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Author's Chapter Notes:

Honestly, wasn't expecting to write a Mahou Shoujo ni Akogareke story outside of the one that's currently in the pool of poll options, but I would complain.  Thankfully, Grimahr wanted a story that focused on different characters with a different dynamic.  It was a very fun idea to write that let me learn even more about this amazing series!

Tags: Age Regression, Age Progression, Breast Expansion, Lactation, Maternal, Lactation, Breast Feeding, Unbirth, Infantilization, Young GIantess, Shrinking, Gentle, Humiliation, Mental Corruption

Floating in the sky high above their city with her two friends, the youngest member of the evil organization, Enormeeta, covered her mouth as she yawned while they waited.  Normally, any child would be ecstatic to be able to fly like they could.  Magic was a wonderful thing, and while the young blonde rarely, if ever, showed her emotions, the bored look in her ruby eyes was genuine.  Fighting wasn’t as fun as playing, but both her friends seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the foul-mouthed blonde in green.  Her other friend, the one with black hair, was more reluctant to fight… initially, but once a battle gets underway, her demeanor shifts and she becomes enthralled in the heat of the moment.

“They’re late!”  Growing impatient, the girl wearing a green, oversized military uniform, save for a skirt, pouted and clung to the arm of their defacto leader, the ravenette in a risque, dark purple demoness costume, and whined.  “Baiser-chan~  Can we go do something else?  Like, say… go to a love hotel?  Or, we could go to a love hotel!  Or we could even go to a love hotel~♥!”  Her eyes lighting up as her lustful thoughts painted her face scarlet, she began to breathe heavily and drool, giggling madly.

“W-We c-can’t Leo-chan.  Vena-san s-said we have to fight Tres Magia today o-or else…”  Trailing off, the socially awkward girl had a defeated look in her amber eyes.  “L-Let’s just wait a b-bit longer.  I’m s-sure they’ll be here s–”

“There you are, Enormeeta!”  Cutting the nervous girl off and announcing her presence, a strong-willed, fiery voice called out to them as a pink-haired girl in a frilly pink dress flew up from below them.  “Don’t think I’ll let you do anything bad without a fight!”

Sighing exasperatedly, the foul-mouthed blonde glared at the drill-haired magical girl.  “Finally!  We’ve been waiting for you for forev–!?  Hey!  Where are the other two?  Well, it’s not like Azul would be much help, but did Sulfur finally realize that she stands no chance against us and ran away?”  Mocking and taunting the missing members of the pink-clad heroine, she drew a gun out of thin air and aimed it at her.

“Vatz called them away to fill in for some other teams that have gone missing lately.  Azul and Sulfur would never… w-well, maybe Azul would get caught like usual, but Sulfur would never run from the likes of you!”  Unable to fully deny the gun-toting villainess’ claims, she manifested her pink, heart-tipped spear and got into an offensive stance.  “But even without my friends, I’m more than enough for the likes of you, Magia Baiser, Leopard, Ma–er, I mean, Nero Alice!”

A malicious grin twisted the apprehensive ravenette’s face as she drew her star-tipped riding crop.  “Not wavering even with the odds stacked against you?  Good.  Very good~ Magia Magenta♥!”  Crackling excitedly, she cracked her crop against her palm.  “I can’t wait to hear your cries of agony.

Uttering not a word through the whole exchange, the young blonde in a Victorian-era blue dress and apron somehow looked even more bored than she already was.  As Leopard jumped into combat with the sole defender of justice, she sighed, turned, and floated a distance away, not attempting to get involved.

“Alice-chan?”  About to join her ally, Baiser noticed the younger blonde’s behavior and looked back at her.

Alice just shook her head, staring as Leopard and Magenta exchanged blows with her trademark, disinterested stare.

“R-Right.  I guess having all three of us gang up on her would be a bit unfair.”  Giggling nervously, she understood the silent girl’s intentions even without her stating them.  In truth, she didn’t need to get involved either.  It would be a cowardly, villainous move to get involved.  And yet, it was only fun if she could see her precious magical girls writhe and struggle by her own hand!  “Leo-chan!  Let’s fight together!”

