With one of them in each hand, she slowly lowered them down to the massive expanse of her breasts, each of the boys now level with a nipple several times bigger than themselves.

“I’d like to give you boys another moment or two to take them in, but that spit is drying, and we need it for lube, so…” She giggled, “take a nice last look around at the outside world!”

“Last look around!?” Henry shouted.

“OUTSIDE WORLD!?” Maximus gulped as the implication dawned on him, “You mean you’re sticking us in-“

He was cut off as she pinched each of them tightly between her fingers, maneuvering them so their feet were facing her. Slowly, forcefully, she began to wiggly the two against her nipples, wincing from the stimulation as the tiny men were forced into the tips.

“Cookie, come on, you don’t have to do this!” Henry shouted.

“Oh yes I do!” she grunted, pressing harder and forcing the two further in, ignoring their pleas.

Soon the pair were up to their waist inside of her nipples, fighting and kicking with all their might as the full realization of where they’d be spending their prison sentence dawned on them.

“We’ll pick up trash, we’ll apologize to people!” Maximus said, gripping her finger tip and trying feebly to push it away as she maneuvered him further in.

“Too late,” Cookie giggled, the vibration rumbling down and causing the flesh around the two to jiggle slightly.

Maximus and Henry looked at one another, then began struggling with all of their might, pressing against the sides and fighting to pull themselves out.

“Oooh…” Cookie groaned, her bovine ears drooping in arousal as her eyes fluttered back in her head for a moment, “that’s it boys, keep fighting it…”

“Wait a minute…” Henry muttered, feeling the flesh around him starting to move up his body, “Oh shit, Maximus, stop struggling, we’re-“

Cookie’s inverted nipples popped erect, enveloping the two completely as they poked outward to their full extent. She moaned loudly as the two were swallowed up, sliding further down along the tube of her milk duct, fighting feebly as their motions just stiffened the pair of nipples further, sending ticklish and tingling sensations up Cookie’s spine as she shivered in excitement.

“Oh god yeah,” she muttered. The holstaur glanced down at her chest and stifled a laugh, her long erect nipples were wiggling slightly from the ongoing resistance of their captives, with a small bulge in them as though they were snakes digesting a large meal.

For the two boys stuck inside, it was like being in a fleshy tube, warm and pressing against them from all sides. The world was dark, and they could make out Cookie’s muffled voice whenever she made a sound, the vibrations feeling like a buzz against their skin.

“I think you two have gone about as far as you’re going to go at that size,” Cookie said, “Now I just need to… ahh… ” she stopped for a moment, clenching her fists and enjoying a quick wave of pleasure that jolted through her. “Whew, it’s almost a shame you guys can’t stay in the tips,” she giggled.

She reached into her pants pocket, withdrawing a small water syringe and a vial of a clear liquid labeled “SHRINK BOOSTER.” She swirled it for a moment, then dipped the tip of the syringe into it, slowly drawing out the magical potion within.

“You know the shrinking potions they sell at stores have mandatory limits,” she said idly. “Nobody is allowed to sell a potion that shrinks you below an inch, for example.” She chuckled as she read the Mage-General’s government warning on the side of the Shrink Booster bottle. “Shrinking potions also have a maximum allowable time limit, and despite all the lobbying from the National Alchemists Association, that cap remains at seventy two hours these days. Now if a person needs to be shrunk longer than that for whatever reason, you can always get yourself some shrink lock or shrink booster potions… but you need a permit, like for research, or law enforcement…”

She raised the syringe to her nipple, gently slipping the plastic tip up against the top and wiggling it slightly to get it in the hole. Henry looked down in surprise, seeing it appear at the exit to his prison.

“Now on it’s own? Shrink Boost does nothing, you could drink the whole bottle and go on about your day.” She grinned, “but if a person who has taken a shrinking potion is exposed? Well then things get fun. It dramatically increases the potency of a shrinking potion, as well as making it permanent until an antidote is applied.”

