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Name:                     Tamara Sherring.

Age:                           31

Height:                     420 feet.  /128 meters

Weight:                   45 722 tons.

   Lacey was giving Matthew a ride home to his place a small farm he lived on about 52 miles from Coaldon a small city.

On the drive there Lacey said, "So Matthew you and Tamara have a surprise to show me, and you want me to be blind folded is that right?"

Matthew replied, "Yes Lacey, let me drive the rest of the way, trust me you will be totally surprised alright?"

Lacey nodded her head and she pulled over and they changed spots and Lacey put on her blindfold and Matthew began to drive down the secondary highway.  

Lacey let out a little laugh and said, "I am very curious as to what this surprise is. It is kind of exciting, but I sure hope that you two are not part of some cult and I'm the sacrifice. Just to give you a warning I am skilled in Martial arts."

Lacey then let out a laugh and Matthew said, "No we are not part of a cult but something did happen last night we witnessed some alien encounter."

There was silence and Lacey said, "Ohhhh okay now I see, so um ah you have an alien or an alien ship at your place and Tamara is making him soup, alright Matthew I'll go along.  Hey last night did you know that there was an earthquake here in this area?  I was in Claymore visiting an old friend and as I sat in the coffee shop the entire area just shook.  Like really shook, dishes in the kitchen fell and I heard it and car alarms went off.  What was strange was it was like something heavy hitting the ground.  It lasted a minute or two.  No one saw anything as the entire town must of been sleeping."

 Matthew replied, "Oh gosh.  Hope everyone is alright."

  Lacey replied, "I am sure everyone is."

They sat there in silence and after 20 minutes Matthew turned in onto the gravel road and he headed down the gravel road and after driving for 5 miles he reached his place. Matthew's place was in the middle of no where, miles from a town or village, where he lived there were lots of rolling hills and his place was in a low valley.

Tamara was sitting on the ground and when she saw the car coming up the gravel road she stood up. Matthew saw her stand up, he slowed the car down and he drove up the driveway and he parked Lacey's car, getting out he want around to the other side and he let Lacey out.

"Alright Lacey let me lead you by the hand over this way." said Matthew.

Lacey giggled and said, "I am betting this spaceship looks like a Tie Fighter he he he." Just then Lacey felt the ground shake and she stopped and said loudly, "MATTHEW WHATS GOING ON THE GROUND JUST SHOOK?"

 The ground shook again and Lacey held out her arms like to brace herself and Matthew said, "Alright Lacey take off your blindfold."

Lacey removed her blindfold and her eyes focused.

Lacey was looking right at Tamara's right foot. Lacey's eyes widened and she slowly looked up at Tamara she looked up at her massive form she was looking up at Tamara's massive front.  Lacey stood there up at Tamara she looked up her massive legs, then her massive thighs up past her crotch to her stomach up to her chest and then to her face. Part of Tamara's face was blocked by her breasts. Tamara had on her purple blouse with designs and she had on her skin-tight soft jeggings. Lacey was shaking with fear. She just stared up at Tamara who was now larger than anything she had ever seen, larger than anything in the area. Lacey saw that Tamara was looking right at her. Lacey remembered the trembling of the ground last night and she also remembered something that happened about 2 years ago and she was shaking all over.

 Lacey screamed and she turned and she began to run as fast as she could away from Tamara.   She ran towards the house ran into the yard and ran past Matthew's car and her car she kept running.  Lacey began to run down the driveway as fast as she could and Tamara was just standing there watching looking down at Lacey.   Tamara looking down saw Lacey running as fast as she could but to Tamara, it did not look like Lacey was running fast at all cause of Tamara's size.  Lacey reached the gravel road and she ran across the gravel road and into the large open field and she kept running.  Tamara reached down and gently grabbed Matthew and she put him onto her left shoulder.  Matthew looking down from Tamara's left shoulder and looking over the trees saw Lacey as she was running through the large open field. To Matthew standing there on Tamara's left shoulder Lacey looked so small and far away. Considering he was at a height of 345 feet. 

 Tamara took a step and as she did she stepped over the house the yard and the trees. Her left foot landed several feet past the gravel road and as her left foot landed Lacey felt the ground under her feet shake. Tamara took anouther step and her right foot landed next to Lacey Lacey screamed as Tamara's right foot landed next to her. Lacey turned to her left a bit and was still running. Then Tamara's left foot landed and now Lacey was between Tamara's feet. Lacey shaking all over turned and looked up, now she was standing between Tamara's feet.  She looked up at Tamara and screamed again as she did her scream to Tamara was so faint and high-pitched. Lacey was looking up Tamara's massive front. Lacey again began to run as fast as she could and as she did Tamara just stood there. Lacey was running through the large open field and Tamara just stood there looking down at the tiny woman running as fast as she could.  Matthew from Tamara's left shoulder looked down and he saw Lacey running away but to him also it looked like Lacey was not getting far cause of the height he was at. Lacey then heard Tamara's thunderous voice.

 "Lacey stop.  Stop running. I'm not going to hurt you. If I was going to,  you would have been crushed like a bug."