She didn’t understand what was so fun about fighting.  Well, big, flashy attacks were exciting, and winning at anything was fun, but playing in her Dollhouse was way more fun.  As she watched Magia Magenta struggle and fight against her allies, Alice watched her intently.  It wasn’t fair, but she wouldn’t step in and stop them.

Magenta could have not come to fight them alone, but she did.  She was a hero, it was her duty.  She was a good girl and should be rewarded for her courage.  With more than the praise and admiration she receives from the people she protects.  Magenta needed to be loved, comforted, and pampered.

As the fight came to a close, with Magenta stripped by Baiser and Leopard’s coordinated attacks, and tied up and shocked by the power line monster Baiser created, she opened a portal to Nacht Base to get the other two’s attention.  If Venalita wanted them to fight Tres Magia, this should be enough.

“Ehhh~?  We’re leaving already?”  Putting away the weapons she summoned, Leopard wasn’t interested in killing Tres Magia either, at least, not seriously.  The trash talk between her and Sulfur can get pretty heated, and while neither holds back when they fight, they also haven’t tried to attack the other when they were clearly unable to keep fighting.

Catching her breath as she dismissed her Schiavo, Baiser stood over Magenta with a lascivious grin.  “I suppose that’s enough for now, Magenta-chan.  Let’s play again before Azul and Sulfur come back, okay?”

Exhausted and humiliated, Magenta couldn’t say anything back, looking down in defeat as the trio disappeared into the portal.

Before leaving, Alice looked back once more at the frustrated magical girl.  With a subtle smile, she left without a word to her.

While it wasn’t an especially difficult fight, both Magia Baiser and Leopard were tired after using so much magical power.  Once they returned to Nacht Base, they immediately transformed back into their civilian personas and headed back to their town.  After parting with her friends, the silent blonde made her way to a park near her house.  Because she didn’t participate in the fight earlier, she was still brimming with magical power.  With nobody else around, she transformed back into Nero Alice, manifesting one of her dolls to hold, and waited patiently.

Tres Magia can always sense them and always come to face them.  That was the case the last time she transformed in this park and waited.  She hadn’t had enough fun playing with the Haruka-oneechan, and she ended up capturing Magia Magenta to play with.  She had turned her into a baby at the time and played the role of her mother.  She thought they’d have to end their fun prematurely when Magenta was able to break free of her power and change back into her normal form, but then she continued to play along anyway.  That was a fun day.

And just like then, she didn't have to wait long until the pink, drill-haired magical girl arrived before her once again.  However, this time Magenta didn’t have the same fiery attitude and resolute look on her face.  She didn’t even announce herself proudly and swear to take her down or ask what her intentions were.  She looked around, likely trying to see if Baiser and Leopard were hiding to ambush her before looking at her again.

“N-Nero Alice.  You’re all alone I see.  What, you weren’t satisfied watching your friends humiliate me earlier?”  She asked, summoning her spear and getting ready for a fight.

However, having seen her in top form many times before, Alice noticed how tired and weary Magenta was.  Despite the strong front, her legs were trembling and the tip of her spear wasn’t as high as she normally held it.

Shaking her head, Alice held an arm out to her side and summoned her Dollhouse.  Opening the door, she smiled as non-threateningly as she could, cradling her doll in her arms as she walked into the space she had complete dominion over.

Nero Alice spoke less often than she emoted, yet the pink-haired magical girl understood her intentions clearly.  She wanted to play with her again, play house and make her her baby specifically.

“But unlike last time… she’s giving me a choice?”  Despite trying to be on guard, she was too tired to properly defend herself.  Her stance was a bluff and had the young blonde wanted to ambush her again with a doll and force her into her Dollhouse again, she could have.  “She wants me to ‘c-come home’ myself.  Ma– Nero Alice is waiting for me.  Does she really think I’d humiliate myself like that again?  After what Baiser and Leopard did to me today?!”  She barely had the power to transform again, let alone fight.  It was a struggle to stand, her muscles ached, and her stomach was rumbling.  “I just want to go home, take a bath, and eat some nametaka.  I can relax at home, I d-don’t need my Mama to pamper me!”