Henry’s eyes went wide, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he turned away from it, trying and failing to crawl to safety amid the tight pressure inside of the holstaur’s nipple.

“And here we go…” Cookie breathed, pressing down on the plunger and sending a wave of Shrink Boost potion flooding down the tube of her nipple.

Henry felt the solution hit him immediately, rising around his legs and causing an intense tingling sensation to fill him as it started to work. He cried out one last time as the nipple around him started to loosen, going from a tight constricting tube to a loose passage, and then a massive cavern as he shrank away. What was worse, the flow of the potion was like a river now, sweeping him down further into the dark depths of the Holstaur’s milk duct. She shivered as she felt him disappear, and looked down with a grin as he passed through her nipple and was carried deep into the warm and dark interior of her breasts.

Henry sputtered and coughed, feeling himself getting smaller with each passing second, swept through the massive mountain of Cookie’s breast like an underground river. Finally, the slightly salty taste of the potion disappeared as he slowed, replaced by a savory and slightly sweet one, and he realized that he was now floating in a sea of Cookie’s warm milk, his journey finally ending in her milk duct itself.

Cookie could still feel him, moving around inside of her as he continued getting smaller, until finally the speck sized man couldn’t be felt at all, simply disappearing altogether.

“I’m sure you can still hear me, Henry,” Cookie laughed, “if you’re wondering you’re probably about one hundredth of an inch tall.”

One hundredth of an inch tall!? Henry thought, his heart skipping a beat as he tried to grasp the meaning. He looked around at the endless darkness inside of her chest, realizing just how small he was, trapped in a boob that was, to him, larger than any mountain.

“Now for the other one,” Cookie muttered, slowly drawing a new dose of Shrink Boost into the syringe.

Maximus had heard her talking to Henry, and realized what was about to happen to him, “Cookie don’t!” he shouted, “I don’t want to be that small, come on!”

“Well you should have thought of that before you trashed the grocery store,” she chuckled, readying the water syringe against her nipple.

Maximus’s further pleas were cut off as she pressed down on the plunger, and like Henry before him he was swept deep within her tit, the potion shrinking him as it carried him down through the channels of her milk duct.

As before she paused, relishing the sensation as he dwindled smaller than a grain of sand, then vanished from her senses entirely. She looked down at her breasts, pleased with herself, and reached a hand to either side of them and shook them playfully up and down.

Inside of her tits the two prisoners shouted in surprise as their whole world shook, on the left side Henry was knocked to the spongy floor of the cavern he was in, and Maximus found himself tumbling into one of the massive lakes of milk.

“I’ve taken an anti-lactation pill,” she said aloud, “so you two won’t get swept out of there by all the milk I produce every day… but Holstaurs always produce some milk, there should still be enough of it in there to feed you two for the next year.” She chuckled, “I’m sure the taste will get old after a while, but holstaur milk has a lot of nutritious and magical properties, if anything it’ll probably improve your health by the end of your stay. Don’t worry too much about air in there either, you don’t need a lot at your size, you’ll probably spend at least a few days now and then be submerged in milk depending on where you end up in there, but it’s not going to hurt you.”

She reached into her pocket, withdrawing a pair of pasties that read “JAIL” and “PRISONERS INSIDE.” These weren’t issued by the department of course, she’d purchased them from an online novelty company specializing in demi-humans, she was far from the first of her kind to have the idea, although if the internet comments were anything to go by it seemed that most of the cow-girls trapping humans in their breasts were doing so for fun, and not nearly for as long as she had planned.

Slowly she peeled the backs off the pasties, sticking one over each nipple, sealing the two prisoners inside. While it was unlikely that either of the near microscopic boys would be able to find their way back to her nipple, she didn’t want to take any chances.

She reached down for her bra, clasping it back on, deep within her chest Maximus and Henry felt their world jiggle again as she maneuvered the tight garment, taking some odd satisfaction in adding another barrier to their hypothetical, and impossible, escape, and she allowed herself a smile as she began buttoning up her uniform, hiding her breasts from view entirely.