 Now when Tamara spoke, it was her voice but now her voice was like thunder and it resonated.  Lacey stopped running and she turned and saw that Tamara was lowering her right hand down towards the ground. Tamara then squatted down and her right hand came down towards the ground.  The back of her hand touched the ground and Matthew was standing there on Tamara's fingers.  Lacey saw him and he waved to her.


 Lacey ran towards Tamara's right hand was palm up and she stepped onto Tamara's middle fingernail and she climbed onto her finger. Lacey saw Matthew run down Tamara's finger and into her palm and as he did Lacey heard him say "Follow me."  Lacey did and she followed Matthew.  She ran towards Matthew who was now standing there in Tamara's right palm.  Lacey felt some g-force as Tamara lifted her right hand and she stood up.  Tamara turned and she took a couple of steps and she was back at Matthew's place.  Tamara brought her right hand up closer to her face. Lacey stood there in Tamara's right palm next to Matthew. She looked across Tamara's 24-foot wide palm, and she then looked up into Tamara's gigantic face.  To Lacey Tamara's face was huge at least 30 feet wide and 60 feet high.   Lacey fell to her knees and she bowed down.


 Tamara speaking softly replied, "Lacey. I'm not going to hurt you. Like I said If I wanted to you would have been crushed and you are not."

When Tamara spoke her thunderous voice just shook Lacey to the core and her ears hurt and she plugged her ears.  Lacey looked around and  she  got up and she said to Matthew, "Matthew, oh gosh just look at what you are in. You have a girlfriend and she is a Giant a real Giant. How big is she?"

 Matthew replied, "Tamara is 420 feet tall. See I told you we had an alien encounter."

 Tamara spoke, "Lacey, it's getting late. You can stay the night if you want."

 Lacey replied, "I'll stay, thanks."

Tamara then lowered them both, they both got off her palm. Matthew then led Lacey to the house, they went in and he told her to make herself at home, which Lacey did. She decided to take a nice hot bath, she let water for herself and she got in the tub and she laid back to relax. Lacey then remembered that last night she was in the small town of Claymore which is 8 miles from Matthew's place.  She remembered that as she sat in the coffee shop the ground trembled for a few minutes.  She then figured it was Tamara walking about after being enlarged.

 ** Lacey's experience from the night before.

 Lacey entered the small coffee shop in the town of Claymore. Claymore was a small town with a population of 1367 people. She checked the time on her phone and it said 9:34 pm. She sat down and ordered a coffee and a doughnut. She was meeting Matthew in Coaldon in the morning at 10:30 to give him a ride back to his place. She decided to head out to Coaldon after she finished her coffee. The waitress brought her the coffee and doughnut and she ate and drank her coffee. She was about to leave when the entire coffee shop began to shake as if they were having an earthquake. Lacey saw that the 4 other people in the coffee shop including the waitress were shocked as no earthquake had ever happened there. Lacey also felt as if something heavy was hitting the ground and then it began to die down and the shaking of the ground slowed down and stopped. Lacey was hearing car alarms outside. Lacey shaken by the event paid for her food and went outside and as she did she went to her car and shut the alarm off. ***

Matthew ran back outside, Matthew then ran up to Tamara's right foot and he stood there in front of her big toe, the top of her nail was at his eye level. Matthew then shouted as the top of his lungs, "MY GIRLFRIEND TAMARA SHERRING IS A GIANT!!"

Matthew then ran between Tamara's big and second toe and Tamara giggled a laugh as he did. He then got up onto Tamara's big toe and went and sat down cross legged on her big toe nail.

Tamara looking down said, "Hey Matthew how about if I lie down and you have some fun on me alright?"

Matthew got up and he got off Tamara's big toe, and Tamara taking a few steps got down on her knees and she laid down onto her stomach. As She did the Lacey in the bath tub felt it cause the whole house shook. Tamara reached out and she gently grabbed Matthew between her thumb and fore finger lifting him up to her face.

Tamara then said, "Matthew, I'll lie here on my stomach for a while and you can have fun on me, do what you want ok."

Tamara then put Matthew onto her left shoulder and Matthew ran down Tamara's back all the way to her bum. He ran up her bum and then down her jiggly bum down her massive left thigh to her knee. He then ran down her leg all the way to her foot. Tamara was bare foot and Matthew ran onto her heel and Tamara felt him cause he gave a strong push. Tamara slowly lifted her legs below the knee and Matthew moved onto her sole. Tamara lifted both legs below the knees and held her left foot horizontal.

Matthew then ran down Tamara's foot all the way to her toes and Matthew stood there looking at then, each of her toes was much bigger then he was. He then looked at her big toe which to him was huge, at least 8 people could easily stand on it. To Matthew her big toe was at least 8 feet wide. Matthew then went down onto Tamara's big to and he stood there on it, he the laid down and began to caress her big toe.

Matthew then got up and ran off Tamara's big toe up her foot to her heel and he looked down at her lying there, he turned and ran all the way to her big toe. Matthew laid down on Tamara's big toe and he began to kiss it hysterically. To him her big toe was bigger then a king sized bed, and he just lay there on it. He the got up and jumped over onto her second toe and he began to walk over her massive toes all the way to her little toe. To Matthew, Tamara's little toe was a bigger than he was, to him it big. Matthew played for a good 15 minutes there on Tamara's massive toes.