Turning to leave since it didn’t seem like Nero Alice was up to anything nefarious, even if she allowed herself to indulge in being babied once, she wouldn’t do it again.  She wouldn’t willingly subject herself to being laid in a soft, comfortable crib, or cradled securely in the beautiful, motherly version of the young blonde girl, or drink the delicious milk from a baby bottle again.

Even if I don’t have to worry about her telling anyone about it, it’s still humiliating.  Taking a few steps, she stopped and looked back at the magical building and the open invitation.  But…  Mama just wants to comfort me.  It’d be a bit mean to refuse her when she’s trying to be nice.  Glancing around again, the area was completely deserted.  Hesitantly sneaking up to Nero Alice’s Dollhouse, she peered in and checked to make sure the coast was clear one last time before walking in of her own accord.

Entering Nero Alice’s Dollhouse was usually a seamless process, no different than entering any other building or structure.  Someone could wander in and be completely unaware that they even stumbled into a closed-off space where the young blonde controlled reality.  However, there were a few times when entering Nero Alice’s domain was disorienting, resulting in a lapse in consciousness and mild confusion.  These occasions typically proceeded when the young villainess made major alterations to someone.

So, as she stared up at an all-too-familiar sight of a wood panel ceiling with the top of a green crib at the edge of her vision, Magenta almost instantly regretted giving in to her temptation.  Ahhhh…  She really did turn me into a baby again.

Looking around, Magenta quickly found the Nero Alice standing over her crib.  The young girl didn’t just make herself bigger to play the role of a mother, but aged herself up into a beautiful, older version of herself.  Her cute, innocence was replaced with an aura of maturity, and despite displaying little emotion, there was a gentle, comforting quality in her eyes as she smiled down at Magenta.

Wow.  I wonder if Mama will really be that beautiful when she grows up.  As she waited for Nero Alice to pick her up and play with her, Magenta admired the subtle details of the gorgeous woman smiling down at her.  The way she had her hair tied in a low ponytail and draped over one shoulder, how her face was slightly longer and narrower than the roundness her little cheeks normally gave her.  Is this what her Mama looks like?

While Magenta was staring at the aged-up young girl, Nero Alice tilted her head and looked at her curiously.

Her motor control limited by the undeveloped body she was forced into, the pinkette clumsily sat up and stared back at her pretend mother.  Huh?  Isn’t she going to pick me up and play with me?  Last time…  Huh!?  W-Wait!  Last time, she made me think like a baby at first.  Is she not going to do the same this time?  Realizing that her mental faculties were left intact, Magenta paled as she looked up at Nero Alice.  D-Does she want me to act like a baby, willingly?!

Seeing the realization cross Magenta’s face, Nero Alice smiled and nodded.  The last time she dragged Magenta into her Dollhouse alone, it was because she wanted to play with her.  This time, she wanted to comfort and spoil her, so it would be up to Magenta to ask for it.

The blonde’s good intentions, however, were not properly expressed in her smile, as the shadows from the lighting overhead instead made it seem like she was grinning maliciously.

N-No.  No way!  Baiser and Leopard already humiliated me enough today.  Why would I degrade myself even more like this? Admonishing herself for falling for Nero Alice’s trick, there was a big difference between being pampered and asking for it in Magenta’s mind.  But the more she thought about it, the more she had to question why she’d allow herself to be treated like a baby again to begin with.  What was I thinking?!  Even if she’s a child, Nero Alice is a member of Enormeeta.  Of course she would…n’t– huh?

As she shook her head and tried to muster up the willpower to fight back so she could escape, Magenta noticed her captor’s face darken as it became clear to her that she didn’t want to play.  Hanging her head and sighing, Nero Alice looked away and opened a portal behind her.

Huh?  She’s just going to leave?  Is it because I doubted her intentions?  Did she actually just want to play with me?  There was no deception in the despondent, ruby-red eyes as her ‘mother’ turned to leave.  She had acted out of genuine kindness, and Magenta’s suspicion and prejudice had spurred her.  N-No!  I didn’t mean it like that Mama!  Mama!  Please do look sad.  Reaching for the blonde’s hand before she pulled it away, Magenta wrapped her chubby fingers around Nero Alice’s pinky and squeezed it tightly.