“Goodbye boys,” she said in a smug tone, “I hope you learn something from this sentence.”

She bent down to pick up their clothing, humming to herself as she took it to the evidence locker. She slowly folded the shirts and pants, placing them in a clear plastic bin. “Henry and Maximus,” she scrawled on the top, glancing down at the next section she saw the “hold until” line, and wrote a date one year away, capping the marker with a flourish before shoving their clothing onto the top shelf along the back wall, where it could be safely forgotten about.

“Bad news Milo,” she called as she passed his desk, “I can’t give milk for the next year, so you’re going to have to buy some from another holstaur.”

The catboy scowled as he looked down at his coffee cup, the white swirl of the liquid already disappearing into the black beverage.

“Aw crap, really?” he whined, “I’m hooked on this stuff though! I could drink it every day!”

Cookie giggled as she thought of the “diet” her two prisoners would have for the next year, “I don’t know, you might get tired of it if you had it too often,” she teased. “I’ll ask one of the girls at the farm if she’d be willing to give you some of hers at a discount or something.”

“Thanks Cookie,” Milo nodded, his catlike ears flickering excitedly as his tail wafted back and forth lazily behind him. “Say, I heard the chief is letting you deal with the town troublemakers, what did you end up doing with them?”

“They’re safely out of the way,” Cookie said dismissively, “don’t worry about it.”

Milo cocked his head, but didn’t ask any more questions as she headed out to begin her daily patrol.

The day was uneventful, with Maximus and Henry out of the way, the town didn’t have much going on, and Cookie felt a sense of peace as she turned the town over to the night shift that evening.

Inside of her breasts her two prisoners felt their world jiggle slightly with each of her steps, and the slow and steady beat of her heart thudded around them. They heard her muffled conversations with others, and the faraway sound of the country music she listened to on the radio, unable to interact with the outside world in any way except to listen in.

As the two explored their respective surroundings they discovered the vast network of Cookie’s milk ducts, and each of them tried at various points to climb or crawl upwards through them, but the motion of Cookie’s massive chest always sent them tumbling back to the reservoirs in the center of her breasts, where they would splash into the lakes of milk or tumble against the soft walls of the vast expanses of pillowy flesh.

Henry and Maximus didn’t disturb Cookie as they explored their new home for the next year, the truth was she didn’t feel them at all. She occasionally thought about them of course, giggling and putting a little more of a spring into her step as she left her car, causing the two specks trapped deep in her milk ducts to scream as their world was jostled up and down.

“I hope you boys had a good first day,” she chuckled, walking up to the farmhouse.

Maximus found himself on the sloped side of her milk duct, allowing him to keep his upper half out of the thick fluid for a few minutes. He listened intently, trying to figure out where Cookie was, the sound of the music had faded, and from the voices around her she was back home.

He sighed, the realization that he’d spend the next year stuck in the holstaur’s tit starting to dawn on him in full, Shit, we really fucked up this time, he thought. His stomach growled, and he thought back on what Cookie had said about the milk, lapping at his chest as he tried to keep above the surface. With a grimace he leaned down, slurping it up until it filled his stomach, a warm and soothing sensation that quickly made him feel oddly at ease.

In the left breast Henry was climbing through the cavern of her milk duct, sure he was heading outwards towards her nipple, I can squeeze back out the front, he thought, then I just need to find some way to get regrown… I could pay a mage or something to do it! I’d just need to find a way to get their attention!

The world shook again as Cookie began walking up the stairs to her room, and Henry shouted as he started slipping. The large droplets of milk began flowing through the ducts again, slowly merging together as they rolled slowly around him.

No way, it took me all day to make it this far! He thought in a panic. A massive droplet of milk splashed on his face, and he shook his head, blinking and trying to get the thick and rich liquid out of his eyes. A moment later another droplet of milk reached a size that filled the whole tube he was in, sweeping him down with a scream of panic and rushing him along back down to the reservoir in the center of the mountainous breast. He hit the lake of milk with a splash, feeling the force driving his body down deep into the warm liquid.