Lacey got dressed into her pajama's and she went outside onto the porch and there she saw Tamara lying there. Tamara's legs were facing the house. Lacey ran down the 3 steps and she ran away from the house a good 80 feet and she stopped. She looked up Tamara's shins.


Matthew then got up and he ran up her foot to her heel, and shouted to Tamara.

Tamara slowly began to lower her foot and when her foot reached the ground, Matthew ran down her heel onto her leg he ran up her leg past her knee up her left thigh and he stopped. Tamara turned her head and said,

"Ok Matthew, now sleep where you want. I will lie here tonight."

Tamara folded her arms and she put her head down. Matthew stood there on Tamara's left thigh, he looked up towards her bum the skin tight soft jeggings she had on was real tight on her. Matthew laid down there on her left thigh and he lay there for a bit looking up into the night sky, it was a full moon night it was a nice warm night.

Lacey ran out of the house and ran to the side and she looked up the side of Tamara, she then ran towards Tamara and she was just above her knees and she was standing right up against Tamara's right thigh. Lacey reached out and she touched Tamara and she then pushed herself right up against her thigh and

said quietly, "Tamara Sherring, you are a Goddess."

Lacey then ran down Tamara's side and she ran over and she looked up between Tamara's massive thighs, Tamara's legs were spread a bit.

Lacey then ran between Tamara's massive thighs a good 60 feet and she stopped, and she looked up and around. She then ran back towards the house and she stopped and looked back at Tamara and she stood there for a few minutes. Lacey ran back inside and she took out her cell and she looked at the pictures she took of Tamara and she transferred them to her Surface Tablet she had with her and she looked at the pictures. Lacey brought up a picture of Tamara a good one of her face and she edited it and put it on as wall paper. She then laid down onto her stomach and looking at the picture of Tamara.


Lacey lay there for a good 10 minutes looking at the picture of Tamara.


Lacey then began praising Tamara for a good 10 minutes. She then said a few prayers to Tamara Sherring as to her Tamara was now the one true Goddess. She then put her Surface away Lacey jumped onto the bed and she buried her face into the pillow and she screamed as loud as she could and she said, "TAMARA SHERRING IS A GIANT A REAL GIANT SHE IS A FUCKING GIANT." Lacey then rolled onto her back she was both frightened and excited. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

After a good hour Matthew got up and he ran up Tamara's thigh up onto her left bum cheek, he ran to the middle of it and he stood there looking around, the full moon gave enough light for him to even see the color of the skin tight jeggings she had on. Matthew stood there on the middle of Tamara's voluptuous jiggly bum. To Matthew Tamara's bum was 103 feet wide, he then laid down there in the middle of her left bum cheek.

 Tamara Sherring in her skin tight jeggings.

Matthew lying on his stomach began to caress her bum and he shouted, "GOO TAMARA SHERRING , GOO TAMARA. "

He did this for a few minutes then he just lay there and he fell asleep there. Tamara's skin tight soft jeggings was nice and smooth so he was quite comfortable there. Lacey got up, she was unable to sleep, there were several coyotes howling in different directions and a couple of dogs barking. She took out her Surface Tablet and connected to the internet and turned on Netflix and decided to watch a TV show. The coyotes howling continued into the night and it was around 3:00am, Lacey got up to use the rest room. She went back to bed and she laid down pulling the covers to her neck and she closed her eyes.

She could still hear the coyotes howling loudly, she decided to just ignore them, she closed her eyes.  Matthew woke up there on Tamara's left bum cheek, he rolled onto his back and he looked up into the sky at all the stars. He was used to the coyotes howling and the few of wild dogs barking. Tamara Sherring woke up, she lay there listening to the coyotes howling and the couple of dogs barking, to her the howling and the barking sounded high pitched very much like mosquitoes making noise. Tamara lifted her head and she looked around and as she did she moved a bit and Matthew felt it, he sat up and he looked up at Tamara's head which he saw she had lifted. He saw Tamara looking around, and he stood there looking up her back.

Tamara Sherring turning her head to the right and looking back onto her bum out of the corner of her eye spoke, "Matthew, time for some thunder."

Matthew knew what she meant and he plugged his ears. Lacey to heard Tamara's thunderous voice.  Lacey sat up in bed wondering what Tamara meant.    Tamara then lifted her legs at the knees and she looked around.

 Tamara then spoke loudly, "I AM A GIANT."

 When Tamara spoke her thunderous voice thundered and resonated across the vast landscape. From Tamara's thunderous voice the house shook.  Tamara Sherring then let a thunderous fart rip. The thunderous fart sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it lasted a good three seconds. Tamara's fart thundered and resonated across the land and sky to a range of 12 miles, Lacey jumped out of bed as the thunderous fart just shook the house and the windows just rattled. There was complete silence across the vast prairies. The thunderous fart sent all the coyotes running away.  Tamara's thunderous fart silenced the area.

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