Looking back at the heroine-turned-infant, Nero Alice was confused by her contradictory actions.  Did Magenta want to play or not?

“Ma-Mama…  Don’t wook sad.  Don’t weave Magwenta aww awone!”  Her vocal cords weren’t properly developed and she couldn’t control her lips and tongue to annunciate her words properly, but even then she had the ability to form proper sentences, to use grown-up works.  Why?  Why can’t I help myself when she looks so sad?  Raising her hands towards the blonde, she struggled to reach her.  “U-Uppsies.”

From the blush on her ‘baby’s’ face, Nero Alice understood what the problem was.  Magenta wanted to play with her but was too embarrassed to admit it.  It made sense, the pinkette was older than her, so reversing the roles would have probably been better.  But, even if her mother was busy with work, the blonde still loved her very much.  Besides, Magenta was her baby first.

Smiling gently, the aged-up blonde silently reached down and picked up her ‘child’, cradling her in her arms.

Wrapped in the slender arms of her ‘mother’, the stress and self-deprecating thoughts at her humiliating defeat at the hands of Magia Baiser and Leopard melted away.  Despite turning her into such an embarrassing form, Nero Alice’s intentions were as pure as a girl her age would indicate.  For a girl at such a tender age, nothing was more comforting than a mother’s love, and a warm embrace.  Ahh~  This is just what I needed.  Mama knows me so…!?  N-No, I-I mean, Nero Alice is a g-good girl deep down!  Keep it together Magenta!  Maybe I can learn more about Enormeeta’s goals if I play along enough.  Getting lost in the moment, Magenta cuddled up to the blonde’s subtle, soft chest, breathing in the calming aroma before catching herself.  She wasn’t truly the girl’s child, she needed to keep her guard up.  Even now, she was still a magical girl!  “Mama, Mama.  Magwenta wants to pway wots and wots!”

Nodding, Nero Alice took Magenta over to a chest full of toys for them to play with.

From building blocks to plush dolls to rattles and crawling around, the blonde let Magenta choose what she wanted to play with and accommodated her accordingly.  She didn’t suggest anything herself, today was all about what her precious little ‘baby’ wanted.

Mama is so nice~!  She’s taking da time ta pway wiff me and make me feel better.  I wuv you, Mam–AAHHH! No!  That’s not right!  After what felt like hours of playing, completely immersing herself in the role she was playing, Magenta snapped back to her senses as she giggled happily, reaching up for the plastic keys the blonde dangled over her.  Covering her face as she turned beet red.  After all that, she had learned nothing of Enormeeta’s plans, why Nero Alice joined them, where their base was, nothing!  I’m so glad Azul and Sulfur aren’t here to see me!  I need to make this humiliation worth–  Her thoughts interrupted as a loud grumble sounded from her belly, whether it was the instincts forced upon her in her new form or just wanting to fill her stomach after a crushing defeat and so much playing, she reached out for the gentle blonde.  “Hungy.  Mama, milk pwease.”

Nodding, the comforting, compassionate smile never left Nero Alice’s more mature face as she held up a hand and a bottle of warm, nutritious milk appeared.  Picking up Magenta in her other hand, she offered her the nipple of the bottle.

As the artificial nipple approached though, the infantized heroine shook her head and turned to press her face into the blonde’s chest.  “No, no, no!  Magwenta wants Mama’s milk!”  As the words left her mouth, the pinkette froze and looked up at Nero Alice.  N-No.  I didn’t mean…  Wh-What am I s-saying?

Dismissing the bottle, Nero Alice looked down at her chest.  Though she made herself an adult, her breasts were smaller than even Magenta’s in her normal form.  Even if she did feed her, would she have enough milk for her as she was?  But, misreading the distressed look on her baby’s face, the blonde wanted to grant the natural selfishness.  It would be a good bonding activity too.