He felt the aching of his muscles, and didn’t even bother trying to swim to the surface again, instead letting himself drift further down into the shifting liquid as his strength failed.

I spent all day climbing, and probably didn’t even make it more than a few inches, he realized, and then I just ended up back here… There really isn’t any way out!

Cookie was oblivious to the despair setting in to her two charges, and once she reached her room she casually began changing her clothing, swapping her police uniform out for her civilian outfit, a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt with the top few buttons undone, giving her an ample cleavage for any onlookers.

“Time to go grab some dinner,” she muttered, clomping her way down the stairs.

The other holstaur were already gathering around the farmhouse’s large table, talking excitedly amongst themselves about the day of farm labor. Cookie took her place in front of a large dish of mashed potatoes, eyeing it eagerly, and then a plate of faux-bacon more suspiciously. While holstaurs were naturally inclined towards a vegetarian diet, the meat substitute craze had hit them too, leading to black bean burgers becoming a staple around the house.

That stuff is hit and miss, she thought sourly, moving past the tofu bacon to grab herself a slice from the large cheese wheel beyond it.

“So Cookie,” one of the other Holstaur giggled, “want to tell us something?”

She frowned, looking up and down the table, all of her housemates, eight in all, were looking at her eagerly.

“Uh, no?” she said slowly, “I just got home, so if something happened-“

“We found the box for these in the recycle bin!” Ruth, a particularly large fourteen foot tall holstaur, laughed, holding up the packaging that her “Jail” pasties had come in. “She’s got herself a human boy!”

“And she’s getting wild with him!” another holstaur giggled, causing Cookie to blush.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Cookie insisted.

Ruth laughed, “come on, we’re all holstaurs here, we’ve all seen those stories online of shrinking humans and keeping them places.”

One of the other girls came up behind her, surprising Cookie as she grabbed her breasts, squeezing and shaking them up and down, “Is he in there right now!?” she giggled.

Inside of her breasts Henry and Maximus both jumped in surprise as their worlds were rocked by an earthquake, sending vast waves of milk that roiled the surface of the reservoir and washed both of them below once more.

“Stop that!” Cookie shouted, “you’re probably scaring them!”

“ Them!?” Ruth gaped. The table went silent, then a low “ooooh!” came up from all the girls at once. “Oh wow, we’ve got her now!” Ruth laughed, “multiple guys? Spill the details girl!”

Cookie huffed angrily, “it’s not like that! This is a simple criminal justice matter!”

Ruth raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

Cookie rolled her eyes, “you know Henry and Maximus?”

“The two human punks you’re always trying to keep out of jail?” one of the other holstaur asked.

“Those little shits are why I had to drive all the way to the next town over to buy groceries last week,” Ruth growled.

“They’ve been sentenced to a year of alternative imprisonment,” Cookie said slowly, “and I really didn’t want them to screw up house arrest, and you just know they would have, so I uh…” She blushed, shrugging, “I took care of it.”

“Holy shit,” Ruth whispered, “t-they’re in your tits, aren’t they?”

Cookie nodded weakly, and all of the holstaur at the table burst into laughter, looking at one another and to an embarrassed and blushing Cookie. Deep within her breasts Maximus and Henry both scowled, realizing that the herd of cow-girls were laughing at their predicament.

“That’s amazing,” Ruth wheezed finally, “that is just the best way to deal with uppity humans, shrink them down and stuff them in!” She got up, walking around the table and teasingly poking the top of Cookie’s breast, “Can you two hear me in there?” she said mockingly, “you’ve got a real fun year ahead of you!”

The motion of her finger poking at the right breast jiggled Maximus’s world again, “Hey, fuck you!” he shouted impotently, but of course nobody could hear but him.

“A whole year,” Ruth chuckled, shaking her head, “damn… The longest I’ve ever heard of is a guy being in there for a few days, I guess it’s safe, right?”

“It’s the safest place for them,” Cookie said defensively, “they’re safe, they’ve got food, and they can’t get into any worse trouble!”

“Shit, my tits are even bigger than yours Cookie,” Ruth said with a grin, “you should have called me down, I’d give those boys a little more room to roam. What’s it feel like? I’ve never done it with a human guy, do you feel them?”

“Nope,” Cookie said with a smirk, spooning herself some mashed potatoes. “You have to remember, I’m a police officer, I can get much stronger shrinking potions than you can get at the alchemist, if they were here on the table, I don’t think you’d even be able to see them.”

“Damn,” Ruth muttered, impressed. The other Holstaur murmured amongst themselves, occasionally shooting Cookie an approving smile.

With a smug smirk of satisfaction Cookie began eating her dinner, enjoying a giggle at the newfound respect that her treatment of her “prisoners” was getting her from her friends.

After dinner and dessert, Cookie had retired to her room, idly grabbing two pairs of headphones and syncing them with her phone. After stripping down to her bra and panties, she lay on her bed, trying to get the headphones into a position on her tits. The devices barely fit around the massive mountains of pillowy flesh, stretching near to cracking as she tried to adjust them.

“Okay you two, I don’t want you going crazy from boredom in there, so I’m going to play you some audio dramas,” she explained, pulling a few up on her phone, “after work I’ll do my best to play some music or news radio or something.”

Audio dramas? Henry thought, “LAME!” he shouted, clinging to the side of the milk reservoir. Still, he found himself listening to the muffled words eagerly, starting to be drawn into the plot.

As the play started Maximus listened intently too, as the only entertainment he was likely to get all day he figured it was better than nothing, and he had to respect Cookie’s taste. The hardboiled detective story starring a man trying to solve the mystery of a mage’s murder ended up being good enough that when the episode ended both prisoners found themselves yearning for more while Cookie casually put the headphones away.

“That was better than I expected,” she giggled, “What do you boys think?” she glanced down at her breasts, then shrugged, “I guess I’ll ask you in a year.”

Stretching Cookie growled under her breath as she felt the tingle between her legs, the radio play had at least a few spicier sections that she was surprised had made it to broadcast. She glanced at the clock, then decided there was time to have a little fun with herself before going to bed for the night. Making her way to her dresser she paused, realizing something.

Those two will be able to hear everything, she thought, chewing her lip. A slow grin came across her face as she realized that, rather than deterring her, the thought was making her more excited, then again, who cares? She giggled to herself as she opened the dresser drawer, revealing a massive pink dildo as long as a human’s forearm, sized for a holstaur.

“You two always call me “Mom” no matter how much it pisses me off,” she laughed to herself, “well guess what? Now you’re getting some motherly discipline!”

She pulled her chair out from her writing desk, a solid piece of hardwood construction with a sanded smooth and finished surface. Cookie placed the dildo in the center of the seat, pressing down and making sure the suction cup at the base adhered the massive phallus in place.

Inside her breasts the two prisoners looked around fearfully, wondering what “discipline” their captor had in mind. Outside Cookie slowly lowered her panties, revealing her glistening wet womanhood, eager for a good fuck. Reaching behind her back she unclasped her bra, letting her tits bounce outwards, giving the two boys inside a preview of what was coming next.

Cookie slowly hefted herself over the dildo, sliding herself onto it with a grunt, “Oh fuck, Momma needs this,” she breathed, “you two might want to hold onto something… if there’s anything in there to hold onto!” She gripped the back of the chair tightly, using it as leverage to heft herself up again, then drive down once more.

Her breasts began to flop up and down from the motion, making a * clap* *clap* *clap* sound as she picked up speed, gritting her teeth and bouncing herself up and down on her dildo and groaning with pleasure.

Inside her breasts the two shouted in panic as their world was thrown into chaos. They were slammed into the soft insides of her breasts, tossed with the milk that submerged them and threw them out like a dunk tank over and over again with each up and down motion of the massive holstaur.