Unbuttoning her shirt, she used her reality manipulation powers to cause her breasts to swell and grow.  Between Leopard and Azul, she had a good reference for how big she wanted to make her chest.  But, she couldn’t just match their sizes.  Her baby needed to think of her breasts first when she thought about eating.  She had already made Magenta suck on Azul’s breasts once before, so she needed to overwrite that memory.

Unable to voice her inner, more rational thoughts, Magenta watched in awe as Nero Alice’s breasts grew larger and larger until each had roughly the same mass as her infantile form!  The huge mammaries swelled a bit more as they were filled to capacity with rich, nutritious milk, with some of the sweet-smelling treat leaking from the erect nipples.  Th-They so huge!!  Wow, fank you, Mama!  Now I can dwink wots and wots!  Enticed by the alluring smell, Magenta readily latched on to Nero Alice’s boobs, sucking the creamy milk from her without hesitation.

Not used to breastfeeding, the blonde winced as her baby aggressively suckled from her, but quickly got used to the sensation and silently smiled down to the little pinkette.  Holding her securely, she patted the heroine on the back as she sat down into a chair that manifested behind her.

Mama~  Mama~  Fank you so much, Mama~!  Magwenta wuv wuv wuuuuuvs you~♥!  Her inner thoughts regressing, Magenta didn’t even think of resisting anymore.  The more she filled her empty belly, the more she rested against the comforting chest, the more Nero Alice pampered her, her worries and stresses seemed insignificant.  If getting beat by Bwaiza and Weopard means Mama gives me cuddwes and miwk, Magwenta doesn’t mind at aww!  I wanna stay wiff Mama forever~!

No matter how much she drank, Nero Alice’s breasts seemed to provide a never-ending supply of top-quality milk.  The flavor didn’t diminish, and even with a full tummy, Magenta continued to drink, as if the whole of her body was being filled by Nero Alice’s maternal love and care.  The comfort permeated throughout her entire body and before she knew it, a heavy wave of fatigue washed over her as she embraced the blonde’s chest.  “Fank cyou, Mama~  I wuv you shooooo much…”  Giggling as she nuzzled the cushy bosom, she sucked on her thumb.  “If onwy I reawwy was Mama’s baby…”  It was a thought that floated through her head as she was half-awake, one fueled by the pleasant bliss filling her body, but one her filter was too coddled to stop.

While she was surprised she was able to play for so long, Nero Alice knew that she didn’t have much magic left, so if she was going to grant her baby’s wish, she’d have to do it before it was too late.  She was more than willing to make Magenta her daughter, to make her realize they could play together whenever she wanted.  However, to do that with the amount of magic she had remaining, she had to switch the effect currently on her.

Just as Magenta was about to go to sleep, the comforting breasts she was lying against suddenly disappeared and her proper awareness was restored, jolting her awake once more.  Looking at her hand and body as she floated in the air for a moment, she was back to her normal form.  “H-Huh?  What was I…?  What did I–!?”  As she began to process what she had let happen to her, Magenta was firmly grasped in a gigantic hand.  The pressure wasn’t painful, it just restricted her mobility and prevented her from so much as wiggling to free herself.  “M-Mama Awice!?  What are you–?!”  Looking up in confusion, the pink-haired heroine froze as she saw the blonde villainess had removed all of her clothing, keeping her breasts the same size as when she fed her.

The smile on Nero Alice’s face was meant to be comforting, to reassure Magenta that she wouldn’t harm her, that she was doing this for her.  But even with a beautiful face and an adult body, the young girl wasn’t good at showing her emotions properly.  To the tiny, hand-sized heroine, it was as if she were taunting her.

With little time left, Nero Alice leaned back into her chair, bringing Magenta down her body as she spread her legs.  She didn’t understand why her friends and grown-ups tried to hide these sorts of things from her, she was older enough to have figured out where babies come from and the things people do to feel good.  She wasn’t interested in that sort of stuff, so she went along when someone covered her eyes or told her to look away.  It was usually more fun to watch butterflies or play with dolls, but if Magenta wanted to become her baby, that could be fun too.