“Oh fuck…” Cookie growled, gripping the chair tighter and hearing it creak. “You want to call me mom you little shits?” she hissed, “fine, this is how mom’s going to deal with you two from now on!” She gasped as she gave into the moment, squeezing her eyes shut and smiling as she enjoyed the feeling of power over the two, knowing they were being tossed about like ships in a storm with each up and down motion of her massive flopping tits.

Henry shouted as he was tossed into the air again, landing with a splash in the roiling lake of milk, and in her right breast Maximus found himself swept off his small perch on the side of her breast by a massive wave.

How long can she possibly keep going like this!? Henry wondered, feeling dizzy as he was thrown hard against the side of her breast again. He grunted in shock, scrambling for purchase before the next up and down thrust threw him into the air again.

Maximus wasn’t doing any better, coughing up mouthfuls of the sweet milk as he found himself battered back and forth across the insides of the immense breast as it flopped up and down.

“Maybe a year isn’t enough?” Cookie grunted, “Maybe- Oh fuck- MAYBE YOU TWO JUST BELONG IN THERE!?”

That got their attention, even while they were being bounced around within her like ping pong balls.

“Fuck one year,” Cookie grinned, feeling orgasm approach, “you two should get a life sentence, under your ‘Mom’s’ watchful eyes!” She squeezed her breast, thumbing her nipples through the pasties as her bliss rose in time with the wicked ideas coursing through her mind. She tensed one final time, shuddering in a powerful climax that shook her entire body as she bore down on the dildo, “You two are never getting out of those tits!” she gasped.

There was a creaking sound that Cookie ignored as she bathed in the ecstasy of her orgasm mixing with her sadistic taunting of her two tit-bound prisoners, and a moment later there was a crash as she fell to the ground, panting over the ruins of the smashed wooden chair.

“Oops,” she muttered, looking down at it in embarrassment. With a grunt she hauled herself back to her feet, cracking her neck as she felt the last fleeting glow of her orgasm fading. She spotted her dildo, forgotten in the chaos of the chair’s failure, laying on the floor and looking somewhat ridiculous now that her lust was sated. With a scowl she picked it up, carrying it back to her drawer. “You know, it’s probably time I start looking for a boyfriend,” she muttered, glancing back at the destroyed piece of furniture.

She walked back to her bed, climbing on as she started to feel sleepier, “Henry, Maximus,” she muttered tiredly, “I’m not really going to keep you in there forever, but think about what kind of road you’re on, hell, think about it all year.” She yawned, pulling her covers up and letting sleep take her.

In the depths of her breasts both young men thought about what had happened, and what was waiting for them. While Cookie’s confession that she’d just been teasing them was a relief, they still had an entire year of being trapped within her tits ahead of them.

Shit, she’s really mad at us this time, Henry thought, floating on the now still reservoir of milk. She always tried to get us out of trouble, get us light treatment, I guess she’s done playing around… He sighed, yawning as the slow beat of her heart lulled him to sleep. I guess we should shape up and listen to ‘mom’ more.

Maximus found himself sinking once again into the lake of milk as his strength failed him. A whole day trapped within Cookie’s breasts, combined with the final onslaught of her masturbation session, had left him feeling physically spent.

I guess we’ve finally used up all of our good will, he thought wryly. Fuck me, I can’t believe I’m going to spend a year stuck in Cookie’s tits… He sighed, better than real prison I guess… He smirked to himself as he floated in the warm darkness of the vast ocean of milk. It was pretty hot to hear Cookie get herself off though, and I got to see her tits. He frowned at that last bit, somehow it didn’t seem like quite the accomplishment it might have that morning.

The year went by and Cookie continued on with her life, only occasionally talking to the two trapped delinquents throughout her day, and usually in a joking manner. True to her word she tried to entertain them as best she could, letting them listen to audio plays and music at the end of her day, and the two prisoners soon found themselves following her day to day life as well, listening intently to her conversations with the rest of the town.

“Good morning Roger,” she said sweetly waving at the rabbit-boy who ran the grocery store.

“Good morning Cookie!” he waved, “I think I’ve finally got my stock organized again after those two punks trashed the place… I heard they got sent away for a while?”

“You won’t have to worry about them,” Cookie laughed, her chuckle rumbling the walls of their prison while she talked to their victim, “they’re safely imprisoned.”

“I hope they don’t get treated too badly wherever they end up,” Roger muttered, “They’re idiots, but I’d hate for some real bad types to get ahold of them.”

Cookie chuckled, “I’m keeping abreast of their situation, and I promise you they’re doing fine.”

Even trapped within the immense confines of a mountain sized pair of boobs, both of the boys groaned at the joke at their expense.

It was a hot summer, and the two could feel it even within Cookie’s chest, the warmth escalating as she spent long days in the hot sun.

“Whew, it’s hot out here today,” she said, wiping sweat from her forehead, “you guys are lucky you get to be in the shade… kinda.”

As fall came she often enjoyed lounging by the farmhouse’s fire in the evenings, enjoying the company of the other Holstaur as they talked about their day.

“You still got your pet humans in there, Cookie?” Ruth asked, handing her a bottle of hard cider.

“Yep, they’ve got another six months,” she said, a dreamy look on her face as she took another swig of the cider.

“Uh hey, Cookie, is it a good idea to be drinking so many of those if your humans are living off your milk?” Ruth asked with a frown.

Cookie giggled, “I don’t know, maybe?”

Deep inside her chest both Maximus and Henry were laughing to themselves, enjoying the escalating buzz as the ocean of milk they floated in slowly became more and more potent.

I hope she keeps drinking, this is great, Maximus laughed to himself.

Cookie yawned, pulling out her phone and checking Holstaur Ranch, a common forum for Holstaurs living in the human world. She chuckled as she scrolled through the section on dating human men, including shrink-potion play with them.

Most of them will never get as wild as I’ve gotten, she thought smugly.

“Oh, on The Ranch?” Ruth chuckled behind her. Before Cookie could react, Ruth snatched her phone out of her hands, quickly reading the thread. “You’ve got to brag about your two prisoners,” Ruth said, grinning. 

“Hey!” Cookie shouted, trying to grab the phone from her. She was too late, Ruth had managed to post something. Cookie quickly added her own comment, hoping to defuse the thread which was already coming to life.


Winter made the holstaur shiver as she wore her heavy coat to work every day, the shaking motion disturbing the expanse of her milk and shifting the two around.

“This is a good day to be stuck inside," she smirked, patting her chest playfully.

Spring came almost as a surprise, and Cookie realized with a start that it was almost time for her two charges to be released.

With a chuckle she called the supply line for the local alchemist, "I need a shrink-cancel formula, time release.” She said.

Within her milk ducts the two prisoners perked up immediately, both followed all of her conversations intently, there wasn’t much else to do after all, and her ordering a shrink cancel could only mean one thing.

We’re almost done, Henry thought excitedly.

Fuck me I am going to get a real meal, Maximus grinned.

“That’s right boys,” Cookie said, “you’re almost out.”

On the second to last day of their sentence Cookie prepared the potion according to the alchemist’s instructions, mixing it with water and heating it slightly in the microwave.

“All right, I’ve never used one of these, so here goes nothing!”

Cookie swallowed the potion straight from the bottle, like Shrink-Boost it wouldn’t have any effect on her, and she would let it slowly work its way through her and into her milk supply where it would reach the two prisoners.

“Okay,” she sighed, “by tomorrow you two should be big enough to crawl up and out, then I’ll give you another dose of this stuff and we’ll get you on your way.”

Cookie awoke to a tingling feeling in her chest, and as she blinked sleep out of her eyes she realized that she could feel two squirming masses inside the depths of her chest. They weren’t large yet, maybe the size of ants at most, but they were on their way.

“Good morning boys,” she said with a sad sigh, “I guess it’s time to head back to the station.”

By the time she reached the station’s holding cell she was wincing as the now inch sized young men were fighting their way through her milk ducts, finally climbing through to the top of her nipple. She giggled at the ticklish sensation of the pair’s tiny hands scratching against the pasties that blocked their freedom.