“W-Wait!  Mama Aw–  No, I mean, Nero Alice!  S-Stop, I didn’t mean it!”  Able to connect the dots, especially after the blonde fed her feet into her huge, tight ladyparts, Magenta desperately squirmed to escape before it was too late.  “Please, wait!  You d-don’t have to do this!”  Trying with all her might, the pinkette was unable to pull her feet free of the warm, squishy whole, and her pleas were ignored as Nero Alice smiled devilishly down at her.

A blush was consuming the gigantic blonde’s cheeks and she could only imagine how red her face had become.  The more she wiggled, trying to prevent her inevitable fate, the hotter and wetter Nero Alice got.  Soon, her legs were completely consumed, compressed on all sides but the powerful sex as her crotch made contact with the giantess’ heat folds.

Ahhhn~♥  W-Wait!?  Wh-Why does th-this feel s-so… good?  While the force compressing the parts of her body was powerful, it wasn’t painful.  It was a firm embrace, a comforting embrace, a loving and welcoming embrace.  It was a mother’s embrace, the first way a mother holds her baby.  I c-can’t give in…  I’m Magia Magenta, a h-hero!  A d-defender of peace and j-justice!  Convulsing in ecstasy as the drooling orifice swallowed her hips and worked its way up her lower abdomen, Magenta mustered all her willpower in a last-ditch effort to free herself.  The last time she was turned into a baby by Nero Alice, she was able to break out by remembering who she was.  Get it together, H-Hanabishi Haruka!  You’re a member of Tr-Tres Magia!  You’re a m-magical girl!

Trying to remember all the times she fought to protect the city, first by herself, then slowly gaining new allies in Azul and Sulfur; as the bottom of her breasts began to sink into the hot folds of the reality-manipulating villainess, her thoughts turned towards her beautiful, blonde-haired ‘mother’.  Instead of fighting monsters, she could play make-believe.  Instead of being humiliated by Baiser and Leopard, Nero Alice would comfort her.  Instead of worrying about protecting the world, she could cuddle up and take a nap, protected by her mother.

As her thoughts were slowly smothered in the innocent, oppressive, faux maternal instinct of the younger girl, the transformation heart at the center of the bow around her neck began to darken.  However, unlike when a magical girl is defeated or corrupted, cracks didn’t appear across the once-pink, reflective heart-shaped device.

A… A m-ma-magical girl…  Y-Yes…  That’s r-right…  I’m a magical girl.  With only her head sticking out of Nero Alice’s womanhood, Magenta’s eyes shimmered with a pinkish glow and a bright smile lit up her blushing face.  Thick, sweet-smelling secretions flowed over her face as a gigantic, slender finger was placed on the top of her head and she was plunged into the blissful, tight embrace.  I’m Magwenta!  Mama Awice’s magicaw wittwe girw~♥!

With her older ‘baby’ tucked away safely inside of her, Nero Alice smiled contently, having gotten a glimpse at the happiness she gave the pinkette.  Sure, Magenta resisted at first, but she always did.  She wanted to show her she was a big girl, but Nero Alice knew the truth.  Patting her abdomen where she felt the tiny girl quivering with joy, her baby was right where she belonged.  And it felt good.  Really good.

Nero Alice’s heart raced every time Magenta twitched.  It was like her body was full of happiness, and jolts of pleasure spread from her crotch with the increasing warmth she felt.  Pushing her tiny baby deeper into her sopping folds, her loose, amorous grin betrayed the innocent intentions that caused her to shove the pinkette in her to begin with.  This was a game she’d want to try again next time.

However, just as she was about to relax and bask in the pleasure of ‘motherhood’, her Dollhouse and everything in it vanished in a puff of smoke and she fell on her butt in the middle of the park.  The sun had set long ago, the streetlights had turned on, and as she looked around in mild confusion and frustrated disappointment, the clock nearby told her it was well past her bedtime.  Standing up and yawning, Nero Alice didn’t realize she had maintained her Dollhouse for so long and was about to open a portal to go home when she looked around to wave goodbye to Magenta.  However, the magical girl was nowhere to be seen.  Initially looking down at the ground with a crestfallen expression, she thought the pinkette had run away without a word after all the fun they had, but then she felt something wiggle inside of her.