With a sigh, Cookie locked the door behind her, slowly unbuttoning her shirt as she had a year before. The two seemed to go crazy as she began to unclasp her bra, causing her to shiver at the sensation.

“Calm down!” she laughed, “you’re getting me worked up!”

That seemed to settle the pair a little, they’d been through enough of her evening self-love sessions that the prospect of Cookie getting turned on was enough to scare them into submission.

Finally she peeled the two pasties off, holding her cupped hands beneath her nipples as the two delinquents plopped out, still covered in milk and blinking at the light.

“H-Holy shit,” Henry muttered, fighting the sensory overload after a year stuck in the darkness of the cow-girl’s tits.

“That’s it, we’re out,” Maximus muttered, looking up at Cookie’s enormous face.

“Yeah,” she whispered, “did we learn our lesson?”

“Yes Mom,” they both said in unison, although there was less of a sarcastic edge than the year before.

She rolled her eyes, “still with the ‘Mom’ stuff, huh? Let me go get the full shrink-antidote and then I’ll grab your clothes and stuff from the evidence locker.”

A week later Maximus and Henry were eating lunch together at the outdoor seating section of a small café in town, enjoying their lunch hour together. Both wore uniforms from the local warehouse, a storage facility used by a mid-sized shipping company which was owned locally and paid well. A good word from Cookie had helped the two secure employment.

“It’s so weird being out here now,” Maximus muttered, “after so much time on the inside.”

“Do you still listen to those stupid radio dramas before bed?” Henry asked.

“Yup,” Maximus laughed, “she got me hooked on them.”

“Yeah,” Henry whispered, staring down at his ham sandwich. His eyes drifted to the glass of milk he’d ordered to go with it, then to the one next to Maximus’s plate. “I think that’s not all she got me hooked on,” he muttered.

“I know right?” Maximus whispered, “but I don’t want her to know, we’d never live it down!”

“Afternoon boys!” Cookie said, waving at them as she approached, looming over them. She was still impressive at ten feet tall, even if the two had seen her as a mountainous goddess just a week before. Both gulped and smiled weakly.

“Hi Cookie,” they both said together.

“I’m happy to see you two hit the ground running,” she commented, reaching down to ruffle their hair, “it looks like you’ve finally straightened out.”

“Yeah, good job Mom,” Henry laughed, rolling his eyes.

“Hmm… I guess the annoying nicknames don’t ever go away, do they?” Cookie chuckled.

Maximus cleared his throat, trying not to stare at the massive pair of watermelon sized breasts that he’d spent the last year trapped in.

“Say,” he started, “you live out on the holstaur farm, right? The one with the milking barn?”

“Yes, that’s the one,” Cookie giggled, crossing her arms as her bovine tail swished behind her in amusement, “Why, are you interested in a tour?”

“Yes!” both of them said together, all too quickly.

Cookie’s smile grew smug, and she gently reached down to their shoulders, pushing them slowly, but firmly apart. Stepping forward she sat down on the bench with them, it was a massive thing, meant for many large men, but it creaked under her weight as she plopped herself between the two.

“Now boys,” she said sweetly, throwing her arms around them, pulling them close and pressing the tops of their heads against the bottom of her immense boobs, “you’ve seen how the milk is made close up, you don’t need to tour some silly old milking barn!”

Both of them blushed, feeling the warmth and softness of their old prison as she practically pressed the sides of their faces into it, and both of them had rock hard erections a moment later when she stood up, stepping back again.

“Stay out of trouble now!” she said with a teasing wave.

The two watched her saunter away, her wide hips swaying from side to side.

“Fucking hell,” Maximus muttered weakly, “let’s just buy some of the holstaur milk from the market.”

“Agreed,” Henry sighed, turning back to his lunch.

Chapter End Notes:
Set in the same world as the Garter Lamia stories, Foxy Lady, Mooving on Up, and Rabbit Season, one of these days I'll get around to making a series page for the "modern" monstergirl stories.
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