Other than to keep up her transformation, the blonde was completely out of magic, so anything changes she had made to Magenta should have been reversed by now.  Hiding in the hollow, hemispherical piece of playground equipment in the center of the park, she reached under her long, puffy, Victorian-era skirt and pulled the foreign body in hers out.  Her eyes widened in shock at the pink-colored magical girl lying in the palm of her hand, exhausted and covered in a slimy fluid.  Magenta was still tiny, but she wasn’t doing anything, she didn’t have the magic to do so, yet she felt connected to her.

“M-Mama?  Mama gave birff to me…  I’m Mama’s baby now.”  Muttering in an unfocused haze, Magenta’s innocently lascivious smile didn’t falter as she reached out for her.  “Mama…  Magenta wuvs you… Ma…ma…”  Out of energy, her arms fell to her sides limply as she slipped into a blissful slumber.

Smiling, Nero Alice nodded and kissed her baby girl.  Somehow her powers were persisting despite being outside of her Dollhouse, but she couldn’t risk bringing the magical girl home with her.  She had no idea how long she’d remain like that, and she’d have to let her go at some point anyway.  Baiser wouldn’t like her kidnapping and keeping a magical girl like that.

…Or maybe she would.  If it was something both she and Magenta wanted and she treasured the tiny girl, the ravenette would probably accept it.  She might also want to take Magenta to add to her Tres Magia collection too.

Shaking her head, Nero Alice needed to figure out how to change Magenta back until she could be sure she could keep her forever.  But, just thinking about undoing the size reduction on the pinkette was enough to cancel the effect.  Gently resting Magenta against the inside of the dome, Nero Alice looked at her curiously, waving a hand over her and trying to turn her into a baby again, or even shrink her.  Neither worked.  She figured as much.

Yawning again, she knelt down and kissed the slumbering magical girl, her little magical girl, and kissed her on the cheek.  With a soft giggle and a wave goodbye, she opened a dark portal back to her house to leave.  Next time, they’d have to have even more fun together.

The chill of the night air rousing her from her sleep, Magenta shivered as she looked around.  “Mama… Alice?”  She was alone, the blonde villainess had had her fun and left without finishing her off.  That was nothing new for Enormeeta, they never took the chance to strike them down when they had the chance.  “Well… she wasn’t trying to defeat me this time anyway.”  Blushing as she remembered all the stuff the young blonde did to her, other than being covered in a cooling slimy substance that filled the air with an arousing scent, she was no worse for the wear.  “Hmm?  A-Actually…”  Stretching and feeling no pain or soreness, Magenta got up and checked her body over.  All the injuries and bruises she received from her loss to Magia Baiser and Leopard had been healed.  “B-But how?  D-Did Mama–  I mean, did Nero Alice heal me?  Like a mother kissing her child’s booboos to make them go away?”

There was still so much that was a mystery about the youngest member of Enormeeta, but what was certain was the profound depth of her unstable power.  A child’s imagination is a powerful thing.

Cleaning herself up before canceling her transformation, Haruka stretched and yawned as she looked at the time.  She needed to get home before her family started to worry about her.  The events of the day just confused her further about the enemies she and her friends were fighting, but even if the girls themselves weren’t evil, she promised Vatz that she’d help put an end to Venalita’s plans.

“If that ever happens, maybe I could convince Sayo-chan and Kaoruko-chan to invite Nero Alice to our– huh?”  Musing on the idea of recruiting the silent blonde to their team, as the pinkette went to put her transformation heart in her bag, something about the color of it caught her eye.

Unlike the transformation stars that Venalita seemed to hand out, the hearts that Vatz gave magical girls were a different color to match their owner.  Sayo’s was a beautiful blue, Kaoruko’s was a gallant yellow, and hers was supposed to be a pure, bright pink.  She had heard about magical girl hearts getting corrupted, but this didn’t look like that.  It was a darker color but lacked the murky desaturation that Vatz described a corrupted heart had.

If anything, her heart was just as radiant as ever, and it could have just been the poor lighting playing tricks on her fatigued brain.  Staring into the captivating shade, there was only one thing she could think of that it reminded her of.  “It’s the same color as Mama Alice’s eyes…”

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